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Make ‘em Blush (NSFW)

@mirthaculous‘ and my fill for day 3 of mlnsfweek, make ‘em blush :


summary: Ladybug and Chat Noir are on patrol for the first time since consummating their relationship as their alter egos, and the tension is getting to them.

(more nsfw in fantasies and makeouts but still)

It was a beautiful day.

The November Parisian sky was heavy and cold, clouds the colour of slate weighing down the autumn air. Every city surface was slick with a drizzle that had started early in the morning and hadn’t stopped since. Citizens scurried from shelter to shelter, huddled beneath umbrellas or in the collars of their coats.

Ladybug swung through the dreary skies above them with a laugh that was breathless and free, veins thrumming with an exhilaration that lent wings to her already weightless feet. An akuma had fallen to that excitement with astounding speed earlier that afternoon, and now she flew through her patrol with the same enthusiasm, showing no sign of tiring. Gravity had nothing on her today.

Everything was wonderful. Everything was fantastic.

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snow days - c.h.

summary: you and your best friend calum have a relaxing day together when last night’s snowstorm cancelled today’s school day. 

❄ holiday masterlist 

Layers of powdery-fresh snow dusted nearly every surface, streets slick with ice, and icicles dangling from the rooftops. The first snowfall of the season was always the prettiest, making the neighborhood look like a winter wonderland, but the school seemed to get the worst of it, which was why you woke up with a notification from your teacher, letting you know school would be cancelled today. You responded by pulling your blankets back over your head and drifting back to sleep.

When you awoke again hours later, you wrapped your blankets around your shoulders and sleepily stumbled down the stairs, ditching the coffee maker and fixing yourself some hot chocolate instead. As you waited for the milk to heat up, you heard a faint knock on your front door, followed by a familiar voice that never failed to brighten your day. “Y/N, let me in, it’s fucking freezing.”

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Shawn Mendes-Drowning *Mercy Video*

Request: someone write an imagine inspired by the Mercy video with Shawn and you trapped in the car pls oh my god #MercyVideoNow
- @dear-diary-no7
Warning: Mentions of drowning/death
Summary: Basically based of Shawn’s video he released today. GO CHECK IT OUT ON YOUTUBE!!!! Hope you love it darlings x
~ ~ ~

I can feel the side of my forehead resting on a cold slick surface as I feel the motion of being shaken to my senses.

My eyes slowly pry open and I look out the windshield from my belted spot in the passenger seat.
“Y/N!” Shawn says in desperation, cupping my face and having me look to him.
“Look into my eyes hun” he says, noticing the gash I obtained from hitting just under my temple on the door. But all I could focus on was how fast the water was filling the car from us being underwater and I started to hyperventilate.
“Look at me” Shawn says again, wanting me to focus on him instead of succumbing to fear.
“We’re going to be okay” he said and brushed a strand of hair from my eye with his thumb that rested on my cheekbone.
“We-we’re-the truck…the truck hit us!” I say quickly as it registers through my mind what had happened.
My eyes flicker around at the blue water that engulfed the car, some fish swam around us, not even noting our disturbance to their home.
Tears brim my eyes and fall at the thought of drowning.
“Y/N breathe! Breathe Y/N” Shawn encourages and wipes away some falling tears as his hazel eyes continue to stare into mine.
I inhale deeply a few times, slowly regaining composure as Shawn did it with me.
I clean up my tears but cant help but have a few more fall.
“I need you to remain calm and work with me, okay” Shawn told me seriously and took my hand.
I look to his hand and then back with a nod and a sniffle.
“We’re gonna get ot of here. I promise” He assured.
~ ~ ~

Shawn grasped the door handle on his side and bashed his shoulder against it repeatedly, trying to push it open.
But it wouldnt budge due to the water pressure pushing against the car.

I sat sideways on my seat and used both heels to pound into the glass window on my side.
Getting not even crack in the plexiglass.

“Im going to try the sunroof” Shawn said and reached up for the mini sliding plastic door, which he easily reached due to his height advantage.

He was unable to remove the glass.

He hit his palm against the glass in frustration of us getting no where with time running out.
With the way the water was filling up the car, we had maybe 2-3 minutes of oxygen left.

He goes back to the door.
He hits the door and splashes water around that is now to our chests.
“Oh my god” I say with a voice crack.

I now do the same as Shawn, knowing that I didnt stand a chance with busting it open, but was hoping for a miracle.

My skin tightens and gets goosebumps with the water getting colder as it slowly consumed us.

Shawn’s well groomed hair is getting soaked and turning into a mop of curls.
My hair is already soaked and floating within the water around my shoulders.
Water droplets from our splashing movements against the doors, dew our faces.

Shawn extends a hand to the roof as he puts his legs against the door and uses his strength against it.
“Im going to get you out of here, even if it’s the last thing I do” he promised me in grunts as he forced himself against the vehicle again.

“Shawn” I gasp with my face towards the roof of the car, sitting on my knees on the seat because of how short I am.
“Shawn!” I gasp again and then spit out water that had flown in my mouth by accident.
He turns to me, hands braced to the roof and hair totally soaked as he now needs his face slightly tilted up to the roof for air.
“Shawn, I love you” I tell him in breaths.
“Dont say that” he says, “This is not going to be it”.
“Maybe, but I just wanted you to hear it one last time for sure” I reply softly, quickly feeling my lungs burning.
I feel his hand search for mine under the water, and he finds it, intertwining our fingers.
“I love you too, y/n. To the ends of the Earth” he responded softly.
The water fills up past my ears and quickly creeps up.
“Shawn!-” I began but the chilly water swallows us before anything else comes out.

Everything is silent.
Nothing stops. Not even time.
People didnt even know we were down here. They would drive on the bridge over us.
The delivery truck that T-boned us must not have thought we went over the barriers and into the sea.
Our families and friends and people that knew us, would never guess we were down here…suffocating…drowning.
But we were.

My eyes start to close and body start to shut down as a defense mechanism from my heart having to work over time to provide oxygen to my organs for life.
Yet, Shawn keeps fighting.
He frees his hand from mine and his fists thump the window repeatedly and he screams underwater, releasing precious oxygen bubbles.

But he gives a final elbow to the glass and it shatters.
The glass shards swarm around us.
Shawn turns to me and grabs my forearm, pulling my limp body towards him so he could hook an arm around my waist.
When he has a sure grip, he swims out the broken window while holding me.

He swims through the murky blue water and shoots to the surface with a gasp for air.
He looks to me in his arms and sees that I need assistance.
So he swims at a set pace to the shore, where he lies me on my back on the grass and starts performing CPR.
“Come on, y/n. Come on” he begged and pushed down onto my chest repeatedly and looked to my pale wet face before attaching his warm lips to my cold ones.

30 compressions and 2 breaths.
He did that twice before I spat up water that snuck into my lungs.
He holds the side of my head and has his forehead against mine as I slightly sit up and place my hands over his as I take quick deep breaths and cough from the sting of the air flooding my lungs once again.

“I promised I’d get you out” he said and breathed with me.

Nine Days of Christmas [NurseyDex] - Day Two: Ice Skating

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The Samwell hockey teams host an event every year when the Pond freezes solid; the local kids get to strap on some skates and join the players on the ice for an hour or so. Dex kind of loves watching all the little kiddos stumble about, looking for some sort of purchase on the slick surface. He’s got a gentle glide going on next to Bitty as they shepherd a group of kids across the ice, taking care to not run into anyone.

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  • Griffin: You've seen the astral plane before. In the cosmoscope, you saw it too in the mirror. And when you saw it then it was just this tranquil sea filled with swirling lights and souls retired to rest in collective consciousness. Through this rift you see the same sea, but it's choppy and it's violent. There's no lights below the surface. In fact, you kind of see what looks like an oil slick on the surface. And the sky is stormy and pitch black. And nobody's there. Kravitz isn't there.

Hamilsquad x fem!reader

Modern au

My room is super cold right now, so I thought I could wright a really quick little drabble-thing. (This is loosely based on a true event that happened to me.) I feel like this kinda went in a million different directions, but whatever. Ending kinda sucks.

Warnings: as Cap would say, language


Originally posted by johncameronmitchell

Shit shit shit shit shit.

You were on your way back to your apartment after class, and ran into a patch of ice covering the entire sidewalk. Your boots slipped and slid on top the slick surface, and you prayed you wouldn’t fall over. Fresh hot coffee isn’t the best feeling when its going down your shirt when you fall over. You did your best to balance the coffee and messenger bag. The bag strapped over your shoulder weighed you down by at least 50 pounds. 

Cold wind whipped around the air, your scarf smacking you in the face. You let out an annoyed huff, hearing the voices coming up behind you.

“Eeeeyyyyy! It’s y/n!” You could hear Hercules’ voice from a block away.

You picked up you pace, still trying to not slip on your rear in the process.

“Baby girl, hold up!” John shouted at you. You rolled your eyes still walking. To say you weren’t pleased to see, or hear, them for that matter, would be a complete understatement. 

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This is Charlotte. She is 8 years old, 30cm long, and healthy as fuck.

6 hours ago, however, she was not. I was summoned to her pond. She was floating on her side, barely ‘breathing’.
“She’s dead” I said, feeling furious. “I think it was ammonia poisoning. I told you not to scrub away that algae, it contained the mirco bacteria. She needs to get out straight away”

On closer inspection, Charlotte was still alive, but only just. The other fish in the pond were a swimming at the surface, gasping. That was when I noticed the oil slick on the surface.
And that was when I was told that the toddlers who’s garden houses the fish pond had been playing with ‘could dough’ ( made from baby oil and flour) that day. And clearly a lot of it had ended up in a the pond.

I thought I was going to lose Charlotte and all the other, much younger fish that afternoon. I took them out of the pond into tubs, and dribbled fresh, de-chlorinated water in at 20 minute intervals. Within the hour, the other fish were swimming freely in their tubs, and ready to be transferred into a temporary filtered (and cycled of course!!) tank. Charlotte was visibly brighter and seemed to be recovering fast. There was no room for her in any tanks around the nursery as she is so large, so she is now freely swimming, eating, and doing well in my biggest tank at home. Tomorrow I will set her up a new pond, away from tiny fingers as this tank barely fits her!! I’m beyond happy that this rescue mission went to plan and I didn’t lose a single fish, despite never having treated goldfish for oil spills before and not being able to find any info or help online at the time.


Dreary and vapid. Cold, mucid clutches still held dominion in this long forgotten land.The only life was that of the chocking thickets, barbed and thorned.  Putrid waste, dark as lacquer. Greasy surfaces, slick and green pocked by gloomy waters.
Masked in the mist the two damned edifices stand emiting an turbulent chatter, breaking the deathly silence that surrounds it. Their language so vile and black that it can render a man ill. Yet with the slightest disturbance detected they will be rendered mute. Sleeping giants to the naked eye yet writhing and wriggling beneath the surface.
It is unknown how many bog hags inhabit these malevolent temples but they are a unique infrastructure for their kind.  Pilgrimage sites to the countess covens and solitary bog witch wanderers. No man dares to pass through them and those who do will do so scathed.  

*Bog witches live solitary lives or in parasitic covens. While not secluded to Bogs as their name would suggest, Bog Witches prefer moist soils to build their living body hutches with. The term Witch is gender neutral, both male and female Bog witches exist; though it is difficult to tell them apart.

Dangerous alone, Bog Witches are much more dangerous when formed into a coven. A coven is composed of three or more, the smaller or which will fasten themselves to elder mother’s structure.

Using their bodies as the bone structure, Bog witches build upon themselves using materials from their environment. Some will get so large that the witch will become immobile and will even begin to resemble human hutches with willow -the-wisp lanterns. This behavior is not only for camouflage but also is believed to lure in lost travelers.

In Ios, for a week or two every year in the winter, it gets cold enough to snow. Most of the time, fortuitous ocean currents keep the weather warm and balmy, but the winter would come knocking eventually.

When Damen first spends the winter in Arles, instead of Ios or Marlas as usual, tied up with governing the Empire, the winter winds come early. and They blow in drifts of ice and snow several feet high, frosting the delicate spires and stonework of the castle and turning all the topiaries to ice sculptures.

Instead of doing the sensible thing and staying in bed all day, Laurent elects to drag Damen out of their nice, warm bed, into overly restrictive (but warm) Veretian clothing, and out into the sprawling gardens of the palace, glittering white with their blanket of snow.  When Laurent drags him to the lake in the middle of the gardens, Damen’s reluctant footsteps slow further, to marvel at the slick smooth surface of ice that a small army of servants were in the midst of clearing and the hastily erected pavilion at the edge of the ice.

“They’re not done yet, but they’ve cleared enough for us to skate. Here,” Laurent said, thrusting a pair of strange metal contraptions that must be the “skates” Damen has heard of.

Bending to fasten his own skates, Laurent in his royal blue clothes with silver embroidery catching the weak, watery sunshine was like winter itself, come to life. His golden hair turning silvery white in the pale sunlight, Laurent stepped out from the small pavilion that the servants had set up at the edge of the lake, and onto the ice. When Damen tries, a moment later, he can move about, only falling a few times. What he cannot do however is look like Laurent, skate blades moving across the ice like a well wielded sword, grace and power, glittering flashes refracting. He’s a vision of a fairytale, flowing river-bright and swift over the ice.

Skating close to where Laurent had paused for a moment, Damen pulled Laurent close, smiling when they both slid a bit on the unsteady footing.

“Do you need something?” Laurent asked, arching an eyebrow.

“No, just thinking of how lucky I was to find someone like you.” 

Smiling, Damen bent to kiss Laurent, their frozen lips warming as they breathed into each other. Pulling back at the touch of snow on his hair, hands, face, Damen grinned at the flush in Laurent’s cheeks. No longer pure winter, but a living, breathing man that he could touch and hold.

“Very lucky indeed.”

Creamy Tomato & Avocado Pasta

Ingredients: (all numbers are approximations)

  • 2 avocado
  • 2 tomato 
  • ½ onion
  • garlic (already minced or otherwise, I used a jar of already minced garlic for my recipe so I don’t know how many garlic cloves this recipe needs)
  • 1 package angel hair pasta
  • 11  turkey meatballs
  • olive oil
  • pepper and salt
  • whipping cream
  • lemon juice


heat medium to large sized pan add in olive oil to slick the surface.

while heating chop ½ onion, do not mince it.

add onion to pan and stir, adding in olive oil as you see fit.

add a spoonful minced garlic, stir together with onions until all onions are caramelized. 

turn off heat, and take onions off heat source. (this will allow the onions to soak up some of the olive oil and garlic.)

heat a large pot of salted water to boiling, add in package of angel hair pasta by handfuls until package empty. (angel hair cooks fast so keep a close eye on it, and stir it often. if the pasta is done before the sauce don’t worry! plop it back into the pot and cover it so it stays warm.)

put onions back on heat, have the heat at low. add in more garlic or oil if you see fit.

cut tomato into small chunks. (this can be prepped ahead of time or if you’re cooking alongside someone have them do it.)

while stirring the onions add in handful of tomatoes, then stir thoroughly. splashing in whipping cream, pepper, and oil as you see fit.

place 5 turkey meatballs in sauce, cover pan turning heat either off or to very low.

gut your avocadoes, putting seeds to the side to take care of later, and mash all the insides together squirting lemon juice to keep from browning. grind pepper into the mush too if you like.

place 6 turkey meatballs in bowl and microwave for 3 minutes.

pour a tablespoon or so of olive oil into pasta and stir so that the pasta is loose. dump in avocado and mix together. the avocado will want to stick together, you can mix in olive oil while you’re mushing if you like. add the sauce you made, and the meatballs from the microwave.

( i burned myself while making this so be very careful! anyways this recipe was originally going to be the avocado pasta posted on this blog awhile back, but i started experimenting. you can manipulate this recipe however you like to make it fit your dietary needs.)