Yay, La Union!

Before anything else can I just saaaay that it took us more than a year to finally make this happen hahahaha We’ve always planned to take a day trip to La Union since it’s just a couple hours away from Baguio but we’d always postpone it for some reason. Haha. Sometimes something would come up on the day of the trip, the other one’s too lazy, etc etc. Haha. But that one Sunday a few months back this year ( yes, this post is obviously very late but I don’t wanna waste such awesome memory! ) we decided to go to La Union, my sister and I. :D

I had such a hard time looking for something to wear to be honest! Haha! I mean, I usually wear long-sleeved tops and pants here in Baguio so it was such a pain to look for a sleeveless top and shorts as I usually leave those types of clothes on the island so whenever I go home I won’t have to stress about excess baggage loads haha 

Okay now about the trip, that was too much of an intro, or was it? haha! anyhow! First we went to El Union, you’ve prolly heard about it before or idk, it’s a coffee shop by the beach in San Juan. The ambiance was too chill! Specially with their cool-looking baristas and all. Haha. I wish I could’ve taken more pics but I was too shy haha! Kim Jones was there btw omg she was too pretty! 

I had my favorite type of coffee, latte of course! What’s yours??

To say that we had a good time would be an understatement so I’d rather say we had a fantabulous time there! HAHAHA I liked the “naco libre” feels there too. Hahahaha If you had been there you’d know what I’m talkin’ about. :)

After El Union we headed to Luna! It was another hour of travel but I totally enjoyed it! It was a breath of fresh air! In Luna we went to “Balay na bato” some exhibit area by the beach too. Over all the place was nooice! But my favorite part was the sunset view!

what do you think? Noice right?! Actually it was a bit crowded when we went there but oh whale. It’s just all about right timing when taking a photo isn’t it? hahahaha. Well at least that’s what we did. ha! 

Who wouldn’t love that golden hour! I did! <3 After that we had snacks in balay na bato and then headed back to Baguio! It was a day worth writing about!


We’ve posted about these before (hence the #TBT), but they’re making the rounds again now so it’s a good time for a refresher!

Glow-in-the-dark bikini underwear are just one item in a line of spaced-out products from Portland, OR-based Make It Good on etsy. They’re available in short/trunk cut for women & men, high-rise leggings (also available at modcloth), tank tops, & t-shirts!

The glow print is a cool combo of planets, galaxies, stars, and a dotted background reminiscent of Herschel’s star gauges.

Make it Good also has an underwear club you can join to receive a new design of their signature sustainable & eco-friendly each month.

Way to glow,* Avery & Leah!


*You didn’t think I wasn’t gonna do it, did you?