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(sladerobinweek day 4 - shapshifters)

AU where Deathstroke’s Ikon suit also allows shapeshifting through molecular manipulation, because the Ikon suit is science.

Yes I took this prompt as an excuse to draw some ol’ selfcest. Also can you imagine Bruce with Slade’s mannerism cause I can and it’s some good stuff my dudes

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sladerobinweek day 1 - possession (aka the return of father todd in a completely different story)

The first exorcism attempt of allegedly possessed billionaire heir Dick Grayson-Wayne went to shit and Bruce, his overbearing and very wealthy father, was rightfully freaking out. Rookie priest Jason was forced to seek help from Slade, a disgraced former monsignor with a crisis of faith who wanted nothing to do with the church or its ‘lackeys’, in his words. Finally succeeded in persuading the veteran priest through decidedly unpriestly means, Jason later returned with Slade in tow only to realize they had walked into a perfectly-laid trap… but whose