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If uwere washing the sheets for ur bed, Luke would lay on the bare mattress bc he's tired and when u got to the bedroom to put the sheets back on, he'd grumble and say "just put the sheets on over my body" but u obviously couldn't do that so u shoved a pillow under his head and shoved him off the bed and you'd hear his body smack the ground and he'd just whine and wait until you're done to climb back into bed and he would grab u and pull u to him and say "laundry can wait, I'm more important"



[on the rumor that she turned down “Sleepy Hollow”] To be honest and boring,I was in the middle of switching agents so it could’ve come up. I don’t know. Maybe people thought that because of [Johnny Depp] and I, but we were fine at that point. We did go through the whole year of, you know… So maybe people thought that was still an issue. It was a dramatic relationship because it was my first and they’re always dramatic, but the press made it so much more. Actually I do remember talking to [Tim Burton] about Sleepy Hollow, but way before he did it. But I was interested to see it, because it was [Christina Ricci]’s first grown-up role - my little sister from “Mermaids” - Winona Ryder

Ichabbie Drabble

Cause I felt like it…

She was always so strong. It seemed like there was very little that could get through the impenetrable armor that was Grace Abigail Mills’ emotional barriers. Still, given all they had been through, given all that they had sacrificed, even her barriers would fall at least once.

She fought so hard against the rising tide.  It felt like everything that had happened to her over the course of her life was bombarding her, pulling her down deeper into a dark sea of emotions that threatened to drown her.

She’d come within inches of losing Crane tonight. Watching the light slowly drain from his eyes while she stood by helplessly bound had spurred her into action to save someone she loved but it also managed to break something inside of her. As they made their way back to the cabin, Abbie sank further and further into herself, trying desperately to catch any ray of light, any fresh air that she could.

Ichabod could feel the desperation and fear radiating off of his tiny Lieutenant. He’d been sensing it rising for weeks now. He knew she needed to let go; he knew she needed to release everything she’d been bottling up over the course of her life but this was Abbie. He knew that she’d do so when she was ready, preferably when she was alone but knowing her as much and as well as he did, he knew she needed someone – something to catch her when she fell.

They’d barely made it through the door when she started to tremble and hyperventilate. Ichabod did the one thing, the only thing he could for Abbie; he pulled her small frame into his substantial one, enveloping her into a tight embrace. She collapsed into him, taking him down with her as she sobbed silently. He held her there in a crumpled heap, his large hands cradling her head to his chest. He said nothing; he simply kissed the crown of her head repeatedly and allowed her to cry – to let out everything that she felt she had to hold in.

Ichabod did the one thing that no one else ever seemed to allow Abbie to do – be vulnerable.