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Every once in a while, a song will come along that is so perfectly irresistible that it demands to be played repeatedly, on a loop, for an obnoxiously extended period of time; think Daft Punk and Pharrell’s “Get Lucky” back in 2013, for instance. Since the moment of its release in February, “Slide” has been that type of song, combining effortlessly-cool vocals from Frank Ocean with an upbeat, Auto-Tuned interlude from Quavo and a witty verse from Offset that opens with the endlessly quotable, “Offset! / Good gracious / Starin’ at my diamonds while I’m hoppin’ out the spaceship.” And we haven’t even talked about the beat yet – spliced together by Harris, this chameleonic groove fits into every type of setting or playlist, whether dropped during a laid-back weekend afternoon or at the height of a packed party. “Slide” manages to capture some of music’s premier innovators at the height of their powers, and the result is the best song of the year so far. – D.R.
—  - on why Slide by Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean and Migos is the best song of 2017 so far

Glock 43

A customized example of the single-stack 9x19mm pocket pistol made by Glock, which received a lot of fanfare when it was introduced to the market. Aside from the finish on the slide and magazine floorplate, it appears to have an aftermarket trigger, sights and a stippling job applied to the grip. (GRH)

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Since its the Burger boy's birthday today, do you mind if i Request a Scenario with America and His S/O surprising him with a Party and with their Friends?? :)

[[ My boy deserves the very best ]]


When you and the others had heard America come home, you all had jumped out from your hiding places and surprised him. You expected a small shriek and maybe for him to fall over, but the unexpected reaction you got was him pulling out a gun. Really, you should have expected it. At least he hadn’t fired.

“Alfred! Oh my god, babe, it’s just us!” You see Alfred’s eyes widen and he quickly hides the gun in his holster as if he had never pulled it out.

“Dude, holy crap!” he laughs a bit forcefully and closes the door. “What uh… what’s this?”

“We set up a surprise birthday party for you. You’ve been really busy with work and said you wouldn’t have time to plan your annual parties sooo we threw a small one for you.” Knowing your boyfriend would never hurt you, you went up to him and kissed him in front of everyone. And of course, you heard a chorus of ooh’s and yeah’s behind you.

“You did all this for me?” He wraps his arms around you and speaks softly against your lips. Up close, you can see the heavy bags under his eyes.

“You’ve been working so hard so I thought I could get you some things to relax! Look! I even hired a bartender. Hard to come by July 4th.” You turn back to the kitchen where the man is already mixing a drink for Ivan who had snuck off the second the surprise was over. You make a face at him before turning back to Alfred who’s scanning the room.

“Wow. Thank you so much guys.” It slowly began to sink in that all his friends were gathered in one place for him. They had taken the time out of their busy lives to help plan and prepare a party for him. All his favorite foods were there, the corner was stacked with presents, and in the living room were boxes of fireworks. He tried to hide it at first but yeah, he was crying.

“You guys are the best.” His voice was wavering and his lip quivering. He took off his glasses as he wiped his tears, and seeing this, everyone let out a couple aw’s before all coming in for a group hug. You being the closest to him got to bury your face in his chest and already you could feel the stiffness leaving his body. You also noted that he had 4 magazines and 2 guns on his belt.

Once the sobfest was over, America went over to steal Ivan’s drink before downing it and grabbing a box of fireworks. “Let’s light em up!” The room erupted with noise as everyone ran out, carrying with them only what they needed. Some grabbed food, some beer and drinks, and some grabbing more fireworks.

The rest of the night was a blur. With the amount of fireworks you guys had, it was enough to last until midnight, and present opening had been chaos too. But in the end, everyone was happy and enjoyed themselves. For those who enjoyed themselves a bit too much, they just crashed in Alfred’s house as you two went up onto the roof to see the stars.

“Hey, Y/N.” he said quietly. You look up at him from your spot in his arms. “I want to thank you again for all this. I was kinda bummed at first because I thought I’d have to spend today alone but you really pulled through and saved the day.”

Your closeness allowed you to hear the way his heartbeat sped up talking about you and you feel your face slowly heat up. Oh! “Wait! I have one more thing. Stay here.” How could you forget the best part?! Quickly jumping out of his arms, you run down to his room to grab the thing you had hidden for the final surprise before running back up to him.

“Close your eyes!” you yell from the stairs and wait a few seconds for him to do so. After hearing his “Okay!”, you run up and go up to him. “Okay. Open.”

Alfred opens his eyes and moves around to focus on you then on the thing you hold in your hands. “A sky lantern?”

“Yeah. I remember when we were watching Tangled that you said you wanted to do something like that. So I bought one.”

“You… You remembered…?” He slowly takes the packaged lantern out of your hands and looks at it as if you had given him the most valuable thing on earth.

“If course I remembered, Goldie.” you call him by the nickname you had given him after saying he acted like a Golden Retriever when excited. “It’s something that’s important to you, and what’s important to you is important to me.” Saying that earned you a kiss and a teary-eyed American. It made his heart swell knowing someone listened to him and cared about him, and that person was you.

There was a comforting silence between the two of you as you set up the lantern and when releasing it, you had done it together, one arm wrapped around his waist and his around yours, as you two slowly set the lantern into the sky.

Watching it fly away was more magical than anything the movies could have shown. The lantern carried your wishes and your love, but what more could you wish for when all you ever wanted was right next to you.

“I love you.” he says softly, giving your hip a gentle squeeze.

Tonight had started off a bit unexpectedly but it had went and ended just the way you wanted. Alfred was happy and so was everyone else. You got to see that bright smile of his over and over again and in those moments, you just fell deeper in love with him. The night was perfect.

“I love you too, Alfred.”

-Mun Sparkles 

The T-Shirt - Part 3

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Characters- Sam x Reader
Summary- Sam shows up at the motel, and reader has some questions she needs answered in regards to his drunk phone call.
Word Count- 1,476
Warnings- Angst, mention of drunkenness, language, fluff.
A/N- The third and final part. Be sure to read part one and part two first if you haven’t already. Special thanks to my smol @jpadjackles for getting me excited to work on this part- and I hope you like the ending. <3

Your heart thuds in your chest, blood pounding in your ears. You can’t believe what you heard. You knew it was a bad idea to pick up the phone, the ache that his voice left in your heart too much to handle. The ache that settled further into your chest upon hearing him was worse than you’d expected- his admission spoken in slurred syllables was your breaking point. You had to look him in the eye and say what you needed to say- what you should have said long ago before it’d gotten this bad.

You pace the room, fifteen paces from end to end, counting as you go. It focuses your racing mind only a fraction, so you turn to the only thing that can truly clear your mind.

You strip your gun apart, each piece set neatly on the mattress as you sit cross-legged in the middle. Magazine here, slide there- the whole of your beloved glock laying pulled apart as you clean, fingers slippery and black as you wipe it down. You’re not sure how much time passes, absorbed in your task until you’re pulling the slide as there’s knock at your door.

The special knock.

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You’re Not Him

Loki Laufeyson x Reader angst (requested by anon)

“May 18th of last year.” He said slowly.

“What about it?” You asked coldly, turning around to find him back in his original appearance.

“That’s the day I left you, isn’t it?”

(Takes place during the first Avengers film on the Helicarrier)

Everything had been planned to the tee, every variable and every outcome, this was fail-proof. Even as Loki was being pushed and shoved through the hallways of the helicarrier, hands bound and ‘powerless’, a mischievous smirk was still ever-present on his face. Locked in his glass prison he remained calm, he was aware of Midgardian cameras and their watchful eye, and he refused to let those pitiful humans see him in any manor other than cool, collected and elegant. The sound of light footsteps against the metal of the platform outside of his cage echoed as they approached, slightly muffled by the glass barrier. “Back for another round of intimidation I presume, Director Fury?” Questioned Loki with a bored and flat tone, not bothering to lift his gaze from his fingernails.

“Sorry to disappoint.” You state dryly, sliding a magazine into the cage and curtly turning around to exit. Loki’s eyes frantically shot up. It had been a full year since he last saw you but your voice was one he could never forget.

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“The Nighthawk Turnbull VIP 1, or Very Impressive Pistol, is just that, impressive. The Turnbull VIP models are the first additions to our VIP Collectors Line. As one of our most exclusive models, the VIP is built as a true heirloom piece that is the result of a collaboration between Nighthawk Custom and Doug Turnbull. Because of the time and skill that that is required to give this unique appearance, these guns are very limited in availability. This pistol is crafted with all of the finest customizations, including a classic case hardened and polished frame. The high polished, charcoal blued slide, matches the slide stop, magazine release, and thumb safety. To top it all off, we added a 14k solid gold bead front sight, mastodon ivory grips, and a custom case. Every pistol will vary slightly in appearance because each case hardened frame and set of mastodon ivory grips is unique. For years, firearms customers have loved Turnbull Finishes. Because of the relationship between Mark Stone of Nighthawk and Doug Turnbull, and the respect both men have for the product each company produces, they have created a partnership that has resulted in the finest 1911 pistols on the market.”

- Nighthawk Customs (via Facebook)

Pillow Talk

Harry Styles - 1793 words (Requested)


I have no idea what has been on me lately. But whenever I had a chance to be alone, my mind would wander. Not just the great stuff that had happened throughout the short two years I had lived here, but the loneliness also that would creep up when the sun would set and I’d be alone in this large flat. It’s this oppressive feeling that would crawl from the depths, I couldn’t describe it any other way. I had no real reason to feel this way, I had a roof over my head – to put it mildly – an amazing, caring, loving boyfriend, lots of friends I could rely on and everything my little heart desired.

I miss it when life was easier, I wouldn’t have to be on the lookout when I was doing anything, I maybe was paddling through life with the small inflatable water wings but it was joyous, full of laughter and stupid things to tell about a year later by the camp fire. I wipe the cloth across my cheeks, my gaze never leaving my own through the mirror as I watch my life flash by. I can feel myself become emotional so I angrily rub the wet cloth over my eyes to evaporate whatever was bound to the surface. A dreaded breath flies past my lips, a small cloud of fog coating the mirror before I watch it slink, disappearing completely after a few seconds.

The door on the other end of the flat slams, indicating the return of my boyfriend. I hear his voice call out my name to find my whereabouts and I discard the cloth of the side of the sink before my feet slowly take me across the hallway to greet him. “Hi H. How are the boys?” I give him a tiny smile as I press my lips to his jaw but he reciprocates by pressing his soft, cold lips to my warm ones briefly. I let my arms wander around his waist and hug him closely to me, Harry’s voice ringing through the air as he answer my question. “Great, actually. Asked you to tag along next time.” One of his hands rub my neck soothingly as the other merely rests on my back.

“I’ll definitely join if I don’t have work.” I sigh, letting go of him to take a step back. Harry stares at me for a while as I grab my hair together, putting it up in a high ponytail for bed, one of Harry’s shirts coating my upper body, a pair of his old boxers as pajama shorts. “Had a nice night?” Harry rids himself of his coat and I bite my lip, thinking back about how I spent an hour in the shower crying for absolutely nothing. “It was, pleasant.” I breathe, picking up the now cold cup of tea I had made myself after I had gotten out of the shower, taking a few sips but crunching up my nose at the foul, cold taste. “That sounds very convincing.” Harry chuckles as he walks in my step to the kitchen, watching me dunk the tea down the drain.

“Oh, I’m just tired babe.” I grin, fingertips tickling over his abs before I pass him and make my way into the bathroom. That might be an understatement, the fact that I get out of bed every morning amazes me still. I crawl underneath the covers, almost disappearing in the grotesque bed Harry had bought a fairly short time ago, listening to the sound of Harry slamming cabinets in the kitchen before his feet take him towards me. He is stuffing his face with some chocolate as he rids himself of his clothes, grabbing the television remote on his way to his side of the bed.

I’m laying with my back towards Harry, who is sitting up, watching some television show which invites all sorts of celebrities, one which I am certain of Harry and the others have already been on once or twice. “Y/N?” I hear his voice cut through the silence as I blink slowly, a small cough leaving my lips. “You’re not just tired, what’s wrong?”  I push myself to turn my upper body slightly so I could gaze at Harry, assess his features to know how badly I would probably have to lie. As soon as our eyes meet I know he has been tentative about my wellbeing and my movements for a long time already, and it would be a waste to try and lie.

I breathe out and flop onto my back, crossing my arms over my chest as I redirect my stare at the ceiling. “I have been living here for quite some time before I met you.” I state, as if he wouldn’t know this. I hear Harry hum. “Things have changed.” I carefully state, because I somewhat know what happened two days ago was because of my relation to Harry. It wasn’t like this in the earlier days.
Harry hums to let me know he is listening and I let my eyes dart to him for a quick second to see he is simply staring at me, eyebrows furrowed and a stern look covering his features. “How so?”
“I ran into an old friend of mine. I was just walking around the streets, around my old neighborhood. I like it, reminds me how much I was struggling in the beginning.” I sigh out, and I hear Harry’s breathing laboring, like when he tries to concentrate to not breathe too harshly and tries to keeps his mouth shut even though he wants to protest.

“She couldn’t look me in the eye. It was like she was scared or something. I was so shocked, surprised to see her that I was trying of things to say, you know, like a joke or something we’d done together all those years ago, but it was like she didn’t even want to recognize me.” I feel Harry’s fingers brush over my arm, which is covered by the sheets and I squirm underneath his touch, almost flinching away. “There are a lot of people that will vanish from your life, Y/n. That’s not always a bad thing.”

“I regret things that I have done, Harry. I just let my heart decide along the way, and at that moment that was you.” I sigh again, biting my lip as I hope he doesn’t take it the wrong way. “So you regret me?” And apparently he does. “That’s not what I mean,” I breathe, almost annoyed that he would think of me this way, but my choice of words was lacking anyway so I direct my anger towards myself, “I regret not trying harder to keep both of you equally in my life.”

“It’s not just that. I miss my friends, I miss my mum, I miss walking around and taking big gasps of air and twirling around in a bunch of leaves without my face on the cover of some magazine.” Harry slides underneath the covers as well, one arm thrown over my small body as he pulls me closer towards him, his breath fanning over my forehead and I slowly let my eyes drift closed.

“I know I’m not the only one, and your life is probably ten times worse than mine, but.. I don’t know.” I grunt out, my fingertips digging into his lower arm as I let my eyes open again, staring at the stubble on Harry’s chin. “I didn’t know it bothered you that much, I am sorry.” Harry sighs, and I can hear and feel the restraint in his voice. I don’t think he enjoys it anymore either. If he ever even did.

“Listen,” Harry starts and I tilt my head up, blinking at Harry as I take in his handsome features. I really didn’t make an awful decision by spending more time with Harry, otherwise we wouldn’t have been together for two years already. She was just like one of my best friends, and I miss her a lot.

“What if –“ He starts and I suck my bottom lip between my teeth, gnawing on it but keeping my gaze transfixed on him as I see his lips move. “We went back to your home so you can spend some time with your childhood friends and your parents? You could show me around the city a bit and learn me about who you were when you were younger.” Harry smiles at me and I think it’s a reaction to the sparkle that immediately appears in my eyes, big and staring at my wonderful boyfriend.

“You’d do that for me?” I turn on my side and squirm my arm underneath his to pull him closer to me. I don’t await his answer, I simply push my lips feverishly against his as some sort of first thank you. “I want my love to be happy. And I’m curious as well.” Harry chuckles between kisses and I press my lips once more to his before I let myself drop next to him again, curling against his side.

“I’m sorry I have been a drag lately. Things are getting to my head.” I sigh out, but with a much lighter heart now that I have had a chance to spill the beans to Harry. “You’re not a drag. I’m glad you trust me enough to talk to me about it.” Harry pats my thigh slowly as his lips kiss my shoulder and I roll my eyes as I push him away.
“It’s not you, it’s this bed, it makes me a weakling. I am so comfortable I let my guard down.” I breathe, throwing my hands up as I finally admit it out loud and Harry gasps.
“You were never here for me, only for the bed?” Harry presses a flattened out hand against his chest as he stares at me with hints of a smile on his lips. “Of course, what did you think? I was in here for you? Pssh babe, seriously?” I wave my hand in his face before the grin breaks through my lips, my body pressed against Harry’s as I catch his lips with mine.
“And here I was, thinking you were just in for the dimples.” Harry breathes a chuckle before he throws me onto my back and hovers over me, the twinkle in his eyes making him even more handsome as I see his dimples come into view. “Oh yeah, those are a nice addition too.” I shriek as Harry pinches my sides and I hug him close to me before I let my own fingers poke his sides to emanate a high pitched shriek from his lips as well, leaving me in heartily, light laughter.

Lots of love,
L. xox

Restored Dreams (Curtis Everett x Reader)

Day One / Two / Three

Word Count (1,848)

AN: Remember this fic? Haven’t updated since August wow I’m trash

Tanya was nudged softly awake, her fingers curled into one another in her furry jacket. Her head had found itself resting against someone’s shoulder, and the little nudges made her slowly open her eyes and glance at whoever was bugging you, “If you don’t knock it off-”

With one last nudge across from them, Tanya snapped her head in the direction and was met with a sight she never in her life thought she would’ve seen. There, wrapped under a single blanket, was Curtis Everett relaxed with his hand laced into locks of hair, and you were rested comfortably against his chest. Tanya stifled a laugh, but her grin she just couldn’t hide. Sunlight was already penetrating the train car, so she loudly cleared her throat.

Curtis, being an easy sleeper, lowly opened his eyes, glaring at the light to look across at who made the noise. He had almost forgotten where he was and what he was doing, until he saw Tanya’s shit eating grin and when she motioned down at him. Curtis’ eyes followed down to your resting head against him. He wasn’t embarrassed at all, in fact it only solidified in everyone that you were off limits. End of story. He unlatched his fingers from your hair and lightly shook your shoulders, making your stir a bit and raise your head slightly, “Is it time?” your  voice asked and Curtis rubbed your shoulder, “Yeah. Time to get moving.”

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eensy weensy

genre: fluff o

word count: 1K

summary: hoseok is in desperate need of a roommate with very specific skills. Roommates!AU.

Originally posted by troiskims

Your eyes wander absently over the scribble of text on the screen, fingers scrolling mindlessly down on your screen as you look through roommate advertisements. It’s late and dark in your room, the only source of light coming from your phone screen illuminating your face in a fluorescent glow and you’re fighting to keep your eyes open and you know you’ll be regretting this over a strong cup of coffee at your 7AM lecture tomorrow, but you’re also in dire need to find an apartment. 

Preferably male.”

“Can cook and clean. Must be an attractive female 19-22.”  You feel your eye twitch. What the everliving fuck.

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”I had a chance to shoot the new Glock 17M, which is the new FBI 9mm Glock that many speculate will become the Generation 5 guns. Here are some of the features of the 17M that I observed today.

The new gun has a button rifled barrel with traditional lands and grooves. It does not use the polygonal rifling of its predecessors.

It uses a longer recoil spring and the locking lug has been set back on the barrel a bit to facilitate this. It uses what looks to be a similar arrangement as the Gen 4 guns in terms of the spring design.

It has a trigger that’s very similar to the G42/43. This means it has a slightly improved trigger pull and it’s definitely noticeable when I fired it.

The magazine well is beveled inside. This is not visible externally though.

It has a two pin design similar to older generation guns.

It features an new ambidextrous slide stop however the magazine release is only accessible from one side of the gun at a time.

No finger grooves on this one.

While the magazines for the 17M are slightly different than a Glock 17 Gen 1-4 mag, the older mags will still lock into and work properly in the 17M. I fired the gun with a Gen 1 magazine. The finish is claimed to be more durable than previous generations of guns. It’s not uncommon for Glock to change up the finishes from generation to generation.

I will have a video to release on the channel in a few days. Meanwhile, here are some pics for you guys to look over.”

- Tim, Military Arms Channel