Sleeping Arrangements

Title: Sleeping Arrangements

Summary: When you’re sick and tired of sharing motel beds with a sweaty, gassy, bed-hogging moose you and Dean decide to give it a shot. 

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, sleepy!dean, Sam being a hot, gassy, bed hog.

Word count: 1,837

Originally posted by zest-wincest

You were slumped over the table in the whitewashed diner, Sam by your side and Dean sitting across from the pair of you. Your elbows were on the table, your hands propping up your chin and head as your eyes became heavier and heavier. The boys were talking but you couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, your eyes finally falling shut in exhaustion. Dean’s deep voice lulled and for a moment you felt yourself finally drifting off to sleep. Suddenly Sam’s elbow knocked into yours, dislodging your propped up head and jolting you awake.

“Jesus, were you just sleeping?” Dean asked between bites of his obnoxiously large burger.

“What? No, no, just resting my eyes.” you yawned, shaking your head and reaching for your cup of tea.

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