slide ride

Today’s leg day:

10 X 15 squats

10 X 15 lunges

5 X 10 squats with weights

5 X 10 lunges with weights

10 X 20 Calfraises

50 toe-taps (each foot 50)

20 weightless leg extensions

200 seconds wallsit

10 X 10 hipthrusts

80 skater slides

30 mile bike ride 

5 X 10 squats

5 X 10 lunges

50 skater slides

At the end some yoga

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Nostalgia (pardyprompt)

Rope swings hanging from trees
Grass sliding burning knees
Riding a Raleigh Chopper
Vinegar bowls soaking conkers
Queueing for a pay phone
Being reminded to say pardon
Going to school in short pants
Digging in dirt & catching ants
Ferrets catch rabbits we eat at tea
Bowl by bed for nighttime wee
Granny coming for the afternoon
Backside smacked with big spoon
Saturday comics, Whizzer & Chips
From cute girls try steal a kiss
Camping out in garden in tent
Knock on door they want weekly rent
Sunday morning paper round
Raiding apple trees can’t make a sound
.22 air rifle, catapults, crossbow
Being sick after eating stew
Door knocking & running
Summer river swimming
Swinging on moms feet
Penny bag of sweets
Little blue bags of salt in crisps
Saturday cinema club never missed

The Mercs at the Water Park

Shae and I went to Raging Rivers the other day, and we happened upon this little headcanon of cuteness. Enjoy.

Scout - Since he can’t swim, he’d spend the entire time hitting on the hot single women in bikinis. At least once he’d start hitting on a taken woman and get thrown in the pool. Sniper would have to fish him out.

Soldier - Would be in the wave pool, constantly getting whistled at by the lifeguard because he and Demo won’t stop wrestling and roughhousing.

Pyro - Splashing around in the children’s section, wearing water wings, a duckie floaty ring, and goggles with a snorkle.

Demo - Getting drunk and roughhousing with Soldier in the wave pool. Heavy occasionally convinces him to go down the water slides with him.

Heavy - Keeps going down all the different water slides and raft rides.

Engineer - Dunking his feet in the water and watching Pyro play in the children’s pool, keeping him out of trouble.

Sniper - Is a literal fish. Gets into the wave pool and doesn’t come out for several hours.

Medic - Refuses to get in the water at first, petulantly sitting on the sidelines with a book. He slathers himself in sunscreen because as soon as he steps into the sun, he’s practically bacon. Only gets in after lots of gentle persuasion from Heavy.

Spy - Catching a smoke in the parking lot because the park itself is nonsmoking. Once he’s back, Sniper manages to drag him into the pool. He crawls out looking like a wet cat.

Miss Pauling - Playing mommy, making sure all the mercs don’t tear the place down before they leave. Buys them all lunch at the snack bar. Has to bribe Sniper out of the pool at the end of the day, despite numerous refusals and him insisting that he lives there now.

Fun Town
Splash Town
The Great American
Comes Here To Play
Thrill Rides
Water Slides
We Got It All
Where Kids Of All Ages
Can Still Have a Ball
Fun Town Is Home For Family Fun
And Splash Town’s The Coolest Place
Under The Sun
A Lifetime of Memories Waiting For You
In Saco, Maine
We’re Gonna Party With You
Off Route 1 in Saco

The best way to Choose the Right Longboard - Understand Your Riding Style and Contour

Choosing the right longboard can be confusing. There are all those different designs, sizes and shapes available and as a beginner it can seem overwhelming. Even when you are an experienced or intermediate rider there are many things to choose from.

To make things simple, start with understanding your preferred riding style and the most common shapes. That way you can select which board you will need. The better you understand the shapes and the fashions, the more straightforward it is to select the best longboard.

What is your longboard riding fashion?

Used for a fun sort general-all purpose way of transportation. It has gentle rides and will allow you to get from A to B.

Freestyle [All amounts]

That is among the earliest styles, original used in skateboarding. Freestyle riding involves many technical tricks on a surface that is flat. It’s all about originality: dancing, goofy riding, sliding, board- tricks, and routine riding. This fashion is fine for beginners in addition to advanced longboarders.

Free ride [Intermediate]

This really is for performing maneuvers down - for example quick sliding in fast succession with one another in technical tricks and various speeds.

Down [Improved]

Speed, speed, speed! This style is used to ride down the hill as quickly as you could. Bombing the hills while keeping control and going rapidly. You’re using a crouch position to get more speed. If you are a beginner it’s best to take it slow with this fashion until you gained some more experience.

Which longboard shape should you get?

Based on the fashion you choose previously, you can now have a look at the shapes. There are 2 general longboard shapes that designs fall into. Both shapes are for intermediate, beginners and advanced riders.

Cruiser - these are the ones that are most popular and the board is level.

Drop - the trucks are mounted through the board, which lowers the deck - for long-distance riding, free ride and downhill.

Both directional and symmetrical boards come in these 3 deck styles. There’s some overlap between the contours and the riding fashions, as you see. In the long run it is your personal choice which one you like best. Many shapes are correct.

Directional: these boards are intended to go into one direction: forward. The one that is most popular is the pintail.

Symmetrical: these boards appear the same no matter how it being faced by you. The back appears the same. These boards are generally used in freeriding and freestyle.

Boards come in different deck styles for every riding style. Here are the top 3 deck styles that are common:

So you understand which one suits you best, if a couple of longboards try before buying.

pidge, laying on her bed at 3 am & muttering under her breath: bop bop bop, bop to the top slip and slide and ride that rhythm jump and hop hop til we drop zip zap zop hop, walk like a mop scoot around the corner move it to the groove ‘til the music stops do the bop bop bop to the top don’t ever stop dop to the top

10 ways to make sure you don’t piss off lifeguards this summer

1. If you’re supposed to be watching children ACTUALLY WATCH THEM

2. If the pool is closed, accept it and move on, there is a reason for the closure and no it is not just to spite you

3. Check the schedule, don’t expect to do laps during public swim and don’t come to lane swim if you can’t swim lengths

4. Don’t bother the guards on their break

5. At facilities with water features, don’t stick your fingers in things

6. At facilities with rides/slides, just listen if they say a kid is too short or has to do a swim test

7. Don’t get mad if a bunch of different guards tell you off for breaking a bunch of different rules, you’re the one that broke them

8. If you ask a guard if you can do something or use something and they say no that’s the end of the conversation 

9. The guard isn’t checking you out, they’re making sure you don’t drown, don’t make it weird

10. You know the basic rules like walking on deck, no outdoor shoes, and not eating or drinking anything but water, follow them