slick back my hair


.the king and his lover~

after countless hours of drawing i finished this yaaay~ just spent 2 days on coloring… but i’m sooo proud of my babies~ *___* and yuuri with slicked back hair and glasses on… now that’s my kink! XD

btw this was inspired by the amazing @adreamingsongbird‘s fanfiction, The Rules For Loversit’s a wonderfully written fic and i cried my heart out on the last two chapters XD

i’m thinking about making prints from this~ would any of you be interested in getting one? :3

.please do not use without permission~                           


Arashi ni Shiyagare [2017.06.24]
└ Jun ★ Tsunagu

reiqenarataka  asked:

Pumpkin for seri and/or spider for reigen! Sorry mobile hates copypaste

my brain automatically makes any “or” in prompts into an “and” so

🎃: draw a character in a halloween costume
🕷: draw a character reacting to a spider

i think reigen is ok with all other bugs than roaches. also they rented super fancy costumes because… uh…. a rich client who is hosting a fancy party where they need to go undercover?? to find the real ghost among the guests?? idk man.

Little Bridger | Ezra Bridger | Star Wars Rebels

I honestly never thought I would draw Ezra, but… here we are.  xD  Ah, the power of chibis…

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