slept till 3 in the afternoon

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HIII (: can you do a 4/4 blurb of when they come home and they're super jet lagged. X

Ashton would just be exhausted when he got back from tour. It’d be awful; he’s give you a kiss then mumble something about needing to sleep for a few years, then he’d crumple into bed, at 3 in the afternoon, and slept till about midnight, and then was up the rest of the night.

Calum would try to get himself out of the cycle right away. Even though he’s so exhausted, he’d stay up and watch movies with you, and even dated to venture out into the streets of Australia to shop with you. It was actually an awful idea- he ended up falling asleep in the dressing room with you.

Luke is seriously horrible when he’s got jet lag. He wants to stay up with you on your normal hours, but he was just so tired he’d fall asleep doing everyday activities, like eating and bathing. On more than one occasion, you walked in on him passed out over whatever piece of furniture he was sitting/leaning on.

Michael would be better at hiding the fact that he was so tired. You’d have your “welcome home” thing, if you know what I mean, and then you’d just lay together until you fell asleep. He’d sleep a little too, but you’d wake upp in the middle of the night to pee and jump because hes just there staring because he couldnt sleep omg

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