(Bothriechis schlegelii)

Eyelash vipers are arguably the world’s most beautiful snakes - and one of its most dangerous. Found in Central and South America, these small, slender venomous snakes are far from typical pit-vipers. Distinctive modified scales over their eyes have the appearance of eyelashes, and go a some way to help camouflage these otherwise highly colored snakes. Unusually, the scales of eyelash vipers are rough, which offers protection from the branches in their forest homes.

  • Eyelash vipers have accidentally been sent all over the world in shipments of bananas
  • I took this photo with my phone - the snake was maybe a foot long, might have been 4″ from the phone and only two feet off the ground coiled in a small palm. I took. my. time. because I wanted to get the eyelashes and not realizing how dangerous they can be, thankfully it was tolerant
  • Alternate names are - Eyelash mountain viper, Eyelash palm-pitviper,   Eyelash pit viper, Eyelash snake, Horned palm viper,  Schlegel’s pit viper,  Schlegel’s viper  


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It also gets me how some people describe Rey as "petite" when she really isn't. Daisy is 5'7'' which is considered tall for most Caucasian women. She also has really long legs. John (5'9") and her can look each in the eye. It's only when she's next to Adam, who is a Sex Giant (LOL), that she looks small and delicate. I'm sure that works to Reylo's advantage with how the directors' emphasis Kylo's muscular masculinity with Rey's slender femininity.

Since most Reylo fics have, of course, Kylo and Rey next to each other, she technically *is* on the petite side by comparison. So, I try to reason it that way and just let it go, haha.

Daisy is taller than me by 2 inches and personally I find that infuriating. xD

As for whatever the directors think, who knows- I don’t think common gender cliches really apply to star wars since they’re always so keen, thank god, on tossing them out. :,)


I’m shy
Almost enough to not eat
So together
Across from one another
In a restaurant
You’ll say
What ?
And I’ll just say
It’s cause you’re really pretty
Which will make you grab my hand
Slender, gentle, olive and all
On a day
Such as this
Lay with me under
Northern Californian Sun
Amid Hussle and bustle
Be a lazy one
I’m waiting to watch you
Watch me
Laying side by side
Fuck I feel like
Stevie Wonder,
So that when it comes
Three words
Off your scent
I’ll be
Off on harmonizing tangents
Tangerine in color
Say it again
So that I can put your
Small frizzy head
To my hearts beat.

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Anti I am absolutely in love with you, from your beautiful eyes that give me goosebumps everytime you look at the camera, to your slender frame that I can't help but wonder how it would feel if you wrapped your arms around me... Could we cuddle? M-Maybe w-watch a movie.. o-or something?? *kisses on the cheek shyly, blushing like a tomato*

Anti blinks several times. He hasn’t been told things like this many times before. He scratches the back of his neck and chuckles sheepishly. “Eh, sure, don’t see why not,” he shrugs, gingerly bringing a hand up to his cheek, “I ain’t a big cuddled, jus’ sayin’.”


Evan Santiago, creator of Stan Frederick, made a video essay about the Slenderverse and the artistic landscape it produces.