slide on sandals

personally one of the biggest appeals of york for me is how much he looks exactly like a trashy frat boy but has like none of the personality. totally fine with not being the best, nothing but respect for the ladies who consistently own his ass, always tries to do the right thing, would generally prefer everyone to be friends and get along. like. he wears socks with slide sandals but has probably never topped in his life.  thank you for this gem.

jmprep  asked:

Hey Mackenzie! I really like the platform sandals that are pretty trendy right now but all the ones I've seen have the espadrille platform. Do you know of any that have a wood/solid platform?

Here are a few!

  1. black flatform wedge ($30) - I have a pair identical to these! They are a little bit espadrille-ish, but they are a great price point. 
  2. stud/wood wedge ($55) - LOVE
  3. leather/wood wedge ($59) - mule style
  4. solid sporty platform sandals ($59)
  5. wood/cross strap platform sandal ($75)
  6. wood wedge sandal ($100)
  7. lace up tall wood platform sandal ($100)
  8. wood buckle wedge sandal ($108) - LOVE
  9. brown weave platform sandal ($125)
  10. free people wood slide sandal ($128)