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Um, Nope. Never have. So you will rot in hell for spreading this slander!

Oh yes, because God has nothing better to do than to send someone to Hell (It has a capital too because it is a proper name involving a place) for insisting another masturbates. 

Also, that isn’t slander.  Slander is the spreading of vicious lies, rumours, and name-calling in a public forum such as, but not limited to only: tv, newspapers, radio or via speeches or public debates.  Countering an unintelligent, clearly uneducated severely mentally ill 26 year old obsessive-compulsive who spends his days (it’s not even noon yet) seeking out random people who have nothing to do with him OR his imaginary world of iCarly with sarcasm is NOT slander.

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Nope. RobWeiz has fantasys about that Ciao Bravaro. It’s gross. So check mate again nasty ass bitch.

Really?  Because I’ve never seen Rob mention her once. 

Is it warm and smelly in the land of assholes?  Because your brand of asshole is particulary rancid.  With the shit that falls out of you that has probably crusted up inside for years.  I guess sometimes it’s like diarrhea you get from cheap Mexica restaurants in South Central LA.  This is probably combined with an Oedipal relationship with a female relative (instead of the normal mother) that you are now taking out on Jennette.  You may also be stuck in the anal phase causing your “OCD” and the reasons behind WHY you are such an asshole. 

It must be lonely in a world where no one cares about you.