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tsukkiyama in divergent au. they're both are in amity before and yams always says to tsukki he will go to amity or abnegation. and tsukki says the same. but on choosing ceremony tsukki chooses erudite and yams choose dauntless. when the ceremony ends they would smile at each other before going with their new factions. (ok i pick dauntless for yams bc i like the idea of yams dressed in dark colors. yams in a turtleneck sleeveless black crop top..) -space anon

Honestly outfits make everything better

~ Mod Han


Hi, I’m Ava! That’s my dog Knuckles. I got some new lipstick in the mail that I decided to try before taking him out for a walk.

[Two pictures of the same girl. In the first she is standing in front of a large, dark, brick house. A black dog sits next to her, looking up at her. She is wearing sunglasses, black sandals, black jeans, and a black, sleeveless hooded top. The second picture is a close up of her face. She has the same black top on with the hood up, and is wearing bright red lipstick. She has short brown hair and straight across bangs.]

New Leggings :D - AbbyCatsUK

So yes I’ve bought myself a new pair of leggings, I’m so so happy with them. I don’t really feel I have top to go with them yet but I threw this black sleeveless top with them. It works okay, I wasn’t really happy with it but it does the job. At least I got to wear my red heels, that is always a joy :)

my Halloween destiel ficlet

Dean stood on the damp sidewalk, enjoying the scent of the rain that stuck to the tree leaves and soil long after the skies had cleared. His dark costume merged with the night just as smoothly as his thin figure blended within the many others inside the crowd. His head was tucked behind a hood, his eyes fixed on something.

Someone. On the other side of the road, a shorter kid was watching pedestrians by the lawn of his house, seeming lost and disgruntled. His eyes scampered nervously across the crowd under his light yellow, long wig, and his arms rose to cover the golden lightening drawn across his black sleeveless top. One quick look at him could tell Dean he was very uncomfortable, and for a very obvious reason.

Dean took a deep breath, faltering. The blue eyes and delicate features were just as startling and intimidating to him as always, but if there were any good time to approach the object of his love, it was right now and right here – at the moment when he was confident of his badass costume and Cas was everything but just that.

Dean crossed the road deliberately, making up a new opening sentence with every thud of his feet against the ground.

Cas noticed him way before Dean was ready for him to, and Dean’s lips released a tensioned smile from within his jittery features.

“Hey, Cas!” He called, planting his feet on the sidewalk beside the boy awkwardly.

“Hello, Dean,” Cas replied with a grimace which Dean let himself hope was a try for a smile.

“You look cool,” he said, his face beaming at Cas’ with honesty. This time, Cas’ frown wasn’t accidental.

“I lost a bet,” he admitted, his foot moving to bump into a single gravel stone.

“I like it,” Dean shrugged, his smile glinting a playful way now. “Love the new haircut, by the way.”

Cas’ eyes darted onto his, searching for a sign of mocking, and only finding an absence of one.

“Maybe I’ll keep it,” he answered dryly, but the ends of his lips shifted slightly upwards.

“Ms. Marvel, right?” Dean asked, and Cas nodded, taking a fuller look at Dean now.

“And you…” he started hesitantly, measuring Dean’s costume for another moment. As if subconsciously, his body shifted slightly closer to Dean’s, and a small smile escaped Dean’s lips before he could shut them.

“Grim Reaper?” Cas guessed, observing Dean’s dark grey cloak and his long sickle.

“I know it’s lame,” Dean pulled his shoulders up timidly, smiling shyly at Cas, but Cas’ eyebrows lifted with protest.

“I like it,” he said, his voice quiet and sincere in the most beautiful way. He smiled at Dean then, the most genuine, if hesitant, smile Dean has ever seen on his face. Dean felt his chest warming and his muscles stretched in a return grin, but before he could open his mouth to talk he felt something pull at his sleeve.

“Dean, Dean, Dean!” Someone crooned beside him. He turned and found his brother clutching a handful of the fabric wrapping him, a bag filled with candy in his other hand.

“Look how many I’ve got!”

“good job, little guy,” Dean smiled at him distractedly, his mind bothered with the blue eyed boy standing wordlessly beside him.

Sam was dressed in a fluffy brown moose onesie, his wide eyes picking from inside the large hood. He measured the two boys in front of him for a moment, examining Cas’ hesitant smile at him when the spoken of appeared.

“Did you ask him on a date yet?” He questioned Dean, nudging his arm. Dean’s face flushed red as he glared at his brother.

“Not yet,” he muttered to Sam, placing a hand on his shoulder and pushing him away.

“But thanks for revealing my plan so he can escape!”

Sam backed away slowly, taking a moment to study Dean’s threatening look and consider the consequences of the slip of his tongue before the crowd swallowed him. Dean turned to look back at Cas abashedly. He felt so distressed he could barely raise his stare as he mumbled,

“Sorry about that.”

Cas didn’t walk away with repulsion as Dean suspected he would, though. His smile still intact, he lifted one shoulder and dropped it wordlessly, and leaned forward to press a soft kiss against Dean’s cheek.

Are you a vampire miss?

Just wanna share something that happened to me a few days ago!
It was super sunny and I was getting groceries. Was wearing my black skinny jeans and a black sleeveless top, my Nordic wolf bracelets and St. Benedict’s cross on a leather cord. I was walking in the sun for a short while and then realized that  I didn’t put sunblock on and with my pasty white skin I get a damned sunburn in like 5 seconds…soo I basically started walking in this sliver of shade. Then I notice this little boy staring at me.

kid: *narrows eyes*
me: *looks around confused*
kid: *comes up to me*…Are you a vampire miss?
me: Whhhaat?…Why? *super confused*
kid: I…I saw you! You walked on the sunny side of the sidewalk and then ran into the shade! AND you’re wearing all black!!
me: *laughing* no! I’m not! I just get bad sunburns!
kid: *narrows eyes* THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT A VAMPIRE WOULD SAY! *walks away*

I think that this might have been the best conversation in my life. Also, this kid is going places! XD

Andy never assumed that a hotel was going to a small bar for people of age, from seventeen he was getting served. He hardly got asked for ID because he looked older than he was. Most people assumed he was in his late twenties, but he wasn’t. It was a reason why he got to go to a lot of parties, because if he brought the drinks, automatically everybody tried to become his friend. After Bea and himself found out they did alcohol they went down to the pub type area, which was pretty full. Andy was wearing a sleeveless black tank top and some black jeans, not really putting much effort in, but trying to make a good impression. He wanted to seem intimidating so if anybody started on him they could take a glance at his muscles and back off. He ordered some drinks in, for Bea and himself and started downing, leaving the glass half full when he pulled it away from his lips. “This is some good stuff..” he admitted. None of the cheap shit that he had to get for parties.  “You like yours?” he asked, raising his brow.

Taylor Swift wore a black sleeveless top, paired with matching denim shorts and a sweater tied around her waist. Aldridge wore a black tank top and dark blue skinny jeans and often carried her daughter. Swift was also seen holding a hot pink Minnie Mouse headband.

Taylor was very happy with a big smile on her face as Lily was holding her daughter in her arms. She was really enjoying her day.

The group was spotted strolling through Sleeping Beauty Castle and also rode rides such as the California Screamin’ roller coaster and Toy Story Midway Mania!, a ride in which you wear 3D glasses and sit in spinning vehicles you shoot.

—  E! Online on Taylor Swift and Lily Aldridge’s Disneyland trip