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Of First Greetings

Summary: Kevin and Joaquin accidentally meet the squad on their second date and everyone wants to know who he is.

Rating: T

Genre: General, Canon Compliant, Fluff

Pairing: Kevin x Joaquin

Timeline: Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place, 1x07

Word count: 1,190

“So, Pop’s?” Joaquin asks.

Kevin rubs his temples, leaning against the seat. “No, not Pop’s.”

“Why not?” Joaquin props himself against car’s dashboard, turning his body to face his boyfriend. “I thought you liked Pop’s.”

“I do, but so do all of my friends,” sighs Kevin.

The way Joaquin looks at his lap first and at through the windshield second almost passes unnoticed by Kevin. He feels something in his chest, a tug towards the back of the seat; when he swallows, his throat is dry.

“That’s not what I meant.”

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Hi All!

I won this postcard at Unity Days 2017, during the “Cancer Gets LOST” Charity Auction:

On January 14th of this year I had both Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor sign the image. It has been kept in a protective sleeve since I received it. Watching the recent news stories about the Muslim Ban have made me feel outraged and despondent, I don’t have the funds to donate to the cause from my own pocket, but this is something that I can do. I know our fandom to be incredibly generous and I’m hoping that we will be generous today! All funds received from the winning bid will be donated to the ACLU in order to help them continue their fight to end the Muslim Ban!

The starting bid is only $5 USD and the bidding closes on Sunday, February 5th at 4:10 EST. 

Link here:

I hope you all will help fight injustice in the real world so we don’t end up living in the world of The 100!!

monsieurlecardinal  asked:

Hi, I'm the fan that's been getting the AoA tattoo sleeve recently. I received a message from a new follower, asking if I had asked permission from you first. Besides shaking my head and saying, "Oh, tumblr!" should I have? It's a tattoo on my body; it's not like I'm doing this for profit! I'd been wanting a Loki tat for some time & when I saw the solicit for #10, I knew that was the one.


You don’t need to ask permission, that’s crazy. As you say, it’s non-profit and a passion for art and these characters is what keeps this industry alive. Why would anyone want to police it to that degree? People really need to unclench a bit. 

I love that you feel my artwork was worthy of adorning your body on a permanent basis. That’s amazing to me. Just remember that, technically, I now own your right arm.