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The Secret (9)

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Baekhyun could feel his heartbeat pounding hard against his chest, loud and fast as he slowly weaved through the chairs towards you and a shy Zoe. He’d never felt this nervous for anything in his life, not even when he debuted and performed at his first showcase with the rest of EXO. He didn’t want to mess this up: his daughter was too important and this was his chance to make up for the years he’d lost.

He introduced himself cheerfully, trying not to let his nerves shine through his voice. He flashed his daughter a bright smile that he hoped would comfort her a little. On the inside however, his stomach was doing somersaults.

“I’m your dad.”

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Let me give y'all a playlist...

Beyonce- All Night
Jodeci- Alone
Janet Jackson- Any Time, Any Place
R Kelly- Baby Baby Baby Baby
Chris Brown- Back To Sleep
Ari Lennox- Backseat
Usher- Bedtime
Chris Brown- Beg For It
French Montana- Bend Over
Wale- The Body
Ace Hood- Body 2 Body
Ciara- Body Party
Omarion- Bria’s Interlude
Keith Sweat- Chocolate Girl
Teddy Pendergrass- Close The Door
Aaliyah- Come Over
Kelly Rowland- Dirty Laundry
Trey Songz- Dive In
LL Cool J- Doin It
R Kelly- Down Low
Chris Brown- Drown In It
The Dream- Falsetto
D'Angelo- Feel Like Makin Love
R Kelly- Feelin On Yo Booty
Jodeci- Feenin
Jodeci- Freakin You
The Notorious BIG- Fuckin You Tonight
Keith Sweat- Funky Dope Lovin
Chris Brown- Glow In The Dark
R Kelly- The Greatest Sex
Pretty Ricky- Grind On Me
R Kelly- Half On A Baby
R Kelly- Honey Love
Keith Sweat- How Deep Is Your Love?
Michael Jackson- Human Nature
Boyz II Men- I’ll Make Love To You
R Kelly- Ignition
Dru Hill- In My Bed
Keith Sweat- In The Mood
J Cole- In The Morning
Keith Sweat- In The Rain
Trey Songz- Inside Pt 2
R Kelly- It Seems Like You’re Ready
Chance The Rapper- Juke Jam
Rihanna- Kiss It Better
Kelly Rowland- Kisses Down Low
August Alsina- Kissin On My Tattoos
Total- Kissin You
Lloyd- Lay It Down
Usher- Lay You Down
TLC- Let’s Do It Again
Marvin Gaye- Let’s Get It Down
Chris Brown- Like A Virgin Again
Tory Lanez- Looks
Wale- Lotus Flower Bomb
112- Now That We’re Done
Trey Songz- Love Faces
Usher- Love In This Club Part II
Lil Jon- Lovers & Friends
Chris Brown- Madusa
Twista- Make A Movie
Keith Sweat- Make It Last Forever
Chris Brown- Make Love
Avant- Makin Good Love
Dej Loaf- Me U & Hennessy
Marques Houston- Naked
Frank Ocean- Nature Feels
Trey Songz- Neighbors Know My Name
Usher- Nice & Slow
Chris Brown- No Bullshit
Keith Sweat- Nobody
Jacques- Pandora
Trey Songz- Panty Droppa
Trey Songz- Panty Wetter
Kid Cudi- Pillow Talk
Kendrick Lamar- Poetic Justice
Ginuwine- Pony
Chris Brown- Poppin
Drake- Practice
Ciara- Promise
TWENTY88- Push It
Miguel- Pussy Is Mine
Miguel- Quickie
TLC- Red Light Special
Jodeci- Ride & Slide
Ciara- Ride It
Aaliyah- Rock The Boat
Beyonce- Rocket
Trey Songz- Scratchin Me Up
Chris Brown- Sex (In My Zone)
Chris Brown- Sex (Before The Party)
R Kelly- Sex Part 1
R Kelly- Sex Part 2
Rihanna- Sex With Me
Marvin Gaye- Sexual Healing
Ginuwine- So Anxious
Chris Brown- Songs On 12 Play
Trey Songz- Still Scratchin Me Up
R Kelly- Strip For You
Tyrese- Sweet Lady
Chris Brown- Sweet Love
Chris Brown- Take My Time
TLC- Take Our Time
Chris Brown- Take You Down
Maxwell- This Woman’s Work
Usher- Trading Places
Teddy Pendergrass- Turn Off The Lights
D'Angelo- Untitled (How Does It Feel?)
Chris Brown- Wet The Bed
Twista- Wetter
Busta Rhymes- What’s It Gonna Be?
Keith Sweat- Whatever You Want
Trey Songz- When We Make Love
Babyface- When Your Body Gets Weak
Dru Hill- Xstacey Jones
Rihanna- Yeah, I Said It
R Kelly- You Remind Me Of Something
Tony Braxton- You’re Makin Me High
R Kelly- Your Body’s Callin
Beyonce- 1+1
TWENTY88- 2 Minute Warning
R Kelly- 12 Play


The Rest is History

Originally posted by supernatural-imagine-fanfiction

Summary: Certain…feelings are revealed when you get hurt on a hunt. 

Dean Winchester was good at a lot of things. He was an protective and loving son and brother. He was one of the best hunters to ever live. He tried not to make too many lasting romantic attachments, and he was excellent at keeping his cool in a high pressure situation.

There was just something about you that changed that. Almost from the moment he met you, Dean was smitten. You had this aura of powerful grace and beauty that drew him in.

After that, you’d starting hunting with him and Sam on and off. Each time it was suggested that you join them on a hunt, Dean was not so subtly excited. Sam found the whole thing hilarious.

This time however, you all were taking out a vamp nest. It was supposed to be an average hunt, one you’d all done many, many times in the past.

If only things were ever that simple.

The “nest” was more like a swarm. There were at least 30 of those things attacking the little hunting party.

You’d all been split apart, fighting your own little sections of the hoard. With only a few taken out, all three of you were already drenched in blood and losing energy.

One creature rushed you, teeth bared. Ducking, you hit him in the stomach, and flipped him over your back, springing up to behead the next.

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All I need

Let’s make up a new slang and language
and forget the old tedious grammar rules.
Next religious celebration
I’ll stand up like a super hero
all armed masked and brave, rebel soul
lost in the magic translation
of Merlin’s mysterious hands.
I want to communicate telepathically
with mind boggling creatures
charming everyone to have mercy on me
and help me scribble and send
signed with my festering blood
a delirious epistle to God.
The epistle will contain enough heart and brain
to save not only the entire planet
but also enough amused inspiration
to invent a new entertaining slang.
In plus as a bonus
I wouldn’t mind a spectacular poltergeist ride,
slide over the strangest mountains
and serve solitary oceans on a futurist pirate boat.
All I need is a bunch of flags decorated with vampire fangs.
That’s it. Here are some of my dreams
revealed in that hopeful stanzas dedicated to God.
I don’t feel like I dream too much.
If you think so you can call me a troubled poet
or simply out of my mind.

The Types as People at a Water Park
  • INTP: Riding all the slides
  • ENTP: Riding the slides with INTP
  • INFP: Probably wanting to go on the slides but won't
  • ENFP: Chilling by INFP
  • ESTP: Trying to flirt
  • ISTP: Riding rides
  • ISFP: Screaming on a ride
  • ESFP: Swimming
  • INTJ: Either with INTP and ENTP or with INFP
  • ENTJ: Eating or swimming
  • INFJ: Sunbathing or in the lazy river
  • ENFJ: Riding rides
  • ESTJ: Probably with INFJ
  • ISTJ: Sunbathing or riding rides
  • ESFJ: Trying to convince someone that they're going to die if they go on a big ride
  • ISFJ: Waiting for someone to get off a ride

totally-not-using-a-fake-name  asked:

The SQUIP squad goes to the water park and they are totally 'that group' that grabs all the mats, makes a massive dam at the top of the slide and rides the resulting tidalwave all the way down in a massive pile of limbs. This process makes Jeremy really nervous because he thinks that they're going to get caught but does it anyway because Michael is SO excited to have enough friends to pull it off.

AAAA THIS IS SO CUTE!! rich is always SUPER loud abt it and jeremys like SHUT UP SHUT UP. the girls are DEFINITELY laughing and giggling they’re having such a good time. i love them

anonymous asked:

Head cannons for mei, genji, junkrat, road hog , soldier 76, and tracer at a water park

~I only do up to five head canons so i’ll do five right now. Feel free to send another with any others when requests are open. 


  • She didn’t put on sun screen. She’s baking like a fried egg out there in the heat. She’ll have weird tan lines before they leave. Junkrat laughs at her. 
  • First one in the bumper boats. 
  • Somehow found, purchased, and ate several cotton candies before anyone could stop her. She’s practically vibrating with energy. 
  • Gets everyone together to do a multi person tunnel ride. Soldier 76 and Roadhog are the only ones who don’t scream. 


  • Finds the tallest water slide he can and immediately gets in line for it. You can hear his scream on the way down. 
  • He loves to just jump into the water from high up. If he can, he’ll skip the slide all together and leap. 
  • He loves the rapid water rides. Anything fast he’ll get one. He loves the rush right before he takes to the air and lands in the splash pools below. 
  • He sends pictures to Zenyatta all day long. 


  • Not the strongest swimmer. Roadhog made him where floaties. He’s not happy about it. They stops him from drowning twice.
  • Second one in the bumper boats. He’s out for blood. He didn’t come here to have fun, he came here to win. He will knock Tracer out of her bumper boat or die trying. 
  • Loves to run through the sprinklers in the water playgrounds. Squirts Roadhog in the face with them and runs for his life afterward. 
  • He’s excited to get on the tunnel rides until he’s actually there. One minute, everything’s beautiful. The sky is clear and then BAM! A 100 foot drop of darkness. His screams echo through the tunnel all the way down. 


  • Loves the wave pools. He likes to bounce with the waves and watch the people go under. Especially if it’s Junkrat. Those waves can’t beat his size. 
  • If he can cannon ball anywhere, he’s doing it. All the kids around him love it. The parents in the splash zone, not so much. 
  • Gets on every single slide ride backwards. He thinks its more exciting that way. Junkrat tries once, never again after that.
  • Roadhog can do just about any ride until it has a loop. He can’t handle loops. 200 foot drop? You got it. Teacup ride? You got it. 100 foot drop with a loop in the middle. Nope, not happening. 

Soldier 76

  • His mask doubles as a snorkel. 
  • No one’s getting him out of the lazy river for anything short of someone pissing in the pool.
  • If you challenge him, he’ll get on just about any ride. He’ll face a 200 foot drop before he lets you call him a chicken. 
  • He’ll never forgive them for putting him on a ride where the floor comes out from under him. He wasn’t ready. That’s the one time anyone ever heard him scream on a water ride. 

anonymous asked:

Vernon pool date plz

Spring was coming fast, with the snow melting and trees slowly starting to have the smallest buds on their branches, and so both you and Vernon had started to get more and more excited about the idea of swimming, which was exactly why you had found a nice Saturday for the two of you to visit a nearby indoor water park.

Upon arriving at the large building that held the whole water park, you went to take your belongings and clothes to the lockers, changed into your swimming suits, and after a quick shower, entered the actual park area. Once you did, neither of you could hold in the fascinated gasps.

There were numerous slides, pools of different sizes and figures, and everything simply looked like a lot of fun.

“Where do you want to go first?” Vernon asked from you with a small grin and caught your hand with his. You chuckled and turned to him.

“Perhaps one of the slides? And then… I think that’s a fountain there? How about it?” you suggested while pointing at a thick pillar with water falling down from its top. Vernon looked at the direction and nodded.

“Sounds just perfect,” he said and squeezed your hand in his before the two of you left off to find the most intriguing slide.

You found one fairly soon, and ended up climbing the stairs to a slide you could ride together with an inflatable mini boat underneath you. You sat at the front, and got Vernon’s arms around you loosely when he had sat down behind you.

An excited smile was playing on your lips as you held the edges of the boat, making sure there was no one in your way in the pool. “Clear.”

You could hear him snort quietly, and unwrapping his arms, he pushed your boat forward so that he could set you off and placed his hands on the edges of the boat, too. As you slid down, you both resorted to screaming, although it was mostly mixed with your laughter.

When you reached the water, you and Vernon fell off the boat, laughing hard as it floated towards the edge of the pool.

“That was amazing,” you said while laughing and wiped your hair off your face after you had come up from the water. Vernon laughed too, shaking his head a little to get the water off his hair.

“We need to try that again while we’re here,” he announced, and you nodded excitedly. Figuring you had to get out of the way of whoever wanted to come down the slide next, you got off the pool and got the boat up as well, placing it on a conveyor belt that soon took it back up.

Linking your hands again, you and Vernon walked further into the water park, checking out all the cool stuff they had. You in particular set your eye on the hot tub, but you both agreed it’d be one of your last stops, if not the last.

While you could’ve gone to another slide, Vernon suggested you check out the fountain before you forgot, so that was where you went. The water in that particular pool was pleasantly warm, while the water after the slide been had on the slightly colder side.

You sighed contently as you got in the water, and Vernon let out an appreciative sigh, too.

“Good luck trying to get me out of here,” you grinned at him and began swimming on your back towards the fountain. Vernon snorted and swam after you, making you yelp when he caught you in his arms and gently moved you together under the fountain.

He pressed your back lightly against the tile of the pillar in the middle of the pool, and while grinning, leaned closer to you. “I love challenges.”

Your heart was beating a lot faster than it usually did when he was about to kiss you, but you knew it had a lot to do with the situation. You were in public, first and foremost, and he wasn’t a fan of too much PDA, but perhaps it was the illusion of privacy created by the water curtain all around you, with no one else under the fountain. And well, it was quite exciting to be embraced by him when you were both wearing only your swimwear.

Wrapping your arms around Vernon’s neck, you leaned in to give him the kiss he was going to give you, and smiled happily against his lips. “I love you.”

His cheeks gained a rosy color, and he gave you another kiss before just gently rubbing his nose against yours, the happiest of smiles playing on his lips. “I know. I love you, too.”

You remained still for a while, just enjoying the water falling down around you and the closeness of each other. His arms were steady around you, as strong as ever, and you could feel his lips curved into a smile against your neck.

Slowly, you finally untangled from each other and went around the pillar, then left from under it altogether. It looked beautiful, and the feeling of the water falling down to your shoulders was incredibly relaxing, even if it did almost make both of your swimsuit pieces fall down a little.

Vernon looked thoughtful for a moment, but it ended when you suddenly climbed to his back, which made him shriek quickly. He laughed heartily and placed his hands under your thighs. “Somewhere you wanna go?”

“Actually… yes. See that slide there?” you asked with a grin, pointing at one, where the fall to the pool was… well, an actual fall. Vernon swallowed as he nodded. “There.”

Shrugging, he began walking in the water towards the ladder, and as he got near it, hummed, “I hope you know you’re getting off my back soon.”

You snickered and hugged him. “Of course I do.”

The slide was just as enjoyable as the first one, even though you got some water up your nose and made a lot of rather ungraceful faces trying to get rid of it, while Vernon laughed at you and stroked your back.

“Better?” he asked when you finally let out a relieved sigh, and you gave him a small smile.

“Yeah. God, I hate it when that happens,” you grumbled before the two of you got out of the water, starting your journey towards another slide.

A few hours later, you were finally happily seated in the hot tub, cuddled up to each other with your feet playing with his.

“I’ve had a great time today,” you said happily as you fiddled with Vernon’s fingers. His smile was as warm as his gaze was when he looked at you.

“Me, too. Our best date yet,” he said with a grin, and you quirked your eyebrow.

“What about the one where we had our first kiss, huh?” you asked, mock hurt, and got a hearty laughter from Vernon, who shook his head.

His voice lowered to a whisper when he spoke, leaning closer to you, but not quite giving you a kiss. “After that one, of course.”

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