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Slenderman: Can you do that for me?

Jeff: Sure, Dad… Why is everyone staring at me.

Ben: You just called Slender “Dad”. You said “Sure, Dad”.

Jeff: What? No, I didn’t. I said sure, man.

Slenderman: Do you see me as a father figure, Jeff?

Jeff: No, if anything, I see you as a bother figure ‘cause you’re always bothering me.

EJ: Hey, show your father some respect.

There is a sort of ‘family reunion’ thing for the Slender brothers every six months. It’s chaos. Splendor is piggybacking Sally around at breakneck speeds. Trender is crying over everyone’s horrible clothes because oh my God literally everyone is wearing hoodies and it’s awful. Offender is flirting with everyone. Slender is just…so confused. 

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Can we get some Slenderman hcs?

  • He hates being called Slendy, but that doesn’t stop anyone from using the nickname
  • He’s like 10 feet tall
  • He gets along fine with Trender, is okay with Splendor, but hates Offender
  • Makes Dad jokes (’hi covered in blood, I’m Slender’)
  • He’s Sally’s third dad, along with Liu and her real dad
  • Probably listens to music from the 70s
  • Can’t really express emotions through facial features for obvious reasons, but can sort of through movement of where his brows should be
  • Let Jane draw his brows on once so he could make more obvious expressions. Never again.
  • Owns multiple suits, and has a never ending assortment of ties.

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How do you think TFP Megatron, Soundwave and Shockwave would react to the human heartbeat? Like, they just discovered it and ??? wut? why do you pulsate?

I’ll admit the Megatron one had me stumped for awhile.  XD  But I love the concept of Cybertronians being fascinated with humans (whether it’s in a positive way or not.)

Megatron:  He would most likely be in a similar situation to the cave-in when Jack confronted him. You find him wounded, unable to move, but his sheer size and aura of menace makes an involuntary shiver of fear run down your spine.  He watches you suspiciously, his heat sensors mapping out the warmth of your frame. That’s when he notices it.  The quick, rhythmic pulses emanating from your body.  It takes him a moment to remember how organic heartbeats work, but once he does, he let out a terrifying shark-like grin.  You’re afraid of him, and he knows it.  You try your best to steel your expression and steady your breathing, but there’s nothing you can do for the raging palpitations in your chest cavity. His grin stretches even wider.  “Well then, y/n,” he sneers.  “What are you waiting for…?”

Soundwave:  It’s a rare afternoon of peace and quiet around the Nemesis.  No Autobots, no wayward experiments, no demented AIs, just you and the resident spy master enjoying a quiet day in.  You sit on his shoulder while he types away at the enormous monitor in front of him.  His processor seems solely focused at the task at hand, though occasionally one of the snaking tendrils will coil around to offer you an affectionate head scratch – his way of letting you know you haven’t been forgotten.  With a sigh you lean into the sensitive protoform plating at his neck, allowing yourself to relax.  He goes still after a moment, his long, slender fingers halting at the key panel. You look at him in confusion as he turns to face you with a blank visor, worried that you might have hurt him somehow by accident.  But after a moment something flashes across the screen, a small, fluctuating line, the kind seen on hospital monitors.  It takes you a moment to realize that he’s displaying your own vital signs for you. He must have noticed your heartbeat when you lent against him.  You chuckle at him fondly as the image of a heart blinks over the reflective surface. “Love you too, Sounders.”

Shockwave:  He’s had his optic on you ever since he came on board the ship, though not in the way you originally thought.  When he asked you if he could run some simple tests on you to monitor your vitals you were hesitant, but decided that him merely tracking your heartbeat couldn’t hurt. Oh, how wrong you had been.  You dangle a few inches in midair, suspended by a network of sensor wires taped to your body, your toes barely touching his laboratory table.  You’re not in pain per say, but the feeling of being strung up by your arms is anything but pleasant.  Above you on the monitor, you can see the steady peaks and valleys of your lifeline as your heart continues to pound away in your chest.  You groan somewhat wearily and turn your attention to the mech beside you typing away at a datapad, no doubt cataloging his latest findings.  “Shockwave, it’s been three hours,” you groan with exasperation, feeling your arms go numb from their uncomfortable position.  “Can we please stop now?”  “In a minute, y/n,” he says turning his attention back on you.  “I’m quite curious to see what happens when we try turning you upside down.”

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What creepypasta/slenderverse characters will this blog recognize?

It recognises all characters (Nina and L.Jill don’t count), although it is important to note that it will address The Operator and Slenderman as completely separate beings, and Tim and Brian are not proxies. 

I have however had a little thought for a while to make up a ‘fanon au’, where Tim, Brian and Toby are proxies of a being that is both Slender and The Operator. The whole ‘mansion where everyone lives together’ thing could be canon too, I guess. I haven’t really fleshed it out, as it’s just a thought.

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In your AU how did Tim and Brian become Slenderman's proxies after the events of Marble Hornets?

Okay, this is actually a good way to flesh out the fanon au I mentioned! I don’t really know how to go about it, in all honesty.

Slender/Operator (I guess I’ll just go with Slender, better than The Slenderator) hunted the two of them down, and they agreed to become his proxies if he spared their lives. (I’m not sure of the timeline with the games fitting in as well, so it’s up to you whether other proxies such as Kate The Chaser are canon here too.)

A Slim Sleepover

It had been a few days since Sasha underwent a magical procedure that made his body thinner and taller. He was still ‘testing’ the look out to see whether or not he would keep his new body type. A short while back, he’d allegedly agreed to babysit someone while her father attended to other matters.

While Sasha worked on stuff in the kitchen, a more long-term guest of his was dry-mopping in the living room. Jamie, a teenage Native American girl who fell down Mt. Ebott around the same time as Sasha, was staying with the Kozlovs for the time until she could locate family of her own. She felt helping the family giving her shelter maintain said shelter was the least she could do. And she expected a quiet day…