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Amon/Odin and Scarecrow/Odin Ravens ? Maybe scarecrow gives Amon the information he needs ? What do you think about this similarity ?

YES. Thank you for asking this. Norse mythology is my shit.

I think, for now at least, Kaneki is still playing the main role of Odin for several reasons. He’s been associated with the Hanged Man ever since the first series, signifying his constant change in perspective. In the Eddas, Odin sacrifices himself by hanging from the great tree Yggdrasil for nine days and nine nights in exchange for knowledge. He still felt that this wasn’t enough, so he exchanged his eye for a drink from the fountain of wisdom.

Tarot cards are historically associated with the spread of alchemy thru Hermeticism. They tout links to the “prisca theologica”– a religion from which all religions were born– and borrow heavily from pagan iconography. The Hanged Man Tarot is intended to represent Odin in a state of limbo.

Kaneki was held captive within the confines of Aogiri Tree for nine days, and suffered a major revelation after “consuming” Rize. Odin and Kaneki are both depicted as being “one-eyed kings”.

Apart from “Odin” and different variations of “All-father”, he also goes by a plethora of other names: Forni, Grim, Ygg, etc. Another is Bileyg, as in the title of  Eto’s novel “King Bileygr”, which was written for Kaneki. It tells of story of a one-eyed ghoul called “Nameless”, who leads a rebellion to liberate ghouls. If you remember correctly, Kanae was confused by Haise’s name, which sounds like “(I am) called…” in German (ie: as if he doesn’t have a name; Nameless). 

The decoration on his chest always reminded of a horse head– it be Sleiphnir, Odin’s eight-legged stallion.

There’s still a chance that Amon will usurp Kaneki’s throne, since he is also a massive, one-eyed, cloaked wanderer on the search of knowledge and “the truth”. But for now he’s still unwilling to accept himself as a ghoul, and lacks the prophecy that Kaneki was given.

The really, really interesting thing about Scarecrow’s role in all of this– if he is intended to be involved in the Norse symbolism– is the literal purpose of a scarecrow. Odin’s two ravens are named Huginn and Muninn, literally “Thought” and “Memory”, respectively. Their job is to fly around the earth at daybreak and return at dusk to deliver what they’ve learned to Odin.

In this case, Scarecrow may be scaring “Thought” and “Memory” away from Amon. While he helped Amon escape Aogiri, he may also have diverted him learning more of what was happening around him by doing so. In an odd way, it could’ve both helped him and hurt him– Amon wasn’t consumed by his ghoul half, but branches that don’t bend will eventually break. 

It’s definitely interesting to think about Scarecrow symbolizing a barricade for Huginn and Muninn, but keep in mind that Yomo’s alias is literally “Raven”.  He’s previously aided Kaneki in his introduction to the peaceful side of ghouls, but may soon be challenged (or ironically befriended) by Scarecrow in the future.

One last thought on the matter: something I’m really looking forward to in relationship between Kaneki and Amon is actually the religious aspects projected onto them. I’m excited to see just how hard Amon is willing to hold onto his faith, and how his Christianity will rail against Kaneki as the pagan god King Bileygr (not to mention the whole “Black Goat” motif). 

It’s going to be wild. 

That moment where tumblr doesn’t realize Loki didn’t want to have sex with Svaðilfari, the horse . He had to because if he didn’t stop the building of a wall that Svaðilfari and his master were making or Loki would get banished. So Loki wanted to just lead him away by posing as a mare not get raped and then birth the ultimate horse baby Sleipnir. Loki does love Sleipnir though and believes he is the “the best horse among gods and men”.
—  I just really hate having to tell people that as a Loki RPer and cosplayer that I do not have a horse fetish but I do love my son.