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BTS Reaction: BTS notices that GF isn’t wearing a bra.


 Hey! Can I get a BTS reaction when they notice you (crush or gf) aren’t wearing any bra ? Thanks ^-^

♣ if you want something more smutty or specific, just say so~ this is not graphic, but I can make it for you, so just specify if you want it to be. you can add “fluff” “smutt” “angst” or whatever you want at the end of the request!!! thank you!! ♣

 • Namjoon: 
When he noticed through your gray sleevless shirt that you didn’t have a bra, this boy wouldn’t be embarassed, I think he would understand that it’s comfortable to just rest without anything bothering sensible parts of your body, even more when you were laying in your bed with you long term relationship partner. Even understanding this, he won’t stop staring when you are not paying attention until you caugh him and both of you stared at each other’s soul, making an uncomfortable silence, until you gave him a naughty smirk.

“So… do you wanna make this even more comfortable?”

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• SeokJin:

I guess he’d be kinda shy about it at the beggining, but you just got home after a long day at college and you just wanted to rest. Jin was your boyfriend, so why would you be embarassed about it? You took off your bra and threw it to the laundry, and then you just sat next to you boyfriend asking how his day was. I think that he’d try to avoid staring or act shy, so he would have a cheering attitude, but eventually you two would end up cuddling and he would rest his head on your clothed breasts. (dirty thoughts ofc)

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• Yoongi:

I don’t think he’d make a scandal about it. He probably would find it completely normal, respecting the fact that you are comfortable that way, but of course that would be a first step for him to start something kinky (?). Like, for example, you two were in the bed watching a movie (of course you dragged him to the bed with you) and he just lifted your shirt a little and stroked your abdomen. These kind of games usually are just teasing, but sometimes it turns to something else.

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This boy would just play around, massaging your boobs gently just to tease you. You would tickle him and it would be a constant game of teasing each other, playing around, just having a good time. But sometimes those games can take an unexpected turn; like when you’re cooking or organizing something and he hugs you from behind, squishing your breasts and laughing cockily, and when you turn around to kiss him, he would kiss you passionately, telling you how much he loves you, and stroking your back.
(i died writing this he’s so adorable adios)

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• Jimin

Let’s be honest, Jimin isn’t a fuckboy like many people think. Imo, he’s a piece of heaven, but like everyone he has his own needs. One day he got from practice and decided to visit you. You were about to go to sleep so you were using your pajamas, of course you didn’t have a bra on. Jimin and you decided to cuddle to sleep, but when he wrapped his arms around you he felt something more squishy than usual, and inocently asked if you weren’t using any bra. You just laughed and denied with your head, and he just chuckled and squished them softly playfully before falling asleep with you in his embrace. This would be a specific situation, but depends on his mood or in how tired you both are. He does the same that Yoongi does, he strokes your abdomen playfully and sometimes that leads to something else, but he’s always respectful.

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• Taehyung:

Just like Chim, he wouldn’t have any perverted thoughts at the beggining, but would take it as something normal just like everyone. I really think that every member is completely respectful in that way, not taking the fact that you aren’t using any bra as a hint that you want their (agust) D, but instead of staying silent like Jimin, he probably would break the silence: “they’re so soft!!” “can I touch them?” “does it hurt?” “can I sleep on them?” you would laugh at everything, but when you wanted him to touch you lovingly, he’s smart, so he would understand and place his hands inside your shirt instead of just touching them with your clothes on.

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• Jungkook: 

Okay, so every member thought that it was completely normal, but for Jungkook it wasn’t like that. I mean, of course it was, but it gave him some confidence to start something, even if not having a bra meant just comfort for you. He would, just like everyone else, respect your comfort, but he would also tease you with something, like lifting up his shirt “accidentaly”, like a hint. This would be months after you started dating him, the first time he saw you like that, he was jungshook. But he normalized it with time, he just wasn’t that used to it, but now he was more confident.

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               Martial Arts questions:                                                        

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when you first tried martial arts: When I was around 7 My friend invited me to participate in his taekwondo class.

styles you’ve trained in: I have taken Karate (Shotokan) Kick boxing and a bit of BJJ

other physical activities you do: I dance and play Pokemon Go.

martial art you want to try: Capoeira, Judo, Kyuki Do.

most recent martial arts movie you’ve seen: Redbelt. The BJJ movie starring Chiwitel Ejiofor

most recent martial arts book you’ve read: none.

Fav martial arts movie: Enter the Dragon. Bruce Lee is the MAN!!

fav martial arts book: BJJ handbook

what do you wear for training: My Gi pants and a sleevless shirt. and at times ankle weights.

do you practice outside of class: I’m not currently in any classes, so yes.

Worst injury: Almost got a broken nose once. Surprisingly there was no blood

3 fav Martial artists: Living; Michael Jai White, Gina Carano, Donnie Yen

3 martial arts Goals for this year: Get into taekwondo classes

fav movement in your style(s): Ooo I always love a quick roundhouse. Or a Spinning Back kick. Or a sweep. Extremely useful

do you compete: I want to possibly when I get back to it

anyone else in your family do martial arts: My Brother did Karate.

Do you dream in martial arts: Sometimes

Any martial arts regrets: Not starting before middle school. And getting back in sooner

something you learned the hard way: Controlling my strength and kicks.

advise to someone starting out: Do what you can. You won’t start great-

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Had to use at least one Gif.

I tag whomever wants to do this!

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ctromedea  asked:

Howdy! Could you do some modern AU hc for Bonney, Koala, Perona, Nami and Zoro on how they dress, what kind of outfits they usually wear? :3

fashion is my favorite thing just saying :DDD ♥♥♥


  • pretty much grunge style also soft grunge 
  • a bit punky too
  • She’s pretty chaotic, that also becomes apparent in her clothing
  • two different socks? marmelade stain on her top? Well shit, son she had a busy morning!
  • necklaces, earings, rings, she likes bling a lot
  • Wears pretty bright colors, really loves pink and yellow
  • An outfit she’d wear would be a furjacket, a soft pink crop top, combat boots and shorts and a hat


  • very preppy
  • her clothes are always spick and span
  • her favorite colors to wear are purple and soft pink and blue
  • lots of short flutter skirts
  • She’s a huge fan of knee high socks and tights
  • She’s not really girly rather than just preppy
  • She wears a necklace, but just sometimes
  • You know Koala really loves hats a lot
  • She cannot stand for dear life food on her clothing, she will immideately wash everything


  • Absolute Goth
  • And also a bit Lolita kind of style
  • Perona’s favorite color is pink, which is why she predominantly dyes her hair pink
  • The colors she wears are black, white, red, pink and sometimes gold and silver
  • She loves plateau shoes a damn lot
  • She’s a huge fan of hats like Koala
  • Perona cares for her style a lot, really a damn lot, it’s excentric but she always manages to make her make up and her clothes look awesome even if they’re a bit unsual


  • Nami has a sort of hipster-esque
  • Even during winter she wears pretty light clothing
  • She loves flower prints a lot
  • She would wear sandals all the time if she could, and she has the most ridiculous (in a good way) collection of sandals and flat at home
  • She doesn’t really like dresses, she prefers skirts 
  • Her fave colors to wear are def all the warm summer colors, like yellow, orange, light red and white 
  • She doesn’t wear much jewelry
  • Idk if that counts but…like her tattoo you know it’s not just the little one on her shoulder, she’s got a full sleeve on her left arm


  • sporty
  • A WHOLE BUNCH of sleevless shirts and hoodies
  • He would every day in his life wear comfy jogging pants if he could
  • Often enough wears the hoodie of the police department
  • Zoro has a lot of ‘nike’ sneakers he wears
  • he wears dark colors mostly, dark green is his fave color to wear
  • Man, look Zoro doesn’t want to look fashionable, sexy, trendy or masculine or whatever, he doesn’t give a shit about that. He just wants it comfy, he’d walk around nude if he could
  • He does love army print tho 
  • Has a bunch of bomber jackets
Naruto: the final bullcrap

After hours wasted on writing out my trauma of the Naruto ending I came to the conclusion that before ranting anything more, I need to make a normal objective opinion on The last by watching the movie. I did it today. Oh boy. What a an epos of brainfarts. And how beautifully animated it is.

The list of brainfarts spotted in the movie below, my personal farewell also below โ™ฅ

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Just Like That (Jin Smut)

Okay, lovelies!!! FINALLY at least one request is done!! An anon requested the following:

Hey! Great job! Can you write a scenario Jin x Reader (smut),plz! When he has feelings for her, but she doesn’t know and teases him unconcsiously. So one day he can’t stand it any more Thank you in advance!

I really hope this doesn’t disappoint, considering how long I made you wait 😅

Warnings: dirty talk, and Jin himself needs a warning tbh


Anyone who knew Kim Seokjin could tell you that he was a calm and collected man. Always the voice of reason, Jin was a natural caretaker.

He tried to keep his … dirtier thoughts to himself, never wanting to embarass himself by participating in the conversation when Namjoon or the younger members would bring it up.
He had fantasies and things that got him off, of course, but he never talked about them. Namjoon would have a heyday if perhaps one day, Jin maybe possibly forgot to clear his browsing history.
“Dude, I can’t believe you’re really into shit like that!”

Nonetheless, Jin knew that he had to be the mature one. But that became very hard when you came along.

A newbie makeup artist, you were enthusiastic and generally nice to be around. Jin hated to admit that he had feelings for you. He felt like an awkward teenage boy with how he blushed and got tingles in his stomach when you laughed at his jokes or told him he looked nice. Quite frankly, it was ridiculous and it didn’t help when his members caught on.

“Hyung, I wonder if (Y/N) will wear that one perfume that smells really nice today,”
“Hyung, (Y/N) looks really cute in that skirt she’s wearing today, don’t you think?”

Jin did think your perfume was the best thing he’d ever smelled and he had taken a slight liking to that skirt, the one that hugged your hips just right. But nobody needed to know that.

Jin knew that it wasn’t your fault and it meant nothing when you would bend over in front of him or when your mentor tripped and spilled her coffee on your blouse. But it was very, very hard to tear his eyes away, even though he knew it was rude and slightly perverted to stare.

He tried his best to stay modest. You never showed interest in him in that way and he really didn’t want to ruin his newfound friendship with you, so he didn’t take any action. But even a calm man like Jin reaches a point where he just can’t take it anymore.

Perhaps that’s why he dragged you into the empty broom closet before he had to go on stage, peaking out to make sure no one noticed before he closed the door and turned on the light.

“Um, Jin?” You questioned, noticing he looked nervous, hands fidgeting and eyes tryig to look anywhere but at you.

“Okay, um, (Y/N), this is gonna sound really crazy. But just please promise me you’ll wait until I finish,” He said, voice edging on frantic as he finally looked you in the eye.

You nodded, smiling at how he seemed slightly calmer almost instantly.

“Okay, um..well see, for the longest time, I’ve had a really huge, kind of embarassing crush on you. Like, you’re really, really, gorgeous. You’re so gorgeous,” He says and now he’s blushing, tall, broad shouldered man suddenly seeming smaller.

“Jin…” You begin but he cuts you off and you’re reminded of your promise to wait for him to finish.

“I think you have every right to know that, um, I’ve thought some…not so innocent things about you. Like when you got coffee on your shirt,” He pauses, eyes widening as if he realizes what he just admitted and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“God, I’m so sorry,” he mumbles, jolting when you place a hand gently on his shoulder. You smirk softly at how you feel him shudder under your touch, leaning up to whisper to him.

“I’m glad the feeling is mutual,” You say, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek, careful not to mess up his makeup. You feel strong arms wind around your waist and pull you to his chest and Jin suddenly seems much more confident.

You both stand there for what seems like hours, wrapped together in a comfortable silence. That is, until you both here Jimin calling his name.

“Shit, you have to go on stage,” you say and Jin smiles and nods. He reluctantly lets go of you, pressing a kiss to your cheek and you feel his lipgloss left behind on your cheek.

“I’ll find you after, okay?” He says, peaking out the door and leaving the broom closet as if nothing had happened.


Everyone is in a panic when the boys come off stage, trying to get them out of their makeup and clothes and in their van on their way back to the dorm in record time.

You felt slightly discouraged when Jin was no where to be found. You knew he would probably be dragged off with the other boys instantly, it was inevitable. But that didn’t stop you from feeling just a tiny bit saddened.

That is until you feel someone grab your wrist amongst the crowd in the hallway. You’re suddenly pulled into an empty practice room, the loud chatter cut off when the heavy wooden door closes behind you.

You look to see none other than Jin, barefaced and in a t-shirt and sweats.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere,” he says, slightly breathless as he flashes you his typical gorgeous smile.

“I was beginning to think you forgot about me,” you gasp dramatically, elicitng a soft chuckle from him.

“I could never,” he says, snaking his arms around your waist to pull you into his chest.

“I have an hour and a half before I have to go,” He whispers, voice husky as his teeth latch softly onto your earlobe. You gasp, a delightful shudder dragging through your body.

“I can work with an hour and a half,” you purr, a sudden confidence in your tone. You acredit it to how comfortable and effortless you feel around him.

You whimper softly when you feel a hand on your ass, gripping gently before pulling away. You’re about to protest when his plush lips have suddenly found their way to yours.

The kiss starts gentle, lips pressed together chastely, softly, just like the movies. You take it upon yourself to amp it up, arms winding around Jins neck as you nip at his plump bottom lip slightly.

The growl that emits from him sends a wave of excitement through you.

“So it’s like that?” he mumbles when you both finally pull away and suddenly you’re being backed up against the mirror of the dim practice room.

“Tell me, (Y/N), are you guilty too? I told you that I’ve thought about you in ways that aren’t so clean. Have you, perhaps thought of me that way?” He says, pressing kisses to the collumn of your neck between each sentence.

You mewl softly, mind wandering to one specific late night. You were restless, rolling around in your sheets, groaning in frustration as sleep just simply would not take you. You remember the way you had thought about Jin in the sleevless shirt he had worn on stage, thighs rubbing together.

You gasp softly when Jins teeth latch on to the junction between your neck and shoulder.

“I asked a question, baby,” he says.

“Yes Jin, god, yes,” you whimper, hips rolling forward for any sort of friction. Jins breath stutters when you grind against the obvious bulge in his sweatpants.

“What did you think about? Hmm? Did you think about this? About me having you under me like this, begging for me?” he whispers, hips grinding against yours again and pulling a soft moan from your lips.

His words send a wave of arousal through you and when you open your eyes, sweet, kind, lovely Jin is gone. Replaced by the same man, only more dominant, sexier if that was even possible.

“I thought…thought about you…” you trail off. Jin has a way with his slight dirty talk, the words rolling off his tongue without a problem, calm and collected. But you were more shy, not sure how to put your request into words.

“You can tell me, it’s okay, baby,” he says, offering a soft, reassuring smile that only comes off as a sexy smirk.

God, there’s that name again. You gulp, shoving your worries to the back of your mind as you speak.

“I thought about you…eating me out,” you squeak, hiding your face slightly in embarassment. You know for sure by now your cheeks are pink.

Jins hands move to your waist, dancing across the hem of your pants. He pulls them away to gently grab your hands away from your face.

“Don’t hide. You don’t have to be shy about what you want,” he says and yet again, you know it’s meant to be reassuring. But with the way sex appeal is practically dripping off of the man in front of you, you hardly even register his words.

“Jin, please,” you sigh, nearing desperate. You realize at that moment, you really aren’t above begging. You just want him to do something, anything. You want him to touch you, kiss you, anything.

His hands grip the hem of your shirt lightly and you nod your head in consent, letting him pull it over your head. He tosses it away, looking into your eyes as his hands smooth down your sides.

“God, you’re gorgeous,” he says, leaning his head down to press a kiss to your collarbone. You push him away slightly, causing him to look at you in confusion.

“I’m not gonna be the only one getting naked.” you say, giggling lightly and he smiles, reaching to lift his own shirt over his head.

You take a second to admire him. He’s well built, smooth tan skin covering softly defined mucles. His infamous broad shoulders are even better up close. You find yourself surging forward to touch him, hands flitting across his light abs.

His breath hitches slightly when your fingers skim across the waitband of his sweatpants.

“Ah ah ah, ladies first,” he says, smirking as he presses you gently against the wall and drops to his knees.

“J-Jin, you don’t-”
“If you’re going to tell me I don’t have to, let me stop you right there. You said you’ve thought about this, I wanna make it reality,” he says, placing kisses on your stomach and hips.

His hands fumble slightly with the zipper and button on your pants before he finally gets them open, sliding your pants down and waiting as you step out of them and he tosses them in the same general direction as your shirt.

He chuckles as you attempt to cover your plain panties. You hadn’t exactly planned to be half naked against the wall of a practice room in your place of employment in front of an idol tonight, after all.

“Don’t worry, they’re coming off anyway,” He purrs as he places a multitude of kisses to both of your thighs. You curse him and his lewd words as his fingers hook into the band and pull your panties down as well.

You only realize how wet you’ve become when Jin lifts one leg to hook over his broad shoulder, air hitting your core and making you shiver. He hums as his lips move to your inner thighs, sucking and kissing the skin and purposefully avoiding the one place you want him most.

“Jin, please just- oh my god!” you cry out when his lips suddenly wrap around your clit and suck. Hard.

He pulls away, looking up at you with faux innocence.

“You have to stay quiet, baby,. Don’t want anyone to interrupt, do you?” he says, before his mouth is suddenly getting back to work on you.

You gasp, hand flying up to cover your mouth as his tongue licks a long stripe up your core. His thick lips wrap around your clit as he hums softly against. The vibrations send your other hand to his newly dyed blonde locks as you try your best not to moan.

Your skin feels like it’s on fire and all you can focus on is Jin’s tongue and his lips and god, how good he is at this. Everything around you disappears and you focus on the pure euphoria between your legs as you feel a finger press gently to your entrance.

You gasp, biting down on your palm to silence yourself as Jins finger enters you, curling in a ‘come hither’ motion.

“Fuck, fuck, Jin, oh my god,” you gasp when his finger brushes your g-spot and your fingers tighten in his hair.

A second finger presses expirementally at your entrance. You mewl as it pushes in, hips squirming as Jin turns to giving you kisses on your inner thigh.

“So pretty for me,” you faintly hear him sigh against your skin, fingers pumping in and out of you. His thumb resses harshly to your clit and your head rolls back, thumping softly against the mirror.

And then it all stopped at once. Jin pulled his fingers out of you, pressing one more chaste kiss to your clit before moving your leg and standing up.

You can hardly find the words to complain when you see him lick his fingers clean of your wetness.

“We’ve only got so long. And I want to fell you around me before I have to leave.” he says, plush lips forming into a devilish smirk.

You mewl at his words - he makes a mental note that you very much like dirty talk. He gasps softly when you make a grab at the waistband of his sweatpants.

Jin pulls them down himself, grabbing your hands and pinning them above your head.

“You can still say no,” he whispers to you and suddenly, for a moment, he’s back to soft, gentle Jin. You smile softly, but shake your head.

“I want this,” you say. Jin smiles, fingers tapping along your hips before pulling them to turn you around. You smirk at his choice of position, bending over and placing your hands against the mirror.

Jin groans low in his throat when you grind back against his length. His grip on your hips tightens as he presses his head to your entrance.

“Look at yourself while I fuck you,” he whispers, before filling you completely, not quieting you this time, when you cry out. He feels amazing inside of you, making you whimper when he pulls out only slightly before thrusting back in.

“You’re so tight, baby,” he growls, hands rubbing soothing circles into your upper thighs.

You’re reminded of his request and stare at yourself in the mirror as his thrusts begin to quicken. Your a mess, lipstick smeared around your mouth and hair frizzy. you look so fucked out already and it’s surprisingly hot.

Behind you Jin pulls out completely befor slamming back in and you gasp his name.

“Jin, please, faster, please,” you find yourself rambling, proud that you can even manage words at this point.

He takes your words as fuel to continue, thrusting harder and faster into you. His breathing is heavy and your suddenly hyperaware of your surrounding, opposite from before. The way panting and the lewd sound of skin against skin fills the room, your breath fogging up the glass as Jin fucks you.

You don’t think you’ve ever been in more pleasure than you are right now. You feel your core tighten as you get closer to your release, Jin still pounding into you.

You try to tell him you’re close, but the words come out as a choked sob when he hits your g-spot. He chuckles softly, looming over you and his warm chest presses against your back.

“You gonna cum? Hmm?” he says, kissing the back of your neck as he continues his quick pace.

You gasp as the coil in your belly bursts and your orgasm over takes you. Jin moans softly as you tighten around you and he pulls out before he cums, stroking himself as white ropes of cum streak across your ass.

You both whimper in the aftershocks of your orgasms.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I came on your back, oh my god,” He says, voice slighty panicky as he looks down at you.

You giggle, slightly breathless as you’re still coming down from your high. Sure enough, Jin is back to his normal self.

“In my jeans. Theres a handkerchief in my back pocket.” you say, and seconds later he’s back behind you, wiping away his release and helping you stand straight.

You both redress in a comfortable silence before turning to look at each other. Jin smiles his lovely smile and clears his throat.

“I know this is backwards…but I would actually like to go on a proper date sometime,” and he’s back to his blushing shyness again.

“Where’s Jin?!” you both hear from outside the door, sighing dramamtically in faux sadness as you know this means he has to leave.

“I’m free Friday,” you chuckle, kissing him on the cheek and shoving him out the door. He looks back at you, grinning as he’s dragged away.

However both of you turn beet red when he’s suddenly clapped on the back by Namjoon, who looks back at you before speaking, quite loudly.

“Nice one, Hyung!!”

(Jin is so beautiful I’m cryin)

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MNET M! Countdown ‘View’ prerecording (SPOILERS!)
150618 - do not delete credits
→ The boys did the “W” for SHINee World with their hands at the end of view!
→ The boys were super playful with one another today!
→ Taemin’s shirt says “Je suis allé au collège kitsunè” I think? It caught my eye
→ At one point when the boys were still hashing out how to do the W sign, Taemin turned his back to us and bent over with his butt facing us

→ Taemin’s shirt was sleeveless and he wore a hat with his fluffed up hair
→ During the rehearsal stage, all of the SHINee members kept fooling around and would imitate each other’s parts.
→ Jonghyun and Taemin imitated Minho’s end part and they both did the round bend to the ground while looking at each other
→ When Jonghyun went up near the stage, Taemin and Minho hugged him from behind
→ Taemin started to do turns and he spun and turned so fast and cooly and then he pretended he got dizzy and laughed
→ Taemin was pointing at a spot on Onew’s back when Onew bent down lol
→ Then the Mnet PD gave SHINee a mission to do during the recording. Minho exclaimed wink but it ended up being making a W at the end.
→ During the recording, Taemin did a cute v sign during his part and shawols spazzed so hard
→ In the end they all did their Ws the way they wanted to do it. Jonghyun made fun of Taemin cause it took him a while to form his W
→ During the rehearsal Minho and Taemin played around a lot and Minho even fake kicked Taemin lol
→ Taemin’s arms are becoming more built now and I’m so happy about that ^_^ I wonder what he is preparing for…
→ Onew’s shirt said God Given, Jonghyun’s shirt said Nebraska, Taemin’s shirt said something in french I think…
→ Something happened when Key was going up on stage but luckily Taemin was there to help Key up
→ During the breaks, the SHINee members kept making weird sounds and would sing parts of View all funny and weird like it’s so amazing to see SHINee transform from sexy to cute to dorky all within two performances
→ Taemin looked on the right side again towards me and my friend and I just died. Of course he was just looking at the camera behind me though
→ SHINee finds it so amusing when we Shawols do the fanchants and sing their parts even though theyre not performing

→ Taemin, Jonghyun and Key arrived first, key bumped his head on the curtain, and laughed hard at himself xD
→ Taemin started doing some random dance and everybody screamed, Jonghyun looked at him like “what are you doing? OTL”
→ During the rehearsal they were so lazy, almost not dancing and moving OTL But 2min played together ㅋㅋㅋ
→ Taemin wore a sleevless shirt! So amazing ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
→ After the rehearsal, Jonghyun and Key went to monitor on the TV face to us and Onew, Minho and Taemin went to the hidden one. The video stop and Taemin came back to join Jongkey and almost bumped into a staff who got really scared ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
→ The video stopped a few times while monitoring and Taemin and Jonghyun made the pose/faces on the screen, soooo funny
→ After Onew jumped, Jonghyun laughed like “what the hell” and as we screamed really loud, Key who was on the side of the stage came to see what was going on and Taemin rushed from the backstage to see as well. Key looked at the circle like “you really did that?!” And Taemin ran like he was going to do the same but just stop in front and wiggle his butt to us OTL
→ During the first recording they used fireworks and Taemin got scared, he moved back a little xD
→ When Taemin came back on stage Key was on the stairs and Taemin pushed him, but he did it harder than he intended to because he had to take his arm to help him not fall too hard and on stage Key asked him why he did that and Taemin just laughed xD
→ When Jonghyun was talking to the foreigners Taemin came and hug him, then Minho came to hug Jonghyun after Taemin ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
→ Oh! They changed the end of View! They were talking about a new pose and while trying to find out we all screamed and showed us the “W” pose so at the end they all did it! Onew did a W with two small heart, so so cuuuute! Key and Taemin almost forgot the change so they started putting their hand down and moved them front to do the W. Jonghyun made fun of Taemin xD
→ They started making joke with the word “shawol” like “showol” (shower), “towol” (tower) and Taemin said “arumdawol” (mix of arumdawo => beautiful and shawol" my heart is melting ㅠㅠㅠ
→ During the song when Taemin come at the front to sing he ended while doing a V peace and then he moved to do the dance face to Jonghyun, he avoided Jonghyun look because he was laughing and Taemin tried to stay serious but at the end he glanced at Jonghyun and laugh ㅋㅋㅋ

Exo reaction when they catch you checking another guy

Sehun:*gets really offended*  Why would  you look at a guy like that when you have a guy like me next to you.

Kai:*makes weird angry faces at you* I saw where you were looking.

Kyungsoo:*gifs says it all*

Tao: There she goes again, looking at other guys like I’m just a fluff on her jacket

Chanyeol: Y/N:For you information I was looking at him cause he was looking really hot in that sleevless shirt.

I look good in those kind of shirts

Y/N:No you don’t. He looks better

Chen: Yeah sure you weren’t looking at him. You were just looking at that yellow bike right next to him.

Baekhyun: Excuse me but I’m stading right next to you. Can you please not deflate my ego even more by checking that guy out

Lay:*tries to ignore it*

Suho: I guess I need to go to the gym more often…..

Kris:*can not believe his eyes* Tao: Why is she looking at him in that way? you are better looking than him

Luhan: Yes I believe you , you weren’t “checking” that guy out.

Xiumin:*he approves* Not bad, he is looking good I have to be honest

Baby we were born to run.

Costume For The Day:

- Maroon plaid sleevless shirt-dress

- Floral 90s lace-up back dress worn underneath

- Torn-up black stockings

- Faux-Frye moto ankle boots

- Recycled bicycle tube / feather earrings

- Brass triangle earrings I made

- Hand-made Bruce Springsteen pendant necklace

if you’re in the mood to cry over ken here are my fav videos from my youtube adventures

live performances (some are fancams)

wish you to be unhappy at muconrun across the skyname of love at milky way showcasemaroon 5’s this love in france

super gross fanvids

cute: lots of smiles, gross cuteness, fanvid to ken:D ew

hottt: everyone knows this one, on&on was so much nope, just ew no in general

worst fancams ever

fansigns: HE LOOKS SO GOOD IN BLUE, he’s beautiful idek, cute with a hat, everyone hates this one a lot, he’s cute BUT HE’S HOT but he’s cute

performances: SLEEVELESS SHIRT, the gr8u shirt everyone loves, THIS IS SO MUCH NOPE IDEK HE’S PERFECT, SUIT, obligatory light up the darkness fancam

performances but edits with music background: sleeveless again noidk just nothis is cruel

ur welcome and if u want more good fancams and i’m sure you do, check out this post