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Designated Duties

The first time Dean does it it’s with a huff. He smacks Cas’ hand away, undoes the mess of a knot that’s already there and then expertly ties the two ends of the blue strip into a perfect Four in Hand.

The second, third and fourth time he does it, it’s much of the same but by the fifth time he notices Cas’ brilliant blues trained on his face. Then, he starts noticing just how wide Cas’ shoulders are. He’s a slender guy, more lean than bulk, so Dean is just surprised by the width there . The strength of the body with or without angelic grace.

Somewhere around the tenth time, Dean starts letting his knuckles drag against the stupid dress shirt he never sees Cas without. There’s a warmth just underneath it and Dean doesn’t think about skin on skin, he doesn’t think about taking off Cas’ tie instead of tying it for him.

Eventually the tie stops being a solid blue colour and is replaced by one that has stripes. Cas comes to Dean and cranes his neck back without taking his eyes off of him, just like usual. Dean keeps up with the mock-annoyance and pretends that these moments aren’t the best part of his day even though he stands closer now, takes longer than Cas knows he needs.

Things change one day, Cas’ eyes leave Dean’s to focus on his hands instead. Cas says, “One of these times you’ll have to teach me. Seems more efficient that way.”

Dean has never tied a tie so fast in his life.

Cas keeps it up the next few times, tries to figure out the movements so he can recreate them himself. Once, Dean walks in on Cas, tongue caught between his lips, standing in front of Sam’s computer watching a How To on Youtube.

He grunts and shuts the laptop lid. “You’re taking too long,” he barks out, startling Cas. “We need to get going. Just let me do it.”

It takes a dozen more times for Cas to ask, “Why don’t you want me to learn?”

Dean doesn’t answer, just finishes his half Windsor (he’s been switching it up to confuse Cas because Dean is mature) and leaves.

The next day Cas starts, “Dean, why-”

“Why do you even want to learn, Cas?” Dean snaps back agitatedly, tugging at the strip a little too forcefully. “I’m always around, aren’t I?”

“I’d like to,” Cas pauses, hesitates. “Return the favour.”

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How to tell you are in a contemporary m/m romance novel

- You live in USA. As everyone knows, no gay or bi men actually live outside of this country. (with the exception of russian millionares and/or gangsters).

- You have dark hair and you are slender. The guy who caught your eye is tall, muscly and blond. You are both white cis men.

- You are writer/teacher/florist/barista/dancer/photographer/student

- He is policeman/private detective/millionare/ceo of a huge firm/farmer/fbi agent/hockey player

- You are out and proud. He is closeted and still dealing with his sexuality.

- Your family is accepting and liberal. Your mother is energetic, quirky and sometimes overbearing, but loves you wholy. His family is dead/abusive/homophobic. He has a horrible relationship with his father.

- You have an annoying/abusive/just boring exboyfriend. He is probably called Scott.

- Sparks are flying between you and your love interest. You can’t deny the impossible attraction between you. When you kiss him, he tastes like something uniquely him. Your tongues battle for dominance!

- The sex is amazing and happens often, but you have conflicts because you are out and he is not. 

- You argue and/or there is a big misunderstanding! Drama! Tears! Slamming of doors and/or telephones!

- You are hurt. Most probably shot, but maybe it was a car crash or attack by bunch of thugs or you just got some rare flu. You end up in hospital! (bonus points if the injury was caused by your ex and/or the horrible family of your boyfriend)

- He rushes there and professes your love for everybody to hear, including your family/your ex/his family/random doctors who are so done with this shit

- You kiss and make up and you will live happily ever after!

Well, at least until the next book. ;)

P. S.: I love m/m romances genre dearly and this is me gently poking fun at it after reading lots and lots of it. There are books out there which dont fit this formula and books which do and are great to read.

But… Its just that when you read the same thing for the twentieth time, its hard to not notice certain clichés.

Sleepovers are for sexual tension and pining (part 2!)

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this part is more nsfw, so beware! lets read about stan + bill getting their shit together, shall we??

@dynode here ya go

After many, many times of faking sleep as well as orgasms, Stan was starting to think Bill wasn’t getting the picture.

The first time was genuine. Bill let him stay in his bed, he was comfortable and in a deep sleep. But then his brain started to conjure up images of the boy on the floor kissing him, undressing him, whispering his name as he did things that two close friends really shouldn’t be doing.

He took a cold shower that morning. It was wrong to do anything but; Bill was straight, and one of the best friends he’s ever had.

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New Bittybones:

LamiaTale bittybones are now available for adoption!

LamiaTale created by @eli-sin-g and @sinfulsanspar which are both adults only (18+) blogs. Please respect that. No minors on their blogs. Any age can adopt the bittybones however.


.: Lamia bittybones come in full size and miniature, though the miniature sizes only reflect the measurement from the top of the head to the end of the torso (not including the tail) :. | .: The snake portion of the body starts below the ribcage and is corporeal (physical) flesh :. | .: The lamia bittybones’ scales are the same pattern as their snake species :. | .: All lamia bittys need to be fed raw meat 3 times a week :. | .: Lamia bittys are cold-blooded and need to be kept warm, either by a heat lamp, heated stone, or the owner’s body heat :. | .: Lamia bittys shed the scales on their snake body once a month and will be shy right before the shed :. | .: Lamia bittys do not have heat cycles. They only mate if you own a compatible pair :. 

Please message @vex-bittys for more information/questions.

Papython (UT!Papyrus):

  • Snake Type: Ball Python
  • Size: 3-5 feet full size / 5-7 inches miniature
  • Temperament: Papython is a constrictor who loves to hug. He is very friendly and will help out around the house. Do not feed live animals. He will keep them instead of eating them. He gets along well with other bittybones, and has a very positive attitude. 

Corny (UT!Sans):

  • Snake Type: Corn Snake
  • Size: 2-3 feet full size / 3-5 inches miniature
  • Temperament: Corny is a charming and handsomelamia. He prefers to bask the day away. Do not feed live animals. He’s too lazy to catch them, and they will escape! He is very laid back, and gets along well with others unless bullied. Loves to hide and prank others.

Honey Bo (US!Papyrus):

  • Snake Type: Boa Constrictor
  • Size: 6-8 feet full size / 7-8 inches miniature
  • Temperament: Honey Bo treasures his privacy, and prefers minimal handling unless the owner is highly trusted. Honey Bo will eat live food if he feels motivated (not often). If you wish to live feed, leave the food prey in his enclosure. Though laid back when in a comfortable situation, a Honey Bo will not tolerate agression or bullying, so keep away from aggressive/bully bittybones. You can win Honey Bo’s affection with quality food and good jokes.

Pygmy (US!Sans)

  • Snake Type: Pygmy Wolf Snake
  • Size: 2-3 feet full size / 3-4 inches miniature
  • Temperament: Pygmy is nervous and energetic, a very active little guy. His slender body means he is quite agile and despite his small cute appearance, he can deliver a nasty bite if cornered. Do not feed live prey. Pygmy will befriend the food. He gets along better with humans than most other bittybones, except swap Papyrus types. Most find his tireless energy quite tiring. He needs to be kept busy to flourish,

King (UF!Papyrus)

  • Snake Type: King Cobra
  • Size: 9-13 feet full / 8-10 inches miniature
  • Temperament: King is highly venomous and can be very dangerous, so handle with extreme caution. King can be very irritable and standoffish, but he will be very caring and protective of an owner who respects him. He likes to be admired, so he does well with more meek and timid bittybones who will look up to him. King prefers live feeding. His hood will spread when angered or threatened.

Coral (UF!Sans)

  • Snake Type: Coral Snake
  • Size: around 3 feet full size / 3-5 inches miniature
  • Temperament: Coral is highly venomous, but reluctant to bite unless angered or threatened. He prefers to spend his time basking and eating. Do not feed live. He is too lazy to chase prey. He can be very irritable and rude, but is not dangerous to other bittybones unless bullied or threatened. He will act indifferently to the owner until he knows he will be treated well. Coral has gold fangs.

Chain (SF!Papyrus)

  • Snake Type: Eastern (Chain) Kingsnake
  • Size: 6-9 feet full size / 5-7 inches miniature
  • Temperament: Chain is not venomous and will respond respectfully and affectionately to an owner. He is a cannibalistic lamia and will kill and eat other lamias if he feels they are a threat. Very protective of owners and easy to handle. He will be most docile with a Mamba bitty around. Chain will eat whatever he is fed, and spends much of his time sunbathing and enjoying listening to his owner. He makes an excellent companion and guard. Chain has gold fangs.

Mamba (SF!Sans)

  • Snake Type: Black Mamba
  • Size: 4-7 feet full size / 3-4 inches miniature
  • Temperament: Mamba is fast and powerful and very venomous. Handle with caution. Mamba prefers to be asked before handling, but will allow a trusted owner to handle him freely. Mamba does not get along well with other bittybones except Chain, and only eats live prey. Having a Chain bitty will help Mamba to be more calm and reasonable.Win him over with compliments; his ego is his weakness. Treat him like royalty, and he will be loyal and protective of his owner.

Sketchvember #2 with the king 👑❤

I don’t remember the exact outfit but I can recall with great clarity the way Rex impaled a guy from across the room & I would pay lots of money for clones fighting old school *3*


hypothetically speaking

If I were to write an updated version of Seeking Truth

and then publish it as an actual book

would that be something of interest to people?

Meetings- Park Jimin Scenario

(for anon)

Originally posted by parkjmzl

When you first met Jimin, you were certain friends is all you would stay. It still makes your head spin to think about how he actually wanted more and continued to pursue you until you both fell madly in love. You had only actually been going out with him for a few weeks but you knew this was a relationship meant to last. You couldn’t imagine being without him. You yourself considered you and Jimin to be the cutest couple ever but you knew other people thought different. You being a chubby girl while Jimin was a slender guy, you were bound to have people look down at both of you. But you didn’t care. Not one bit. You loved Jimin and he loved you and that’s all that mattered. But when Jimin said that it was time for his fellow group members/ brothers meet you, your palms began to sweat. Having the people who mean the most to him meet you was absolutely nerve wrecking. “Baby, they’re totally gonna have a problem with me and you. You know that, right?” You said as you were getting ready for the dinner you were all going to have together to officially meet. Jimin shook his head as he finished buttoning up the cuffs on his sleeve. “What makes you say such nonsense Y/N?” You sighed and reviewed your make up in the mirror. “Because,” you began. “It’s not nonsense and look at me compared to you. Jimin,” you turned around to face him. He was looking at you with concern in his eyes. “They’re not gonna improve of the major physical difference babe.” You said with a sigh before looking down in slight shame. “Babe, what?” Jimin asked as he came forward and wrapped his arms around your thicc waist. “You don’t think they’ll like you because of your body? Your beautiful, beautiful, beautiful body?? That is all mine and no one else’s??” He asked as he tried to get you to meet his eyes by shoving his face toward yours as you stared down. You couldn’t help but giggle and finally meet his eyes. He smiled that gorgeous smile before pressing his lips against yours. “They are not judgmental in any way and you make me so happy. They love you already, trust me.” You nodded at Jimin’s words before laying your head against his shoulder. “Okay, i’m ready when you are.” You said softly, excited to meet your boyfriend’s brothers.  

anonymous asked:

hey ben, i'm a cis woman and I'm writing a short story, and my main character is a trans male who's pre-surgery but on testosterone. as a trans guy, what are some things you think I need to know and be mindful of when representing a trans guy in my writing?

i mean it seriously depends on the trans guy, but i think the most important thing would just be to not act like he’s “becoming” a man, he is a man and was a man before testosterone too. also try not to fall into stereotypes of him being soft and little and slender, trans guys come in all shapes and sizes.


[Please read the attacks before reading the origin.]

  • The X - Origin

Saturday morning. November 2, 2013…. Dimitri didn’t understand why his father insisted so much on moving out of town suddenly… Since his mother’s death 2 years ago, his father started to get weird, as if he was paranoid, which wasn’t normal for him. Dimitri worried because before his mother’s death she also started with some paranoid mania and he thought it was some neurological disease or something, he always sought logical conclusions. The point was that he didn’t want to move… not that he has friends, but there were a few classmates who got on well at his school, who got him out of trouble, he was not a troublemaker, but he got into trouble because he was talking when he shouldn’t. He wasn’t at all wrong, when something isn’t right, someone has to talk, and in the case HE always spoke. Apparently in high school this thought was completely disposable. Whatever someone said was against the “rules” imposed by such bullies, they would end up being judged and sometimes end up inside a trash can. Dimitri has always been the notorious “nerd” of the class, not the quiet one who stay isolated doing all their homeworks properly and is almost invisible, but the one who is usually hated, who gives the answers whenever the teacher asks, who warns that their has homework when teacher forgets… He was a tremendous pain in the ass. But he wasn’t always like that, after his mother died, he began to work hard on his studies and the things that interested him, he thought it would make him forget.. In fact it distracted him, but when he was lying in his bed, his heart always hurt… It hurt because of his mother… it hurt that she died without seeing the great man that boy could be… It hurt that he had put himself in big trouble because of hacking what he shouldn’t while she was still alive… He tried to spend all his time in studies, baseball, robotics and technologies, so he wouldn’t think of any of it.. Outside of class he was the king of computing, there was no code he couldn’t access. Hack? He was an expert. Once he found a notebook in a dump and took it home, fixed it completely and when it started working, he went back to the dump and hacked NASA and the FBI just for fun. He didn’t do anything about his true “potential”, just wanted to test. Something hard for just one person, but when you devote all your time to things like that, it gets easier. Then he wiped his fingerprints, broke the notebook again and threw it into the dump, leaving without a clue, after all he didn’t want to get into trouble again.

Now… stopping to think, he thought that maybe that’s why his father decided to move at the end of the year, after all, even though his father loved him too much, he wouldn’t let his 17-year-old son go unpunished by a mess with NASA and FBI. Or maybe he owed something or got into trouble. His dad wasn’t a financially favored man and sometimes cheated on games. Maybe that was one of the reasons that made him even more paranoid.

The whole trip the man didn’t stop, he was always looking worried and looking back, just relaxed and returned to being the normal “father” when he realized that there was nothing following him… It was very hard.

Monday morning. November 4, 2013. There wasn’t much to do at school in a November, classes would continue until the end of the month - until December 20 for those who were recovering - but Dimitri was curious to venture into a new school.. Actually, he was kind of desperate to go back to new studies, it had been two days since he’d put his face in a book.

He dressed himself up as he did every day in his old town and went down to breakfast. In these two days he was in the car traveling, Dimitri built a small robot, from which he pulled out of his bag and placed it on the table. The robot brought him a grape and the boy smiled. It worked well for a robot made in such a short time.

The boy fed and waited for his dad to come down to take him to school… He looked at the clock, his dad was never late like this.. nor him. First day of school at the end of the year for a NEW school and he would be late.

He was getting impatient.

His dad finally came down… But he was in his pajamas.

“Dimitri… You’ll have to miss class today…” - His father said, running his hand across his forehead, he was sweating. But the weather was cold throughout the city, and his dad hadn’t turned on the heaters.

“ What? But I need to go, I need to see what it’s like before I start a new year at a new school, taking away the fact that I need to reinstate my studies.” - Dimitri said a bit nervous, he didn’t used to be nervous like this, but for everything has its first time.

“ It’s November, you don’t have to go, you’ll hardly have a class.” - His father replied, still looking like a sweaty ham.

“ Come on, Nick. You’re the one who keep always nagging me to go to school and now you’re asking me to don’t go?” - Said the boy getting up from the table and approaching the stairs in which his dad was standing. - “I NEED to go to school.”

“Listen, that’s not gonna affect your grades, I didn’t even registered you, because the enrollments will only be open in early January. Now relax and go watch some TV or play video game, I don’t know. I will not take you to school today. - His dad said, going up to his bedroom…

Dimitri was angry, not wanting to believe it. He grabbed his backpack, his cellphone, and left the house. He would go to school on foot.

Arriving at school, there really wasn’t much movement, but the important thing wasn’t other people but himself. He talked to the headmistress who allowed him to attend classes without the registration because it was the end of the year and the classes wouldn’t last as long.

As anticipated, there were several students who didn’t look like scholars, were in recovery, of course. But a trio caught his eye… As he passed the halls, this trio of bullies were nagging a boy who looked like a chicken so small and skinny. And there was Dimitri and his big mouth trying to stop it. After all, Dimitri didn’t like things like that.

” Hey, why don’t you just let him alone? He didn’t do anything to you…“ - Dimitri said approaching the bullies… They were big…

"Oh wow, what’s the matter, firehead? Are you wanting to stay in the place of the toothpick here? If you don’t want to, get out of here.” - said the bigger of them, who also seemed to be the leader, approaching of Dimitri and giving him such a strong push that knocked him down on the floor, causing him to fall on his backpack and break the little robot he had made during his travel…

“… You should review your concepts.. ” - said Dimitri getting up and taking his backpack.

“And you should talk less, little bird.” - The biggest boy was about to approach again when the headmistress came to save the day.

“You two should be in your classrooms.” - That said, all five of them left for their proper classrooms.

As every Monday is a big shit, the biggest bully fell into Dimitri’s classroom. He would try to ignore it as much as possible. Sitting at one of the middle tables near the window, Dimitri took his stuff from his backpack and was ready for his first class at the new school.

Time passed, there was little time for class to end. In that school nothing was different, he always answered correctly what the teacher asked, without giving chances of others to answer - even because the others in the case didn’t know anything - but this time he always get a ball of paper in his head.. of that boy. In his mind were passing things not pleasant and even frightening about what to do with that marginal. For a moment when the teacher was correcting some school tasks and the students had nothing to do, Dimitri leaned his head against the wall and looked out the window. He had a little fright, not exactly a fright, maybe a surprise at what he was seeing… On the other side of the street, next to a light pole, was a tall slender guy in a suit.. His arms were long, very long .. He was thin, very thin… It was practically the height of the light pole. He looked at the face of the man, but there was no face… He was stuck to that figure for a few seconds - or at least seemed seconds in his mind -, a very strange noise of static invaded his ears, until the teacher called him attention. When he finally blinked, looking at the teacher, there was no one else in the classroom.

“Classes are over, dear. You can go.” - Said the gentle teacher with a smile.

“Oh… Yeah… Thank you.”

He was puzzled, could barely make sentences in his mind.

He left the classroom like a rocket. He ran into the street, looking toward the post light where he had seen that man… But there was nothing. He was surprised… He tried to take into account that he hadn’t slept well, maybe he had just dozed off in the classroom… It was bad too, but not as much as it was real.

Returned home. He barely opened the door, his father already opened it quickly and pulled him into the house, hugging and closing the door quickly, locking all the locks. Nicholas hugged him so tightly he could barely breathe. He tried to get rid of his father’s arms as he spoke desperately.

“Oh my God, are you okay? I told you not to go to class, it’s dangerous, oh God.. Thank God you’re okay, ah….” - His father was extremely desperate.

“Calm down! Dad, let me go!” - He finally managed to pull away, looking confused at his father. - “ Did something happen?”

“… It’s nothing… Go to your room, I’ll take your dinner. Just stay there.” - Said the father moving away from his son and going towards the kitchen of low head.

Dimitri didn’t understand anything else. What he didn’t know was that his father had a nightmare that day. That slim man wrapped his son in long tentacles and carried him away into the darkness. If his father knew what he had seen that day, he would never let him leave the house again.

Dimitri went up to his bedroom and closed the door. For a Monday, it was awful as hell. He took the broken robot from his bag. There was a way to fix it, but he was upset that it had been brutally broken like that… That’s it. A new school and he wouldn’t like nothing that boy….

Night falls. His notebook was open in his bed, letting a song play. He was a guy who got carried away by songs, and he was angry all day, so the music he heard was some rock, not so heavy, but with strong emotions. As he listened to the music, he tried to study at his desk, but he had nothing to study, he had no new material, everything he had to learn had already learned, so he tried to draw…. He thought of the man he saw earlier. He sketched him in his exercise book…. But he thought it was silly.

“Tch… You are too old for imaginary friends, Dim.” - He said to himself, tearing the sheet and throwing it in the trash can.

He laid his head on the desk, his pen still in his hand. He began to scribble randomly, he was bored. When he raised his head, he looked at the excercise book… He had scribbled a strange symbol there… A circle with an X inside… He recognized the symbol, one of the times he entered his parents’ room when his mother was still alive, he found a paper with the same symbol in his mother’s drawer.

Dimitri was scared, because he wasn’t thinking about that symbol, he had forgotten that symbol two years ago, only saw it once… He just continued scribbling. His head was aching and he didn’t want to think. All the scribbles he made after that were similar symbols, or trees, and a strange doll.

It was cold… The ginger looked at the open window and got up, it was time to close it, it was getting really cold. When he was in front of the window, about to close it… He saw again the faceless man on the other side of the street. He had to force his sight because of the dim light of the street… It was surely the same man… but this time it was different… It seemed to have some tentacled coming out of his back. But he wasn’t sure because the light wouldn’t allow him to see. Again he began to hear a static noise and this time he began to cough… He didn’t stay staring, just closed the window and walked away from it, his coughing didn’t stop, on the contrary, it got worse. He could hear the desperate steps of his father climbing the stairs and opening the door. His father first went to the window and looked, there was nothing… So he went to the boy.

“ Dim?? Are you alright? What happened?” - He asked desperately, but Dimitri could only cough, felt a horrible taste of iron in his mouth, but it wasn’t blood.

Dimitri didn’t reply, but he nooded. His father helped him up and then looked at the desk and the notebook with the symbol… He shook his head.

“No… no… Listen, Dimmy, you’re sleeping with me tonight, okay?” - Said the man already pulling his son with him out of the room.

Dimitri was confused, but as soon as he left the room, he somehow got better… He slept with his father that night. But he couldn’t sleep properly…

Since then he hasn’t seen the faceless man, but the symbol was chasing him… He always did it without realizing it, or saw it somewhere …

Over time, he tried to forget that, although his health had begun to decline.

Monday morning. Day 06 January 2014. First day of school, now enrolled. He can only go to class after hiding all the symbols he did and prove himself well to his father who looked like a madman taking care of him.

Sometimes when his dad heard him cough, he forced his son to sleep with him again. Dimitri didn’t know who was worse, either himself or his father, which also got worse, but psychologically. He forced Dimitri to take medicine…

That day, he was being positive. He wanted the day to be good, until he got to school and ran into the bully and his cronies. He remembered that not everything could be perfect… The day at school was spent as it always was in his old school, answering the questions and this time getting those paper balls in his head. This time there were more people, so sometimes he wasn’t the only one to answer and get a paper ball… but he didn’t think that was funny.. He just got more and more hate from that guy. So much so that as time passed, he began to lose interest in answering, just kept quietly scribbling his exercise book… those symbols.

He always looked out the window, but nothing …

His life thereafter became an endless bullying, in which the headmistress didn’t do nothing to stop the bully, because he was her son. Dimitri didn’t return the violence because before his mother died he promised that he would never get involved in a fight again, although he knew how to fight, after all, for a baseball player he knew how to hit, he also trained in his house. He only served as a punching bag for the promise he made for his mother. He was fast, he might as well hit those three if he wanted to… But he didn’t… And it was hard to escape from 3 guys. But Dimitri always answered, always had something to say for the bully’s actions. They became rivals, but obviously the only one who was being beaten was Dimitri. He always returned home with a purple eye or something. He always had to hide or say that he fell because his father was at an absurd level of paranoia. Of course a teenager like Dimitri would tell his parents what was going on so that it would stop, but Dimitri worried about his father… he didn’t want him to end up like his mother. Dimitri’s bonds with his father were as strong as his mother’s, there was no favorite. When his mother died, part of Dim also died, but he still had his father, who loved him a lot and he always returned the same love.

The time was passing. 18 years on June 13, 2014. Friday.

With his dad practically stuck at home of his own free will, he would have to buy things for his birthday alone. He would buy some drinks, not for himself - he hated alcohol - but for his father, who admired a good vodka and hadn’t drank for a long time.

He was leaving the store with some bottles of vodka, deserted street…. When he saw the trio of bullies on the street, leaning against the wall on the side of an alley. Oh no. Not on his birthday. He would ignore and pretend that he didn’t exist… But…. A girl passed by, she was about to walk across the street and divert the idiots there.. That’s good, he was relieved in some way… But his relief left when he saw that one of them was approaching… One of the henchmen of his mortal rival grabbed the poor girl from behind, she began to scream. Dimitri looked inside the shop that had just left, thinking of getting help, but that street was a dangerous street and as soon as the screams began, the store put out its lights… Dimitri gets angry… He wouldn’t leave the poor Girl there in the hands of those dirty ones. Then he came up, already screaming madly, with authority - as if he had.

“ HEY! Let her go… ” - He said a little hesitantly… Even more hesitant when he saw that the trio were completely drunk…

“ Look who decided to come and save the day. The firehead woodpecker… HAHA ” - The big guy laughed and motioned for his friend to let go the girl go. So she ran away.

“You can be big idiots at school without punishment for being the headmistress’s son, but you can’t be a rapist here without paying for the consequences.” - Dimitri said putting his hands in his pocket.

“ Oh yes? I can do whatever I want. Consequences, huh??” - The drunken man, full of testosterone, said as he staggered, approaching Dimitri. - “What are you going to do? Hit me?”

“No. But the police will know what to do with you, "mommy’s boy.” - Dimitri replied by pulling his cellphone out of his pocket and walking away from the bullies while calling the police.

His biggest mistake was to turn his back on them… One of the henchmen grabbed him by the arm, pulling him hard, which made the bag with the bottles of vodka fall and break them… The three took him in. From the alley, where the biggest bully - and his biggest enemy- grabbed Dimitri by the throat and lifted him, leaning against the wall.

“Show him who’s the boss, Igor.” - The henchmen were laughing.

Igor took Dimitri’s cellphone and threw it on the floor, stepping on it and crushing it. He turned his gaze to Dimitri and tightened his neck.

“You should talk less, little bird. Silence suits you.”

Having said that, Igor threw Dimitri down. Dimitri hit a trash can that fell, opening its lid. Igor took a hose from there and wrapped it around Dimitri’s neck, holding him from behind as his henchmen hit the redhead who could not defend himself and was suffocating. Igor did not let Dimitri suffocate, he wanted to make him suffer before. He told his cronies to leave so he could finish it himself.

“You think you’re so clever, do not you?” But you can not get out of a situation like that. It looks like a trapped rat.

And so Igor started kicking Dimitri several times. He asked one of his friends to hold Dimitri lying on his back and with his arms up.. Dimitri couldn’t even move, so he couldn’t fight so much… The anger he felt was no match for pain.

Igor stomped and crushed his throat… He could hear the disgusting noise it made, especially when the warm blood rose to his mouth and slowly gushed. Igor destroyed his throat… As he did so, he paused for a moment and looked at the poor ginger choking on the floor.

“Do you know why the police will not do anything if they find out? Because the chief of police, the deputy, is my father. And he loves me like the innocent little boy, so he will not do anything against me.”

Igor was about to break Dimitri’s neck when a deafening static sound started to stun them… They covered their ears but nothing worked… The only one who could stand was Dimitri, lying on the floor, his throat destroyed and almost drowning in his own blood. Everyone there at that moment saw at the bottom of the alley, the faceless man…. They ran, they ran like ants… Dimitri wasn’t afraid, he was angry… he was hurt…

He was looking up because he couldn’t move, coughing and coughing, swallowing and spitting blood, couldn’t breathe… He saw the man approaching and the faceless face facing him from above… Then it disappeared. After disappearing, Dimitri managed to move… It hurt, but he could… somehow that man gave him some strength. He crawled went the hose and intubated himself so he could breathe… The hose wasn’t so long, so there would be no danger of the blood coming out there going back to his lung. He lay there with the hose helping him to breathe…. He was thinking about how many minutes he had to live …

Luckily, the girl who had run away had called the police on the way, so the police quickly arrived. They didn’t have time to call and wait for an ambulance so they took Dimitri directly to the hospital.

They called Nicholas, Dimitri’s father, and told him his situation. Even with problems with leaving home, Nicholas hurried to the hospital, desperate to see his son. In Dimmy’s room, Nicholas saw his son lying on the bed, his throat bandaged. He asked the doctor what had happened and if his son would be all right.

“Well, sir. Your son’s throat was completely broken, except for the spine bones, luckily. Is also a luck that he’s alive, but only survived because no main vein was ruptured. Whoever did this would certainly wanted to see your son suffer.” - The doctor said as he looked at his papers.

“ And… and he’ll be okay?”

“Listen, with the surgery we luckily can reconstruct his throat, it will take time to heal but when it heals, it will be a new good throat… The surgery was very time consuming and complicated to get to that point, then it will cost more. But on the bright side, he will be able to eat and breathe normally when everything is properly healed. Until then, you’ll have to have a breathing tube and a feeding tube. The only problem is that we can’t reconstruct the vocal chords, so your son will not be able to speak anymore.

"Oh.. thank God he’s alive… You said that the surgery will cost more… How much?”

“$ 50,000.”

“What… But that’s a lot!”

“Yes, for perfect surgery.”

“Perfect? My son will not be able to speak ever again!!”

“Sir, we can lower it for only $ 30,000.”

“ …”

That money was much more than they had.. Nicholas managed to negotiate, he would pay $10,000 every month for three months.

After being discharged, Dimitri went home with the hospital’s necessary things so he could breathe and feed until he was fully healed.

His father had to work, so he left his fear of leaving home, after all he had to pay for his son’s surgery.

The weeks passed, his father was already exhausted…. He couldn’t have time for himself, he cried every night… Dimitri couldn’t move much… He could only stay lie in his bed.

Once late at night, he woke up and looked at the corner of his room… That faceless man was there. He had to bow his head a little too much because he was too high for the house. Dimitri wasn’t surprised anymore… Just kept looking… The noise in his head formed low voices, voices that told him horrible things, voices that influenced him… Again the taste of iron… again it wasn’t blood…. and again the cough came back.. He couldn’t cough a lot, he tried to cough as little as possible, it was excruciating…. The slim man disappeared.

Dimitri couldn’t remember exactly what had happened when he woke up, nor did he remember going to sleep… He also couldn’t remember his notebook being in his bed. He could move his arms. He brought the notebook more closer to him and one thing came into his mind…

He started accessing some codes. In a few minutes, he was inside Igor’s computer and his henchmen’s. From the cellphone, too. He activated the cameras so he could observe everything… He would see every step of Igor and his friends from there. He would watch them… When he heard where they were going, he could hack the access of security cameras and watched everywhere the boys went. He watched at their routines… That was the way he had been for all the days he got stuck in that room.

When he could walk, he wouldn’t leave his room, just wander around it, ripping the wallpaper with scissors he had, scribbling papers and sticking to the walls. Everything he did wasn’t fully conscious, he just felt he had to do it, What he should do… he just did it. Every day he made a new symbol… One day, fumbling in his wardrobe, he found a can of red spray. He looked at all the symbols on his walls, wardrobe and curtains… His expression stayed a little desperate, for he didn’t know what else to do… He was going crazy… With the Spray can, he spat several large red X’s over the symbols as if he wanted to cover them.

Monday. January 5, 2015. Dimitri was already healed and had quickly learned sign language. He was ready to go back to school… but he wouldn’t do it. Although there was no more bruising, there was a horrible scar in his throat. He made a point of hiding it with high collars.

Dark circles could be seen from afar, he barely slept. All he had done in his room was to watch and chase. He wanted his revenge. Especially after he discovered that the police did nothing because the police chief really was Igor’s father.

Dimitri didn’t want to go to school anymore. He went every day to the woods, his father didn’t know. In fact, even Dim didn’t know, when he realized it, he was in the woods and so he came home when he realized that it wasn’t where he should be.

He was in his bedroom, thinking, or at least trying, his mind was a sea of confusion and noise, he didn’t know what to do, he didn’t know who he was, after all he would never think of such a cruel revenge if he were “himself”. Dimitri knelt on the floor and took from under the bed a box with two red-capped daggers that belonged to his mother when she was younger, she was a collector. They were beautiful daggers of embellishment, but extremely sharp…

Dimitri was no longer thinking for himself. He stared at those daggers for a long time… Longer than he should have. He didn’t even know why exactly he had catched them, he even didn’t remember them at all.

He was lost.

Voices that seemed to be around him would yell at him, whisper to him, ask him to give up…. and, to someone with such a grudge, giving up everything -even for a revenge- seemed like a good idea. Dimitri didn’t want to live like that, like an idiot nerd who couldn’t even speak… He gave up his own life.

During all this time, his father didn’t enter his son’s room, since he was busy working as a slave. After finally paying all his debt, this Monday morning Nicholas decided to see how he’s son was, after all only saw Dimitri when he left the room really few times. Nicholas went into utter despair as he opened that door… The pixadated walls scrawled with that symbol beneath the large red X’s. Nicholas knew it was too late, but he didn’t want to believe it.

He noticed something… Dimitri wasn’t in his room… And the daggers box was empty, except for a paper with scrawled trees… Nicholas already knew where Dimitri might be.

He drove like crazy into the woods, where he saw a young man with a dark gray hood about to enter the trees. Could be? He shouted for his son.


The boy didn’t turn… But Nicholas was sure it was him…. Nicholas ran to the boy and pulled him back, couldn’t let him enter the woods because he felt that this time Dimitri wouldn’t back home… As soon as he pulled it, the boy turned. It was Dimitri! He wore a black bandana covering part of his face, with a red X where his mouth would be. Before Nicholas could say anything to bring his son back, a sharp pain struck his chest… He looked slowly down… The dagger of his wife, tucked into his chest… He looked at the Dimitri’s eyes… no longer had old brightness. They no longer had the brightness of a normal person… Before falling, Nicholas pulled the bandana so he could see his son’s face once more, he wanted to see if Dimitri had done it by force, wanted to see if he had any kind of resentment. But there was nothing there but a neutral expression, as if he didn’t feel anything, like he didn’t care about anything…

“He… he chased me all my life… he took your mother from me… and now he took you from me… I… I’m sorry…” - Nicholas said as he cried. He wasn’t crying because he was going to die, he wasn’t crying because it hurt… He was crying because what hurt him most was to know that his son who he loved so much had actually gone before him. Because the one in front of him was no longer his son.

After Nicholas died, Dimitri took the dagger from his chest and took his bandana back. For a few seconds he stared at the body of his dead father there. In the middle of that neutral expression, without feeling and lifeless, a tear in left eye slowly descended to fall on his father’s chest… Maybe that tear was the last drop of humanity… or the last drop of Dimitri’s soul… after all, when you kill someone, you are considered a heartless person. But… when you kill someone you love so much, you don’t have a soul anymore…

That night he disappeared in the forest, and since then it hasn’t been heard to speak of him…

Or that’s what everyone thought…

Friday night. November 13, 2015.

Cops gathered around a house. The woman who left there was the headmistress of the main school. She screamed and cried to her husband who was the police chief, and all the police tried to calm her down. Detectives enter a bedroom of the house to examine it. There was a notebook of the corner near the wall with a lot of smoke coming out, the window was open. They looked around, a dead body tied to the bed. It was Igor. His throat was open, not a normal cut, but it was very torn, as if it had been torn by hands and everything in there had been crushed. Also, his mouth had been sewn.

“… How sick, the guy sewed his mouth after killing him, did he was afraid the victim tell someone? Haha. Joking apart. It’s very strange.”

“… No, sir… Apparently the victim not only died from blood loss but from suffocation, as we can see the blood flowing desperately through his nose and eyes. Apparently who did it sewed the mouth first and then destroyed the throat after… ” - Said the detective running his fingers through the badly made seam, parts of the mouth were torn. Probably had to be pierced again, it seems the victim had moved a lot, which leads to think that this was the reason for having been tied.

“Detective …” - The cop at his side called.

“ Hm? ” - The detective stared at him.

The cop pointed at the wall above the bed, where - with blood - it had drawn a huge X… Like the X that had been drawn in the alleys where Igor’s friends were found, dead in the same way.

Neighbors - Part 7: Meeting the Team

A/N: I had some issues with this one, but I think I finally worked through it.
Warnings: Slight smut? I’m not sure you’d really call it smut but anyway. Enjoy my dears (I hope)

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The time had come. You heard a knock and went to open the door to let Luke in while you finished up getting ready. Oh my! He looked really good. I mean he looked good everyday but he looked especially yummy tonight. He was wearing dark wash jeans that were just the right fit (you couldn’t wait to check out his bum) and a black button up shirt, sleeves rolled up, which was one of your favorite looks on a guy.

You realized you had just been staring so you choked out a hi then told him you’d be ready in a second. Luke just nodded.

As you walked back toward your bedroom, Luke was trying to recover. You looked absolutely stunning wearing a burgundy v-neck halter dress fitted at the waist then flaring into an A-line skirt that ended a couple of inches above your knee. You’d paired it with t-strap heels in black, wearing your hair up in stylish, messy bun with a few wisps of hair framing your face.

You returned, having finished up your makeup and grabbing a small clutch for your phone, ID, cash, and keys. Luke was still standing in the doorway where you’d left him, staring at you with his mouth hanging open. You walked up to him and used a finger to push his chin up closing his mouth. “You’re going to catch flies, Agent Alvez,” you said with a laugh.

Luke surprised you by placing a kiss just at the corner of your mouth. “You look absolutely gorgeous, Y/N. Just beautiful.”

You blushed and said, “You’re looking pretty fine yourself, Luke.”

His brain finally seemed to catch up and he asked, “Wait, did you just call me Agent Alvez?”

You were hoping he hadn’t noticed that. It was just a spur of the moment thing. “Um, yeah, I guess I kinda did,” you replied, a little embarrassed.

“I kind of liked it.”

You had been looking down, and jerked your head up to see a very mischievous grin on his face. You shook your head at him, pushing him out the door. He grabbed your hand on the way out of the building, holding it all the way to his truck.


You arrived at the bar, and was about to ask if Luke saw his friends when you saw a cute blonde in a colorful dress waving her arms. You pointed and asked if that was one of his friends. He gave a short laugh, then headed toward the blonde. You made a mental note to ask what that was about. For now, you followed him noticing the others gathered with the blonde woman. You also took a moment to check out his bum in those jeans. Yep, looking just as good as you had thought it would.

You arrived at the table, and the blonde greeted Luke with, “Hey, newbie. We were beginning to think you weren’t going to make it.”

“Newbie?” You asked Luke. He just shook his head, rolled his eyes, and said he’d explain later. You guessed that’s what that little laugh earlier was about.

Luke then made introductions. There was no way you were going to remember all of those names. But you nodded and said hi to everyone. Someone had already ordered shots so everyone took one. All of the ladies decided to hit the dance floor and dragged you along. You glanced at Luke, but he just waved you on your way.

You had a great time dancing with all of the ladies. You had been dancing for a while so you all decided to go back to the tables to check in with the guys and rest for a while. You had a chance to talk to some of them for a while, which helped you learn their names. You were fascinated with the tall, slender guy, Spencer. He could just start rambling facts about any topic, and you noticed you and Luke were the only ones hanging on his every word. You guessed he did that a lot. Rossi and Tara talked with each other about classic cars. Walker, who was actually newer to the team than Luke, mostly just talked to Emily, who was apparently also everyone else’s boss. Penelope, the blonde who had waved you over, continued to rib Luke, but he seemed to give back as much as he got. It was kind of funny, and you were definitely pulling more info from him later. JJ was such a sweetheart and showed you photos of her kids. You could tell she was a proud mom.

You had been sitting at the table for a while and really wanted to dance with Luke, so finally leaned over and asked him to dance with you. He nodded, and you led him through the throng of dancers. As you hit the dance floor, ‘Marvin Gaye’ by Charlie Puth started playing.

You put your arms around Luke’s neck while he placed his at your waist, and you swayed to the music.

Woah, there’s loving in your eyes
That pulls me closer
It’s so subtle, I’m in trouble
But I’d love to be in trouble with you

Luke grip your waist and pulled you closer.

You got to give it up to me
I’m screaming mercy, mercy please
Just like they say it in the song
Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on

You leaned closer, nuzzling his neck. He wrapped his arms around your waist. There was no space between you, your bodies pressed together as you swayed together, completely oblivious to everyone else.

Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on
You got the healing that I want
Just like they say it in the song
Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on, babe
You got to give it up to me
I’m screaming mercy, mercy please
Just like they say it in the song
Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on
Just like they say it in a song
Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on

The song ended, and another began. The two of you continued to sway, not really paying attention to the music playing. Luke put his mouth to your ear. “Ready to leave?”

A chill shot down your spine at the feel of his lips on your ear. All you could do was nod.

You walked back to the table to say your goodbyes. Apparently, they had noticed the two of you on the dance floor because several of them had raised eyebrows and smirks on their faces. No one said anything other than goodbye making you sigh in relief. You grabbed your bag, then linked hands with Luke.


The ride back to your apartment complex was filled with sexual tension. You were still holding hands, Luke rubbing circles on the top of your hand with his thumb. You didn’t know exactly how this night would end, but you knew you and Luke would definitely be more than neighbors or friends.

Luke walked you to your door. You unlocked it, and making a quick decision, pulled Luke into your apartment. He kicked the door shut behind him, reaching for you. He pulled you to him, and placed a light kiss on your lips. That was all the encouragement you needed.

You deepened the kiss, pulling him towards your couch. His lips were just as amazing as you’d imagined they’d be, soft and plump. You fell back onto the sofa, pulling Luke on top of you.

You continued kissing, then Luke dropped his head down, kissing and nibbling your ear and neck. You pushed your fingers through his hair, which was so soft, and pulled his mouth back to yours.

Luke began to run his hands down your body, stopping to squeeze your hips, then continuing down your legs. He found the hem of your dress, slipping a hand underneath and caressing your thigh.

You had moved your hands from his hair down toward his back, lightly scratching his neck with your nails causing him to moan. His hand continued to travel up your thigh. When he reached the top of your thigh, his hand moved to the back of your thigh and slipped higher, squeezing. You groaned, sliding your hands down his back and pulling him closer to you.

In your mind you were thinking you should slow down, but everything felt so good. His hands felt wonderful, caressing your body and making it very difficult to have a coherent thought. And did you mention those luscious lips of his?

You both finally had to come up for air. You both lay there, breathing hard. Luke must have sensed that you were hesitant about continuing because he sat up, pulling you with him. He sat in the corner of the sofa, pulling you to him so that your head rested on his chest. You sat in silence for a moment, him rubbing your shoulder while you cuddle up next to him.

Finally he said, “Are you okay? I didn’t mean to rush you.”

“Oh god. Luke, no. You didn’t rush me. I…I was enjoying the moment, but I…I guess in the end I do want to take it slow. We’ve only known each other for a couple of weeks, and I don’t want to screw things up by rushing this. Does that sound stupid?” You asked, looking up at him.

Luke smiled and pushed a stray hair out of your face, “Of course it isn’t stupid. I actually feel the same way. I care a lot about you, and I definitely want to see where it goes. We can go as slow or fast as you want.”

You laughed, and he realized how the last thing he said sounded and laughed too. You raised up and kissed his cheek, saying, “I care about you too, Luke.”



Pairing: Y/N x Doyoung

Genre: High School AU, Romance

You were a popular girl…good grades, cool squad, captain of the school’s basket ball team, boys wanted to be with you and girls wanted to be you. Your life was every girl’s dream. Until one day, something new came into your life. Something which you wanted to kick out of your life but little did you know that one day you’d be clinging on to it. Something….or rather someone, who would not only steal your heart but your mind too.


”Okay class, now I want you all to treat the new transfer student nicely who’ll be here soon, I hope.” The class started groaning and whining as soon as they hear the word ‘transfer student’. 

The class was filled with “Not again!” and “Why?” but it was not until a tall, rather slender looking guy with eyes covered under a thin pair of glass came rushing in.He had his books covered with his long lean arms which were covered with loose plaid sleeves…not to mention his opened bag pack. 

His looks screamed the word ‘nerd’, well at least the way he carried himself. But to be honest, he was pretty good looking for a nerd. 

“Sorry I’m late!” those were his first words which were followed by our teacher’s warm smile saying,”It’s okay dear. Just letting you go this time since it’s your first day. Go ahead, introduce yourself.”

He smiled in return and faced us,”Hello I’m Kim Doyoung, the new transfer student and…uh…I hope…we’ll get along.”

He wasn’t like the other transfer students which I had seen. There was just something about him I couldn’t really figure out. My thoughts were interrupted by my friend who nudged me saying,”He looks cute…right?”

“Yeah I guess…I don’t know.” I said.                                                         

“You can go and have a seat Doyoung.” the teacher said smiling.

‘Not next to me please…..not next to me!’,  I kept praying

….And yet, he just HAD to pick the seat next to me.

He took a seat next to me. He was too shy to greet me so I just said hi to him myself. He looked at me with his wide eyes and said a plain nervous hi before pursing his lips and fidgeting with his fingers.

It was soon break time and the guy had still not talked with anyone. He sat alone with his lunch, far away from everyone.While I was talking to my friends, I saw a group of guys approaching Doyoung. I just smiled and ate my lunch with my friends thinking that the guys just wanted to hangout with the new guy.

Little did I know that they were there to bully him until I heard a thud on the ground. I turned around and saw Doyoung on the floor surrounded by the boys whom I thought were there for friendship.

“I should do something…” I said as I got up from the seat only to be pulled down by my friend Jisu.

“Don’t go there, it’s something between boys. Not a girl fight yo!” she said. “And besides, you don’t wanna mess up with your crush Sejun, do you?” Mina said.

“Oh snap!But they’re most probably gonna hurt him. It’s just his first day.” I said having my eyes on the group of guys.“You have no choice anyways. And since when did you get so empathetic?” Mina said with a laugh.

“Uh..I am a human?” I said with a pokerface.

“Let’s just go away from here before the fight gets big.” Jisu said pulling me out of the cafeteria.

And we left him, left him there only to get punched and kicked. What a nice first day at High School I thought sighing.


I AM SO NERVOUS ABOUT THIS YOU GUYSkasjfbks…I hope you guys like it. I am not as good as Ayu and Jia in writing so don’t expect A LOT from me but I will try to improve. PLZ SEND ME YOUR REVIEWS ABOUT THIS. I wanted to contribute in this blog after being on hiatus and also because there was lack of Doyoung in this blog XD -Admin Yuni

Let’s Stay Together | three [m]

angst, fluff, smut, horror ⚠️: (drug/alcohol use)

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 7k

Summary: Your first party in Gateway…

A/N: OK Y’ALL… this chapter was SO fun to write. I was deadass milly rocking to Disco music for 6 hours while I wrote this. I loved the music so much, I put the links to every song in this chapter so that you can listen while you read if you want! It really sets the mood for the scenes.

Disclaimer: I do not encourage the illegal consumption of drugs or alcohol. This story is a work of fiction.

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“Do I look okay? It’s not too much?” You shift anxiously, leaning against the passenger side door.

Jisoo finally found an outfit she said you had to have. It’s a set going for $200 dollars at retail price- she gave it to you for $25. The pants are in the bell-bottom style, but are made entirely of the softest, smoothest gold satin instead of the usual denim or corduroy. They hug your ass tightly and highlight the shapely curves of your legs, flaring at the bottom over your wooden wedges. They sit comfortably high on your waist, leaving a couple inches of your midsection bare. The pants came with a matching satin crop top. It’s not too low-cut, but shows enough skin to leave anyone who looks at you wanting more. The sleeves are long and offer a bit of whimsy with the way they flare out over your hands, similarly to the pants. Along with some big gold hoop earrings, the glow of this auriferous ensemble contrasts and complements your skin tone exquisitely. It’s no wonder Taehyung couldn’t wait to get you out of it earlier…

“Y/n, it is… a sin how good you look right now… if they don’t name you the queen of this disco then they’re out of their damn minds.” Taehyung looks up at you with adoration as he finishes fixing his brown leather shoe, then smooths down the silk of his own green Gucci top. It’s also long-sleeved, but loose-fitting and reveals the perfect amount of his tanned chest… you can’t wait to leave a trail of your lip gloss down the length of his abs…


Looking down with a demure smile, you try to wrangle your thoughts and carnal desires. You rub your hands together, keeping them warm from the slight chill in the air. Taehyung parked his truck a little ways away from the bonfire in efforts to avoid traffic on the way home, and you’re far enough from the warmth of the party to feel the reality of the night weather. The moon, a round beauty in full effect, smiles down on you with the promise of a night you won’t soon forget. 

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