Slenderman Cosplayer from Nekocon 2011

This guy omg he legit stood outside in the cold November weather. For hours, in the same spot. It was just creepily awesome. This man had commitment. So many props. I took a few shots of him but it was difficult (dim lighting)and i didn’t want to get too close to him because he seemed peaceful. UuU Lol imagine a Karkat taking pictures of a Slenderman. lol the hell. Anyway I really wish i could give proper credit to the cosplayer :C but he’s unknown.


NYCC 2014, Creepypasta Photo shoot.

Some more from my groups shoot on the last day of the con. Hey looky I’m even in some of them. Definitely faced a bit of difficulty in keeping makeup away from my camera.

Avarus as Eyeless Jack, Darren as Laughing Jack, Jack Rammyz as Ticci Toby, Jess-Kitten as Masky, Dr-Jon-Crane as Hoodie, Ifyouwannabesteveslover as Slenderman, and (Me) ClawmoonAngel as Jeff the Killer.


Jeff and Jack throw a house party… 

What could possibly go wrong?

Heres all the proxy mask replicas I have on the outside of my door

top row: Masky, “battle damaged” masky, and Kate The Chaser.

bottom row: Rouge, My OC “The Bleeder”, Tohru, and my other OC named Carver

Rouge’s creator:

and heres her tumblr

and heres a link to Tohru’s creator


Awesome cosplay at Yukicon!

(Part 1 / Part 2)

If you know any of the cosplayers, let me know so I can give credit!