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Author Spotlight: neverhaveieverbooks day 2

Day two is fic recs and this one includes a Hamilton crossover. Kind of. I mean they don’t go back in time.

Day 2: Fic Recs!

1. I Don’t Know How To Say No to This, a Glee/Hamilton crossover. This story follows Blaine’s auditions for a part in the Broadway hit Hamilton. As Kurt and Blaine become busier and busier with their own career tracks, things start to get difficult.  

Favorite Quote:  “Kurt, I’m working out ten hours a day, I need the right balance of carbs and proteins and I really won’t care if the living room has been vacuumed recently if I collapse during the Battle of Yorktown.” 

This fic was fun to write.  We incorporated lyrics and themes from the Hamilton soundtrack.  We wrote it because we couldn’t imagine Kurt and Blaine not being as obsessed with the show as everyone else is. We also wanted to explore how they would cope when they had conflict with their different careers. 

2. The Boys of Summer, a 12-chapter story written for the tumblr 2016 Klaine Summer Challenge. Our most popular fic, written partly to see if we could do the whole challenge and partly to talk about Kurt and Blaine in the summer, since Glee never did that. 

Favorite Quote:   “Kurt and Blaine swung their swings higher and higher until they were breathless, laughing and giddy with all of it. Kurt let memory swirl with anticipation in his mind and watched the oak trees advance and recede with each push of his legs. And then they walked back to Kurt’s house, hand in hand, buckled themselves into the fully loaded car and Kurt headed toward the entrance ramp to the interstate to take them both back to New York.” 

Tom lives in New York and had tons of ideas for what they would do, and where they would live. Jen wanted to work in pieces of history from the show—remembering prom, Kurt’s work at the nursing home, Blaine’s issues with his brother, Cooper. We tried to add things we would have liked to see if Glee had continued as a show, like meeting Blaine’s Nana, singing in their New York apartment and meeting their new neighbors.  

3. Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening? written for the 2016 tumblr. Klaine Advent Challenge. 

Favorite Quote: “I used to take ballet, you know. Before my mom died. I always wanted to dance the role of the Mouse King.” “Aww, that’s adorable. But why the Mouse King and not the Nutcracker Prince?” “Are you kidding? The Mouse King gets to die on stage. Much better part.” 

Writing a chapter a day for 24 days in a row in December was a challenge. So we decided to make each chapter a snippet of a conversation between Kurt and Blaine, similar to the way that each door of a real advent calendar opens to give you a tiny picture or a single sweet.  We wanted to make it clear who was talking without having to identify the speaker and we had fun coming up with the problematic gifts they exchange in the last two chapters. Exhausting, but worth it! 


Prompt #1. Being caught under the mistletoe with Eric. And #15. You love the Christmas season, but Eric absolutely hates it. You spend the day forcing him/her to be festive. AND #20. Annoying Eric by singing Christmas Carols, but by the end of the day he/she has them stuck in his/her head and can’t stop singing them either.  

For: @gari-budi

A/N: @gari-budi requested a lot of prompts so I decided to combine a few of them into one imagine. Also, I accidentally did prompt #1 twice for Eric, so whoops…

Later on, we’ll conspire, as we dream by the fire!” You sing, as you put up last minute decorations in your apartment on Christmas Eve.

“Will you stop singing Y/N,” Your best friend, Eric, groans.

“Oh shut up Eric, you may not like Christmas, but I love it!” Eric groans louder, and runs his hands through his hair. Eric has always hated Christmas, but because you won a bet on this year’s initiates, Eric was forced to spend the day with you for Christmas.

“It’s only Christmas Eve, the bet doesn’t start until Christmas day, so please shut up.”

“Fine,” You give up, falling onto the couch next him. This wasn’t the first time you and Eric were spending the night together, but you two were just friends, nothing more, nothing less.

“Rise and shine sleepy-head! It’s Christmas!” You yell in Eric’s ear first thing in the morning, he startles awake and swears at you. You pull him up and rip the curtains open, “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?”

“Y/N, let me sleep!”

In the lane, snow is glistening,” You drag Eric off the couch and take him into the kitchen, he finally wakes up at the sight of food, “A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight! Sing with me Eric!”


“Sing or you don’t get any food,” He raises his eyebrows at you, “A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight…

Walking in a winter wonderland,” He deadpans.

“That’s the spirit!” You pass him a Santa hat.

“Y/N no!”

“Eric yes! Is the big bad Eric really backing out of a bet?” He yanks the hat out of your hand and puts it on his head. After breakfast, the two of you open a few gifts, and spend the rest of the day watching classic Christmas movies. For the first half of the day, Eric keeps questioning the logic of the movies, however, as time goes on, he really starts enjoying them. By the end of the night Eric excuses himself to go to the bathroom, he comes back with on hand in his pocket as if he was hiding something. As he walks into the room you hear him humming the lyrics to Winter Wonderland, you chuckle to yourself knowing you go it stuck in your head.

You look up at him curiously, and he sits down next to you without saying a word, “What?”

“Y/N, there’s actually one thing that I think I like about Christmas,” He brushes your hair away from your face, and your heart flutters. What’s happening?

“And what’s that?”

“This,” He pulls out a mistletoe from his pocket, you gasp, he takes advantage of the moment and kisses you. You’re too shocked to react, and he pulls away, “I-I’m sorry Y/N, shit, I shouldn’t have done that! I’m sorry!”

“No! Don’t be,” You say before pulling him back towards you, he instantly responds and you feel sparks flying all around you.

“You know, maybe Christmas isn’t that bad,” He says once you two pull away. You mumble a response and cuddle next to him. You giggle as he runs his fingers through your hair, absentmindedly humming the tune of Winter Wonderland.

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How would Saeran react to MC catching him singing When Christmas Come to Town (from Polar Express) and joins in with him?

A/N: I’ve never seen the movie or heard the song so I had to look up the song ;A; I have such mixed feelings aaaaaaaaa 

I wrote this one as more of a fic to I hope it worked out!! Happy late Holidays! ~Admin 404

You walked quietly into the living room because you hear some soft sounds. It sort of sounded like….singing? But who would be singing? It obviously wasn’t you, so who else could it be? You saw the back of Saeran’s head as he sat on the couch and could see the light of his DS glowing softly over his shoulder. ‘Was…. was Saeran…singing?’ That’s all you can think to yourself until you were ripped from your thoughts because now you can hear semi-quiet words being spoken rather than just noise.

           "I’m wishing on a star… and trying to believe.. that even though it’s far, he’ll find me Christmas Eve.“

The reality hit you that Saeran was singing this song to himself. You recognize the song as ‘When Christmas Comes to Town’ from the movie Polar Express. When did Saeran watch that movie? It was never with you. He also NEVER sang around you. Did he even know you were home?

           "I guess that Santa’s busy, 'cause he’s never come around…… I think of him when Christmas comes to town.”

You know it’s just a song, but hearing the sadness in his voice when he sang this line reminded you that he’s had a terrible childhood. With a terrible childhood, he’s bound to have bad Christmas’s as well- if he’s even had a Christmas at all. It honestly broke your heart to hear him like this. You were torn between leaving the room and let him sing in peace, or risk embarrassing him and singing along. You sort of said 'Fuck it’ to yourself, and started out softly.

           "The best time of the year, when everyone come home… With all this Christmas cheer, it’s hard to be alone.“

He practically jumped out of his seat and stared at you with the widest eyes he could muster. Did you hear him sing? You must have, or else you wouldn’t have sang the next line. He began to blush furiously and stared down at the couch, doing anything he could to avoid your eyes. You decided to keep going, to help him get over his embarrassment.

           "Putting up the Christmas tree with friends who come around. It’s so much fun when Christmas comes to town.”

You took a step around the couch to stand closer to him and lightly put your hand on his shoulder. He kept avoiding your gaze and stayed fixated on a point on the couch. He didn’t pull away, in fact, he wanted you to keep singing. He loved hearing your voice, and never wanted it to end. Everyone tends to think he’s this hard-shelled person, who doesn’t have a soft side. He has one for you, though? So why couldn’t he have another one? One where he resents his childhood, and enjoys a Christmas movie? His thoughts stop when he hears you start singing again.

           "Presents for the children, wrapped in red and green-“

           "All the things I’ve heard about, but never really seen….”

You were taken back when he started to sing along with you again, but quickly gained composure. He glanced up at you and he swears he could have melted right then and there at the small little smile you gave him. The two of you locked eyes and sang the next part gingerly.

           "No one will be sleeping on the night of Christmas Eve, hoping Santa’s on his way..“

As quietly as the two of you sang, it was absolute music to his ears. He never knew that your voices would blend together as well as they did! He couldn’t get enough of it! When the line ends, he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you closer. As a way to encourage you to keep going, he presses his forehead against your own and looks into your eyes. You lay your hands flat against his chest and took the hint, continuing to sing.

           "Presents for the children, wrapped in red and green…”

           "All the things I’ve heard about, but never really seen.“

           "No one will be sleeping on the night of Christmas Eve, hoping Santa’s on his way..”

The two of you take turns singing as a duet, never looking away from each other, and never moving away.

           "When Santa’s sleigh bells ring-“

           "I listen all around.”

           "The herald angels sing-“

           "I never hear a sound.”

           "When all the dreams of children-

           "Once lost will all be found.“

           "That’s all I want, when Christmas comes to town.”

The singing between the two of you become more hushed and slowed down, as he inched his lips closer to your own. Your breath intermingling with his as it tickled your lips as the two of you sang the last line together so quiet it was almost silent.

           "That’s all I want….when Christmas….comes to town…“

As soon as the last word was sang, he kissed you so softly, it was as if he thought you would break. You could feel the love and appreciation behind the kiss, that it was no surprise that when he pulled away, your face was as red as a tomato. The slight smile that graced his features made your heart race.

           "MC… Thank you. Thank you for singing with me, and thank you for giving me a reason to enjoy Christmas. This song means a lot to me… growing up like I did was difficult, even more so during the holidays. So please, stay and continue to give me light during the dark holidays. I…. I love you, MC.”

december 1st

December first; Winter Wonderland by Michael Bublé

the snow storm came last night, just as the clock struck 12:01, almost as if the sky were waiting for November to be officially over. the naked trees and bushes and streets and cars and houses were covered with fresh snow. the neighborhood kids went out early morning to play in the snow, still in their pajamas and a big coat and boots on. their mothers warned them to wear gloves, but they all wanted to play a game of chicken: whoever can hold the snow in their bare hands the longest wins. the prize was unknown yet, but they all still played.

today was the busiest day at Carl’s Tree Shop. a little parking lot filled with fresh pine trees. everyone came into town to purchase a tree for the month. Carl always had the best trees. there was something about where he got them. and sometimes he grew his own. and after everyone bought a tree from Carl, they all went to the diner that beloved to his wife, Nancy.

Nancy’s Diner served the best chocolate pies and pumpkin pies. it was like a small town tradition to buy a tree from Carl and stop by Nancy’s for pie and coffee or hot chocolate. everyone in town would be at the two places all day.

the town was a small town of 25,000. everyone knew everyone and they all trusted one another. they were a friendly town. there was hardly ever any crime. the only bad thing that happened to the town was when Mrs. Dale, an elderly 86 year old woman slipped on black ice in her driveway and died on her way to the house.

the town was one that you really had to look for on the map. and the townsfolk liked that. they hardly got any visitors, and they liked the peace and quiet.

so did Shawn and I. Shawn loved this town; mainly because they didn’t know he was a very famous celebrity. and he liked it that way. this was his little getaway. a place he could hide and go for a walk without his picture being taken. after touring or doing interviews, when he had more than a month of relaxing, he would come here and rest.

it was his second home, but our first. together, it was our little winter wonderland. the snow would cover the naked trees like a thick and soft blanket of snow. of course it tried to cover the pine trees, but failed, and instead piled up under the bristles of the branches. no one knew of our little secret hideaway town. and we liked to keep it that way.

our home was a small and simple two story cabin. bedroom and bathroom upstairs, kitchen and living room downstairs. we were always comfortable and cozy during snow days like these. together, we would spend the day gathered by the fireplace, talking and listening to music blast through the record table. and tonight was one of those nights.

I hold the door open for Shawn and some cold air rushes in through the door. some snowflakes fall at my red fuzzy sock covered feet. I shiver behind the wooden door and poke my head out. Shawn grunts as he drags the tree in the house. his nose is red from the cold and there’s a few flakes caught in his brow, eyelashes, and the little curls of his hair that peek out from under his hat. the tree is fully in the house by the time I close the door, locking it in the process. the wind howls and blows more flakes of snow.

Shawn removes his jacket and shoes. I take his coat from his hands and hang it in the closet while he puts his shoes away. I place more wood in the fireplace and the fire crackles at the action.

“was it packed?” I asked Shawn as I went over to the kitchen. “at Carl’s?” I grab two mugs and fill them with hot chocolate before topping it with whipped cream, mini marshmallows, and some sprinkles of cinnamon.

“yeah,” Shawn replies. “like crazy.”

“did you stop by Nancy’s?”

“I didn’t get a chance to. her diner was more packed than the lot.”

“really?” I ask.

“yeah. the news says that there’s gonna be a small blizzard. I guess people want to stock up on the pies.”

I walk back to the living room and find Shawn sitting in front of the fireplace. his back is to me as his hands are out to the fire. in the corner stands the tree in its holder. I carefully sit down on the floor next to him and hand him a mug. he takes it from my hands and sets it on the floor.

the fire gives a warm glow to his skin and makes his eyes look brown. I lean in and wipe a snowflake from his eyebrow and it melts on my skin.

“I got caught in the blizzard.” Shawn tells me. his cold hand takes my warm hands in his. he rubs his hands over mine in an attempt to warm his up faster.

“I can tell,” I nod. “it looks like you have crazy dandruff.”

he shakes his head and some of the snowflakes disappear. I smile as he slowly picks his head up. our eyes meet and I’m slowly reminded of the night we met.

“do you remember when we met?” I ask him. our hands are still together.

“all the time,” Shawn replies. his cheeks have gotten a slight rosy tint to it.

“it was during a blizzard like this. you came in with cold hands and a red nose and you sat in my section.”

I worked at Nancy’s serving tables to help pay my way through college. Shawn had came in, sat right down, and took out his writing journal and began writing so much he had to borrow my pens.

Shawn lets go of my hands and stands up. I give a look of confusion and see that he’s gone to the vinyl turntable. his hands wander through the records before he pull one out and places it under the needle. instantly, Winter Wonderland comes on.

“come on.” Shawn grabs my hand and picks me up. our mugs of hot chocolate rest by the fire as we stand together. he places a hand at my hip and holds onto my other hand. my free hand goes to his shoulder and I tilt my head back in the slightest as I look up at him.

sleigh bells ring, are you listening?” Shawn signs along to the song. I laugh and shake my head as he continues to sing, changing his voice to do an impression.

“what on Earth are you doing?” I ask.

“what? you don’t like this song? if you hate this song, sorry to break it to ya, but we’re going to have to break up.”

I shake my head and rest my head against his chest while he continues to sing and lightly sway our bodies. the beat changes and trumpets begin to blare through the house. Shawn takes my hand and spins me before placing a hand at my back and dipping me. I laugh as he rolls me out before lightly pulling at my hand and rolling me back in. my back is against his chest and he holds onto my other hand.

in the meadow we can build snowman,” Shawn continues to sing in my ear lightly. a smile tugs at my lips and I burst into little chuckles. I glance down and see that the whipped cream has dissipated into the hot liquid, the marshmallows looking like they will, too.

later on, we’ll conspire, as we dream by the fire. come on, you know the words.” he says in my ear.

to face unafraid, the plans that we’ve made,” I sing along. “walking in a winter wonderland.”

“walking in a winter wonderland.”

Shawn sings the final lines of the song and rolls me back out once more before spinning me in. he takes my hand in his, his other hand resting lightly at my hip as we sway in front of the fire. the warm light glows across his face and my heartbeat quickens as the song finishes and goes to the next song on the album. with the new song continuing to play, Shawn continues to sing, “walking in a winter wonderland.”

my hands go around his neck and his hands rest at my waist as we slowly sway; a smile at my lips while he continues to sing the song.



“stop singing and just kiss me.”

“my pleasure.”

he leans in and his lips brush against mine before he kisses me. the fire crackles beside us and our marshmallows have disappeared into the hot chocolate. the wind continues to howl outside and more snow begins to fall outside. as much as I love the snow, I would rather be here with Shawn and enjoying the view from indoors as if we were in our own snow globe of a cabin.

he breaks the kiss to smile and sing to me again, “walking in a winter wonderland.”

I repeat, “walking in a winter wonderland.”

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"I didn't know you could sing."

“Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening. A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland,” Tony was singing softly between shaving his beard as Steve walked into the bathroom that morning.

Momentarily shocked by Tony’s voice, he paused and listened. Tony went on for a little while, not spotting Steve in the doorway right away, but when he did he stopped singing immediately.

“What?” he asked a little defensively, and Steve shook his head.

“Nothing,” he replied, smiling. “You sound wonderful. I didn’t know you could sing.”

“Oh,” Tony mumbled, obviously having not expected that response. “Uh, thanks. I used to sing with my Mom sometimes.”

“You should do it more often,” Steve hummed as he got into the shower, and smiled when, after a few moments, Tony started to sing again.

Christmas Cheer - Day 4

Fairy Tail Christmas Week

Day 4 - Party

Pairing: Gajevy

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A/N: I wasn’t quite sure where I was going to go with this prompt, but then this one ended up being my favorite! It was a lot of fun to write. Hopefully you’ll have fun reading it! 

Gajeel came into the guild on the wrong day, he noted bitterly as he sat at the bar. The guild had been unbearable enough lately, with all the weird smelling decoration crap. He didn’t understand the need for all these candles when the guild was lit up just fine without them, or why there had to be trees and wreaths in every nook and cranny of the building. All the opposing smells gave him a headache.

But today, a Christmas party was being held, and everyone was being extra obnoxious. Mira was up on stage singing annoying songs, people kept trying to get him to try disgusting drinks, and everyone was wearing ridiculous costumes. It was all so stupid. All Gajeel wanted to do was get a mission and get out. But the request board had been taken down in order to make it a ‘day of celebration’. Gajeel would have just gone home, but then Pantherlily, his cat, refused and told him to try and enjoy the holiday and flew off to join in with everyone else.

So Gajeel decided to try to deal with the festivities. But twenty minutes in, he was already done. After he finished this beer, he was going home. With Pantherlily or not.

Foreign hands appeared from behind him and placed something on his head.

Gajeel sighed. He snapped earlier at someone for trying to put a Santa hat on his head, but since it was her…

“Merry Christmas!” Levy said cheerfully, hopping into the seat next to him. She was also dressed for the season with a red dress and headband.

“You’re a week too early.” Gajeel grumbled.

“Still not feeling the Christmas spirit, huh?” She asked, smiling wryly.

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