sleepytime extra tea

For my fellow tea loving witches:

Sleepytime Extra tea by Celestial Seasonings is awesome for when you’re having trouble falling asleep. The main ingredients are Chamomile, tilia flowers, and valerian. The other ingredients are peppermint, lemongrass, hawthorn and orange blossoms.

I always have trouble falling asleep so the calming chamomile & sedative natures of the other herbs are really helpful. I like to add a little spoonful of brown sugar to sweeten it up, but it’s already a little sweet on its own.

Boxes of the tea run about 4-5 bucks and can be found in pretty much any grocery store or on amazon.

  • Me: *can't sleep, finishes a novel*
  • Me: *gives up and makes some tea (Sleepytime Extra)*
  • Me: Let's just look at Tumblr for a moment while the tea cools.
  • Me: *goes in pagan tag*
  • Them: "I rarely see people post magical ethics, so here I will post my morality and I expect you all to listen to my morality."
  • Them: "Never curse or hex."
  • Me: Oh you sweet summer child. *rubs my cursing hands on the witchcraft*