Lookbook #12

Hair: by @simduction

Top: by @manueapinny

Skirt: by @youn-zoey, Recolour: by @amkissra

Shoes: by @starlord-sims

Pose 1 and Pose 2: by @annamsblue

Thank you to all of the creators! :)

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BECAUSE I wanted to get this stupid AU out of my head LMFAO omgoshshsh this is so dumb asd;lkas;ld

the main idea was what will happen if the punk didn’t die after age 20 lmFAO it’s just an excuse for me to draw fishnet shirt again but you know

also bonus:

this isn’t really anything special, i just wanted to make a colour palettey type thing so if i want to draw these guys more then i have a better ref for dem colours

can u tell i love the costumes from the SB musical? ‘cause i do, i love em so much.