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Flat 27A in Kowloon Bay

Adjustable furniture and sliding walls maximise the limited space inside this Hong Kong apartment, which has been overhauled for a photographer and his pet cat. Local architecture and design studio Design Eight Five Two (DEFT) was asked to overhaul the cramped layout of a 51-square-metre apartment named Flat 27A, located in the city’s Kowloon Bay area.

  • Sweden: Uhh… P't p'g C 'nt' h'l' C 't th' b's' 'f th' cha'r l'g.
  • Finland: What are you talking about there’s no hole at the… Fuck we put the leg on upside down.
  • Sweden: Wh'ch 'n'?
  • Finland: All of them. *screams and throws hands up in exasperation* Fuck, I hate IKEA furniture.
  • Sweden: *slides him a cinnamon roll* Ple's' d'n’t bre'k th's 'n', ’m n't p'y'ng f'r 'n'th'r cha'r.
  • Finland: *angrily chews on cinnamon roll*

they should make absurdly large furniture for people who wanna b able to curl up on an arm chair the way they did when they were young and tiny without being uncomfortable or falling off of it


I’ve got nothing to lose’ said Jonahtan looking at the woman in front of him.

Are you sure?’ she said slowly walking to the table in the middle of the room her hand delicately sliding over the mahogany furniture. 

Of course’ he replied holding his hands behind his back. His old soldier habbits still on. 

Maybe you would like to look at this’ the woman said reaching for the brown envelope on the table. She held her hand up holding the object.

What is it?’ Jonthan asked reaching for it. Nothing was written on any side and it was still closed. 

Open it’ was the only reply he got. He furrowed his eyebrows sligthly ripping the envelope open. He took off the content and his heart seemed to stop.

And it staied this way when he kept looking through the photos.

So I’ll ask once again - are you sure?’ she asked leaning against the table.

Jonathan wasn’t able to answer when on every photo he saw your smile, your eyes, your hands. You.

Where did you get it from?’ he asked his voice strangled.

Our agents are professionals’ she answered ‘We have to know everything before we start our missions. We have to be preapered’ 

‘I don’t understand…’ Johathan shook his head looking at the photo of you in your house. ‘What does she have to do with all of it?’ 

‘She’s important to you’ the woman answered ‘Weak spot. Very easy to hit’ 

‘I haven’t seen her since…’

‘Since you got a proposition of joining this mission. Three months ago to be exact. You really think she’s safe right now?’ the woman sat at the table pouring herself coffee from the pot on the side. ‘Look at the last photo’ 

Jonathan said as he was told almost dropping the rest. 

If we know they’ll also find out’  

It was also you on this photography. But this time with him. You were walking down the street and talking, mugs in your hands. It was a chilly afternoon and you wore his scarf as you had forgoten yours. That evening he had got a call about this mission. His eyes stung at the thought what those people could do to you if they found out. 

What can I do?’ he asked desperate looking at the woman in front of him. 

Don’t screw this up’ she said standing up ‘Remember when you go down you take someone with you’ she grabbed her jacket and car keys walking towards front door. 

Promise me that if something will go wrong you’ll hide her’ he said stopping her.

We don’t have to promise you anything’ she said turning around. 

Please’ he begged ‘She…’ he looked down at the photos. The one that was first then portraited you in your favourite cafe. You were sitting and smiling, drinking something and Jonathan knew very well what was it. He knew a lot of this kind of things about you.  ‘Please’  he pursed his lips swallowing a lump in his throat. 

I can only say we’ll try. You’re getting in something so deep that one wrong move can cost you everything’ she said reassuming her walk. 

Before she left she turned for the last time  ‘You love her’ it wasn’t a question it was a statement. A statement which he could not fight with. 

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Crossfire Part 3

Angsty Gang Au Part Three

Word Count: 3282

Genre: Angsty Angst

Part 1 Part 2

Summery: The boys still have to find a way out of the the female gang holding them captive… will they ever figure a way out? 

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The light coming through the curtains ceased to exist as did the boys energy. One by one against their will, they all fell asleep, the first being Mingyu. He laid sprawled across the bed, clinging on the the pillow he had stole from Dino’s bed. Hoshi snored loudly, a leg hanging off the bed as he layed on the bed. His snoring stopping momentarily, for him to flip his body over onto his stomach. Junhui originally fell asleep on the chair, his head hanging off the back of the chair, beginning to slide off the furniture. When he hit the floor, he was startled, as he was suddenly awoken. He stood up, restricted by the handcuff, and pushed Minghao aside slightly so that he could lay on the bed. His arm dangled still connected to the chair.  

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You ever play that game in the house where you had to jump from obstacle to obstacle without touching the rug or the grass? Remember how you pretended that everything floor-related was lava? Remember how Alex from across the street slipped and broke something and his parents glared at you? Back to the lava thing: What if it was?

Hot Lava is exactly that. You get out of bed and, oh shit, lava everywhere. These circumstances require you to hop, surf, and slide around furniture and other objects. The levels start innocently enough, in a house and a school, but soon become more advanced and fantastic, turning you into Parkour Indiana Jones. It’s Mirror’s Edge meets Saturday morning cartoons, and you can sign up for the beta right now. It’s hard for fully-grown people to jump from chair to chair without later having to make a sudden IKEA trip, but luckily, video games have got your back.

6 Games You’d Have Killed For As A Kid, Coming Out Soon

//I am So Happy about the sliding furniture hooks.  I’ve finally been able to put the old knight-and-stars tapestry up high enough to look good for once, and I can have chairs at my tables instead of sitting awkwardly several feet off.

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For the prompts, 31 with Michael? Thank you!☺️

31. "I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.“

When Michael and you decided to move in with each it was originally to save money, but after three years living together became less of an excuse and more of a way of life. You couldn’t imagine what your life would be like without the smell of burning pancakes or walking into the bathroom and nearly falling into the toilet because Michael forgot to put the lid down during his three am pee break. 

And Michael felt the same way. He couldn’t fathom what it would be like to have someone else compete in Mario Kart tournaments with him, one’s that usually ended up in a screaming match over who would clean the apartment that week. He didn’t even want to think about what he would have done if you weren’t a room away when he fell into a rut, only your soothing hands on his back making him feel better. 

Michael needed you just as much as you needed him. 

Life together wasn’t always predictable though. Both Michael and you loved spontaneity which is why, often times, one of you would come home to chaos. Sometimes that involved walking into your apartment to find a small duffel bag pack and ready for your mini vacation. Other times it meant waking up to find you entire living room transformed into a glorified ball pit. Whatever it was, it was guaranteed to make both of you smile. 

After working a double shift at the restaurant you waitressed at, you were expecting to come home to a nice quiet apartment. You had planned to kick off your shoes, indulge in some take out, and catch up on the latest episode of How To Get Away With Murder that you had missed that week. But when you opened the door to your apartment to find your best friend sliding across the floor as if it was an ice rink, you knew all plans of having a quiet evening were gone. 

“I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks,“ Michael smiled, offering you his hand to guide you in the direction of your bedroom. 

You came sliding out a minute later, fluffy green socks with Peter Pan’s silhouette embedded in the soft fabric.  Glancing down at Michael’s feet, you couldn’t help but chuckle at his choice in socks, yellow one’s with stitched pikachus in all sorts of directions – one’s you had bought him for Christmas only a few weeks ago. 

“I like your socks,” you teased. 

“Thanks, my amazing best friend bought them for me,” he smiled, before tugging you towards him. The two of you slid around, laughing for a few minutes before Michael stopped in your path blocking you from sliding further into your furniture-less living room. “I don’t know how long this stuff says slippery for so we have to act fast,” he said, moving the both of you towards the middle of the room.

“What are you doing?” you laughed, as Michael twirled in circles around you. 

“Last night you told me you always wanted to be like Michelle Trachtenberg in the Ice Princess so I waxed the floors so you could!” 

“You’re such a dork, Clifford.” 

“Yeah, yeah I know,” he said waving off your comment. “Now come on, you have to recreate the routine!” 

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Title: Safe
Chapter/One shot: Chapter 23
Original Imagine:
Imagine you’re running from a bunch of vampire hunters because they’re convinced you’re a vampire because you escaped a cell at the lab where you were being held. You wish with all your heart that you were somewhere safe with someone you can trust. Suddenly, you get shot with a tranquilizer dart which messes your running up and makes you trip and fall. You get back up, looking behind you, you see the hunters stop then you run into what feels like a brick wall. You almost fall but 2 strong arms catch you, seeing the odd clothing you look up to see it’s Loki. You say help please then you pass out as the tranquilizer takes effect.
Author: starrynight35
Rating: M
Notes/Warnings: Language  I hope you enjoy! As always, comments are welcome!
*indicates where I would have used italics!!!

Chapter 23

April’s POV:

“What’s going on, Loki?”

Loki put his finger over my lips, effectively stopping my questions.

“I need you to gather your things and go outside. I will meet you there with the children… But this is very important, and you have to trust me. Do you trust me, April?”

“Yes.” I was frightened by the look in his eyes.

“I need you to make this building shake.”

My mouth fell open, and I began to shake my head.

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Remember that deleted scene in TWOTL where they did this close up shot of white clothes sensually sliding off the furnitures? I laughed so hard at that bc if that scene stayed in the episode, and right after that it would be the scene where soft romantic musics playing and Will had his shirt untucked... I mean, how ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) would that be?

Funnily enough, I thought exactly the same. I mean, we all know how rife the homoerotic subtext is in this show. The cinematography elucidates that subtext soooo, to attribute the shots of white fabric sensually sliding off furniture followed by a strategically placed scene involving Will with his shirt untucked to an unseen Hannigram sex scene is not unfounded. I mean, we are just analysing the cinematography after all  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

The cinematography, especially in regards to Hannibal and Will, is dubious as fuck. This kinda shit speaks for itself.


Cameron Dallas Imagine-

My fingertips softly graze the tip of yet another tissue as a hacking cough shakes my body. This flu can leave anytime now. I hadn’t left my bedroom in five days and I was beginning to go stir crazy. In an attempt to protect everyone else from the sickness that caused every part of my body to ache, I refused to let anyone come within a 10 foot radius of me. Although I greatly appreciated the numerous texts from my friends and boyfriend, Cameron, I was about to go crazy from lack of human contact.
As I was browsing through Netflix in search of a movie or Tv show I hadn’t watched yet my phone started buzzing, indicating I had an incoming call. I reach for my phone and a picture of Cameron grinning like an idiot with his eyes squeezed shut and his head thrown back takes up the screen. “Hello,” I answer in a gravely voice. Good God I sound like a man. “Hey, babe, you feeling any better?” Cam asks sympathetically. “Not even a little,” I whine in frustration. “That’s it. I’m coming over,” he states with conviction. “NO!” I yell in panic, causing my voice to crack. I can hear Cam laughing on the other end. “You sound like a teenage boy going through puberty,” he snickers. “Exactly why you shouldn’t come over. I look and sound disgusting. Not to mention I could get you sick!” I protest with all the energy I can muster up. “(Y/N), you’ve never looked bad a day in your life, your voice is cute no matter what, and that’s a risk I’m willing to take,” Cam assures. “Don’t placate me,” I sigh. “I’ll be there in fifteen whether you like it or not,” he states. “I’ll lock the door,” I threaten jokingly. “I know where you hide the spare key,” I can practically hear him smirking on the other end. “Ugh fine,” I respond with defeat. “LooOooOoOOoove yooOoOoOOoo,” he sings. “Love you, too,” I laugh before hitting ‘end’.
No more than fifteen minutes later I hear the door open and shut. “Babe?” Cam shouts. “I’m in my room!” I yell back. “Don’t come out in the living room until I tell you to, okay?” he instructs. “Uh, okay?” I reply in confusion. I shut my laptop and slowly climb out of my cocoon of blankets to sit next to the door. I can hear Cam moving stuff around the living room. He opens and closes some doors and slides some furniture around. “Ow fuck!” he mutters as I hear something fall over and hit the ground. I bring my hand to my mouth to muffle the giggle escaping my lips. This goes on for about ten more minutes before I don’t hear anything anymore. “Alright, you can come out now. And bring your laptop with you,” he says. I quickly grab my laptop and a few blankets to wrap myself in as I exit my quarantine of five days.
I’m not sure what I was expecting to find when I walked into the living room, but this wasn’t it. Cam had managed to set up an impressive blanket fort in the middle of the room. I couldn’t contain the huge smile plastered on my face as I set the laptop down in the fort. “What do you think?” Cam asks excitedly. He’s literally beaming from ear to ear and bouncing on the balls of his feet. His expression alone is enough to make me forget the aching in every inch of my body. “Cam, It’s perfect…wow… words are escaping me,” I whisper in awe. Cam closes the already small distance between us by grabbing my waist and pulling me to him. I snake my arms around to his back and rest my throbbing head in the crook of his neck. He rests his cheek on the top of my head and gently rubs my back in a soothing pattern. “Aren’t you glad I came over?” he whispers softly. “Mhmm,” I hum into his neck, ” I’m still going to feel awful if you get sick though.” “It’s my own fault if I do. Plus it wouldn’t be completely awful to have you taking care of me,” I can feel his face stretch into a smile. I lightly smack him on the back earning a low laugh. “Come on, lets lay down and watch a movie,” he nudges me toward the fort. I nod in agreement and climb in after Cam. He props himself up against pillows and motions for me to join him. I crawl onto his lap, throwing my legs over his and resting my head against his warm chest. I listen to the steady beating of his heart and let it relax me. “I guess you could say we’re… holding down the fort,” he announces. I can’t help but giggle at his lame remark. “You’re such an idiot,” I giggle into his chest. “It’s part of my charm, babe,” he shrugs in faux modesty. “Shh the movie is starting,” I shush him by reaching my hand up and placing it over his mouth. He knocks my hand away and lightly kisses the corner of my mouth. “Stop that! You’re gonna get sick!” I scold him in a loving manner. “Shh, the movie is starting,” he teases. I roll my eyes and snuggle back into his chest wondering how I got so lucky.

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