Blond Fay for kelpls! her awesome OC

Cause kel is awesome and her tutorials are awesome and she’s just one of the nicest most hepful people evarr she should be given a nicest artist award or something

Sorry if its blurrish or anything. I dont have a tablet so I had to do this on Iphone with my pudgy finger and the resolution is crappy and the colours look totally diff on phone and computer oh no :< Hope you like it anyway! ;P

sleonghp said: Love the dress!! And WINGS! On ze shoes! Hell yea!:D

Thanks :D You actually noticed them! I was trying (unreasonably) hard designing the dress XD also you. You haven’t been using enough of your tablet! I cry for more digital!

sleonghp said: Omg!you posted art! On your artblog!:O or is it? Hahaha. Also, I didn’t know u were into snk??

Omg figuring out how to reply to a reply was excruciating. Anyhow. 

I know I haven’t updated my artblog in some time now :’D I try. I was poking these drawings for at least a week before actually finishing them. And have you not seen all the snk stuff I’ve been reblogging lately? XD I’ve been into snk for awhile now (not that long though). Are you? (who’s your fav character?)