The English word “ouch” is commonly used as an expression of one’s physical pain, (refer to the episode for usage) although in China , I would normally say “哎哟” (ai-yoh) instead. In France, the equivalent is “Aïe”. This got me curious, and while searching for other expressions, I bumped into an article from The Guardian —“Is ouch used worldwide?” Well, the answer is no, and people being interviewed in the article have shared some amusing examples from their cultures, illustrated here. (Please feel free to add other varieties or make corrections ) Even though the expressions vary from one another, one thing in common is that they all begin with a vowel, and are quite short to pronounce. I guess we all go back to our primal instinct when getting hurt.


🎁Bonus: I also made a post about Chinese way of expressing surprise. Go to:


We walked by the comic book store yesterday. And we saw this new album of Tintin is out (Tintin au pays des soviets). It’s actually not a brand new album but a remastered/colored version of an old album. I can’t wait one day that they actually publish a brand new Tintin comics. By the way, that red rocket Joe wants costs 119 euros (expensive!) XD