Guide to Vintage Sleeves

*You can find the Guide to Vintage Collars and Necklines here.

Here’s a good reference infographic for sleeves found on vintage garments.

You can find the Guide to Vintage Sleeves at Adored Vintage here.

More Fashion Infographics for Sewers and Writers

  1. Shoulders - The seam should be at the very top of your shoulder, never extending further, as it creates an indent on the arm.
  2. Shirt - The amount of visible shirt at the back of the neck should match the ½ inch of visible shirt sleeve cuff. The collar should be tight enough that two fingers cannot fit between your neck and the shirt.
  3. Jacket - A jacket should hug your body, curving in at the sides. The length should cover your seat and not extend past your knuckles. 
  4. Tie - The tip of the tie should generally fall to the center of the belt buckle.
  5. Pants - Pants should be slim from the waist to the top of your shoes, with a slight break or no break.
  6. Sleeves - Shirt sleeves should stop at the base of the thumb, with the jacket sleeve ½ inch shorter.