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Idiot (Edward x Reader)

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  “Just leave him alone.” You say. He just looks at you and laugh.
  “As if,” he says, and he pushes you against the filing cabinets, “Weaklings need to learn how to be controlled.” You look up at him,
  “Why are you so mean?” You ask, and he smirks,
  “That’s just how reality is.” He says as he rolls up his sleeves.
  “Leave her alone.” A voice says, and you turn your head to see Edward in the doorway. You smile at him, and Tom laughs,
  “Well well well.” He stands back up, “look who it is. Y/n’s boyfriend.” You blush at the statement and Ed just shakes his head,

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The hunt went okay. It was just a salt and burn but still your brothers managed to find something about your skills -or lack of- to pick up on. As usual, Dean dragged you and Sam to a bar. You were only fourteen, so you couldn’t even drink: four years to go. You sighed as Dean went about his usual routine of picking up girls. How they ever fell for it amazed you every time.

Sam sipped his beer and looked over the notes for previous cases. You knew he was just finding something to do. You hated to admit it but you weren’t that close with your brothers, they constantly put you down.

Lately, with school work piling on and the pressure of training for hunts just to keep up with your brothers had you stressed out. And to make matters worse, a man from the other side kept eyeing you up. You avoided his gaze, gross. He didn’t seem to get the message when he strode towards you. “Back off.” You heard Sam warn without bothering to actually look at the man.

“I don’t think she wants me to.” The man bit his lip and tilted his head at you.

You continued to ignore him, picking at your sleeves. “Hey! Leave her alone!” Dean called.

You watched the man step away having got the hint. In a swift movement you got up and left, barging into the perv on your way out the door. You put your hand deeper into your pocket, the creeps wallet now yours.

You heard your brothers run after you but they didn’t need to. You stopped just outside, sitting up on the wall and watching the quiet road.
“Y/N? What the hell are you doing?” Sam said, standing in front of you- even with you on the wall he was taller.
“Getting fresh air.” You huffed.
“What’s wrong with you, it’s dangerous on your own.” Dean scoffed.
“Why do you care?!” You snap back.
“I’m your brother.” Dean spoke as though it were obvious.
“Well it sure doesn’t feel like it.” 
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Sam challenged.
“You hate me. Both of you, all you ever do is ignore me. And when you’re not you’re just getting angry at me because I’ve done something wrong. And I always do something wrong. But don’t worry: I’m going.” You spill out, biting your lip to stop yourself from crying to the point where you drew blood. You held up the mans wallet to prove a point.
Their faces were nothing but shock. Sam stuttered a few words, unsure of what to say. “We don’t hate you, Y/N.” He sighed, jumping up on the wall next to you.

“Then what have I done wrong?!” You scream at him.
“We’re just trying to protect you,” Dean began before Sam could answer “We worry about you. You’re our baby sister and we don’t want anything to happen to you…” 
“I guess we’ve been a bit harsh…we wanted to be critical in order to strengthen you. We wanted to make sure you were a good hunter,” Sam took a deep breath as a tear escaped him “Bug, there’s a big age gap between us and there’s going to be a time when you’re more capable than us. We want to make sure you’ll be okay when it comes to that.” 

“What about now? Don’t you want me to be okay now?!” You were crying yourself, your eyes looking desperately for an answer between your brothers.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I didn’t…we didn’t realise.” Dean cupped your face with his hands and stroked away your tears. 
Sam wrapped his arms around you and protectively rested his chin on your head, you took Dean’s hand and he pressed a kiss to your forehead. You now crying more from relief than anger: you had your brothers back.

Request by @analisalovve

Hi again :)! Could you do a brother/sister imagine where the brothers don’t think very high of their sister? Constantly leaving her out of stuff, saying somewhat rude things to her, and ignoring her. But one day something happens or they witness something bad happening to her and they step in to help.
I am SO SO SO sorry for messaging you again, but I just wanted to say for the last 2 requests I sent in, could you make both of the ages to be 14? Thanks love❤️
Hey! Thanks for requesting :P I hope it’s okay, I wasn’t to sure where to go with it but hey it kinda worked. Also, I added fluff because I’m a sucker for fluff hehe

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Beth’s Sweater

Okay, there’s been a discussion about the rips in Beth’s sweater we see during Coda:

bethgreenewarriorprincess noticed this and explained in her meta (X) that they indicated that Beth was bit. There’s a bit of a disagreement of where the tears in Beth’s sweater came from so I’m including pictures (X) I found to clear this up. (the pictures are under the read more).

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Like Like

Reader x Sam

“Dammit, Y/N!” Dean yelled at you, slamming his hand down on the steering wheel. You sat quiet staring at Dean from your place in the back seat. You weren’t really sure what you’d done wrong. Dean was the only one who knew there were multiple vetala. You didn’t know and he didn’t warn you. Sam knew, and he still wasn’t prepared.

“I didn’t know,” you filled the loud silence with your feeble defense.

“You could have gotten yourself killed!” He yelled at you, “Then what?! What if that was a werewolf?! I’d be putting a bullet in your head right now!”

That was highly improbable, given that werewolves rarely came in packs, but you knew better than to speak back. You just stared straight ahead, carefully attentive to his words.

“Dean, come on, she saved my life. I couldn’t take another-” Sam came to life, sorta in the passenger seat.

“Oh you! Don’t even get me started on you! How the hell do you even get kidnapped?! Y/N shouldn’t have had to be there! And she should have watched her surroundings! It’ll get her killed, and I’m not going to anymore funerals!”

Tears began spilling down your face. You never took well to yelling. For whatever reason it just depressed you. Part of you almost preferred he’d just hit you instead. It would be quicker, this drawn out tongue-lashing was getting hard to bear. Before you knew it the tears were taking a steady, trek down your cheeks.

“What the hell are you crying for?” Dean demanded, glancing back at you. You shook your head and wiped your face with your sleeve.

“Dean just leave her alone,” Sam spoke up.

“No, I could be burying the two of you right now! She shouldn’t be crying!”

Sam let out an exhausted groan, and let his head fall back, “Well, thank you, Y/N, I’d be dead if you didn’t help out,” Sam said glancing back at you, and rolling his eyes.

“Dean, I was just helping,” you cried voice breaking, “he had one more than dead! They hadn’t even touched me yet!” Your voice was shrill with tears.

“Sam isn’t your responsiblity! You take care of yourself! What the hell am I supposed to do if I lose you two?!” He demanded

“You’d breathe a little easier…without me anyway,” you grumbled, not meaning for it to meet his ears. Dean swerved over to the shoulder lane and parked. He turned quickly to glare at you.

“Damn right! You build these fucking ideas that you can fight like us, but you can’t! ” he yelled at you. You didn’t bother to say anything else, instead you stared out on the sun heated asphalt.

You got a separate motel room, like always but you didn’t hang out with the boys. You threw your bag across the room and face planted on to the bed. In your room alone, you didn’t feel the need to try and deny yourself the tears that streamed down your face and rocked through your body. Enough was never enough, for Dean. If you had let Sammy die he’d hate you, call you selfish, and heartless. He’d have done the same thing for the younger Winchester. Of course, when you revealed yourself, Dean was the last thing on your mind. As you moved from the dark to give yourself up, all you thought was “Not Sam.” It was a knee jerk reaction.

“Y/N,” Sam called as he walked into your room, “You left the door unlocked, you really shouldn’t-…you okay?”

You sat up wiping your face with your sleeve. It was too late to really hide your crying.

“Sam, you need rest. That venom has to get out of your system,” you chastised half-heartedly. Sam closed your door, and came to sit by your side.

“I’m fine,” he assured. You couldn’t meet Sam’s gaze; you were too embarrassed. Sam sat staring at you, trying to figure out what the hell he could do to make you feel better. In a last ditch effort to be somewhat comforting, he opened his arms. You glanced over at him, then hesitantly leaned in. Sam never seemed like the type to be into physical contact.

“Don’t let Dean make you cry. He wasn’t gonna be happy either way that played out. You made the best decision you could in your position,” he assured. His words made you feel a little better. Additionally, you couldn’t focus on sadness when Sam’s arms were around you. Part of you giggled at how big his biceps were, another part riveled in the warmth of his arms. You were silent, listening to his breath come and go, and cherishing his heart beat. It wouldn’t be beating if you didn’t take that bite to the neck.

“Why’d you do it?” He asked suddenly. Your steady breath faltered. What kind of question was that? “Not that I’m not glad you did, it’s just that self preservation…”

“If you died and I was able to help you, Dean’d probably kill me on principle,” you semi-lied. It was true and a fear you only devised after saving Sam.

“I know when you’re lying. C'mon, just between me and you,” he urged tilting his head to take a glance at your face.

“I dunno. A-all I could think was ‘Not Sam’. I didn’t really think about anything else.” You admitted, your embarrassment cooked you like a pot roast.

“Well thanks, but…keep yourself safe too. I’d really miss having someone other than Dean to talk to,” he said casually.

“Why does it matter if I’m here or not. Dean obviously thinks-”

“Fuck Dean,” Sam groaned.

“No thank you,” you answered, making yourself grin. Sam moved so you could see his bitchface.

“Good, I don’t want you on my brother’s list of chicks he’s slept with,” Sam grumbled.

“He keeps a list?”

“Of course, he’d have you sign your name on it, and every time he gets ten more signatures there’s a prize, pie and burgers,"he joked, making you laugh.

"What happens on your list?” You asked with a smile looking up at him. You watched his cheeks flush and you suddenly felt your face warm. Did you really just ask that question? You tried laughing it off, “we could trade kale smoothie recipes,” you joked.

“I don’t have a list, unlike my brother I’m not a manwhore.”

“He’s not a manwhore. He doesn’t get paid.” You mumbled your technicality. Sam still heard and erupted in laughter, “I’m just sayin’ either he sucks at sex or he’s using his skills wrong.”

“Never do something you’re good at for free,” Sam agreed, “Well, I’ll have you know that I cost too much for most women.”

“I thought you weren’t a man whore.”

“Only on Tuesdays,” he clarified. The both of you erupted into loud laughter.

“How much do you cost?” You smiled still laughing a bit.

“On fridays I’m free. Free Friday, it’s a good sells gimick.” He said with a completely straight face.

“Oh God how do you say that with a straight face?!” You covered you buried your face in his chest.

“C'mon, it’s free Friday,” he said in a sing-songy voice, half-joking.

“I’m glad you’re alive Sam. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Melt into a puddle,” he supplied.

“You know, I care about you a lot, right?” You continued. What were you doing?! You were gonna make things awkward.

Sam was in shock. No, no he didn’t know you cared a lot. He didn’t know you cared at all until you saved him. What the hell, did wishing on stars actually work?

“I-I don’t want something to happen to us and I never told you. No regrets, you know? I uh kinda like you…like…like like you,” you specified. You didn’t dare look up at him. His arms slowly fell from around you and you wanted to cry again. You ruined it!

“You like like me?” Sam asked, half amused, half mind blown.

“…yeah,” you examined your hands in your lap. He put a finger under your chin and turned your face towards his. Sam graced your lips with his own.

“I like like you too,” he smiled