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Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 63

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

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Chapter Sixty-Three: Slip-n-Slide Kickball

A crowd stood around Loke as he explained the rules to slip-n-slide kickball. “It’s pretty simple if you already know the rules of kickball. The goal for your team is to score the most runs. While running around each base, you have to stay on the plastic tarps in between.”

Lucy scooted closer to Natsu, excitement bubbling in her chest at the thought of playing a sport with other people. She made sure to listen to the rules since this would be her first time playing.

“To be safe, you must have at least one limb inside the pool. Hand, foot, whatever. Unlike regular kickball, you can have more than one person on a base at any given time, but be careful. Too many people will make it harder to run to the next without tripping over each other.”

Loke pointed at the plastic tub full of water in front of him. “This is the pitcher’s mound. If the ball makes it back to the tub, the people on the base need to stop running. Also, unlike regular kickball, there are no limits to how many outs per inning. The inning ends when all players have kicked the ball, so make it count! We’ll be playing three innings per game.”

Loke paused for a moment before grinning. “Now, whoever wants to play needs to line up so we can pick our teams.”

Lucy walked to get in line, surprised when she saw Natsu following her. After what he said last week about not trying while playing sports, she thought he would have wanted to sit out. She couldn’t deny she was happy, wanting to play with him on the same team. She didn’t care if they won or not, she just wanted to have fun.

Lucy saw some of their friends getting in line, as well as a few kids from the school she recognized. She wondered if they were all going to end up on the same team, but it seemed unlikely. ‘I wonder how they pick?’ Her question was answered a moment later when Loke yelled, “Who else wants to be a team captain?”

“Me!” a voice Lucy recognized all too well answered.

She watched as Loke waved Dan over so they could begin. “Since it’s my party, I’ll go first.” Loke’s eyes scanned the line until they landed on a certain female. “Aries!”

Lucy’s excitement started again, feeling glad the girl was chosen first. However, that feeling died once she heard her name being called.

Scratch that.

It wasn’t her name.


Lucy’s eye twitched as her hands balled into fists. It was bad enough when he called her that directly, but now he was doing it in front of everyone. She refused to move, feet firmly planted on the ground. “That’s not my name,” she snapped back.

Dan sighed before saying, “Fine, Lucy.”

Lucy stole a glance at Natsu, reaching out to give his hand a squeeze before she started walking towards Dan’s side, upset she was separated from her boyfriend so soon. 'It shouldn’t be long until he’s picked.’

That was what she told herself, but she was wrong.

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