Did you ever just want to talk to someone so bad but you know you couldn’t? Have you ever pulled up someone’s number, typed a message, hovered over the send button, then deleted it all together? You know they are not going to respond, and you’ll stare at the phone, hoping they do, and then get hit with a powerful sense of loneliness when you give up. You know it will happen. So, why hope? Why bother?

So, as you guys probably know: I want to be a therapist when I “grow-up”. So I am SERIOUSLY considering changing my last name to Lecter. BUT WAIT, THAT’S NOT ALL! I shall name my son Hannibal (Hanni for short) and my daughter Clarice ( with her middle name as sterling). And if I happen to have another son, he shall be called Will. Im totally not taking this too far.

Will is being brainwashed

Don’t believe me? Let us take a look at the proof:

•Victim is put under physical or emotional stress *do I really need to explain this one? •Victim’s problems are defined in simplistic terms and simple answers offered repeatedly *“you’re fucking crazy,Will.” •Victim is offered unconditional love, acceptance, and attention *“I want to be friends, Will.” “I need to make sure you’re not too close.” “I’m here for you.” •New identity is created *UNSTABLE, CRAZY •Victim is subject to entrapment *Umm, hello? He couldn’t say no to Jack •Access to information is severely controlled *“Your brain is fine, Will.”

Conclusion: Will Graham is being brainwashed. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP HIM?!?