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Young!James Potter x Reader: Here

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Warning(s): Suggestive themes, profanity

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“Moony will never see it coming.” Sirius hissed, his smile daunting like a newly carved jack-o-lantern.

“The tosser deserves it.” James agreed. “Caterpillars in our sock drawer was a low blow. I just want to know what goes through his head the moment he tries to take a step on the moving staircase slicked with grease.”

“I just want to know where he got all those caterpillars.” Sirius mumbled, thoughtlessly.

Slinking around one of Hogwarts’ many statues, the dynamic duo paused, eyes shining through the dim candlelight to catch their friend walking into their trap. The schemes were an endless loop of spy vs. spy, and there would never, ever be a clear winner. Nonetheless, both were pressed against the cement figure, hearts in their throats. A waiting game called revenge.

And not long after, he appeared – sandy-hair all tousled, his eyes focused in scorn on the Daily Prophet as he made his way from the corridor. Just as Remus was about to start in on an article about Chizpurfle prevention, he caught a glimmer shining off of the first stair from the lit candles above. His eyes narrowed, and he traced the grease around with the toe of his shoe.

“This is it, mate!” Sirius wheezed, kneeling so that he could catch Remus’ fall in full view. The scene was somewhat reminiscent of a child trying to catch St. Nicholas on Christmas Eve.

James’ grin intensified, and his hazel eyes ignited with chaos. He bit his lip to keep from squealing, making his dazzlingly white teeth poke through. A bad habit. His lips were always flushed pink and rough from biting.

However, Remus was easily privy to their foolish attempt at a prank, and coughed a charm over his shoulder before setting his eyes back on his paper, and his feet back on their way. He smirked to himself, and sauntered away. Sirius and James were horrified.

“THE BLOODY WANKER!!” James screeched, peeling out from behind his post.

Remus lit up at the echo of James’ profanity, and reversed the spell he had put on the stairs. Snorting, he disappeared into the Great Hall, pleased with himself. Sirius tailed James out into the open.

James was livid. He pulled his hair from its gelled form into tufts poking on the sides. His cheeks were splotchy and red, and his bushy black eyebrows and scrunched nose made the impression of a madman complete.

“We slicked the goddamn stairs, Pads! Six liters of hog grease! How was it that that slimy little bugger just danced his way down the stairs like he was on his way to Sunday morning service?!” He shouted, catching glares from students further in the hall.

“I dunno, Prongs, we might want to keep it dow-“

“Now he’s ahead by TWO POINTS.” James carried on. “I had caterpillars in my trousers for a week and now I’m out eleven sickles for BLOODY hog oil. These stairs were COATED, Pads.”

To demonstrate his emotions, he fumed over to the bottom of the staircase.

“COATED.” He emphasized, dramatically. “And Moony just WALTZED-“

James took a large stride up the stairs, and the grease slipped under the tread of his loafers. In front of God and everyone, James began to tumble backwards, spilling down the rest of the staircase, across the landing, and down the next. He wailed profanities the entire way.

Once he lost momentum, James sat up in a dazed stupor. He slowly lowered himself back to the floor, moaning. Sirius crossed down to assist his friend, and found that James certainly needed a trip to the infirmary. Preferably before any teachers found them next to the greased staircase.

“Mate…” Sirius said, watching James blink his long eyelashes and let out a sigh. “What are we gonna tell Y/N?”

Dress shoes clacking across the hall in a hurry, Y/N tossed her y/h/c hair behind her and slung her bag over her shoulder. Peter was hot on her heels, finding it difficult to match her pace.

“What did you say happened to him?” She asked, panicked.

“H-He tried to trick Remus, and ended u-up falling in his own t-trap.” Peter mumbled, breathlessly.

“Oh, so it wasn’t Quidditch or during the full moon, he was just being stupid as per usual.” Y/N spat, bitterly.

“Y-yes, miss.”

Once she reached the infirmary, she came face to face with Remus and Sirius. She crossed her arms and knit her eyebrows together. Sirius looked sheepish and made his best attempt to avoid Y/N’s seething y/e/c eyes. Remus gave her a halfhearted wince. They both met Peter’s sight, who didn’t have anything to say for himself.

“So are you two going to tell me what happened or am I going to have to force it out of James?” She asked, tapping one foot.

“He’s fine, really.” Remus assured. “I saw through his little scheme, and he paid the price. He’s just being a big baby about it.”

Y/N glared at the sandy-haired boy.

“H-Honestly, Y/N, he’ll be back on his feet in a few days. I think he’s glad, really. Didn’t want to take that exam in Charms, anyway.” Sirius explained, putting one hand on her shoulder.

She pried it off, and pushed them aside. As she strolled into the hospital wing, Y/N scoffed.

“Idiots. I’m surrounded.”

Throwing her bags in the corner of the room, Y/N turned to find Madam Pomfrey taking James’ temperature to ensure he had no fever. James caught Y/N’s stare, and winked. When Madam Pomfrey turned away, he began making suggestive motions with the thermometer in his mouth. Y/N was livid, and turned scarlet.

“No fever, just that busted leg and wrist, Mr. Potter. We can mend them quickly once you’ve had some food in you, but they’ll be tender for a few days.” She announced. Catching sight of Y/N, she nodded before setting off to her office.

“Hello gorgeous.” James started, with a devilish grin.

“Spill the beans.” She replied, coldly. She took a seat by his side, and embraced one of his hands in hers.

“Oh come now, Ice Queen. I was being an idiot and tried to outsmart Moony. Now when has that ever worked out for me?” He teased.

“I’m just worried about you, Mister.” Y/N said, with a sigh. “You get yourself in an awful lot of trouble.”

“That was mentioned in the contract you signed to date me.” James pressed.

He made a shy smile blossom on Y/N’s face. It was one of his talents. She went to sweep the sweaty hair from his forehead, but he pulled back and winced at her touch.

“Ouch! Careful, lovie, that hurts.” He explained.

Y/N pulled her arm back, and moved to tug the covers over James. She accidentally brushed his shin, and he let out another yelp of pain. Y/N froze, terrified to touch any part of him, in fear that she would put him in more misery.

“Is there anywhere that it doesn’t hurt?” She asked, cautiously.

James thought to himself for a moment, then pointed to his left cheek.


Y/N leaned over him to press a soft kiss to the spot he motioned at.

“Better?” She asked, with a grin.

“And here.” James informed, showing Y/N his right earlobe.

She serviced him with yet another kiss, then waited expectantly. James was wild and uncontrollable, but she could always get lost in his deep, rich eyes. It made a faint heat come to her cheeks.

“Here, too, love.” He whispered, pointing to his rough lips.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Y/N was enveloped in a soft and tender kiss. Her lips melted between James’ and his big, strong hand rubbed a small circle into her back. While his wrist was damaged, he still rolled the hem of Y/N’s skirt between his thumb and forefinger. The kiss was rich, like dark chocolate, and when Y/N slipped away for air, she felt a definite absence. James gave her a smile.

“Can still do that, even with my injuries.” He remarked.

Y/N pecked him on the lips once more, to feel his touch again.

“Rest up, sweetie.” She commanded. “I will be sitting here when you wake up, holding your hand, right by your side.”

“I’ll dream of you, darling.” James said, lowering himself to his side.

His eyelids slipped shut and soon, Y/N heard gentle snores along with the rise and fall of his breath. Y/N relaxed into the infirmary chair, the image of James’ soft eyes still burning slowly into her mind, making her stomach spark. Her small hand traced his worn cuticles and bit fingernails, feeling the callouses on his palm. Those rough hands always treated her so gently. She was utterly in love with him, and he had kept his promise – he dreamed of her that afternoon, as he had done for years.


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  • Newt: If I don't come back, look after my creatures
  • (apparates very dramatically off a building)
  • Tina: NEWT!
  • Also Me: He's got slick apparating moves

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

  • Dancing horribly together
  • Constant back and forth comforting
  • *pretends to lock the door on the non existent car and rests his arm on you*
  • “istg Namjoon”
  • constant teasing of each other
  • Constantly lecturing you about the weirdest stuff
  • “Wow, this soup is really bland,”
  • “You know… life is like that bowl of soup, Y/N…”
  • Lets you wear his over sized jackets and hoodies
  • as long as you return them
  • hanging out on the couch and not even needing to talk to each other in order to have fun.
  • *Namjoon pokes you with his foot*
  • “Hm?”
  • *makes weird face at you to make you laugh*
  • Random outbursts of singing.
  • did i mention lots of kisses?
  • Well
  • Random little notes everywhere saying how much he loves you
  • Little pick-me-ups everywhere
  • Always fixing whats has been broken by his hands
  • Drying off his hair for him because hes lazy
  • and drying off his back for him cause he is also lazy
  • making bad jokes to piss each other off.
  • “Hey Namjoon, Which side of the tiger has the most stripes”
  • Lots of getting lost at night and just wandering together
  • Lots of stargazing
  • Lots of lyrics about you!



A guy and his wife try a slick move to cut in line, but I don't let him get away with it.

There’s an airline that divides it’s boarding groups into A, B, and C groups. I was the first person in B line when a guy and his wife come up and stand in front of me. There were only six or seven people in line at this time, but it was obvious he was just trying to cut in line. Someone behind me said, “Hey, the back of the line is back here,” and the guy acted like he didn’t know any better and moved toward the back.

I’m at the front of the B line. This guy and his wife go to the end of the A line. I’m thinking I’m glad I didn’t say something to him because he was going to be in the A group anyway, which meant he was still going to board before me, but as more people join that line, he lets them go in front of him and his wife, which looked really odd to me.

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Seeing Coulson trying to charm Robot!May into bed is like watching a car crash in slow motion and screaming into the void

Every time he shoots her that encouraged, cute puppy dog smile I die a little inside.

The only thing that keeps me going is that his slick moves wouldn’t work on her if Real!May didn’t also want to sleep with him, since the LMD has an exact replica of May’s mind.

If Robot!May wants to bang Coulson, then somewhere in the recesses of her brain, Real!May obviously wants to bang him, too. Fact.

So as much as I love the drill scene from Too Far, this sweet little number from Catch And Release is equally my favorite.

The drill scene feels romantic to any casual viewer. And this scene feels sexual to any casual viewer.

Just look at the way Amethyst is posed.

This is the stereotypical way any dominatrix is shown; sat on the edge of a bed, one leg over the other, snapping that whip between her hands. Plus the flirtatious way she says ‘hey’.

Doesn’t it strike you that Amethyst would never do that toward any other gem? I think she’d feel too awkward, because it has so much sexual connotation. She grew up on earth, she undoubtedly knows, even if any other gem wouldn’t.

So she knows it’s flirtatious and sexy, and she did it anyway.

Slick move, Ames.

A guy and his wife try a slick move to cut in line, but I don't let him get away with it.

There’s an airline that divides it’s boarding groups into A, B, and C groups.  I was the first person in B line when a guy and his wife come up and stand in front of me.  There were only six or seven people in line at this time, but it was obvious he was just trying to cut in line.   Someone behind me said, “Hey, the back of the line is back here,” and the guy acted like he didn’t know any better and moved toward the back.

I’m at the front of the B line.  This guy and his wife go to the end of the A line.  I’m thinking I’m glad I didn’t say something to him because he was going to be in the A group anyway, which meant he was still going to board before me, but as more people join that line, he lets them go in front of him and his wife, which looked really odd to me.  

It took me a few minutes to figure out what he was doing, but it became obvious that he wasn’t in the A group and what he was going to do was stay at the end of the A group so that he would be the first one in the B group to board.  

When they started boarding everyone in the A group, those of us in the B line stood in place where we were supposed to be, but this guy and his wife were still there in the end of the A line, expecting to go first.  As the last few people in the A line boarded the plane, that guy looked over at me and was waving frantically for me to move the line up.  The only way his plan would work is if the two lines joined together and the person checking tickets didn’t notice what he did.  

As this guy waved his arms at me, I shook my head.  He got more frantic and said, “Come on!”  

I said, “No, thanks.  I’ll wait until I’m called.  I don’t want to get sent to th back of the line.”  

Finally, that guy made it to the lady checking tickets.  She looked at his ticket an told him he’d have to go to the back of the B line.  He fussed a little bit about how he’s in the B group and there were no more people in the A group that needed to board, but she stood her ground and waited until he went all the way back to the end of the B line.  

When i got ready to board, the lady checking tickets told me, “I see this happen every day.”  

TL;DR:  Guy tries to cut in line two different times an ends up being farther back in the line than if he had just gotten in line like everyone else.  

Title: until you can’t take it anymore
Summary: More times than not, she likes it better when he’s the lead. But sometimes, Sakura quite loves having Sasuke at her mercy.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto. 
Prompt: tease
Warning(s): Pretty explicit smutty goodness!
Comments: I have Velvet Kiss to thank for this one. Ya’ll should read the manga if you haven’t, it’s fucking amazing. And so, so hot. Omfg.

She loves doing this to him. Loves to have him thrash, to have him swear, face flushed in frustrated passion. Usually, Sakura is not one to prefer exerting dominance over her husband, having always favored the sight of him above her, behind her, lone hand anchoring her body to his own as he fits his mouth over her hot, slicked flesh, and moves her to the tandem of his thrusts. Gentle or hard-loving, she loves to submit herself to his control, to find herself at his mercy, because although Sasuke can at times be greedy, he is still nothing short of a generous lover.

She drowns herself in him, caught up in the force of his lust and the weight of his love, as it pours into every touch and every look, allowing her to lose herself in a way she had still never quite been able to while she was in charge. And as she watches the grimace slipping to his lips, and feels his calloused fingers squeezing the flesh of her hip harshly, she wonders if this is how Sasuke feels, too, when she exerts her own power.

“You’re so tense,” she breathes, pressing slow, wet kisses to the line of his jaw, deft fingers gently twining in his hair. “Did I breach your limit, Sasuke-kun?” Rolling her hips in a hard grind, she almost lets herself grin at the way he jerks and twitches inside her, darting her tongue out to taste his sweaty skin. “I’m always stopping right before you come… It must be so aggravating to you…”

Sasuke’s jaw tightens with a rumble of this throat, and she smiles, keeping the slow, hard rocking rhythm of her hips, lips brushing fleetingly over his cheek. “Is it aggravating, Sasuke-kun?” she murmurs, tracing his parted mouth with her thumb, belly burning at his hot, panting breaths. “Am I being annoying?”

“Shut up,” he rasps, snatching out to grab a full, pert breast. She nearly gasps at the feeling of his calloused fingers molding her soft flesh, a pleased hum falling from her mouth as he flicks her nipple with his thumb. She feels his lips twitching, like he is pleased with her response. “Just keep going,” he puffs, turning his head to capture her mouth in a deep, burning kiss.

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