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Fic: Close Quarters

Summary: Blaine is visiting his friend,Tina, at Brown for the weekend, a reprieve from his new New York City home and the competitiveness of NYADA. He expected a fun reunion. He didn’t expect he’d be playing her boyfriend. Or that her roommate, Kurt, would uncover their ruse in the middle of the night. After tripping over him. Literally. Kurt of the long legs and designer jeans and sparkling eyes. Kurt of the sophomore year. Kurt who has a boyfriend. Kurt who is auditioning for NYADA?

But Blaine is a freshman. And hasn’t had a boyfriend. And you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Based on this prompt.

Words: 4771

Note: I may or may not have left it open for a sequel…But I may need to be convinced…

Close Quarters

“How did you guys meet?” Tina’s new college friends asked the night Blaine arrived. That question was easy. High school.

“How are you guys managing the long distance?” Oh well, you know, we skype pretty often.

“Do you like New York?”  Love it. Lima just wasn’t big enough for me. Not enough people. I love the diversity. I love the theatre. I even love the noise. 

“So I guess Tina’s planning to move to New York then? I mean, long term?” Blaine purses his lips and turns to Tina.

“Oh for sure,” Tina smiles and grits her teeth. “We’ve got to figure it out, though. Right, Blaine?”

This is ridiculous.

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Feyre and either Rhys or Cassian ”….spiders. of course it’s spiders.” And it is not Feyre who is afraid of them ;)

“Big bad illyrians aren’t scared of anything” is most definitely a lie

“Feyre darling, its time to leave, everyone is probably there already.” Rhys called from the hallway. “Yes, give me a minute, I’m putting on my clothes and I’ll be out.”

“Do you need help? I’d be more than happy to be of assistance.”

“No I don’t need help you pig,” I laughed as I walked out, wearing a flowing sleeveless purple top, black shorts, and simple sandals. Summer had finally rolled around, i was dreading the heat, but thankfully Velaris’s breeze kept it somewhat cool.

The war was long gone, and ever since then whole Inner Circle had spent most of our time getting everything back in order. And finally it was time for a well deserved break. We were all gathering at the cabin, including my sisters, to celebrate all of our hard work. Which really mean’t getting drunk and playing games day and night.

Rhys looked me up and down, taking his time looking at my legs.”Well don’t you look lovely,” he purred. I made my way over to him and got on my toes and whispered in his ear, “You should see what I have on under this.” He gave a another purr of approval, grabbing my lower back and pulling me close. I put my hand on his chest and pushed back, giving him a smirk, “Nope. Its time to leave, remember?” He huffed out a laugh and held out his hand, “Then allow me to winnow us to the fun” I shook my head and wrapped my arms around his neck, giving him a quick peck on his cheek, “No, allow me.” 

I had finally mastered winnowing, and winnowed us to the outside of the cabin. We held eye contact the whole time, and probably would have just stood there gazing into each others for hours if it wasn’t for the male shriek that came from the cabin.

Our heads quickly turned to the cabin to watch Cassian bust threw the door with his wings tucked in tight and pure horror on his face. We both almost made a run to him when we noticed the 4 females hysterically laughing at him, minus Elain who had hidden behind Azriel. His face was blank watching Cass trip face first into the bright green grass. 

I felt Rhysands confusion through the bond and I’m sure he felt mine. Mor spotted us and started laughing again and waved us over. “Feyre Feyre come here, hurry look at-” she was cut off by a loud shriek from the cabin, and she collapsed to her knees going into another laughing fit. Amren and Nesta both were looking into the window and chuckled loudly. 

I ran to them with Rhysand on my heels and looked into the window to see 3 dog sized spiders crawling in the sitting room. Rhys jumped back and yelled, “Cauldron above, how did those get in there?” Amren had a snake like smile plastered on her face and responed, “Mor let them in. She wanted to give you males some excitement first thing. We know how much you illyrians love spiders.” 

Where did they get spiders that big? Why won’t they just go in and kill them?

I turned and looked up at Rhys and finding his face paling. My face most have shown my confusion because Amren explained, “No one knows why, but for some reason Illyrians have a horrible fear of spiders. So we gave them one each to go and get, it’s about time the mighty High Lord and his minions got over their fear.” 

I looked to Cassian who was now sitting in the grass with his back turned to us with his arms crossed. A laugh escaped me and i turned to Azriel to now see his shadows completely covering his face in embarrassment, Elain was looking up at his face with concern and whispered, “You’re supposed to keep us safe, please go in and get them out.” I lost it when he quickly shook his head.

I calmed my laughing and cried, “…Spiders. Of course it’s spiders. Out of all the things… spiders!” 

Rhys threw his hands up in the air and exclaimed, “Shit Feyre, I mean look at them, they’re massive! Look at their fangs!” Tears were rolling down my face from the laughter and i cupped his face in my hands and said, “Rhysand. High Lord of the Night Court, can handle wars, 50 years Under the Mountain, and creatures that give me nightmares, but His Darkness can’t handle spiders?” 

He pulled away with growl and crossed his arms. I wiped away my tears and walk back to him, hugging him around his waist. I looked up at him and he turned his head away. “Rhys.” He turned around in my arms, and i was now looking at the back of his head. I rose up on my toes and whispered in his ear, “Well if we can’t get in, how am I supposed to show you what i got at our favorite little shop?” I felt him tense up, and he turned back around in my arms. 

Everyone was watching us silently at this point, Amren had one eyebrow rose, and Mor was sitting on the ground with a hand over her mouth. Nesta had moved to stand in front of Cass and his head was hanging low. 

Rhys studied my face, and I felt him knock on my mental shield. I sighed and let him in.

Wouldn’t you rather show me at the town house?

No. All you have to do is kill one and make Az and Cass get the others.

He was silent for a few seconds…

…What color?

Black & gold. Maybe they would agree faster if they knew Nesta and Mor went shopped with me.

I don’t care that they went.

You’re not supposed to, they are. But since you said that, as soon as the last spider is gone we will go straight to our room.

He shook his head as if clearing his mind. Got him. “Let’s go.” he growled. Both the males head whipped towards him. “No.” They said firmly in unison. Elain was looking back and forth at them. “What changed his mind?” Nesta grumbled, still frowning down at Cassian. “I just let him know about ours and Mor’s shopping trip to the fancy underthings shop.” Even Azriels shadows seemed to stop breathing. Azriel pulled out Truth-Teller and walked in. Mor’s mouth dropped and she ran to the window. She returned to her hysterical laughing after hearing loud crashing. 

Amren was watching and laughing as well, Elain even went to the window to watch. Nesta was about to start fussing at Cassian, but stopped herself as he got up and walked inside. I was holding in my laughter as i turned back to Rhys and said, “It would be a shame if they got all of them before you got yours.” He flicked my nose and walked in.

I ran to the window to watch. Elain was now standing beside Amren and said pitifully, “When did you go shopping together without me?” “We didn’t.” Nesta answered. Mor wasn’t even paying attention to our conversation, she was to busy cheering Azriel on. “I had went by myself, but I needed a reason for the other two to want to go in.” Nesta smirked at the same time as Amren, and we all watched as the Illyrian babies shrieked and attacked the spiders.

Turns out they didn’t even have fangs, and there were many more pranks to play on the males.  

Thursdays [Part 1]


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Thomas Brodie-Sangster x Reader

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A/N: I’ve been feeling very… strange lately. I don’t really know how to explain it - like empty, kind of sad, okay at the same time? But anyway, that’s not important. I haven’t written in forever and I am severely inspired by Thomas Brodie Sangster’s new photographs from the Boys By Girls Magazine so here’s a little dabble, it was supposed to be a one shot but i’m getting tired and it felt right to end it where it did for now but I’m hoping to continue it (I’m scared that i wont find the time though huhu) Oh, and for the purposes of this I’m just going to ignore that TBS is filming the Death Cure at the moment lol, I hope I’m not too rusty on writing lol and more so, I hope you enjoy !!

The smell of new magazines were never really your favourite. It was this strong, almost rusty smell that punched you right in the nostrils when you pull back the plastic it had been encased in. Sure, when it was just one new magazine it was okay but the girth of the amount of glossy papers you had in your hands counted in a pile of eight. The stench was far from pleasant and this was what? The fifth bundle of new magazines you were placing in the cafe?

A sigh escapes you as you gathered the magazines and tapped their bases on the table to fix them properly before placing them face up on the table. The magazine at the very top of the pile had a masthead that read “Boys By Girls” with a photograph of a dashing young man with long chestnut hair slicked back, alluring dark eyes, toned arms peeking out from a black sleeveless top that was accented with red, and a crooked almost-smile on his lips.

“Ah? Finally fancy one of us English folk?” an accented voice teased as it passed behind you.

You straightened up immediately, eyes wide as they found your always teasing coworker who you were happy to call as not only your new best friend but also your flat mate. “I was just admiring the layout!” you defended as you followed her towards the front of the cafe.

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Mind Games

Author- @skepticalstilinski

Characters- Void!Stiles x Reader

Words-  3174


A/N- I finally finished my fanfic! Oh my god! Thank you so much @villain-void for showing me that insta edit of Void!Stiles, you are literally so awesome, ilysm!! This fanfic is for @villain-void - she inspired me so hard to publish this fanfic, GODD THANK YOU D!!! LOVVVE YOUU!!

Song Choice- Right Here by Chase Atlantic (their songs today are so fucking good, plus the song goes so well with this fanfic!!) hope you enjoy this fanfics and more are going to come xx!

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Stood Up

This was a gift for @vivilove-jonsa for her birthday, and then I decided it fit today’s theme for the @jonsa-creatives summer challenge. So, without further ado… 

Jon hated blind dates. Hated them. Sometimes, he’d think he’d rather set himself on fire than go on one, and that was saying something considering he was a firefighter. Why he’d let Sam and Gilly talk him into this was beyond him. He was awkward at best with people, but stick him in this kind of situation and it was like he forgot how to form words. It was just that his mind would go a mile a minute, wanting to fill the silence, but nothing would actually pass through his lips.

So, now here he was in a fancy restaurant that Gilly had told him was her friend’s favorite and oh, fuck. Did he remember her name? Elizabeth? Beth? … Jennifer?

Okay, yeah, he was dressed up in a black suit sitting at a table that made him feel like a giant, and he was wondering how long it’d take before he spilled something on the cream-colored tablecloth or sent his sparkling silverware to tumble to the floor.

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Nothing Better - A Roman Reigns Story - Part 2

A romantic honeymoon on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii should usually consist of sun, fun, and no drama whatsoever. Hopefully the newlyweds got the memo. Mini-sequel to ‘Into The Deep End’. Two-shot. Roman Reigns/OC

Comments are greatly appreciated!


After the drama at wakeboarding, the couple decided to end their day on a much quieter note. They stopped by a local market so that Sasha could purchase souvenirs for T.K., Mia and Pam’s daughter Imani, and then retreated to their sanctuary for the rest of the evening. The final day of their honeymoon began on a high, with Sasha waking up to Joe’s face buried between her thighs. In turn, he was rewarded with arguably the best blow job he’d ever received in his life. A shared shower afterwards, breakfast overlooking the lagoon, and another highly enjoyable make-out session in the Jacuzzi, was followed by one final lazy lounge under the sun, letting time idly tick by until dinnertime arrived again.

Sasha appeared in her husband’s line of sight. “Ready, babe?”

This was probably the most daring of the endless convoy of heart-stopping dresses. Skin-tight and sleeveless, black lace from top to hemline, her black thong visible underneath. Virtually the entire length of her back was exposed; the neckline was slashed open all the way down to her pierced navel, her ample breasts pushed together by thin strands of black tightly crisscrossed over her chest. Very little was left to the imagination. Nah. Tonight, he was standing his ground. She couldn’t keep doing this to him, torturing him and making him lose his self-control every time he set his eyes on her. It had to end somewhere.

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Only Let Me Look At You

{jun + reader}

jun got a little over protective over you

“Are you cold?” jun asked as he wrapped his arm around your waist and you felt his warmth against your skin.

“Babe, this is the 5th time you’re asking me if I’m cold. What’s wrong?” you asked and looked at him with concern.

You were wearing a black cami crop top with high waisted shorts and sneakers, and you didn’t bring a jacket along because the weather was hot. Your boyfriend, jun, wore a black sleeveless tank top that showed his tanned skin and biceps. He had a jacket hung over his shoulder, just in case he was cold; but rather, he just wanted to cover you up. Jun didn’t fancy the idea of you wearing too revealing clothing because other guys would take second glances at you and he didn’t want other men to be looking at you, and that explains why he kept asking if you were cold so he could let you wear his jacket.

“Guys are staring at you.” jun pouted, his arm not leaving your waist.


“And I don’t want them to stare at my girlfriend. Only I can look at you.” he whined.

You let out a laugh and he stared at you and asked what was so funny about other guys looking at his girl.

“Hey wen junhui, do you not notice that girls are looking at you as well?” you raised a brow and teased.

“Well, how would I know that when all I’m looking at is you, you, and only you?” jun smirked.

You rolled your eyes dramatically at his greasiness and continued, “but seriously though, you have girls checking you out but I ain’t complaining. Look. you’re wearing a sleevless tank top, everyone can see everything.” you folded your arms and pretended to be mad.

Jun looked away and kept silent because he realised that he was attracting attention as well, and he shouldn’t restrain you from wearing what you want, since you didn’t restrain him. You saw him biting his lower lip and looking down, and you found him so cute at that moment.

“Give me.” you said, sticking your hand out to him.

“What?” your action made him raised his head and he asked in confusion.

“Your jacket. Let me wear it.”

“Why..? You aren’t even cold.”

“Just give it to me.” you said and took his jacket without waiting for him to reply.

You wore his jacket and it draped onto you loosely and perfectly, and it matched your outfit.

“Are you happy now?” you smiled.

“Babe, you don’t have to do this…” jun said and his eyes softened.

“I was just joking, I’m not mad or anything.” you let out a giggle and wrapped your arms around his. “I really like you in sleeveless tops by the way.” you continued.

“I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or tease.“

Tig Trager || Chibs Telford - This Life |1|

Riding down highway 88 and into the small town of Charming California was something she had missed. She grew up here most of her life and after moving back down south to New Mexico was hard given the fact that she was raised most of her life here.

Riding on the 93’ slick black Harley Davidson she kept about five above the speed limit. Enjoying the wind whipping around her medium length dark brunet hair. Her eyes blue as the ocean kept focused on the road.

Her return was less than a happy one however.

Her father had been running guns and hadn’t paid off the police with the proper agreed upon amount. Things went south and he and his guys wound up in jail.

Fifteen years minium.

So once she found out she called Gemma. Gemma being her aunt through marriage asked her up here to stay. There was nothing left for her down South and Gemma didn’t want her down there alone.

Pulling around the corner and into the TM parking lot she parked her bike across from the lineup and shut it off. Pulling the helmet off her head and putting it on the back of the bike she fixed up her helmet hair. Looking through her large sunglasses she seen Gemma walking out of the office door and headed her way.

“Aunt Gem!”

“Clara, hey baby.”

Gemma said in the loving embrace. Clara chuckled and held her aunt for a moment before they parted. Gemma looked at her plus sized niece and just smiled.

“Seems like you’ve lost some weight baby? How you been?”

She asked noticing that her niece wasn’t as pudgy as before but still big. The only difference was she was curvy now, like a pare.

“Yeah, been working out. Dad let me do some heavy lifting with the club. Had to make sure I could keep up.”

She told her with a smile. Gemma just smiled back as she looked at her once little girl.

“Clay and the rest of the guys are inside. They’ll be happy to see you.”

She told Clara as she turned her and walked her back to the club with her arm wrapped around her nieces waist.

Walking into the club the first thing Clara noticed was a Prospect behind the bar that eyed her when she came inside with Gemma.

“That’s Half-Sac. Don’t ask him how he got his name, he’s all too quick to show people.”

Clara chuckled at Gemma’s face and tone.

“Yeah, I’ll remember that Gem.”

Walking over to the bar Clara took a seat and Gemma stood there beside her at the end. Half-Sac came walking down to the end of the bar.


He said with an unsure tone. Clara looked at him and smiled. Holding her hand out to the young man he looked at it slightly confused.

“Clara Morrow.”

She greeted. Half-Sac’s eyes widdened for a moment before he looked at Gemma for a moment to make sure it was okay firsr to touch her apparently.

“Half-Sac. Can I - uh - can I get you something?”

He asked trying to not make an ass of himself in front of Gemma with the girl who just shook his hand.

“Whisky on the rocks.”

She said causing Half-Sac to nod and dissappear back over to do his bartensing duties.

As Clara looked over at Gemma she seen the woman lighting a cigarette. The two made eye contact before she lit it.

“You okay with me smoking?”

She asked making sure before she lit it. Clara shrugged.

“I haven’t had an asthma attack since I was sixteen. That was eight years ago. I think I’ll be okay.”

She told Gemma causing the woman to light her smoke and took a long drag from it.

Clara adjusted her blue Jean shorts pulling them down a bit more to cover more of her legs. Then moving to adjusting her black sleeveless top. Moving it about to where her breasts didn’t show as much as they did before due to the size being DD and they tended to pull the top down with the weight of them.

About the time Half-Sac walked back with her drink the doors to the chapel opened.

“Well, get ready for your uncle to throw a huge SAMCRO welcome home party.”

Gemma chuckled when she seen Clay’s large grin as he seen his niece.

Fucked Unsatisfied Women

To introduce myself l ’m rocky (name changed), 27 years, 5’9 in height, normal physic and brown in colour nothing to hide ..After reading u can share ur valuable comments to :

Here I’m gonna share my story which happen in the beginning of April 2018. After reading my previous story. I received a mail from unknown person as an appropriation.. here i come her name was shanthi (name changed). She was from Chennai and was settled in bangalore itself and was working as a techie in one of the software companies. And people this is a very big story which I would like to write each and every bit. So if you have patience, please read and if people with less patience,

Let start up ????, Shanthi (she did not reveal her name instantly, she had a fake name kavya) who had liked my story and had left a reply stating that she was impressed with my act of sex. Well I had thanked her for the compliments, but had replied nothing more than that to her. She was actually happy that I had not asked her age nor where she lived (she revealed it later), or what she did, she just had replied that she was a female and had appreciated my act of sex.

After my reply, some 2-3 days later she had mailed me again that she really liked my story. I again replied her that thank you, have a good time. I thought she might have read my story for the second time and had complimented me. I did not recognize it since I had many mails and it was hard for me to remember each and every name. After that I went back to my mails and checked the name and a, I got to know that it was the same woman, and I messaged her saying why are you complimenting multiple times as you know one time is enough and there’s no need of multiple mails…

She said “ok thank you and said bye”, I said “bye”.

Then I asked her “who is it? Is it a lady really or a man?”

It was already 10:30pm and I did not get a reply. I just kept my phone aside and for some time thought about my time with Kavya aunty ..

And I had dozed off and when I got at around 7:30 am I just checked my mobile there were 3 mails. They read
“good night? Do you sleep so early?”

“hey you there?”
I did not reply any mail of hers as I thought she might have no work and she’s just a time passer who wants to chat nonsense things and again in the evening I got her mail
“don’t you care to reply when somebody mail you?”
I just did not care and after I finished my office work and went back home and after I settled on bed,

I mailed her “who are you? Why do you want to know about me so much?”, she again replied when it was about to close to 12am. She wrote

“no I was just casually asking you as I felt I can try you out, if it was ok with you!”

I told her “who are you? I don’t know! Where do you live? I don’t know! What do you want? I don’t know? And how do you want to try me?”

She told if “I just want to check you before revealing who I’m and where I’m from”.

I wrote “if you wanted to check me out, you could have directly asked me for privacy as I had written in my story that nothing will be disclosed”

She said “I’m a woman and we’re very keen in these matters when we need to understand a man if is trustful or not”
I wrote “how do you find me?”

She wrote “till now, as per my observation, you seem to hold your horses and you are not a man in hurry if you get a woman to chat”
I asked her “how do you say that I’m not in hurry if I know that you a woman”

She said “I have tried chatting with many, some from “locanto” also, they are all very much into sex and urgency”

I again mailed her “you there?”
There was no reply for 2 days. And on the third day night I got a reply
“so you don’t seem to care what a woman thinks right?”
I just told her “I know you are checking, stop doing it”

I just sent her my phone number, and said “stop this beating about the bush and let’s get it straight”.
There was reply “so can I trust you? Should I message you in WhatsApp?”

I told her “it’s up to you, think twice before you step ahead.”
She said she’ll think. I was like “think if you want to start a new affair”.

The next day I received a message from an unknown number saying
“how are you?”

And I thought it might be the same woman from gmail I asked is this shanthi and she said “good guess”.
And I checked her number in whatsapp and I found she’s not in whatsapp, neither her number details were in true caller. I said to her that “why can’t you message me in whatsapp?” to which she said that I did not want to reveal my pic to you but I have already seen you and found you in facebook (through mobile number) also. Then she told me that she had a separate number for whatsapp and she had brought the new number for the sake of chatting with me.
I told her “that’s a smart move and told her that I can even call you now”. She told “no don’t call me now since I’m in office”. Then I asked her “can I call her in the evening?” to which she said she has a family and she has to be careful, so she said that she herself would call me once when the time is right and when she was free and.

For three days she just chatted bull shit things about all the nonsense stuff and never got into the main topic. Finally on (Thursday) 19th of April 2017, early morning around 8am I received a call… was still sleeping, the moment I saw the name (had saved it as Shanthi), I picked it up and I really heard good voice from the other side. Well the conversation went like this.
Me: hey hi hello shanthi(since she had not revealed her name till then)
Shanthi: ha ha, hi rocky , I guess you were waiting for my call.
Me: ya off course, I was indeed having a thought that you’ll just finish off in messaging and would not go a little ahead.

Shanthi : oh yaa? How was the wait?
Me: I’m still waiting madam, I haven’t got you till now, leave all that and tell me what’s your name and age?
Shanthi: soon you’ll get to know, would like to see me,
I said yes, “then just log in to your google mail and see me” she said, I have had sent you my nude pic already yesterday night.
Me: I said wait a moment

And logged in into my google mail in laptop and found that there is a nude pic in side posture with no face (she had cropped the face, only neck to toe was in the pic). But the structure what I could make out was 34-30-36 (approximately, not sure then as it was side posture), the boobs were c cup sized and they were quite white in color, a little belly and through the pic I thought she might be around 35-40 aged lady, since the pic was taken in low light I was unable to see the nipples and the boobs were partially covered by her folded hand, I was sad, disappointed and hungry, and said to her

Me: what is this seduction? You could have at least shared the front view without your face also, but this is unfair. She said only one thing.

Shanthi: coming Monday ur going to make yourself free?
Me: ya sure !!
Shanthi: ok! Bye………

And she cut the call. After that I called her twice, she cut the call and messaged me, “sunday night wait for my message”, I replied “I’ll wait”. I was feeling energetic and was imaging how might she be? How could she look? What is her age? Where is she from? Too many things in mind mixed and the jingles were going on.

I just got freshened and had my breakfast, went to have a gold facial nearby to my home and came back. The complete saturday I thought of messaging her but as she had told me to wait till Monday for the message, I just kept myself busy with other work. she did not message me till Sunday night. It was around 11:45pm my phone made a beep sound and I was like omg finally she messaged me, it read “morning 10:45, be near forum mall. I ll pick you up”. I replied “done”. I just messaged my lead that I won’t be able to make it to office tomorrow due personal reason

I was waiting for this moment like a hungry tiger, next day morning I got up early and freshened up, I left my home, in the mean way, took a few packet of durex condoms and was at the venue by 10:15am, I waited near the location and I called her at 10:30am saying that I‘m already at the venue. She told 5 min I’m on my way…I waited for around 10-12 mins and she called me again, told me to come down near front gate . you’ll find a Maruti Swift of black colour, just get in, I followed her instructions and went by the way to find the car, and found it and I just did not enter the car and stood behind the car and called her number and she picked the call and told me enter the car, I can see you from the mirror in front of the driving seat, you’re behind the car.

I said ok and when I opened the door, I just thought, wow, I was blessed, man what a fairness??? I thought did she use to drink fair and lovely cream or was she a foreigner? I just sat beside her and I shook hands with her pressing it a little hard and introduced myself with my real name then she said her name is Shanthi(fake name). She had a sleeveless top of black colour and a white legging, with a ray ban cooling glass. I controlled myself and the moment the handshake ended she asked “shall we move?” I said “by all means madam, she told me “don’t call me madam, call me by my name Shanthi.

I think, she was the fairest women I had seen. Omg, she was so cute on the other hand. I just said her that “you’re very cute, and I can’t take my eyes off you”. She said, “oh wait for the real fun”.
Then I asked her about her family and she told me that she’s from Chennai and settled in Bangalore for the past 10 years, her husband works as a manger in a software company and she has a daughter.

I asked her why did she cut the call immediately on Saturday to which she told that she had wanted to convey certain things and she did that. On that day her husband had taken their daughter out. So she thought that’s the right time and had given me a call.

Then we reached her home which was near by forum mall, it was around 11:30am. And she parked the car and entered the apartment, after that she took me to her flat and it was a good home and she asked me sit on the couch. I was just seeing the things in the home, saw her pic with her husband and child, it was a happy family that what I could make out of the pic. After some time, she came back, she had changed herself into a velvet pink gown and came back asked what do you want to drink and I was just hungry to drink her honey, which would get produced down the body between her thighs.

But I said anything that you provide; she brought a couple of tins of red bull energy drink (perfect match for the perfect time). She sat beside me and I asked her

Me: why did you want me to have fun with you when you have a good husband who provides and keeps you so well?
Shanthi: tell me how did you feel when you had sex with your Kavya aunty?

Me: it was fantabulous and experience can’t be explained, it was heaven, although I had tried putting it down on iss and you have read my story.

Shanthi: did you ever ask her how did she feel to have sex with other man other than her hubby?

Me: yeah she had told me that initially she felt guilty, depressed and thought of committing suicide for cheating her hubby, but I had consoled her and when I introduced her also to indian sex stories, she was carried away, she said that she never knew incest kind of a thing also would exist in the world and she had enjoyed a lot of sexperiences shared in the indian sex stories dot net later.

Shanthi: , if you taste the same dal and rice every day, it would not spice up your life, plus life is once for all and I feel restricting myself to a single male is not enjoyable, don’t take me in a wrong way but I feel the attention from my husband has decreased periodically and I wouldn’t say it as wrong. I just wanted some change and was looking for someone who could be trustful. I just want to spice up my life a little bit.

Me: what made you think that you could trust me?

Shanthi: I never saw you calling me over the phone continuously like most men of your age do when we actually want to try and work out with them. I was very keen on such things and it has almost been a month since I started interacting with you and the interaction itself has made me to get closer to you, I think you didn’t rush to the point quickly.

By the time she had finished the sentence, I was done with the drink and went beside her and sat next to her touching myself to her. She gave smile and even she finished her drink and I asked her
Me: how do like to do it? Do you like soft or hard, get dominated or would like to dominate or BDSM?

Shanthi: I just would like to enjoy the process the way I like it while doing, just follow my instructions while performing the act.
I held her hand and just pulled her over to me, gave a very stern look at her. I was just trying stare as long as possible and she herself moved her lips towards mine. I just held her again and made her sit over me on my thighs with her legs on either side of my thighs and her face facing me. She was puzzled as for why I didn’t initiate the kiss. I just moved my fingers all over her cheek and made my lips touch her cheeks and lightly I started feeling her and my hands were moving around her neck and she was moving her face in such a way that our lips should get together, but I wanted to tease her and I just started to kiss her all over the face very slowly, very very slowly and was not accelerating myself quickly.

I started licking her cheek and chin, went a little down the line till her neck and again came back to the portion below her lips and she tried to forcefully kiss me yet I held her firmly and looked at her, she was a bit exited, I guess her hormones were driving her crazy and she had started a small rubbing movement on my part. She suddenly brought her lips to mine and I kissed her gently initially. I just rubbed my lips and in the process started to open up our lips and I took her lower lip in mine and started to suck it and again let her take mine and reciprocate the same and it was making me go out of breath and I just wanted to take a long breath held her firmly away from my body and gave a stern look at her (actually it was to take a deep breath and not let her know the reason as it would reduce the excitement), she saw me in the eye and now again we indulged in the act of kissing and I sucked her tongue and her lips and were kissing like we had never done this before and I broke the kiss and started feeling her side parts of her lips and started to feel her ear lobes and neck and she was moaning with her head held high and giving access to me to enjoy her skin a little more.

Again I took her face in my hands and started kissing and the kiss was very deep and this time we actually exchanged our saliva (there is nothing tasty about saliva, but it’s very exciting). And it had already been around 10mins I guess we had started the kiss, I broke it again and asked her where the bedroom is? She showed me by pointing her hand towards the far left and I just stood up by holding her ass and entangling her legs around me, she was still kissing me and I pressed my right hand on her head to pressurize the kissing while my left hand was holding her ass so as to withstand her weight and balance her. Meanwhile, I just pulled her lower lip by my teeth and then I let it release and using my sharp end of the tongue I just traced the upper lining of the lip.

After this, when we moved to the bedroom, I just dropped her on the bed, positioned myself on the bed sideways and we still kept kissing and she put her left leg over me and dragged me closer and our kissing was like lachhh lachhh sound. Finally, after 5 mins of kissing on the bed, I started to feel her upper portion of the breasts with my mouth over the gown.

My hands were feeling her waist all the time and till then I still had not touched her breasts. Firstly, I made her get up from the bed and made her to stand and removed her gown, she had a blue bra, she herself took it off and my god, my god, and those were the most beautiful boobs I had seen till then. I could see the green veins from my naked eye in her breasts. The nipples light pink in color. Wow, god, you’re really great, I felt like eating them instantly, but guys always have one thing in mind, in sex, man gets charged up like fire lit up by a match stick instantly, but a woman to get charged up is like keeping a bowl of cold water, which takes time to get hated up when kept on fire. So she has to be loved, she has to romance, she has to get charged.

I didn’t just grab them (breasts) the moment I started the foreplay, I let my fingers gently touch the skin around the nipples and the surrounding areas. Once the nipples hardened, I started to stroke them to pleasure her more. I was continuously looking at her face to gauge her reaction. Guys this technique will help you understand how much she likes it or if she’s not into it and also it will not let her feel that you love her breasts.

I started to cup her breasts from behind while kissing her on her neck. Since she had 34c big breasts, as my hand was not able to cover the entire area. After I had cupped them, gently ran my fingers and even my hand around the entire breast to arouse her more. I gently pressed on the nipple using my index finger and massaged in a circular motion to harden them.

Gently, I kept massaging the breasts in a circular fashion with my hands and then squeezed them harder. Kept an eye on her reaction to knowing if I had to intensify the pressure or continue with the same. I made her shriek with joy by teasing her nipples. I wet my finger with my saliva and gently grazed it on her nipples. Next, I gently blew on them for a cool effect. After that, I directly licked them with my tongue and then blew air on them with my mouth. Alternate between these two and she was going wild, seeing her go wild with her chest rise and fall, her moans made me evident that she was aroused and was enjoying the play. Omg, I still have precum now writing it thinking of her movements that day, when I had made love to her.

Once she started enjoying this, I started to suck on the nipples too. While I was sucking on one nipple, I placed my hand on the other breast and kept massaging it. Then moved on to the other one. When I kept sucking on nipples, she was pressing my head on to her breasts. This was making the act more pleasurable for her as well. She made me remove my shirt in between and felt my body firmly. Later, I released myself from her, I started to stroke her abdomen with my fingertips to give her that tingly, goose bump-worthy feeling. It happens to be more shiver-producing if you stroke up toward her breasts as opposed to down toward her pubic area.
Then, at the base of her stomach, I give her a taste of what’s to come by licking along them. The nerve endings there lead to her clitoris (I learned these by studying in articles), so she’ll feel some sensual aftershocks. I started to stimulate her waist by stroking her from just underneath the rib cage to her hips. Used a firmer touch, since it’s a more ticklish spot than most.

Later I made flip and made her face facing the bed, I started teasing the base of her spine with my hands, placed a palm on either side of her spine, then move my fingers up and down so they flutter over her skin. This was making her uncontrollable and she was making very loud moans and shaking her body like a snake. I just went down to her butts, she had light blue panty, I just held the elastic material and pulled it and Shanthi lifted herself up to give access for her panty to be removed.

I rubbed my palm in circles on her butt. It was creating a tingling sensation in her body and she was raising her hips for the massaging of my hands. I just kissed the butt one by one, creating a wet patch on each of it. Now I thought was time to turn her around and as I did it, her pussy was completely wet and it had gagged out juices like anything. It was a white pussy, she told me later that she had kept it neatly shaved for me.

Now my dick was paining like never before and I took off my jeans. I again went to bed, but Shanthi removed my boxer also and she held my dick for a while and gently stroked it and was about to take it in the mouth but I avoided it as I had to taste her pussy first. But I had still the navel to be tasted, I just felt her navel with my fingers and let her enjoy the tickling sensation. She had very long and oval shaped deep navel and I loved it. I brought my mouth on to it and kissed it and started to suck it. Very slowly, I provided gentle kisses and gathered my saliva in the mouth and filled her navel with my saliva. It was very wonderful to watch and the saliva started to drop out of the navel by a line of trace path and I used my tongue, sharpened it and licked that trace path and she was humming like uhhh uh ahmmmmmm and she kept her hands on my head. I kissed her lower abdomen, the underlining of a woman, especially aunties and that too Indian aunties who wear sarees is the greatest thing in the world and no women in the world could match it.

After feeling and enjoying her abdomen for quite few time, I think she was feeling too much heat in down between her thighs and she then moved my face a little downwards indicating me to love her pussy.

People I just love pussy eating, that’s the world’s best part for me. I just want to swim in it if it was possible. A slippery woman’s pussy is a delight to eat. I started to caress her thighs since the skin in this area is particularly sensitive. Then, teased this spot‚ the pleasure zone from the top of her thighs to a few inches above the inside of her knees‚ while she’s on top during foreplay. Since she was already aroused, the extra stimulation would have brought her closer to her peak. It was time for me to concentrate on the love hole. I didn’t go straight for the clit! Started by licking her pussy lips. Those were one hell pair of luscious lips. Went further down. She was wriggling to move her pussy to touch my tongue. But, I started with the lips and teased, teased, teased!

When she started begging for it (groaning, asking for it, grinding), that’s when I moved to the clit(but still didn’t touch it, just caressed area around the clit). Meanwhile, I kissed her thighs, kissed her outer lips, took a deep breath in, she was murmuring how much she wanted this. Guys when you make a woman crazy with such foreplay, you can get anything you want. Including a wet juicy pussy to play with and fuck senseless.

But again I started with this languorous broad stroke from the bottom of her pussy up past her clit. Then did it again. Slowly. Then licked everywhere. Her labia were lusciously lovely. Seriously they were one hell of a vertical pair of lips. What a taste it gave in my mouth. Oh, she still brings out the devil inside me. I was using my tongue to trace the lining of the outer and the inner lips of Shanthi She was shouting with ecstasy. My tongue was giving her the perfect pleasure. Shanthi was folding her legs over my head but I had to hold them firmly so that I can make her squirt.

The clit was still not still given the concentration as it is the main part of the pussy. After spending some quality time with the outer and inner labia and its linings, I had now to take care of her clit. It was medium sized clit protruding outward. I just touched it with my tongue and Shanthi went crazy, she lifted her hips up and out of bed to get it completely into my mouth but I held her lower abdomen portion and place it on bed and still kept her clit licking with tongue and she caught my head and dug it into her clit and now I had to take the entire clit in my mouth as it had been enormous teasing and she could not have waited any further. I kept eating her clit and brushed my complete mouth and nose into her pussy and since I had kept a small crunch of beard, I rubbed it against her clit and she jumped out, and again I held her started to eat her clit and after minute of completely making it wet, I blew air on it and she was shouting aaahhhhhhahhahhhh ahhhahhahhhahhh ahhhahhahhah.

And again I started the same procedure and she folded her legs and she let out her first orgasm, that was thunderous and pouring like a damn full of river, I kept eating her clit and drank her cum partially, it tasted salty. She was moving her body like a snake, she was not in her own control and she was swinging and twisting her body and her movements started to subside moments later but I still was eating her pussy and now what I did was took her right leg and kept it over my left shoulder and kept my fingers in Shanthi mouth and she sucked my fingers like a hungry child sucking milk. Once she made my fingers wet, I inserted one finger into her pussy now and she left a loud moan and I started the too and fro movement and gently brought in my second finger and still carried the too and fro movement while my mouth was on her clit sucking it and had her hands in my head. I dug my fingers into her pussy and just bent them inside her pussy, so as to touch the spongy, sensitive and the crazy part of the woman body, the g-spot.

I started stimulating it and she somewhat started to feel the heat again and now with the rigorous sucking of the clit and the continuous stimulation of her g-spot by my fingers, she was bending her chest and again rising it, she was unable to control the excitement and she sometimes held the bedspread and sometimes suddenly pressing my head, she was moaning like aarrrhhhh, aaaahhhh, she was shouting, I sensed that she was ready for her second orgasm and now she again let it out and as like the first orgasm, she had gallons of cum stored, and she released it in like a dam, the bed was completely wet with her juices and she had no sense of what was happening and she just had got carried away in the act, the act that I had directed it. She was taking deep breaths, her breaths were so long that she almost lifted her chest portion to suck the air. She was traumatized. I was feeling very proud of making her feel this pleasure. Slowly she was able to hold herself now and it took her few minutes to calm.

After her second orgasm had completed she almost got back to senses and she forcefully pulled me up and smooched me and she had tears in her eyes, she just was unable to control them and I knew that these were the tears of complete satisfaction. She told she can’t wait anymore and asked me to penetrate immediately. I obliged her words, and took my pant and took out the condom packet and as I was resting might right leg on the bed and the left leg on the floor, she could get access to my dick. In the meanwhile, she got up and held dick and took it into her mouth and she actually sucked my penis for a minute and immediately tore the condom wrapper and took out the condom inserted it on my dick and pulled me upon her and widened her legs, she just signaled me to start with pleading face. I just held my dick and started rubbing it to tease her, friends, tease a woman as much as possible, as I have said earlier, a woman is like a bowl of cold water and it requires time to get heated up when kept on fire, and when she’s heated up, the excitement is completely different..

The way I was teasing her now rubbing my dick on her pussy lips. I just laughed at her sentence this instigated her more and she made me lie down and she came upon me and she held my dick in hand and inserted it in her pussy. She was not that tight nor completely lose, her pussy gripped my penis perfectly and Shanthi was moving up and down. Her rhythmic movements were a feast to watch and I held her breasts in each hand and I dragged her towards me and took one of her nipples in my mouth and she was feeling like she was on cloud nine. Friends, this was the woman I had seen till now, who never cared about moaning, she moaned and moaned like a loud speaker, I don’t know if the outsiders were able to hear it or not, but her moans have had an extra boost in me ad it would encourage me to pleasure her more.

After making love in that position for 8-10 mins, she felt exhausted and I changed the position into doggy and seriously I penetrated her very deep and was hitting her complete canal length. The piston movement was much faster here and I held her hairs like a lagam and rode her lethally, she was unable to hold herself on the knees and she collapsed, because of which again we changed our position and finally took missionary position and in this position she rested very peacefully, I was able to kiss her, we actually held each other very tightly and I was eating her neck and breast portion and she gave a love bite on shoulder and it was very painful, it is still visible on my shoulder even after a year and a half (my parents, my relatives and some of my friends have been questioning me till date how it happened, but what can I say to parents and relatives, I just bluff something and move out from their eyesight) and seriously that was sensational. It was very enjoying and we had a french kiss between and she held my head with her hands, moving her fingers in my head.
She used to moan in such a way that it would trigger me more to thrust her deep and then she would dig her nails into my back.

I was still holding back my pressure to pump a little more. After pounding her for around 6-7 mins I guess, she was on the verge of her third orgasm and she locked her legs very firmly and she squeezed my penis so hardly that in the next few seconds I reached climax and shot my cum inside the condom, yes I thought like I had cummed very much, for a moment I thought the shooting power of my dick would have made a big hole in the condom, when we both were done and we rested for some time in the same position for some 3-4 mins and when everything settled down, she told me to part away as she felt my weight and we drifted apart and sat on the bed she too got up and took out the condom from my dick and threw it in the dustbin in the bathroom. She came back, kissed me now, this was a gentle and very sweet kind of a kiss.

She told me to freshen up and we both went to the bathroom to clean ourselves and there I just held her from behind and gave her breast massage and licked her neck in the shower. Finally, we were done and when we saw the time, it was 2:00 pm. We dressed up partially and she said “rocky this is one of my best sex experiences in my life, probably the best ever, since my husband just fucks me well, but the oral pressure and the romance was missing after the child, hope this happens with you even when you get married and when you couple have a child, but you really made my day today, thank you” and she at the same time ordered some food over the phone and asked what do you want to eat, I asked her what was she up to? She said she’s gonna go for the veg dish and even I said even I prefer the same.

Then we really had a wonderful lunch in each other’s embrace and after the food was done, I finally thought of ending it up there and wanted to leave but she insisted me to stay for a minute and handed over an envelope and I was surprised and when I saw it, it had few new five hundred s rupee notes I just denied it saying even I earn well and I don’t need this, but she was very adamant and she said the kind of pleasure that I have got from you today, I guess it is priceless and I think you deserve more, tell me if you need more but don’t refuse this. I was made to accept the money and after that incident in the next two three months, we really had a very wonderful time when she took leaves from office and so did I and both of us had enjoyed quite well.

But over the period of time, the contacts have grown and it’s good as my dick is having its food at different places with different tastes. The thing is I never demand anything and it is coming by itself. But the only thing is when a woman calls you to satisfy her, I go to her and do my job. It is stupid to think that many middle aged women has an hourglass figure, literally not.
Guys Indian women are not diet conscious and do not exercise after they become mothers, so it is up to you guys how you look at them. I love an Indian woman, especially aunties and middle aged woman, I’m just crazy about them.

Never till now had I expected a client to be as curvy, and perfectly shaped since I’m okay with my pleasure providing skills and I love seeing the pleasure of a woman by my skills nevertheless what shape and size she is. It’s my duty and I fulfill it.

But what I learned over these sexperiences (after providing client service to some class woman. women can find many smart, young, handsome and etc guys but friend it’s really worthy being trustful. Trust is the bridge upon which the relation survives. So in a year and a half I have been providing services to needy women as per their choice.

Btw, some things I wanted to share for you people were, with experience, even if she lets you kiss her in the middle of your indirect service, do not stop your service to get full-on sexual with her. That could turn her off. She may think that you’re desperate and sexually frustrated, which is not attractive to a woman. Kiss her breasts only for about 30 seconds but then get back to the massage (learned from experience, studied in some well-known articles). This self-control is attractive to women, it heightens her arousal, she desires you even more, and by the time your service is done, she can’t wait for you to get intimate. I have made this mistake in the past when a client gave me permission to kiss her breasts, I got carried away and kissed her breasts, neck, face, mouth…and finally had sex with her. She did not like it.

At the end of the session when I asked for feedback, she said “you said you’ll kiss my breasts for just a bit, I think you got carried away.” she felt cheated, she felt that she did not get her money’s worth of massage. Well, I don’t care for money. She did not hire me again. But often a client will absolutely insist that you stop the service and get physically intimate immediately. If she proactively asks you to do that, sure, go ahead, after all a client’s wish is your command.

And to all those who have read my story, please leave your valuable comments here or mail me at ravee007@gmail.Com. People who are in need of services can contact me, gays please stay out (sincere request) as I’m not of your kind. Privacy is guaranteed to the needy and I need not say it again as I have shared the stories based up on my partner’s consent. Hope even my aunties like it. Bye people. If possible I’ll share few more in the coming days/months/years. Thank you.

Just A Holy Fool

I was wondering if you could possibly write an imagine where reader is Lady Gagas backup dancer for Judas and Norman starts to notice this girl and eventually asks her out near the end of the shoot? I think he’s pretty hot on the music video 😍

I kinda wanna make a part 2 out of this…or a full series out of this…Norman is adorable and I love this one shot haha! Let me know what you think!

It wasn’t exactly thrilling waking up at four in the morning to get to set but then again it was definitely thrilling to be in Lady Gaga’s new music video. Sure, you were just a backup dancer but you would be showing everyone you knew this video for years to come. And there was an added bonus. An actor from that new TV show, The Walking Dead would be in it. You hadn’t had much of a chance to watch it since you were too busy constantly working but you knew Norman Reedus from other movies and TV shows he’d done in the past. However, it was important that you didn’t get star struck and make a fool out of yourself. If you had any plans at all of making it in this industry, you had to play it cool with everyone you met even if they were huge stars.

The warm coffee was doing nothing to wake you up as you arrived on set, your backpack heavy on your tired shoulders. The sun wasn’t even up yet. You loved your job but god, getting up at four o’clock in the morning was rough sometimes.

You were taken to the make-up trailers where dozens of backup dancers and extras were getting their make-up and hair done and a majority of them were looking much more energized than you did right now.

“Morning!” one of the make-up artists exclaimed cheerfully, “My name’s Gayle. What’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you replied, “Sorry you don’t get a more chipper person to slap some make-up on.”

“I know it’s early but it’ll be a really fun shoot,” Gayle replied. The two of you made small talk while she fixed your hair and applied your make-up and halfway through, the coffee kicked in and you were much more awake now, laughing with Gayle and the other extras. You were ready to get going and give it your best.

Once Gayle was finished, you got up and headed for wardrobe. You walked a little quicker and held your head up higher now that you were fully awake. As you opened the door to exit the trailer, you bumped into a firm body, which knocked you back more than it knocked the other person back.

“I’m so sorry,” you said, a tight grip on the stranger’s forearm to keep your balance. You looked up to look at who you just bumped into and now had a hold of their arm and you were stunned at the pair of dark blue eyes staring back at you, “Oh shit…you’re…”

“Yeah, I’m Norman,” he chuckled, patting your hand that was still holding onto his arm. He gave you a warm smile, “Are you alright, sweetheart?”

“Uh, yeah…yeah totally,” you replied, pulling away from Norman’s arm and folding your hands behind your back, “Seriously sorry about that. I’m like half awake today and I’m on my way to wardrobe and all that and I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“It’s fine,” Norman said, “I’ll see you a little later, alright?”

“Sure,” you said, stepping to the side so Norman could go into the make-up trailer, sitting in the chair you had just been sitting in for the last hour. Once you got to wardrobe, they put you in a black sleeveless crop top and black leather pants with a tan scarf, boots, and a headband to match. Finding out you’d be dancing almost right next to Lady Gaga was exciting but also made you a little anxious. What if you screwed up the moves? It was one thing to make a mistake but to make it in front of someone as big as Lady Gaga would be humiliating.

They had started off with a scene that you wouldn’t be in but you got to stand behind the cameras and watch Lady Gaga and the other dancers move gracefully and perfectly. She looked stunning in a red bra with white crosses on each cup and red underwear to match with a sheer red sheet draped over her backside and red booties. The dirt flew up and spread through the air as she and the other dancers danced around, lifting their feet and swaying their hips.

You turned to get a look at all the players involved with the behind the scenes action and caught Norman off to the side staring at you. They’d given him a leather jacket with an unbuttoned shirt underneath, a pair of gloves in his hand. Once he’d been noticed, he quickly turned away, clearing his throat as he put the gloves on, his cheeks quickly turning red.

It took a few takes to get the scenes finished and Lady Gaga was whisked away to change into her wardrobe. Your heart raced as you and the others were gathered together to prepare and practice for your scenes. You wiggled your arms and rolled your neck back and forth.

“I can do this,” you whispered to yourself.

“Hey,” Norman’s voice came from behind you and you jumped, letting out a squeal. He pulled back a little and laughed, “Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“That’s okay,” you said, “I’m just a little jumpy.”

“Good luck,” he said, “Don’t be nervous. You’ll do great.”

“You’re sweet,” you replied. Norman beamed and hurriedly walked away to let you finish stretching and mentally preparing yourself. Lady Gaga came back out a few minutes later, switching from an all red outfit to all black. A black bra with a white cross on each cup, a leather jacket, and black underwear with stockings and boots going up to her thighs with a blue bandana wrapped around her forehead.

You were placed at her right and that made you sweat a little. She offered a warm smile and friendly words of encouragement and that made it a little easier to relax but you still needed to focus. The music blared and you followed the rhythm easily, more and more at ease the longer you danced. Norman was standing directly across from you, arms folded across his chest watching you. His expression was extremely difficult to read. Was he impressed? Or were you just screwing up? Regardless, you did multiple takes of the scene until the director was satisfied with what you all had done and you all took a break so Lady Gaga could make yet another costume change.

You were standing with some of the other extras having lunch when you were again approached by Norman, his leather jacket removed but the shirt he had on underneath was still unbuttoned which gave you an even better view of his chest. You tried not to stare too much as the other extras scurried away in a fit of giggles.

“Hey, Y/N,” Norman said, “I hope I haven’t bothered you too much today.”

“You? Bother me?” you laughed, “No way. What’s up?”

“You know we’ve got some scenes together, right?” Norman said.

Fighting the blush in your cheeks was absolutely pointless but that didn’t stop you from trying, “No, I had no idea.”

“Should be fun,” he said, “By the way, you were really good out there. Where did you learn to dance like that?”

“Years and years of practice,” you said with a chuckle, “I didn’t know you thought I was good. You looked so serious like I was fucking up or something.”

“No, you were amazing,” Norman said, “You were the best out there.”

“Oh stop,” you said, “I’m not that good.”

“Don’t sell yourself short,” Norman said. He looked down at his phone and started walking away, “Well, I should get something to eat real quick before we have to start up again. I’ll see you later, Y/N.”

“Sure,” you said. It was silly to be this enamored with Norman as you were but you figured you wouldn’t see him again after this shoot was over so a tiny crush wouldn’t hurt anything, would it? You could survive these next few days.

Admittedly, it was a little more complicated than you’d thought on the first day. Over the next week, you watched Norman performing his scenes. Even though his scenes were simple with no actual speaking parts, there was something powerful about his movements and facial expressions. You could watch it all day. Every now and then during his scenes, you’d catch him glancing at you out of the corner of his eye. But why would someone like him have any interest in a nobody like you?

The last day brought on the scenes Norman had mentioned that you two would be in together. Norman had one arm wrapped around your shoulder and another arm wrapped around another girl’s shoulder. You were supposed to dance around, throwing your head back and forth, which made Norman and the other girl jostle as he pulled her back and buried his face in the hollow of her throat while she closed her eyes. It sent shivers up your spine watching him with the intensely hungry look in his blue eyes. The girl had gushed about it after the scene was over, telling you how soft his lips had been against her skin and you were burning with jealousy. Again, it was just plain silly to be this jealous. But you couldn’t help yourself. Why couldn’t you be that girl he kissed?

And then came that last scene. You didn’t even know it was happening until the director explained it to you. It would finally be you. Of course, Norman wasn’t going to kiss you like he had the other girl but you would be a lot closer to him than the other girl was. She was a nice girl but you still took it as a small victory.

“Here we go,” you mumbled, “Last day of the shoot. Kinda bummed. Made a lot of friends here.”

“Yeah,” Norman agreed. He opened his mouth to add onto his comment but was interrupted by the director shouting. The music started up and Norman shifted into character, one hand grabbing your arm as you rolled your hips in small circular motions. He stared deeply into your eyes, moving his hand down your cheek to hold onto your shoulder as you lowered a bit and then came back up. Being in his strong arms, standing inches from him, feeling his warmth radiating from his body. You were almost tempted to ruin it and kiss him but you resisted the urged. The scene was still repeated a few times until you got it the way the director wanted it. Norman letting go of you left you empty and disappointed.

“You did great,” Norman said, “Looks like that’s the end of that.”

“Thanks,” you said, “You were great too. Well…guess we should get outta here.”

You pulled the headband off your head and started to walk away. Norman was standing there for a while, ashamed of his hesitance to say anything to you. And you were shocked to realize that your heart was broken, knowing you would never see that handsome man again after today.

With your sunglasses shielding your eyes and a hat covering your sweaty hair, you threw your backpack on over your shoulder and left your trailer for the last time to drive home and move on to the next job. Finishing with this job was sadder than any other job you’d done before. And it was all because of one man.

You pressed the unlock button on your car but that same voice that made your heart skip a few beats stopped you yet again, “Wait! Y/N! Wait a second!”

Turning around, you saw Norman running towards you, waving his arm over his head. He’d changed into his street clothes, his black t-shirt clinging to every muscle and his pants hanging loosely off his small hips.

“What’s up?” you said, “Did I forget something?”

“No, no not at all,” Norman said, “I just wanted to ask you something and I knew I’d regret it if I let you leave without asking.”

“What is it?”

“I was just…we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well these past few days,” Norman began, “And I really wanna see you again outside of work. Do you think you’d wanna go out with me sometime? Coffee or dinner or ya know whatever.”

“Dinner sounds great,” you said. Making a bold move, you grabbed his hand and leaned in, placing a kiss on his scruffy cheek. Norman smiled and pushed his sunglasses further up his nose nervously.

“Sounds great,” he said, “I’ll call you tonight, okay?”

You smiled and nodded eagerly, squeezing Norman’s hand as you opened your car door, “I can’t wait, Norman.”

Tempted to make a part 2 ;)

Halloween Jealousy

Game: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Jaehee Kang x MC /
Basically: An adorable, Jealous Jaehee

MC decided to dress up as a cat for Halloween. Jaehee thinks her friend is cute at first, but when certain comments on how Jumin might like it are made… well, let’s just say Jaehee realizes certain feelings that demand to be acted upon.

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