slick savage

The night was already buzzing with a sick energy that was sifting through the crowded streets of Hollywood. I could feel it. My brain was twisting with happiness because I already knew what kind of night this was going to be…

I was five beers in when I took the stage. That warm feeling/comfort of alcohol had wrapped its arms around me and I took my seat behind my drumset. Loaded was packed; full of vagrants, rockers, shockers, and those silly bee-boppers - all of them waiting for us to begin…

The insanity that ensued cannot be properly explained with words. There was a blessing that was cast upon everyone that was in that room. God was in the place, rocking and rolling with SLICK SAVAGE and every person inside that packed venue.

This was the first show I’ve played since my Father passed. He was never really interested in my music; and I’m not even sure how many times he’s seen us play. Maybe once or twice. But I am more than positive that he was watching Dave and I rock out last night, and he was ecstatic.

I made you proud, Pops.

Come check out SLICK SAVAGE @ The Redwood in LA August 14! More information TBA!