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Something Worth Fighting For- 1

Summary: You’ve just begun to settle into life as an Avenger when a mission gone awry divides the team in half, and a familiar face shows up just in time to make you second guess your every choice.

Words: 1303


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People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can’t rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right. -The Crow, 1994

Brooklyn. 1946.

The cemetery was a snow globe. Someone had wrapped it in their hands, blocking out all traces of sunlight behind the deep grey clouds, and shaken it. Snow swirled through the air, between the slender claws of the dead trees, and dragged across the faces of black, slick stones. The wind hissed in your ear, stung the exposed flesh between your hat and the collar of your jacket. Kissed the places that had not been touched by warm hands in nearly a year.

There was nothing special about the dull, grey rock in front of you. There was a name, etched into its face, that had been filled with snow which only served to make the letters stand out more. It was a formality more than anything, the headstone. There was no body to be buried, no casket to lower into the ground.

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Want it? | Draco Malfoy x Trans!Male Reader

Warnings: Smut, Dom!Draco, Masturbation, Choking, NSFW gifs

Words: 1954

(Y/N) POV:

To say I was a hot topic around Hogwarts was quite the understatement. Ever since my second year when word got around that the guy from the muggle family actually had a vagina! Apparently the pure-bloods had never had any experience with such a thing. Most called it muggle magic and they all practically tripped over themselves to ask me questions. Eventually they died down as all things do, until I returned my fifth year having gone through top surgery. That brought on its own wave of questions.

Draco Malfoy was no different. At first, when he discovered my identity he called it ‘revolting’ and 'unnatural.’ Although, he too came around in our fifth year and we dove into a friendship neither of us expected. Nothing had prepared me for him as the same could be said from him about me. Being hormonal teenagers, there was always a tension between us. It wasn’t until the middle of our sixth year that he relieve it.


“Draco!” I whined softly, he had just dragged me out of the common room and was pulling me hastily down to some empty corridor.

“Where are we going?!” He let out a growl and mumbled something about me needing to shut up. He stopped abruptly, gripping my hand tighter as he glanced around quickly. His hand were on my hips for mere seconds to place me firmly against the wall.

He slammed his hands on the wall on the sides of my head, breathing heavy with a look of irritation painted on his face.

“Do you have any idea? The things you do to me?” He whispered softly, his lips curling in anger as he breathed softly into my ear. I swallowed the growing lump in my throat before uttering weakly, “I-I don’t understa–”

“ALWAYS!” He spoke louder now, his body nearing mine, but keeping a space between us in a teasing way. He softened as he saw the clear fear in my eyes, he dropped his hands to grip the sides of my shoulders, squeezing softly as he leaned into my ear again.

“The way you sound, your walk, bloody hell even your scent! You drive me absolutely mad. I want to ravage you, mold this pretty little body to fit against my own.”

I let out a soft whimper, feeling heat rush not only to my cheeks but between my legs as well. Before I could manage to stutter something in response Draco spoke again.

“You are the brightest part of my life and would like to propose you be my boyfriend, (Y/N). Would you accept?” He pulled away from my ear, watching my face contently as he drug his fingertips lightly down my arms.

“Uh..y-yea, I mean, yes. I-I would accept.”

He smirked in approval, “That’s my boy.”

His hands met my hips and his lips crashed against my own. He let out a soft hiss as his tight pants gained the smallest amounts of friction from my hips.

“Just one thing, love.” He said softly, “I am not a very 'publicly affectionate’ man and I don’t want you to expect anything else.” He was stern now, waiting until I nodded before reuniting our lips.


On that night, I hadn’t realized that 'not being publicly affectionate’ meant not telling anyone about our relationship. Of course I was hurt, who wouldn’t be? He never told me why, he merely said it was not the time to introduce a new relationship to everyone. I had spend may hours contemplating what exactly could be his reason, not my bloodline, as even though I was raised by muggles, I was a pure-blood. I’d first thought it was the fact I was a male, but it’s been over a year and he seems quite comfortable in his own skin.

Tonight, some Ravenclaw girl had managed to get the Room of Requirements to have a nice set up for a party. Rumor has it that some kids had snuck in firewhisky and vodka, which most were excited to try as they’d never had muggle alcohol. Of course I was going, Draco and I already had yet another continuous fight about finally telling people we’re together. I was tired of Pansy throwing herself on him, literally.  She’d let out small giggles when he’d crack jokes, dragging her fingertips on his arms. She’d always whisper in his ear or hook her arm in his as they walked. Malfoy of course never had a feeling for her, but still pitied her school girl crush. He let her do as she pleased, actually working as a nice cover.

Every time I saw her hands on him I felt my cheeks grow red with anger and Draco would always shoot me his ’I’m sorry, baby’ look and make it up to me later. Tonight was for me, a night to get drunk, dance to something, and crash. The party wasn’t for hours and well, being a seventeen year old boy, I was horny. But there was no way I was going to be the first to run back to Draco to get satisfaction. I knew he’d be aching as much as I am as we haven’t had sex in a solid two weeks. As we were both stubborn as hell, we both weren’t going to be the first to apologize. I walked up to the empty dormitory and did as I knew best, masturbate, but be sure Draco walks in on me.

It wasn’t a hard game. He could practically smell my arousal a mile away, much less sense when I’m pleasuring myself. I was slow, setting up nicely, I’d do one of Draco’s favorites. He loved to see me touching myself on his bed, don’t ask why, but I’m certainly not complaining. The scent of him surrounding me was euphoric.

I undresses slowly, settling down on his bed. I lowered myself down on the bed softly, teasingly, there was no fun in masturbation if you don’t take your time. Within minutes I was struggling to keep myself quiet as I sunk my fingers into myself.

“A-Ah! Draco! Fuck!” I moaned softly, circling my hips downward softly. My eyes were knitted closed as I felt the pleasure begin to build, my body beginning to become more desperate, more sensitive as I thought of my white-haired lover.

“And what do you think you’re doing, baby boy?” Draco snarled, leaning against the door frame, trying to keep a stern look on his lust painted face. “If you need something, you’re supposed to come to me, kitten.”

I glared at him, still standing my ground, “Oh? Last time I checked you don’t want to help me with anything. You’re too busy helping Pansy.”

His jaw clenched as he inhaled sharply though his nose. “Get dressed,” he spoke low through closed teeth, “the party starts in ten minutes. I’ll see you there.” He stormed out of the room, leaving me alone, naked, and much more upset that I was at the beginning of my endeavor.

I dressed quickly, not bothering to finish myself off. I’d do it later when I was drunk and lonely. I walked to the Room of Requirements and entered to what seemed like a muggle club. The lights were low and muggle music was playing, a few dark booths were on one side of the room, a large space for dancing on the other. There was a bar in the back and I rushed there quickly. I ordered a glass of firewhisky and began wandering the neon-lit room for a familiar face. Malfoy was in the corner near the dance floor, Pansy already leaning on him in a fake drunken state.

I growled softly, glaring at her pathetic attempts to seduce him. I grabbed some fifth year Hufflepuff I had spoken to a few times and dragged him onto the dance floor as a song began. The beat was dark and playful, a song meant for couples to grind to. I pulled the young boy against me, pressing the tip of his nose against my own. Poor kid didn’t know what hit him. He was flushed and turned on by my teasing and I’ll admit I was using him, making sure I caught Draco’s eye before I grabbed the kid’s tie and rolled my hips against him. I locked eyes with Draco and let out a fake moan. His eyebrows furrows and I could practically hear the growl that left his scowling lips.

Draco whispered something to Pansy, grazing her hip softly with her hand before heading my way. As he neared, he glared at me angrily, he grabbed my arm with a rough grip and dragged me with him back to our common room. He gripped my wrist tightly as he rushed up to the dormitories, shoving me down on his bed with a snarl.

He climbed over top me, placing a hand lightly on my throat, leaning down, coating his lips with his own saliva. “You want people to know? Want them to know you’re mine. Fine. Then I’ll let them know.”

He kept his hand firm on my throat as he sunk his teeth into the underside of my jaw, causing me to whine softly. His other hand was roughly pulling my pants down, not wasting any time to strip me completely.

I slid my hand down to cup his hip, raking my fingers along the material of his shirt, dragging it up his torso. His hands came down to push my hands away from his body, shaking his head with a smirk.

“Mmm,” I whined softly, “Draco, please!” His fingers slid down to my wet pussy, trailing softly along the slick surface, just leaving the ghost of pleasure, letting out a breathy laugh at my whines and desperate moves.

He brought his wet fingertip up to drag my bottom lip down, softly.

“You want it? Want me to fuck you so hard the whole school knows you’re mine?” I nodded frantically, reaching up to try and meet his lips with my own. His hand met my throat again, applying a light pressure to the sides. He slid his pants low on his hips and slammed himself into my tight hole, letting out a groan as he endured the warm, tight feeling of me around him.

Draco wasted no time slamming into me at a fast, hard pace. With each thrust I sound myself being pushed deeper into the mattress, I wrapped my small hand around the forearm that gripped my throat. Large moans bubbled out of both of us as our pleasure pushed us closer to the edge of the cliff of climax we both wanted to dive off of.

All of sudden I heard the sound of Pansy’s fake drunken voice, “H-heyy, Drac– BLOODY HELL!” I expected Draco to stop his thrusts, instead he looked over his shoulder, laughing softly before pushing my legs farther apart, burying himself to the hilt into me. I tried to push him away, show a shred of respect to Pansy, but it was a failed attempt, Draco just pinched my clit hard.

“Get the hell out, Pansy!” He roared softly. The door slammed shut just as I felt myself begin to gush onto my lover’s cock.

“O-oh! That’s it, Draco! Fuck!” He thrusted harder until he reached his own climax, collapsing next to me and pressing my body flush against his own.

“You wanted everyone to know? Well, Pansy happens to be a loud mouth and I may have told her to meet me up here, love. Pathetic girl never saw it coming.” He whispered softly, nuzzling into my neck.

I let out a small giggle, “I love you.”

“As I love you, baby boy.”

Save Me [Part 1]

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hi! can i please request a kind of angsty vampire!au scenario with jungkook where he’s a vampire who has an interest in you and you have feelings for him, but he sleeps around with other human girls as well and when you start to get tired of it you cut off communication with him and avoid him so he tries to get you back through sweet gestures and staying with you instead of going around? sorry this is like one run on sentence omg. thank you, and i love your writing~ 

Warnings: Graphic violence, blood mention, death mention

You flitted through the stack of papers on your desk, fingers carding through them in a panic as the ringing of your phone blared through the silence of the office.

”Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You muttered in a frustrated mantra, needing to find that contract before your boss lifted her lazy ass out of her cushioned chair and came to rip your head off.

”What’s going on, beautiful?” A familiar voice spoke directly into your ear and you jumped with a high squeal, your hands slipping over the file you’d been flipping through. You hissed as you felt the edge of the thick paper slice the tip of your index finger, your face puckering in pain as you sucked it into your mouth, the metallic taste of blood hitting your tongue.

“I don’t have time to talk right now, Jungkook.” You mumbled around the digit, soothing the throbbing cut by suckling fervently.

Normally, you’d rather punch yourself in the head than pass up an opportunity to chat up your boss’ newly hired head assistant, but now was not the time. You had about five minutes before you risked losing your job. Jungkook cleared his throat, straightening up into a standing position and taking a couple of steps back from you.

“What, uh–What are you looking for?” He asked in a voice that seemed an octave or two deeper than his normal tone.

“Sunyoung needs the contract from the Hyatae deal.” You spoke in a rush, yanking your finger out of your mouth with a wet ‘pop’ once the frustration of sorting through papers with only one hand got the best of you.

“Mm,” He hummed and through your peripheral vision you could see him shift. “This one?”

Jungkook held the paper out in front of you, blocking your vision with bold black print. Your eyes moved over the underlined words on the very top of the page, and when you realized it was in fact the paper you were looking for, you snatched it out of his hand and bounced excitedly from foot to foot.

“Thank you!” You squealed. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh my God, I could kiss you right now, Jungkook. You’re amazing!”

He laughed at your excitement, tucking his hands into the pockets of his slacks and lifting his shoulders in a nonchalant shrug. “It’s nothing. I wouldn’t object to a kiss, though.”

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ML/PJO: The Sea and The Sun

Chapter 2—->

So I did the thing I definitely shouldn’t have done. I saw this post by @gittana and things spiraled out of control from there. It’s much too long and still I haven’t finished writing up to the point where my muse has stopped speaking to me.

Also because The Lightning Thief was written in the first person I decided to start writing in in the first person from Marinette’s P.O.V beginning at Chapter 1 however the prologue is still in 3rd person. Bear with me on this.


Just a little farther!! I’m almost there! Please please, whoever’s up there, please let me make it! Marinette thought to herself as she dashed up the hillside where a large pine tree signified a place of safety.

“Come here child!” The woman behind her screeched sounding much closer now.

Marinette dared to glance over her shoulder where the creature was fast approaching. The top half of the monster was that of a woman with wild unblinking eyes and razor sharp teeth. The lower half of her body was that of a serpent. Her tail slithered up the hill as her arms propelled her forward in an unnatural way. Marinette’s lungs burned as she pushed herself to run faster up the hill. She swallowed hard, tasting blood. Hands clasped around her ankle sharp nails digging into her skin. Marinette screamed as she was pulled down to the grassy earth and was dragged backwards. Marinette grabbed fistfuls of the soft wet grass in an attempt to slow her pull towards certain death. She was pulled through the grass with fumbling hands searching for anything to catch hold of. A clumsy hand wrapped around a stick. A stick was hardly a weapon but Marinette was grateful for anything at this point. I’m going to go down fighting with a stick! This is so embarrassing, Marinette thought to herself tightening her hold on the only thing she had to protect herself. Clawed hands ripped as her back. She could feel hot breath blow against her neck. Now was her chance. Marinette whimpered as she turned beneath the monster’s grasp to come face to face with it. The serpentine woman smiled wickedly at the young girl showing all her pointy teeth.

“I’m sure you taste as sweet as you look child,” The monster cooed her breath smelling metallic, like blood. Marinette’s stomach churned uneasily.

The woman opened her mouth inhumanly wide preparing to take a bite of Marinette. With shaking hands Marinette swiftly plunged the stick into one of the woman’s unblinking eyes. The woman shrieked in pain releasing Marinette from her grasp. Marinette scrambled to her feet charging towards the hill. The monster quickly recovered, leaping towards Marinette. Marinette dove to the side barely missing the woman’s claws. The monster turned to face her with her one good eye, the other was missing leaving a bloodied black hole behind. Marinette grimaced as the creature hissed. She began to slowly back up towards the tree while keeping her eyes trained on the woman. The monster flicked her tail out knocking Marinette to the ground and letting the woman slither on top of her once move. Marinette struggled beneath her pushing her face away with her hands and trying her best not to let the nails burying themselves into the flesh of her arms bother her. In the scramble to avoid the creatures teeth and keep from losing a hand one of Marinette’s thumbs found it’s way to the creatures lone eye. Without any other weapon in her arsenal Marinette began to press against the eye’s slick surface with as much force as she could muster. The creature yowled in pain her head reeling back but where she went Marinette followed pressing harder into the woman’s eye. The creature’s claws raked down her arms. Marinette stifled a scream as she kept pressing down. Her stomach lurched when she finally heard that sickening pop. The woman’s body stilled a smile spreading across her features looking strangely out of place as she slumped to the ground with a contented sigh. Breathing heavy Marinette, hands slick with- well she didn’t really want to think about that- staggered up the hill. As her feet drug themselves past the borders of the pine tree Marinette fell to her knees a lump forming in her throat. Finally! After all this time she was safe. Marinette breathed a sigh of relief tears filing her eyes as she heard the startled shouts of campers. Safe. Exhaustion swept through her. Without the threat of death hanging over her head she could finally let herself rest. Slumping against the soft bed of grass beneath her she let the darkness overtake her.

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Make ‘em Blush (NSFW)

@mirthaculous‘ and my fill for day 3 of mlnsfweek, make ‘em blush :


summary: Ladybug and Chat Noir are on patrol for the first time since consummating their relationship as their alter egos, and the tension is getting to them.

(more nsfw in fantasies and makeouts but still)

It was a beautiful day.

The November Parisian sky was heavy and cold, clouds the colour of slate weighing down the autumn air. Every city surface was slick with a drizzle that had started early in the morning and hadn’t stopped since. Citizens scurried from shelter to shelter, huddled beneath umbrellas or in the collars of their coats.

Ladybug swung through the dreary skies above them with a laugh that was breathless and free, veins thrumming with an exhilaration that lent wings to her already weightless feet. An akuma had fallen to that excitement with astounding speed earlier that afternoon, and now she flew through her patrol with the same enthusiasm, showing no sign of tiring. Gravity had nothing on her today.

Everything was wonderful. Everything was fantastic.

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Zootopia /Robin Hood Fanfiction TAKE A STAND Ch.29 Wins and Losses

(AN/ Hey guys it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of TAKE A STAND, sorry I’m a day late updating this fic but things have been complicated lately, anyway it’s time to celebrate because with 28 chapters this fic has accumulated over 1000 reviews! Thank you everyone for this it’s amazing that this fic got so popular, i really can’t believe it, thank you to everyone who like, faved, followed, reblogged and reviewed this fic, it really means a lot to me. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 29- Wins and Losses

Jack heard the ignition of a car and raced outside to the parking lot to see Doug’s silver range rover skidding out onto the stormy streets of the meadowlands with a spray of rain in his wake, Jack rushed out into the middle of the road drew his pistol and fired six shots quickly at the tires of the SUV but failed to hit his mark. He scrunched up his face for a moment as another bolt of lightning lit up the sky, trying to figure out his next move. He quickly remembered the motocross keys he had in his pocket, he holstered his weapons, grabbed the keys from his pocket and ran to one of the bikes hoping he had straddled the right one, he put the key in the ignition and the engine burst to life. Jack revved the engine before racing off down the rainy street in pursuit of Doug on the sports motorcycle, certain of the fact that if Doug reached the opera house he would most certainly kill Trevor Moon.

The rain lashed against Jack and the bike as he sped down the road weaving between cars and vans to the sounds of horns and rumbling thunder, a lot of spray was being kicked up from the road by the vehicles making visibility poor but lucky for Jack the silver SUV was easy to spot due to erratic driving of assassin. “Savage to base, I am in pursuit of Ramses, suspect has killed Jenkins and is en route to the Meadowlands opera house in a silver range rover plate number 21DJJ87.”

“Jenkins is dead!? Jack where’s the rest of the team?” Skye asked hastily, breaching radio protocol.

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Draco Malfoy has never enjoyed snakes, and for good reason.

Walking along the grounds of Malfoy Manor was one thing that helped Draco clear his mind most days. The air humid with the hot summer sun and the sounds of the stream that ran through the north of the grounds always seemed to wash his mind clear. Strolling slowly next to the stream distracted him from thoughts of fire and dark rooms and red eyes.

He concentrated on the flowing water, on the little bugs that jumped on the surface of slick rocks, and the small fish trying desperately to swim up the stream.

After the trials were done, Draco luckily getting away with only probation and house arrest, the memories of his past actions still plagued his dreams. Every night, a new memory popping up. Whether it be himself watching death eaters torturing muggles in his own home, his wand pointing at the headmaster at the edge of the astronomy tower, or worst of all, the flames of the fiendfyre licking at his ankles and the screams echoing in his head.

Shaking his head clear, Draco continued down the path next to the stream and looked west toward the sunset.

Distracted, Draco hadn’t noticed the small tail sticking out the bottom of one of the bushes, stepping directly onto the end of a snake.

Draco was aware of a hissing sound but the next thing he knew he was on the ground, sprawling away as far and fast as he could from the sound. His mind full of blood red eyes and fangs longer than his wand, he took deep breaths to remind him where he was, slowly but surely coming back to his senses. ‘it was just a snake,’ he told himself, 'probably a corn snake, harmless and small. They’re all over the edges of the grounds.’

Embarrassed at his overreaction, Draco stood quickly, brushing off his robes and peaking back at the trail where he had heard the hiss. He spied a small cornsnake, just as he thought, in the middle of the path. It was small and had a strange coloring, pale orange, almost pink, spots on even whiter scales. An albino. It wasn’t moving, but Draco could see the little flicks of it’s toungue every few seconds. It was most likely fine, he had probably just startled the thing.

Disgusted, Draco sighed and decided it was best to head back to the manor. It was getting late, and his mother would be wondering where he had wandered off to. She was parinoid more than ever.

Turning away though, he felt a pang of guilt. He had every right to leave the little beast back on the path. He belonged there in the wild. But… Having nothing to do in the manor other than walk the grounds or read from the library, Draco had recently read a book about healing and injuries in animals. And he knew from the small section he had read, that snakes could easily die due to spinal injuries.

Draco was aware that there was probably nothing wrong with the snake and that he was just overthinking as usual. But he was done with destroying things. He had destroyed everything in his life up until now, why not try and see if he could actually fix something this time around?

Groaning with distain of what he was about to do, Draco turned around and pulled out his government issued wand, weak and pathetic, and levitated the snake slowly towards the manor.

“Mother is going to have a stroke.” Draco mumbled. But secretly, beneath the fear of the small reptile and the lecture of bringing a wild animal into the manor he knew he was going to get, Draco was strangely excited.

Mugs and Sippy Cups

Words: 2,776

Summary: Dan and Phil are in a dd/lb relationship, in which Dan is the little. Early mornings combined with accidents cause Dan to believe he’s going to be punished, sending him straight into his headspace and filled with worry. Luckily, Phil is there to sort things out for him.

Warnings: swearing, small blood mentions, minor injury

a/n: shame me if u want tbh,,, i just wanted some nonsexual little!dan and daddy!phil fight me

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  • Griffin: You've seen the astral plane before. In the cosmoscope, you saw it too in the mirror. And when you saw it then it was just this tranquil sea filled with swirling lights and souls retired to rest in collective consciousness. Through this rift you see the same sea, but it's choppy and it's violent. There's no lights below the surface. In fact, you kind of see what looks like an oil slick on the surface. And the sky is stormy and pitch black. And nobody's there. Kravitz isn't there.
moonlight calling

(a brief gay mermaid love story)

Stars around the lovely moon
hide back their brilliant figure
whenever she, waxing full, shines
[on all] earth
Sappho (Gallavotti 15)

The men are drowning. It is of little consequence to her, but she watches anyway. The remains of their ship list helplessly to the side, hull splintered into fragments, canvas sails bowing under the weight of the lapping waves. Jagged rocks bite sharp through Macedonian pine, planks eviscerated by stone and sandbank, the bow lost in the choking eddy of brine.

The men who escaped the wreckage flounder in the water, heavy clothes and boots dragging them below the surface. Those in armor sink faster, delicately sculpted bronze forcing them under the waves, the weight of their swords dragging them into the murk. She thinks it suits them to die at the hands of their own vanity.

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Tidal River



Web delicate

Spanning the deep Avon fissure.

So filled into the green, when sated.

Brown, prominent and exposed, when unfulfilled.

The water pushing in, but running out,

Brackish swirls in between.

Foundation sediment fills the base of the gorge,

Slick oily membrane to surface,

So cracked with experience, time and temperature.

Life force affecting the blue veins from the sea,

Arteries of iron rich life blood from higher land.

Pollution harming, natural processes healing.

History recorded for Sabrina.

- Lisa Lopresti

Slip n' Slide

This is the story that I’d hinted at here:

This had only ended in disaster, and she had nobody to blame for her current predicament but herself.

The hot water spraying from the shower head was pelting her in the face, her eyes attempting to blink away the blurriness as she tried to comprehend her position; she was sprawled out over the floor of the base of the slippery tub, wrapped up in the pale blue shower curtain that she’d tried to use to steady herself with but had instead dragged down with her in her fall. The curtain rod was sticking out over the edge of the tub as a monument to her unsteady frame, almost mocking her for her clumsy carelessness.

Perhaps she shouldn’t have doubled her weights for the leg press machine after all. Her knees were shaky and unsteady, and they had given out and buckled as she’d turned to rinse her hair under the spray, her feet sliding out from under her and causing her to stumble and fall. Her feet had squeaked as she’d slid along the slick surface, the screeching sound still echoing in her ears as she stared up at the ceiling.

Shirayuki had tried to warn her that if she didn’t buy some of those little adhesives to stick to the bottom of the tub this could happen, and she’d sensibly agreed, making a mental note to pick some up at the hardware store at some point. At the time, one of the other open tabs in her brain had taken precedence over slightly abrasive tile stickers, and now she was paying the price for her negligence.

Kiki winced and attempted to sit up but halted with wide and panicked eyes, freezing immediately at the searing pain branching out from her shoulder. Wrapping her fingers around the edge of the tub, her grip was white knuckled as she attempted to put minimal strain upon it in order to lift herself up and into a sitting position. She regretted the action immediately as a sharp pain sliced through her like a knife, crying out as the sensation took her breath away and made her stomach clench.

This was not good.

Panic began to flood her as she attempted to untangle herself from the wreckage of fabric and plastic in order to free her other arm but it was no use. She was home alone, her mind blank as she tried to come up with a possible scenario to get her out of this mess. She had no idea when anyone would be back, and her cell phone was charging in her room and way out of reach. She tried to smother the rising mania that was beginning to bubble up in her chest by leaning back against the gentle slope of the tub, trying to focus on her breathing as her eyes slammed shut.

She attempted to arch her back and cried out as she jarred her injured shoulder lightly in the process. The metal curtain rod clanged loudly against the floor as it fell out of the tub, echoing off of the tile as she whimpered and bit her lip, the throbbing worsening to a pounding that began to pulsate within her dizzying head, loud and rhythmic.

No, wait…that was a different pounding?

Muffled noise was beginning to filter through her pain-wracked consciousness, drowning out from the thundering of the running water that continued to rain down upon her from above. The knob wiggled and jiggled ferociously, her desperation palpable as she cursed herself for locking the door; a once harmless life-long habit that had come around to bite her.

A loud bang had her jumping with a start, her vision going black around the edges as she jostled her arm and stoked the roaring fires of her misery with a sharp stick as she cried out again, her head falling back upon the cool porcelain in defeat. Another thud had her gritting her teeth, her brow furrowed as she squinted through the haze of her vision at the wooden barrier, trying to process just what was happening as a third bang had the door giving way and bouncing off of the wall with the force from behind it.

Mitsuhide stood braced in the doorframe, wide shoulders taking up any available space, panting from the strain of having broken his way into the small bathroom, his eyes quickly sweeping over the scattered shampoo bottles that littered the floor, his frown deepening as he took in the sight of the shower curtain rod beside the tub.

Kiki watched the flurry of emotions pass over his face as his gaze finally came to rest upon her, his eyes widening as his brain pieced together the information at last, stumbling his way into the space as he came to the conclusion of just what had happened. He called out to her, stepping over the debris and briefly sliding around in the spilled shampoo in his rush to get to her. She wanted to tell him to be careful, but he was already beside her before the words could even leave her lips.

The knobs squeaked as he shut off the water at long last, her eyes closing with the relief at the deafening stillness that met her ears. Her lids felt heavy as she opened her eyes slowly and gazed up at him as his own eyes, so full of panic and concern, met her own at last.

The plastic crinkled as she shifted slightly, gasping and gritting her teeth in discomfort as she fought not to move, to just be still, pushing against her body’s natural urge to right the situation.

Mitsuhide’s large hands hovered as he knelt beside the tub, unsure of what to do next and how to proceed. He swallowed nervously and attempted to calm himself as he asked “Are you hurt? Can you stand?”

She shook her head, swallowing thickly and willing away the tears pricking at the corners of her eyes. “My shoulder-”

Mitsuhide nodded his understanding before getting to his feet. His voice was gentle as one foot stepped into the tub, the tone of his words soothing as he murmured, “Hang on- I’ll get you out of here.” His large foot braced himself steadily in the small space between her ankles as he leaned down to retrieve her, his intense concentration softening as he watched her tense up in anticipation. Some sort of fear had to have shown upon her face, must have been evident to him, because he shushed her gently as he eased one hand beneath her back, the other beneath her knees.

She never realized just how strong he was.

He stood effortlessly, twisting fluidly and re-situating her in his arms with all of the tenderness that one would hold for a baby bird as he stood tall and steady. Kiki closed her eyes and felt the tension seeping out of her muscles as he stepped over the edge of the tub, trusting him to keep her safe and filled with relief that she wasn’t alone in this after all.

Mitsuhide’s jaw was clenched as he walked slowly towards the front door, his voice low and rumbling in his chest as he explained that he was driving her to the hospital and that he’d call Shirayuki to bring her some clothes.

Oh, right- she was naked. Only a shower curtain and liner kept her modesty in tact at the moment, and she thanked her lucky stars that she hadn’t been found in a much more compromising position, and that Obi hadn’t been the one to find her; he’d never let her live it down, whereas Mitsuhide would hover like a mother hen throughout the entire situation.

She was sure that she would be able to laugh about this one day; maybe in an hour or so, when she’d be patched up and heavily medicated. Perhaps then she could chuckle and shake her head as she recalled that her dear friend (who she cared for more than anyone for reasons that she couldn’t concern herself with at the moment) broke the bathroom door down in order to get to her and take her to the hospital so that she could have her arm placed back into its socket.

Someday. For now, she allows herself to rest her head on the crook of his neck, feeling the muscles flex and strain beneath her cheek as silent tears of relief slip unbidden down her already damp cheeks; if he feels them against his skin, he says nothing, and if his protective grip upon her tightens that much more, she won’t mention it.

Peculiar (Newt x Reader) pt.1

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A/N: A lot of y’all been messaging me and requesting a fic and who am I to NOT write one?! I love Newt. I love Harry Potter. Hope you’ll love this, guys. It’s quite long, so if you don’t want to actually feel like your in Hogwarts (i tried) and just interact with Newt you may skip to the end (this is a startup to a story, so don’t expect much. it’s cute tho. and you interact with him through the chapter so no worries). It also jumps a lot between perspective’s so be warned
WARNINGS: VERY LONG and this is only part one. 
PREMISE: An aloof, though kind, Gryffindor Quidditch player with an attention span that of a gold fish catches the eye of one extremely shy Hufflepuff that promises her to show all of Hogwarts’s magical creatures in an attempt to show off.

peculiar masterpost.


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Out of Time

Walking thru WalMart
steel toe boots
bills in hand
outside the outsiders
ear buds in
Romeo Void
‘Never Say Never’
old goat with an old song
playing with the possibility of perversity
eyes rove around
nobody sees
there’s a secret
strolling past the peppers
some say girls must be discreet
but goats know
nothing is never what it seems to be
on the shiny slick generic surface
they don’t see
that you have to see that something
in the eyes
that says never..or never

Shawn Mendes-Drowning *Mercy Video*

Request: someone write an imagine inspired by the Mercy video with Shawn and you trapped in the car pls oh my god #MercyVideoNow
- @dear-diary-no7
Warning: Mentions of drowning/death
Summary: Basically based of Shawn’s video he released today. GO CHECK IT OUT ON YOUTUBE!!!! Hope you love it darlings x
~ ~ ~

I can feel the side of my forehead resting on a cold slick surface as I feel the motion of being shaken to my senses.

My eyes slowly pry open and I look out the windshield from my belted spot in the passenger seat.
“Y/N!” Shawn says in desperation, cupping my face and having me look to him.
“Look into my eyes hun” he says, noticing the gash I obtained from hitting just under my temple on the door. But all I could focus on was how fast the water was filling the car from us being underwater and I started to hyperventilate.
“Look at me” Shawn says again, wanting me to focus on him instead of succumbing to fear.
“We’re going to be okay” he said and brushed a strand of hair from my eye with his thumb that rested on my cheekbone.
“We-we’re-the truck…the truck hit us!” I say quickly as it registers through my mind what had happened.
My eyes flicker around at the blue water that engulfed the car, some fish swam around us, not even noting our disturbance to their home.
Tears brim my eyes and fall at the thought of drowning.
“Y/N breathe! Breathe Y/N” Shawn encourages and wipes away some falling tears as his hazel eyes continue to stare into mine.
I inhale deeply a few times, slowly regaining composure as Shawn did it with me.
I clean up my tears but cant help but have a few more fall.
“I need you to remain calm and work with me, okay” Shawn told me seriously and took my hand.
I look to his hand and then back with a nod and a sniffle.
“We’re gonna get ot of here. I promise” He assured.
~ ~ ~

Shawn grasped the door handle on his side and bashed his shoulder against it repeatedly, trying to push it open.
But it wouldnt budge due to the water pressure pushing against the car.

I sat sideways on my seat and used both heels to pound into the glass window on my side.
Getting not even crack in the plexiglass.

“Im going to try the sunroof” Shawn said and reached up for the mini sliding plastic door, which he easily reached due to his height advantage.

He was unable to remove the glass.

He hit his palm against the glass in frustration of us getting no where with time running out.
With the way the water was filling up the car, we had maybe 2-3 minutes of oxygen left.

He goes back to the door.
He hits the door and splashes water around that is now to our chests.
“Oh my god” I say with a voice crack.

I now do the same as Shawn, knowing that I didnt stand a chance with busting it open, but was hoping for a miracle.

My skin tightens and gets goosebumps with the water getting colder as it slowly consumed us.

Shawn’s well groomed hair is getting soaked and turning into a mop of curls.
My hair is already soaked and floating within the water around my shoulders.
Water droplets from our splashing movements against the doors, dew our faces.

Shawn extends a hand to the roof as he puts his legs against the door and uses his strength against it.
“Im going to get you out of here, even if it’s the last thing I do” he promised me in grunts as he forced himself against the vehicle again.

“Shawn” I gasp with my face towards the roof of the car, sitting on my knees on the seat because of how short I am.
“Shawn!” I gasp again and then spit out water that had flown in my mouth by accident.
He turns to me, hands braced to the roof and hair totally soaked as he now needs his face slightly tilted up to the roof for air.
“Shawn, I love you” I tell him in breaths.
“Dont say that” he says, “This is not going to be it”.
“Maybe, but I just wanted you to hear it one last time for sure” I reply softly, quickly feeling my lungs burning.
I feel his hand search for mine under the water, and he finds it, intertwining our fingers.
“I love you too, y/n. To the ends of the Earth” he responded softly.
The water fills up past my ears and quickly creeps up.
“Shawn!-” I began but the chilly water swallows us before anything else comes out.

Everything is silent.
Nothing stops. Not even time.
People didnt even know we were down here. They would drive on the bridge over us.
The delivery truck that T-boned us must not have thought we went over the barriers and into the sea.
Our families and friends and people that knew us, would never guess we were down here…suffocating…drowning.
But we were.

My eyes start to close and body start to shut down as a defense mechanism from my heart having to work over time to provide oxygen to my organs for life.
Yet, Shawn keeps fighting.
He frees his hand from mine and his fists thump the window repeatedly and he screams underwater, releasing precious oxygen bubbles.

But he gives a final elbow to the glass and it shatters.
The glass shards swarm around us.
Shawn turns to me and grabs my forearm, pulling my limp body towards him so he could hook an arm around my waist.
When he has a sure grip, he swims out the broken window while holding me.

He swims through the murky blue water and shoots to the surface with a gasp for air.
He looks to me in his arms and sees that I need assistance.
So he swims at a set pace to the shore, where he lies me on my back on the grass and starts performing CPR.
“Come on, y/n. Come on” he begged and pushed down onto my chest repeatedly and looked to my pale wet face before attaching his warm lips to my cold ones.

30 compressions and 2 breaths.
He did that twice before I spat up water that snuck into my lungs.
He holds the side of my head and has his forehead against mine as I slightly sit up and place my hands over his as I take quick deep breaths and cough from the sting of the air flooding my lungs once again.

“I promised I’d get you out” he said and breathed with me.

Partition (M)

Originally posted by jypnior

Warnings: degradation, brat breaking/taming, exhibitionism

A/N: Happy birthday, @pocgot7scenarios!!


The city lights of Seoul flashed brightly through tinted windows of the limousine snaking its way through the evening traffic.  “Jagiya,”  Jinyoung’s smooth voice called softly.  You lifted an eyebrow in indifference while keeping your eyes glued to passing lights above you. You missed the way Jinyoung’s eyes narrowed into thin, dangerous slits and how his hands curled into tight fists on top his thighs.  Despite the way his body was tensed, he managed to gently inquire, “Why didn’t you wear the gown I provided for you?  It would have looked stunning on you.”

You shrugged, “Didn’t feel like it.”

“I spent a lot of money on it, jagiya. I wanted to see you in it.”

“And you spent a lot of money on this one and I wanted to see myself in this.”

“Driver, roll up the partition, please,” he asked in a deadly calm voice as his heated gaze bore holes through your entire being.

“Yes sir,” came the driver’s automatic response. You heard the low whir of the partition rising from its dormant state to provide a soundproof barrier between you two and the driver.  

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#TipTuesday Non-Skid Pads

If you’re making a sock-style boot cover out of spandex, *please* remember to add a non-skid pad to the bottom!  Unless you have some mad “Risky Business” skills, these will help keep you from slipping on most slick surfaces (tile, wood, laminate, etc).  Having seen some really awful falls (and wrenched my own back while trying to recover my own balance once), I can’t recommend these enough.

You can usually find them in the shoe-care section in major retailer super-stores, at actual shoe stores, on Amazon, etc.  In a pinch, I’ve also used those non-stick strips you use in bathtubs, cut to size.

[Bad God AU] New Friend

“Here kitty kitty~”

Feliciano giggled as he kept his arms out through the bars of the narrow vent way, his fingers clenching and unclenching at trying to find a way to pet the white fluffy thing. Ever since the ‘stolen present’ incident, iron bars were installed in the hatch so the lambs couldn’t easily get out. Though that didn’t stop Feliciano from still going into it, mostly from seeing what looked like a cat go in. 

He had for the most part misplaced his glasses earlier, having gotten them messy with paint so he put them in his apron and forgot about them. His eyesight was getting better and he knew for sure what he was seeing! The cat even waited for him as it went down the hatch, it wanted him to pet it, surely! Or wanted to show it something! He clicked his tongue, waving his hand up and down at the kitty staring at him. He grinned as he watched it staring at him with its tail swaying back and forth. Such a good kitty!

“It’s okie, kitty! I’m good! I won’t hurt you!”

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‘’He had finished polishing it, but with the gun in his right hand, the temptation was too great. He knew he shouldn’t, but he unpacked the black, eel-skin bodysuit. He drew the fingertips of his left hand across the slick surface of the clothes. The feel of the skin’s oily surface quickened his breath. He picked up the tight, leather mask, then - unable to help himself - slid it over his face. It covered his right eye and mouth. It constricted his breathing and removed his depth perception…


I seriously love this part of Jhins lore. With just a few words you get so deep into the character that you feel what drives him and what Jhin likes to feel. He seems to be vulnerable in this moment, plus he can’t control his desires towards his items.

He’s so into his own clothings and his weapons, it almost seems that he is aroused on a deep level. He tries to control this arousal but it’s sometimes too strong. He seems to NEED all those stuff.

His weapon, this leather mask, the bodysuit: everything that transform him into his real self, Khada Jhin, arouses him.

Imagine him looking at his stuff with a beating heart and a little, satisfied smile on his face.


Hamilsquad x fem!reader

Modern au

My room is super cold right now, so I thought I could wright a really quick little drabble-thing. (This is loosely based on a true event that happened to me.) I feel like this kinda went in a million different directions, but whatever. Ending kinda sucks.

Warnings: as Cap would say, language


Originally posted by johncameronmitchell

Shit shit shit shit shit.

You were on your way back to your apartment after class, and ran into a patch of ice covering the entire sidewalk. Your boots slipped and slid on top the slick surface, and you prayed you wouldn’t fall over. Fresh hot coffee isn’t the best feeling when its going down your shirt when you fall over. You did your best to balance the coffee and messenger bag. The bag strapped over your shoulder weighed you down by at least 50 pounds. 

Cold wind whipped around the air, your scarf smacking you in the face. You let out an annoyed huff, hearing the voices coming up behind you.

“Eeeeyyyyy! It’s y/n!” You could hear Hercules’ voice from a block away.

You picked up you pace, still trying to not slip on your rear in the process.

“Baby girl, hold up!” John shouted at you. You rolled your eyes still walking. To say you weren’t pleased to see, or hear, them for that matter, would be a complete understatement. 

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