This floor routine is straight family cookout music.


False Flagstaff Sunset: The sun, obscured by smoke from the Slide Fire, burning in Oak Creek Canyon about 10 miles (16 km) from Flagstaff, Arizona. 

The fire has been burning in the canyon since Tuesday, and has grown to almost 5,000 acres (2,025 ha). It is thought to have started due to human negligence.

Yesterday the path of the smoke plume was directly over us, and we experienced periodic ash falls blown in from the south. Today the winds have shifted to the northwest, making it a bit easier to breathe. And calming conditions and a slight chance of rain should help the firefighting crews over the next few days. 

I like to think that if Merlin had actually had a chance to raise Aithusa, he’d probably treat her like a slightly larger than average cat. Playing with feathers to stimulate her hunting abilities, making little basket nests for her to sleep in, dressing her in tiny sweaters, the whole nine yards. 

Ruins revealed by Arizona's Slide fire tell story of early settlers

A couple of short stacks of logs that appeared to be intersecting at a right angle caught the eye of a firefighter battling the Slide fire in Arizona. An archaeologist with the crew confirmed what the firefighter suspected:

The blaze had uncovered the ruins of a cabin at least a century old.

“The finding itself was very subtle,” said Jeremy Haines, a U.S. Forest Service archaeologist. “It’s a collapsed, degraded cabin related to the earliest Euro-American settlement of this rugged, remote piece of Arizona.”

Wildfires often destroy ruins and historic artifacts. With the help of archaeologists, firefighters can sometimes protect the sites, including Native American relics across the Southwest. Read more.


“Where are you!?” The boy rummaged through the burneddebris. Small fires slowly dying out as time progressed. “Please!” The young gem overturned a piece of broken space craft, searching frantically for the girl. His ‘Twin’.

 “Sunstone!”  He collapsed to his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks as he looked about the small crater the impact had caused. “Please.” With his last plea he cast his gaze to the stars.

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“Where in the code of conduct book does it say you can’t carry a taser?”
“Page 1.”
“I should totally read that someday.”