sleeves received

Hi All!

I won this postcard at Unity Days 2017, during the “Cancer Gets LOST” Charity Auction:

On January 14th of this year I had both Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor sign the image. It has been kept in a protective sleeve since I received it. Watching the recent news stories about the Muslim Ban have made me feel outraged and despondent, I don’t have the funds to donate to the cause from my own pocket, but this is something that I can do. I know our fandom to be incredibly generous and I’m hoping that we will be generous today! All funds received from the winning bid will be donated to the ACLU in order to help them continue their fight to end the Muslim Ban!

The starting bid is only $5 USD and the bidding closes on Sunday, February 5th at 4:10 EST. 

Link here:

I hope you all will help fight injustice in the real world so we don’t end up living in the world of The 100!!