slick backed hairstyles

I just realized that if the Yuri on Ice movie takes place after the final scene of the show, then we’re going to presumably get an entire movie’s worth of Yuri having the longer hair-style he has in that scene.

Truly, this is the best timeline.

Then & Now

Inspired by this request from a lovely anon, thank you sweetie, I hope you like it!
“Can you write a one shot thing where it flashes between 40’s Bucky x reader at a drive in theater to Bucky and reader in modern times watching Netflix. ❤️ thanks” 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 2583
Warnings: Excessive amounts of fluff.
A/N: I don’t know what’s gotten into me but I am living for 1940s Bucky right now. I definitely got very carried away with this but I hope you like it! 😘 

***Italicized font is all set in the past.***

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“Alright Bucky, I’m here. What’s so import-” You stopped mid-sentence as soon as you walked into the room.

Ten minutes ago, you received a string of texts from Bucky’s phone telling you to come join him in the living room. He had something important he wanted to you show and he wasn’t taking no for answer.

Standing in front of him now, there was nothing you could do to stop the bright, glowing smile that filled your face.

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I oddly find Cjamm attractive but those mop extensions he has needs to be removed

We always say this too. If he removed those ugly tarantula legs that reside in his head, he would be so much more good looking. He needs to go back to his old hairstyle or get a slicked back hairstyle. ~B

Draco Malfoy Headcanons
  • HATES being cold, but loves winter
  • he’s an absolutely horrible cook. his entire childhood he was served food so the first time he cooked he was 18 and it was so shitty
  • during his years at hogwarts he’d write home three times a week, mostly telling his mom about literally EVERYTHING that happened. from his first week when he was 11 and until the battle when he was 17
  • very artistic; post war he takes up painting (which his father frowns upon, but his mother encourages)
  • stays up late, wakes up early
  • as a young child he was always saying he’d grow his hair out ‘just like daddy’ when he was older. when he is older, he decides it’s too much trouble and keeps it fairly short
  • can raise his right eyebrow above his left one, but cannot raise his left eyebrow (he’s tried very)
  • started being a pouty brat when he was 4. he would scream and cry until he got his way. he never really got out of this phase
  • loves his parents very much- they’ve been through a lot together, and all rely on each other for support and love
  • realized when he turned 13 that he needed to stop doing that ridiculous slicked back hairstyle. he said it took too long every morning and the price of gel was constantly rising. narcissa wasn’t pleased, she thought it made him look sweet
  • he wrote that entire ‘weasley is our king’ song himself. he is, to this day, very proud of it
  • lOVes travelling. before scorpius was born, he and astoria travelled all across europe several times.
  • he gets seasick very easily, finds it extremely embarrassing
  • he’s also a very good dancer, he had a very good time at the yule ball, but pretended he didn’t to maintain his arrogant reputation
  • hates skating. ‘why would i slide around on blades when i can walk? it hurts my feet’
  • lives in constant fear of crazy voldemort supporters trying to find him to hurt his wife and son
  • prefers chocolate to vanilla ice cream
  • doesn’t like dogs, he thinks they’re too loud
  • fucking HATES wasps ever since he stepped on a wasps nest when he was 7. he got stung 17 times and cried for 3 hours
  • when scorpius went through a bratty stage at age 4, draco almost lost his mind. narcissa thought it was hilarious. he didn’t understand why she just kept telling him ‘karma’
  • avoids embarrassment at all costs. he’s so pale that even the teensiest hint of heat in his cheeks will show up
  • reads national geographic, never has a fucking clue what he’s reading
  • played piano his entire childhood prior to hogwarts. this was not his choice and he is still bitter about it
  • when scorpius was little, draco read to him ALL the time. he read him national geographic and still never had a fucking clue what he was reading his son
  • keeps his face clean shaven all the time; he did not enjoy lucius’s stubble during the war and vowed he would never sink to that level of shabbiness
  • some of his favourite memories are chopping down a christmas tree from the outskirts of their grounds and dragging it back to the manor. he still clings to every positive memory of his father
  • stopped being friends with goyle after the war; goyle and his family still believed that purebloods were better than everyone else
  • looking back on his sixth and seventh year at hogwarts, he asks himself why he wore that black suit all the time. what look was he going for? it wasn’t comfortable
  • is identical to his father and his son. malfoy genes are unstoppable
Lies, Lies, Lies
  • She said she had already resized her rings twice - these rings, with surrounding stone rows, can not be resized. And as she gets fatter, her fingers become thinner? LIE! Apart from it, her rings are still too big.
  • She said she began dating Dean when he was in the Shield and she told him that the slicked back Hairstyle didn’t work for him. The Shield broke up in June 2014, Renee was still engaged to Norm until April 2014. She’d have 1.5 months to start dating Shield-Dean - but at that time Dean didn’t wear his hair slicked back.
  • When Dean appeared in the PC and obviously didn’t want to play along, Renee said ‘okay, that was not the answer we talked about’ - that suggests that they have a kind of a script for this stupid PC and Dean was instructed, what he should say. When he didn’t, Renee became furious. I’m sure the PC was recorded backstage at RAW on Monday - that’s the only way for Renee to catch her ‘husband’. This sentence that they have discussed a different answer was certainly not intended for the public, but Renee thought that Stacey would cut it out - but she didn’t and she threw Renee once again under the bus.
  • Renee said Dean would age like Jeff Bridges - Stacey asked if Dean could grow a beard. Is Stacey living under a rock? Dean has a full beard for over a year, and she’s supposed to have met him weeks ago in Toronto. Isn’t it obvious to her that Dean has a beard? Another lie - apparently, she never met Dean in person.

By the way: she said Harrison Ford isn’t a nice person. She completely failed the interview with him, and that is why he is not a nice person? She was an unprofessional asshole, he was annoyed by her…it was your fault, Pwinceth, that he wasn’t a nice person to you!


Who killed Markiplier - another theory!

Who killed Markiplier? But what if… no one killed him because he was not even in the mansion? He and Damien (the mayor) have the same hairstyle - slicked back hair. So we can not confirm that they are two different people, right? They can be one person. 

And even later, at the table, Mark’s hair drops slightly on the left side of his head. Who else has this hairstyle? Dark! 

So what if this whole event is just Damien’s (or Damien and Celine) idea? Everything could be set. No one said that the mayor can not be the master of manipulation just like Dark. Everything could be fake. Especially when the invitation shows up on Mark’s social networks, his icon was black. What a coincidence, right?

And… Remember what he says on the staircase? 

This evening, it’s not all about the poker. It’s not all about me. It’s about you.

And finally, thanks to us, Damien has a new vessel. So we can be manipulated all this time. Not only us, but maybe even the Colonel? If he did not shoot us, Damien and Celine would not get our body. If they did not get the body, Dark would not exist. And he could not leave home.

As I wrote earlier - I think Damien and Celine were somehow imprisoned at house. Beacuse when it is decided to go to the groundskeeper, they both said:

DAMIEN: I-I need to stay here with Celine.

CELINE: Fine, but I need to stay here.

Almost as if they could not leave it. And several times it was mentioned about strange force in the house (”mayhaps… in the shadows of this manor, unseen to any of us, lay hidden… a murderer“, ”whatever’s happening here is tapping into forces far beyond our control“, “this mad house“). So what if Damien and Celine could not leave home because they were not human anymore? What if they needed a body to leave this place? What if they organized this evening just for that?  And that’s what they get from us - possibility to leave home.

Remember the video from the camera? The one where Mark talks to the Detective about the Chef and the Butler? What if everyone was hired? Employed for this particular evening? That could be possible! And if that is true, they could lie all the time - even when checking the body. They just showed us and told us what they wanted.

The body. “I discovered that in addition to being stabbed 37 times, he was also poisoned, beaten, strangled, drowned, and shot. In that order”. (as far as we can believe it) Why? Why so much damage? After all, it was not like he was coming back to life … Wait… We were shot and survived. So what if… it was not Mark’s body? What if the body belonged to Damien? What if Damien also came back to life? Several times maybe. And so he had so many wounds - someone wanted to get rid of him for good. And because he finally had no body, he needed another one - ours. And all this time? Damien could have been some kind of demonic force, which looked like a human.

And that’s all! Thanks for reading, sorry for my English and have a nice day!


A few hairstyles of Urameshi Yusuke! aka more brush pen practice

One of the (many) things I always liked about YYH, especially in the manga, was how much some of the characters played with their own appearances in terms of their hairstyles. Yusuke and Keiko, for instance, both had quite a few different ones. That little detail made them feel that much more real.

Usual (series default / most recognizable)

It’s a dumb long-running joke I have that you can tell how determined/ambitious someone is by whether they draw Yusuke with his hair up or down (and whether or not Kuwabara appears lol). When I was a kid, his default slicked back hairstyle was one of the most difficult things in the world to draw and I could never get it right. What finally worked for me when I started drawing him again recently was to just make it as messy as possible lol

Hair down (fan favourite)

Unsurprisingly, his “down” hairstyle is extremely popular. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen comments where people are all “WHY DOESN’T HE LEAVE HIS HAIR LIKE THIS, HE LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER WHY” (answer: because it doesn’t cultivate the badass super delinquent image he’s worked so hard to establish, obviously). But hilariously enough I’m finding it harder to draw for some reason now??? It’s like it is deceptively easier to get the general look down, but harder to I DON’T KNOW I think it’s the long bangs and the fact that it’s pretty symmetrical that makes it more challenging. At least it is a pretty distinct design compared to other characters with short dark hair and bangs.

Vol 17 (“Decisions” chapter)

The hairstyle he sports when he proposes to Keiko is slightly different from his default and has a really cool wave when you look at it in profile from his left. It looks more mature and sophisticated! They tried to do it in the anime as well; it isn’t quite as obvious there. Of course, I can’t draw it as well as Togashi :[

Vol 19 (series end)

Finally, Yusuke’s “bed head” hairstyle (I believe the first appearance of the version I’ve drawn here is when Keiko is updating him on the shenanigans from the fake ghost case while he’s still in bed, and you see it again in the final chapter where Genkai’s will is unveiled - it’s like he ran out of hairgel or got lazy or has been rolling around or his hair is wilting lol). This is probably the hardest one for me to draw now. I’ve seen some doujinshi artists do takes on it too with varying levels of success (sometimes it just ends up not looking like him at all). Damn Togashi, effortlessly messy is not so effortless D:

… Did I basically just write an essay about Yusuke’s hair hahahah

Hold Me Close

A nice little oneshot that I wanted to write because I had it in my head and I wanted to practice my first person writing as I am complete trash at it :p Anyway, it gets a bit steamy in the forth paragraph but its nothing, I seriously mean nothing, major. Just steamy.

“Hold me close.” Joseph whispered to me our first time in the same bed. It was oddly still when we had went to bed, both of us laying still on our backs, staring up at the roof, neither making a sound, our breathing hardly even breaking the silence. When Joseph had finally spoken, I nearly forgot he was there but I turned to my side as he did the same, our eyes locking. His normally pushed back hair was loose like it had been when I first met him (I always liked his hair better this way, the slicked back hairstyle was too damn perfect for me). Reaching out, I slid my arms around his body, pulling him to me while Joseph pressed close to me. It felt strange, holding someone again after being alone for so long but it was nice to feel someone alive in my arms again.

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