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Sketchvember #2 with the king 👑❤

I don’t remember the exact outfit but I can recall with great clarity the way Rex impaled a guy from across the room & I would pay lots of money for clones fighting old school *3*


Guys please save the creepypasta fandom. They were my first fandom and I can’t stand to see them fade away, how would you feel for example the Homestuck fandom died out? Of the fnaf fading away? Please guys save them they deserve to stay

What The Signs Say When They See Slenderman

Aries: Slender, touch my bum, everyone, have a little fun.
Taurus: Slender, touch my bum, everyone, have a little fun.
Gemini: Slender, touch my bum, everyone, have a little fun.
Cancer: Slender, touch my bum, everyone, have a little fun.
Leo: Slender, touch my bum, everyone, have a little fun.
Virgo: Slender, touch my bum, everyone, have a little fun.
Libra: Slender, touch my bum, everyone, have a little fun.
Scorpio: Slender, touch my bum, everyone, have a little fun.
Sagittarius: Slender, touch my bum, everyone, have a little fun.
Capricorn: Slender, touch my bum, everyone, have a little fun.
Aquarius: Slender, touch my bum, everyone, have a little fun.
Pieces: Slender, touch my bum, everyone, have a little fun.

Imagine you and Michael are out for the day and it has been the best day you’ve had with him in ages.
Michael had just come back from touring, so with him being your best friend (that you may or may not have feelings for) you both wanted a day where it was just you two and no interruptions from the guys, fans or friends.

“Omg Y/N!! You have no idea how much I’ve missed you, I thought I was gonna lose my mind if I had to stay with just the guys for any other couple of days!” Michael giggles, the giggle that usually sent butterflies swirling in your stomach.
“Well I’m glad I can be of your service to get you away hehe.”

Just as you were about to go into a coffee shop, a tall slender guy with blonde hair, brown eyes and freckles stops you.
“Hey, erm, this may sound weird, but can I have your number?” He asks, the guys voice sounds low and rough. Sexy, but not Michael.
“Who’s asking?” You say, crossing your arms.
“Alexander. Alexander Pierce. So can I have your number?” His tone becoming irritated at my questioning.
“No, sorry.” I smirk.
“Why not?! You’re hot and i want your number!” He raises his voice, taking a step towards me.
But before he could get too close, Michael steps in, looking as if he’s gonna kill someone.
“The lady said ‘no’! So leave her alone!” Michael growls at Alexander, making him back down real quickly.
“S-s-orry man! My bad, didn’t know she had a boyfriend.” And with that, he hurries off.
Both you and Michael start laughing when Alexander is out of earshot.

“Y/N, you sure know how to draw all the guys in!” Michael chuckles.
You light punch his arm and say, “no I don’t!”
“I think you’ll find that you do!”
You look up at the tall red head and raise a finely styled brow.
“Oh yeah? Like who?” You say, challenging Michael. You know he wouldn’t be able to answer you because you literally repel the entire male population.
But that didn’t stop Michael from stepping closer to you, taking your face into his hands and looking deep into your brown eyes that turned a gold in the sun. “Me.” Michael whispers, his warm minty breathe hitting your face. You find yourself moving in closer to him, as he was as well. To build the tension further, you could both feel the spark that was errupting between you both as your lips had become an half inch from each other. Butterflies were fluttering like crazy in your stomach, the temptation becoming non-existent. As your lips meet in the middle, a fire like feeling alights between you both! Your lips moving in sync, in a rhythm, in a pattern. Nothing in this world is better than being with Michael right now, you think to yourself, nothing!

ONS Characters Play Slender
  • Okay so I was watching 11 Drunk Guys Play Slender and imagined it with the ONS characters. I couldn't get the image out of my head so here are them saying some lines that were said in the video
  • --------------------------------
  • various screaming
  • Shinya: AAAAAAAAA
  • Kimizuki: HOLD SHIFT
  • Shinoa: Run run run run run
  • Yuu: I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm trying
  • Guren: WHAT'S GOING ON
  • Yoichi: It's not blurry anymore
  • Mistuba: I told you his laptop sucks!
  • Yuu: Shut the fuck up-!
  • ~
  • Yoichi: Why did it happen? Why did that happen?
  • Kimizuki: Because he stood still- If you look up or you stand still you get FUCKED up
  • Yoichi: But why?
  • Yuu: When Slenderman gets close to your camera sucks dick like in Marbles Hornet
  • ~
  • Mika: It's at the house
  • Guren: It's so scary in there, go in there. Go there
  • Yoichi: To your right, to your right, to your right, to your rAAAAAA
  • various screaming
  • aaaAAAAA
  • Kimizuki: OH SHIT!!!
  • Shinoa: *delayed scream* ahhhh
  • ~
  • Yoichi: Someone else play-
  • Shinoa: Mistuba
  • Yoichi: I can't do it, it's too hard!
  • Shinoa: Mistuba
  • Mistuba: I'm not fucking doing this!
  • ~
  • Guren: Take a sharp left
  • Shinya: Nooo not that sharp
  • Kimizuki: If you don't get the pages he's going to fuck you in the ass
  • Ferid: That's what I'm talking about
  • Yoichi: It's a corner, get out of the goddamn corner
  • Shinya: Okay this is reallyyy scary now
  • Mika: Look for the pages now
  • Mika: Slenderman was right there-
  • screaming
  • Guren: What are you doing?! Grab the damn page!! GRAB THE FUCKING PAGE
  • ~
  • Yuu: Why don't we have a gun?! WE need to shoot him
  • Guren: Who goes to the park and doesn't bring a weapon? What kind of park is safe at NIGHT?
  • ~
  • Yuu: DO IT
  • Mika: Don't
  • Kimizuki: NO- Why are you going towards the house?!
  • Mistuba: STOP IT. Mika go play, get him away from the house
  • Guren: I CAN'T DO THIS
  • Mitsuba: NOOOO
  • ~
  • Yoichi: Why is this so frightening
  • Yuu: I need a dick up my ass
  • Guren: You are such a homosexual
  • Shinoa: House that shit up
  • Shinya: It's all about that house
  • Shinoa: Go right, go right, go right

Who needs Phantom Freddy when we’ve got FREDDY PHANTOM (Fazbear)

Dooda doo doo da doo da da doo doo dooda da doo da doo HE’S A FAZBEAR

Yo Freddy Fazbear he was just 13
When he was taken backstage, behind the scenes
He was excited to meet the bear of his dreams

He’s gonna jump scare em’ all cause he’s Freddy Fazbear

He walked up to to the bear and suddenly he got bit!
Then the kid was stuffed inside of it!
There was a great big flash and everything just changed
His body parts got crushed and strained

Fazbear Fazbear!

When he first woke up he realized he had brown fake hair
And glowing green eyes!
He could bust through doors, and make you die
He was much more unique than the Slender guy!

The puppet came in and told him what to do
“You have to find the guy who did this too you”

He’s here to jump scare me and you!

He’s gonna jump scare em all cause he’s Freddy Fazbear
Jump scare em all cause he’s Freddy Fazbear
Jump scare em all cause- SCREEEEEEEE Freddy Fazbear

This is the result of random Skype calls with my friends ;w;
Freddy Fazber© Scott Cawthon
Danny Phantom©Butch Hartmen


Another hard day’s work…only meant a hard night of partying for Kai Na. He’d sneak out of the soldiers’ resting quarters, come back late at night, sleep, then wake up with the others and train.

Most of his comrades knew about it. Heck, some of them joined him occasionally. But usually most people didn’t care what he did.

Most people except for Souji.

This slender womanly guy…Kai never understood why he had become a soldier. The only thing he had going for him was his drive. So when they were partnered up to spar, the man laughed.

“I’ll go easy on you…”


i dont get the posts that keep saying everyone draws bill as a white cis guy

i almost always see bill get drawn as a nonwhite dude and its almost like widespread agreed that he would be genderless/agender/genderfluid

ps you dont have to take this as an invitation to send me pics of bill drawn as a white slender guy i know they exist ive seen them a few times and no one reblogs them or thinks theyre good except weird people with a billion dashes in their urls and hetalia avatars aka the fandom scum