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Ok ,soo let's start . WCIF shirt from the blondie from the Love me down Revamp hair, shirt from the brunette girl from the Private Show Pony Revamp and the shirt from the red hair girl from the same post , and ( yeah i want too many ) and the shirt from the red hair girl from the Rebecca hairs post . Hope you have a great day!!

HERE // HERE // HERE // HERE(deleted the file, & it isn’t on Lana sweater tags page 1-10 lmao)

BABE. She’s looking so gorgeous in this photo! I’m obsessed with the top. It’s so fun. The long arms with the lace up and the scrunch tube top is so cute. I also think this color is flawless. Ruby red! This would look cute with some pants or leggings as it gets colder. 

Don’t forget, this doll makes all sizes, small to 2x, plus any other size you might need!

Long Sleeve Crop Top: Wander and Daze on Etsy, $55, Buy it Here

Me: Hey Shuichi, what’s your type?

Shuichi: Someone with purple eyes, wears clothes with long white sleeves, and their first name starts with the letter ‘K’

Me: That’s… specific

Kaede, Kokichi and Kaito: No, no it isn’t.