We’ve posted about these before (hence the #TBT), but they’re making the rounds again now so it’s a good time for a refresher!

Glow-in-the-dark bikini underwear are just one item in a line of spaced-out products from Portland, OR-based Make It Good on etsy. They’re available in short/trunk cut for women & men, high-rise leggings (also available at modcloth), tank tops, & t-shirts!

The glow print is a cool combo of planets, galaxies, stars, and a dotted background reminiscent of Herschel’s star gauges.

Make it Good also has an underwear club you can join to receive a new design of their signature sustainable & eco-friendly each month.

Way to glow,* Avery & Leah!


*You didn’t think I wasn’t gonna do it, did you?


MIXXMIX | Style Mounting

; Cool Summer Colors

OUI Sleeveless Top / BYXQ / $21.30

Light Blue High Waist Cuffed Shorts / BYXV / $21.30

Bomb Embroidered Striped T-Shirt / BYTA / $16.60

Classic Pleat Tennis Skirt / bmsr / $37.09