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X-Files Fic: D’un Nouvel Oeil, Chapter Seven

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“Is there anything else that you need right now?”

Walther Skinner is leaning against the butcher’s block in the cafe kitchen, a rucksack resting at his feet, watching Scully work her way through all of the tasks that must be completed before she opens for business in an hour.  He’d arrived at the back door first thing in the morning.

“I don’t think so,” Scully says, cutting cheese into thin slices for sandwiches.  "Mulder’s been able to get me the medicines I need, for now.  And my other contacts have been helpful, as well.“  She sets the platter of cheese off to the side and checks the bread that’s baking in the oven, filling the entire kitchen with its intoxicating aroma.  She turns back to Skinner and dusts her hands off on her apron.  "I’m as well-supplied as I’ve ever been.”  She thinks of the stash of condoms upstairs, secured for her by Byers, the only one she could have requested to procure them for her without incurring a great deal of innuendo and leering.  She still can’t believe she’d let them slide and forgotten one, that first time.  "Better supplied, really,“ she amends, hoping she’s not blushing.  Skinner nods.

"That’s good to hear,” he says.  He bends to open his rucksack, and from within, he withdraws three bottles of very expensive wine, a bottle of brandy, and a bottle of cognac.  "Can you use any of these?  Serve them in the cafe?“  Scully’s eyes widen as she examines the wine labels.

"I definitely could,” she says.  "I could charge a premium for them, too.“  She picks up the brandy.  "The extra money could go to getting more chloral… stitching up lacerations and setting bones would be much easier if I didn’t need three people to hold each injured man down.”  She looks up at Skinner.  "Thank you, Walther.  These will help tremendously.“  Skinner shrugs off her gratitude.

"Think nothing of it,” he says… then shifts his feet, suddenly uncomfortable.  "You should put it about that Mulder got them for you, in exchange for your… arrangement.“  Scully frowns.

"Have the men at camp been asking questions?”

“There have been comments, here and there,” says Skinner.  He shrugs, doesn’t meet her eyes.  "They see the way he looks at you.“

"He’s not very good at hiding it,” Scully concedes, blushing.  Even though she knows it’s not something she  should be encouraging, she can’t stop the small smile that creeps onto her face; Mulder’s worshipful gaze has quickly become something of an addiction for her.  

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Forget Me Not (Fiction)

Characters: Matsui Jurina, Kodama Haruka 

Summary: Separation brings forth a fondness that routine once left obscured. Jurina and Haruka were invincible together, it was a fact. But the gears of destiny were finally moving towards a path only one of them could take. 

Kodama Haruka sat before her study table, her glasses reflecting the medals, the magazine and newspaper clippings detailing every victory the Power Stones accumulated through the years. She inhaled sharply, the feeling of emptiness slicing through her chest. 

 "This day would come.“ She whispered. Their chief informed her a few days ago that she was to be dropped from the next matches. Afterwards she would be sent overseas—a decision that would soon be known to Jurina herself.

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"Make sure those judges think you're the best thing since sliced bread"

(Quote by my TC) A little inspiration for all of you out there competing at NANS! Rock it!