sleeveless denim vest

Dizzee Kipling Denim

I have just finished college, so I can now start making Dizzee Kipling denim dungarees as well as Dizzee Kipling denim vests/sleeveless jackets. 

Vests will be £110
Dungarees will be £220

If you’re interested in either one of these items, or just want a denim jacket like Dizzee’s, either send me a message or look on my Etsy!

The FRESHfold

Thank you @loverofpiggies for the inspiration for these monsters. 

The FRESHfold 

EvangeFRESH: neon rainbow suit, glasses of fire, gold tooth knuckle rings saying “Fire” and “Power”

Pastor FRESH: spiked black hair, black shirt with rhinestone cross, torn blue jeans, combat boots, glasses say “BE NICE” and knuckle rings saying “Shepherd ” and “Overseer”

Prophet FRESH: sleeveless black denim vest, open over grey shirt with “John 3:16” written in bold, square lettering. Long messy black hair, smirk instead of grin, glasses say “NOT NICE” knuckle rings say “Warrior” and “Healer”

Teacher FRESH: teal shirt, baige sweater tied loosley around his  soulders, glasses say “WORD” knuckle rings saying “Instructor” and “Trainer”

Apostle FRESH: slighlty oversized blue suit. frown instead of grin. Glasses say “BIG BOSS” knuckle rings saying “Originator” and “Leader”