Ah, it has been a while, and for that I am sorry, I am also sorry about how short this one is. This is a oneshot, but I do have more ideas up my sleve. Keep sending in requests and give feedback! 

She had been through enough, training was not necessary at the time, to hell with what Rowan said.

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‘So I have a fear of heights! Is that really so cray cray’

Okay fuck it. I love you guys. I have to do something special with yall, dead computer or not, so imma gonna pull something outta my sleve real quick.

First 16 kiddos to send an ask with one of our unique tags (aka not the ones that we use for every gd post) get a special present. Even numbers will get something sent in the mail and the odd numbers get sent something via the hell site.

Love ya xoxo. Send in your asks quick.