slicked back hair look

one of my favourite things about andrew scott’s acting is that he’s such an incredibly versatile and talented actor, but physically you can always instantly tell if his character is going to be good or bad by whether their hair is slicked back or not

i neeD a reddie au fic based on ‘it’s a boy/girl thing’

imagine polar opposites richie and eddie in high school, eddie thinks richie is loud and obnoxious and dresses terribly, richie thinks eddie is stuck up and high strung and boring, they have a bit of a mildy flirtatious rivalry that makes everyone else groan and roll their eyes whenever they’re in the same room as one another

imagine them getting into an argument about how the other thinks they have it so much worse, that they wouldn’t be able to stand one day in the other person’s shoes

imagine the next day, they wake up in each other’s beds, freaking out and going to the mirror to see that they’ve switched bodies

imagine eddie (as richie) cringing as he has to step over piles of laundry and random crap all over richie’s floor, or going to the kitchen only to find that all the food in this house in ridiculously processed and sugary and disgusting

imagine richie (as eddie) trying to navigate around mrs kaspbrak’s nagging, being given a bowl of the plainest, blandest cereal for breakfast and nearly gagging, or going wide-eyed and slack-jawed when he opens the medicine cabinet in the bathroom

imagine eddie (as richie) wearing richie’s church clothes to school because it was the only thing in his wardrobe that wasn’t ridiculously coloured or offensive to look at. imagine him combing and slicking back his hair that had probably not been brushed in years

imagine richie (as eddie) throwing on the first thing he sees, not bothering to tuck his shirt in or neaten his collar on match his socks or even touch his hair

imagine them both having a conniption when they see the other at school because how dare you make me look like that you’re going to destroy my reputation

imagine stan, bev, and mike laughing their asses off when they see richie looking like a fucking mormon, and ben and bill being genuinely concerned that eddie had a nervous breakdown that morning and that’s why he looks like a loon

imagine the next day, richie (as eddie) rips holes in a pair of eddie’s jeans and the sleeves off one of his black t-shirts, and comes to school with his hair teased, with aviators and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth

imagine eddie (as richie) wearing a belt and doing his shirt buttons all the way up and wrapping a sweater around his shoulders, hair gelled and parted, looking like the most well-behaved christian mommas boy ever

imagine them both trying to make the other’s lives a living hell

richie (as eddie) mouthing off at teachers and smoking in the hallway, trying to draw as much attention to himself as possible

eddie (as richie) taking cigarettes off of beverly and bill and stomping them to the ground, smiling and preaching loudly that they should change their ways, purposefully blowing their plans off and saying that they all should study in the library

imagine eddie (as richie) trying to answer teacher’s questions in class but being shot down because they think he’s just going to make an inappropriate comment, or going to the play rehearsal and making a dick of himself because he doesn’t know any of his lines or cues

imagine richie (as eddie) having a track meet and being made to wear short shorts and tripping over his own feet because he hasn’t done pe in forever and these shorts are so uncomfortable, or having to present a project in class and improvising his way through the whole thing while knowing nothing about the subject while eddie (as richie) shoots daggers at him from the back of the classroom

imagine them going home at the end of the day. eddie realising that richie’s parents barely acknowledge he’s there, and for the first time in his life he has to make dinner for himself. richie realising that eddie’s mother is unrelentingly overbearing, screaming and crying at him for getting home an hour after he was supposed to, nearly hyperventilating when she sees his clothes.

imagine them both starting to get it, coming to school the next day a little more toned down, and they sit down and try to figure out how to fix it

imagine them bonding and understanding and having a ‘we’re not so different, you and me’ moment. imagine them going over richie’s lines in the play and all of eddie’s presentations, and them both nailing everything when the time comes. imagine them being seen hanging out in the library and both their friend groups coming together in mutual confusion, because what the hell? i though they hated each other?

imagine after a while, when they finally switch back, they’re close as anything, and so are all their friends. and sometimes eddie still wears his ripped jeans, and richie still wears his sweater.


Baby, You’re a Star

Author’s notes: Made this could be a part 2??? Idk I feel like there could be. Thank you, Anon, for sending me down this windy road to hell.

Word Count: 2,258 

Warnings: Smut. Good ol’ fashion smut. And most likely grammar mistakes that will make me cringe for weeks. That’s what happens when you write out of passion.

You stared at your reflection and let out yet another groan. You were now completely convinced that the wings of your liner were uneven, but despite the large amount of makeup remover wipes and cotton swabs, you couldn’t figure out at which point the geometric shape went wrong.

“Baby, you look beautiful. I don’t know why you’re throwing such a fuss.” Bill whispered from behind you, placing both hands on your shoulders, squeezing them slightly in hopes that you’d relax. But how could you? This was one of the biggest events of your boyfriend’s life and you wanted everything to be perfect. You gazed back at the man through the reflection. He was utterly beautiful. He kept the haircut from Atomic blonde that you adored so much, even got the edges retrimmed. The longer parts he had slicked back, looking like a dangerous combination of sexy and suave. The stubble that covered his face a few hours ago, giving away to his previously relaxed state, was now replaced with smooth, almost flawless, skin. But his suite. God, the suite, was the cherry on top. The well-tailored black material hugged Bill’s tall but lean frame too perfectly that it angered you a bit. Bill moved his attention from your shoulders to your blank face. He could tell something was off about you, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Why are you so quiet, love?” He asked, genuinely concerned. You shook your head and let out a sigh as you took hold of his shoulder, giving you the leverage you needed to put on your heels. Bill turned you around once you were finished, and cupped your face into his hands.

“What’s wrong?” He asked persistently. Finally, you gave into him and told him what had been bothering you all afternoon.

“This is our first movie premiere together, as a couple, what if people don’t like me? What if the magazines say I’m not good enough for you? God, I don’t think I can do this.” The last part you whispered to yourself more than to him, but he heard it anyways. He couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit which surprised you a bit, throwing a stern look his way. Bill had always admired your confidence, so to see you worried about what complete strangers had to say about you or your relationship to him seemed incredibly out of character. “Babe I don’t give a fuck about what they have to say about us. I’m here today because of your support and encouragement. If they can’t see how incredibly beautiful and amazing you are, then that’s their loss. I’m never going to leave you because some magazine determined you’re not good enough for me because you’re wearing last season’s shoes.” You couldn’t help but break into a smile. He always knew how to make you feel better and you started feeling a bit guilty that you took ruined an evening meant to celebrate Bill’s accomplishment to whine selfishly. You apologized to him, but Bill being the gentleman that he was, shook his head and said “Nonsense. You never have to apologize to me for expressing your feelings” before kissing you on the forehead and leading you to your awaiting limo.

Once you were comfortably seated in the back of the limo, you felt your nervousness return again. But you tried to play it off, hoping that when Bill had returned from talking to the driver through the partition, he wouldn’t notice your heart beating a mile a minute.

“Thanks, man!” Bill yelled as his larger than life form attempted to crawl back to his seat. You watched him, laughing quietly as he rubbed the top of his head. For a man so smooth, he was incredibly unaware of how much space his body actually took. “So the driver said that with rush hour traffic and all, we should be able to make it to the theater in an hour, give or take 15 minutes,” Bill reported as he buckled up his seat belt. You nodded and turned to face the window. The first few minutes of the car ride was relatively peaceful.You watched the city speed by with your hand in Bill’s and you tried focusing on regulating your breathing. But the moment you shifted in your seat, the mood in the back of the limousine completely changed.

You had crossed your legs. An innocent movement with no ulterior motives, but it caught Bill’s attention. He had been watching you most of the night. Originally he was doing it to make sure you were over whatever nerves had come over you back in the room, but as he watched your chest rise and fall with your breathing, and your nipples harden due to the cold air and the satin material covering them, his goodwill had soon vanished.

Bill took his hand out of yours and placed it on your thigh, rubbing the skin there for a second before uncrossing them.  Your thoughts of the city were broken and your attention was now on his face, that had trouble written all over it.

“Bill” you whined in a warning voice. “We can’t. The driver is right there.” You whispered as he began kissing your neck. He was so happy you decided to go for an updo this evening, it gave him complete access to the spot underneath your ear that made you whimper. And just like clockwork, the moment he pressed his teeth to the spot, your body gave way to his antics.

“Driver? You mind rolling up the partition!” He called out. Unbeknownst to them, the driver had already started rolling it up, figuring the couple would want some privacy before their stop. When it was clearly just the two of you sharing this moment, Bill didn’t hesitate to unbuckle both your seat belts. Once freed, the brunette pulled you across his lap, so your legs were on either side of his torso. The black slip dress you were wearing was quickly becoming his favorite article of clothing you owned. It took very little effort for him to slid both straps down your shoulder, revealing the pert nipples that had been teasing him all evening. He quickly locked on to the left one, biting and sucking on it, as his large hands took the unattended one into his grasp, so he could pinch and flick at it. The combination of pain and pleasure, had you aching to grind on his thighs, but you knew something Bill didn’t. So when his free hand moved to your hips to push you down on him, you had to warn him.

“Wait, I’m not wearing any underwear.” You said breathlessly. This confession caused Bill to release you from his mouth and look you in the eyes in complete shock. You looked down guiltily. For some reason, your lover was not completely convinced you were telling the truth. But when he slipped his hands under your dress, dragging them up your thighs, to meet the dampness of your opening, he was in complete awe of you.

“Fuck, you’re gonna kill me” he whispered. And with a whole new level of determination, Bill took the wetness from your opening and dragged it to your clit so he could manipulate the bundle of swollen nerves.You couldn’t help but grind on his hands, leaning over so you could wrap your arms around his neck for leverage. Bill kept moving his fingers in a circular motion for a few more seconds.

“Mmm look at you, you’re like a little kitten, rubbing yourself against me,” he whispered in your ears, making your bit your lips and nod in agreement. “Well, let’s see if I can get this little pussy to really purr” without any warning at all, he slipped both of his fingers away from your clit and straight inside your waiting opening. Causing your clench around his fingers as he pumped them mercilessly inside of you, curving them slightly to give you slight stretched you loved so much.

“Fuck Bill, please, I need you inside me,” you begged. All the thoughts about the premiere and your nervousness vanished once he grabbed the back of your neck and pulled you into a bruising kiss. He lifted you up slightly so he could unbuckle his belt and pull himself out of pants, that were now down at his thigh. After a few fast and half-hearted pumps, being way too impatient to be inside you, he placed himself at your entrance.  And with a desperate groan, Bill pushed inside you in one long, deep, thrust. You felt so good and so full you couldn’t help but let your jaw drop and your eyes close. You didn’t see the way your lover was looking at you. With scrunched brows and blown pupils, the Swede was so entranced watching you ride him. Your head was thrown back pushing your breasts upward and he watched in fascination as they bounced in time with the movement of your hips. You were so enraptured with using him for your own pleasure that you didn’t even notice him struggling to hold on for you. However, keeping the roll of your hips consistent was beginning to tire you, but he had no issue with taking over. Two large hands moved their grip from your hips to under your ass, holding you up just high enough for him to piston his hips with so much force you had to hold on to the glass window behind his head to keep you from falling over. Bill was thrusting so hard inside of you it almost felt like his sole purpose in life was the insurance of your orgasm.

“Ah, fuck, come on baby. I know you’re there, just let go. I’ll take care of you” He promised you. With all the strength you could muster, you opened your eyes so you could watch him as he hit every spot he knew consistently. His face was flushed, lips swollen, and his slicked back hair was starting to fall into his eyes, but he never looked more beautiful. Then a loud smack was heard, causing you to freeze your movements. The stinging of his hand hitting against your ass causing your orgasm to hit you harder and faster than you were prepared for. Holding onto him, your whole body began to shake as you lost yourself in your pleasure, which triggered Bill to fall into his own euphoria, spilling into you with each shallow thrust.

The two of you stayed in that position for a minute, before the cheers and chaos outside reminded you that you were minutes away from arriving at your destination. Frantically, you both tried to make yourselves presentable, tucking yourselves back into your clothes, fixing your hair and cleaning up whatever lipstick had ventured off from its original destination. You could still feel the evidence of Bill’s orgasm inside and you tried your best to clean up the mess you made in the limo.

“Make sure to give him an extra tip,” you commented, making Bill smile. You threw a bottle of hand sanitizer his way, explaining that he was going to be shaking a lot of hands tonight. Bill was going to make a snide remark, but the driver interrupted. He gave you two to a warning knock on the partition, signaling that he was going to open the door soon. Quickly, Bill licked the last of you off of his fingers, watching you suggestively, before cleaning his hands with the disinfectant and a napkin. You wanted to jump over the seat and taste yourself on his lips, but it was too late for that. The door had opened and Bill was stepping out of the car, shaking his director’s hand before turning back to you to help you out of the car. Once your hand was safely enclosed in his, screams erupted.

“Bill! Bill! Who’s the gorgeous young lady you’re with?” one of the photographers asked.

“Who are you wearing? You look fabulous!” yelled a journalist for W magazine.

Bill looked back at you and you were glowing, smiling back at him with a shrug. He could tell you were still nervous about all the attention, but you never looked more beautiful to him. The actor knew the moment you stepped into his life you were the only one he could see standing beside him, supporting him with your entire being. And watching you, handling the crowd with the confidence and grace he fell in love with, made him wish he was back at home, so he could have you all over again.

Once you two had walked through the initial crowd of the red carpet and were safe behind the glass doors of the cinema, questions were being asked before the showing. Since Bill had a relatively minor role, he was only asked a few questions here and there. So in the meantime. He made it a point to tell you exactly what his intentions for you were.

“As soon as we get home, I’m ripping that silly little dress of yours off of you, and I’m bending you over the nearest surface,” he whispered once, pretending to be listening intently to the director’s answer about his hopes for the movie’s success.

“And now that I know my baby girl likes a little pain, I’m going to  beat that ass so good you can’t sit for a week.” Bill didn’t look at you, despite your jaw almost hitting the floor. You tried to get a hold of yourself as the cast dispersed to their seats. While everyone else was preparing to enjoy their hard work coming to end, you were preparing yourself for the longest, and best, night of your life.

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Ravish Me Red (Eggsy Unwin X Reader)

Fandom: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Pairing: Eggsy Unwin X Reader
Word Count: 3,798
Author's Note: Reader has been with the Kingsman for longer than Eggsy and Roxy, but she’s only like a year or two older than them. Takes place after the events of the movie!! Forgive me nothing makes sense asdfghjkl  >.<  We’re gonna pretend that some Kingsman live at headquarters, or they at least do for a while.
WARNING: Sexual themes!!

“Galahad, would you step up to the front, please?” You asked, patiently waiting for Eggsy as he climbed out of his seat and to the front of the room. You were in charge of handling the weapons for the Kingsman and you had just gotten a new shipment of weapons in, so it was your job to show them how to use them. You smiled reassuringly at him and grabbed him by the shoulders, positioning him so that everyone in the room could see him.

“This,” You said, holding up a tube of lipstick for the other Kingsman to see it. “Might just become your new best friend.” You popped open the lid, revealing a pointed cylinder of clear lipstick. You carefully applied some to your lips, before looking at the men and women in the room. “As you can see, it barely even has a shine, so anyone can use it without it being suspicious. Be careful to not lick your lips though, as long as you don’t ingest it, you’re fine.”

“And what does it do, exactly?” Lancelot asked curiously, and you smiled at the blonde haired girl.

“I am very glad that you asked!” You said excitedly and turned your attention back to Eggsy. You wrapped a hand around his neck and pulled him into a kiss before he could react, well aware of the stunned silence of the other Kingsman. Eggsy’s tongue flicked across your lips, and you rolled your eyes as his mouth suddenly went limp and he fell into your arms. 

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It Wasn’t Real (part eleven)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.

prologue - one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven finale

A/N: ALSO, WARNING: This is kinda seeming like a Stan x Reader with how much i mention Stan but don’t get it twisted: IT WILL BE A RICHIE X READER! It’s just Stan was so close to winning i wanna still make him a strong, prominent character!

I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Richie x Reader, and Loser’s Club x Reader, also slight Stan x Reader

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones, violence, pennywise, that sorta stuff.

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“Oh my god… is he dead?” Eddie asked, turning to Richie and grabbing him by the shoulders in a haste; “is he dead?!”

“No- no, he can’t be.” You whispered, refusing to believe you’d all come here for nothing. It couldn’t be for nothing…

It’d been like your feet were glued to the ground, the seven of you stuck only a few feet away from Stan’s body. All of you too scared to see, to really find out if he was dead. Whether you were like Bill and Richie who’d never stopped speaking to him, or someone like you who hadn’t even uttered a word to him in four years until three days ago… Stan was your friend. Stan was family, just like you all were and the thought of him being dead…

But then, as if something had clicked, the lot of you ran to Stan, falling next to him in a haste. You ignored the way your knees scraped against the concrete beneath you or the stinging sensation in your arm as you landed on it wrong. 

You felt your heart beating frantically against your chest, huffs of panic coming from those around you. Ben placed his head against Stan’s chest and as he did so you let your frantic eyes view his state. His hair was slicked back from some sickly looking substance and you could see blood stains on his button-up shirt. Stan was already pretty pale, but he looked deathly pale now. “He isn’t breathing.” Ben whispered, turning to look at you all. “I-I can’t hear him breathe!”

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second time’s a charm | jjk

summary: what’s the difference between the handsome stranger you slept with last night and the successful doctor that’s your new boss? 99% of people will get this wrong.
pairing: jungkook x reader
word count: 2k
genre: fluff
warnings: alcohol mention + implied smut
a/n: guess who’s back and better than ever? not me. i’m sick with a cold. but here’s a little something to get me back on my writing! requested by anon!

Jeon Jungkook is very good at his job.

At least, that’s what you can gather, from all the times you’ve seen his name in the Top Doctor lists from very respectable websites, to the plaques that line the walls of the hospital you work at, to the piles of the medical magazines that all have his name plastered on the cover at the front desk. Your hospital boasts about him, because not all hospitals get to brag about having the best doctor in South Korea in their offices, do they?

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Arashi ni Shiyagare [2017.06.24]
└ Jun ★ Tsunagu


Pairing: Ivar x Reader
Summary: Reader belongs to Ivar but at night he belongs to her.
Warnings: HOLY SHIT SO NSFW, swearing, submission, praise!kink, explicit
Length: super long!!
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I walked up to the flowering altar, with my hands on my hips, admiring it at first and just the sight of it brought back memories. Ivar and I had been married no more than a few months now, wedded in the same exact spot in the woods.

I smiled, reaching out to touch it and started remembering how handsome he looked, his hair slicked back and resting nicely. His skin aglow from the setting sun, his tunic a strong blue to match his beautiful eyes. Bjorn had helped him find the right angle for his stool while Floki held him up on his back, waiting patiently.

The way my love looked sitting there on his stool when the drums had started, I recalled it clearly, the way he turned his whole body to see me, the sun hitting his face perfectly. How tightly he was holding and then wringing his hands, fidgeting nervously. The stunned smile when he finally saw me for the first time that day, holding an array of foliage in my hands as I made my way towards him.

My smile grew even more when I turned around and saw Ivar was sitting on a well made chair then, brought out special for him so he could watch his older brother be married up close. I walked up to him and smoothed down his hair, tucking it behind one of his ears. He lightly slapped my hand away with a smirk and raked his fingers through it, as if I had messed it up.

I raised an eyebrow, giving him a warning look and instead was about to talk to one of the other Shield-maidens joining the foray, when he caught my wrist and pulled me to sit side-ways in his lap. He cupped my face and kissed me as softly as only Ivar could imagine.

“I would behave myself if I were you, Ivar. You are playing a dangerous game.” I said lowly, nipping at his ear lobe. We were still newlyweds, nothing or no one bothered us. They all knew how in love we were with each other, getting caught fooling around wasn’t that abnormal in the slightest.

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