• Charmed: Sleuthing with the Enemy - Not Belthazor

Piper: Unless Belthazor can morph, that is definitely not him.
Prue: All right that doesn’t make sense. How did we get the wrong demon?

  • Cole:Wait, I wont hurt you.
  • Phoebe:No, it's a little to late for that, don't you think? Why, why didn't you just kill me? Why did you have to put me through all this, was it some sick, twisted demonic thrill, was that what it was?
  • Cole:No, that's not it.
  • Phoebe:Then what was it?!
  • Cole:I couldn't kill you, I tried, I was supposed too, At first you, and your sisters thwarted my attempts. Even when I went back in time, to destroy your line on all Hallows eve.
  • Phoebe:That was you?
  • Cole:Then Troxa, Andres, I got him to strip your powers to make you vulnerable. I had you too, right where I wanted you. All I had to do was finish the job. But I couldn't. Because I realised I loved you.
  • Phoebe:You bastard
  • Cole:That's the truth Phoebe, I'll admit everything else was a lie, but not that.

This is like the worst acting ever. I’m sorry, but yeah…. :(

Especially Cole’s speech. So dramatic. :P