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I'm not sure if it's just me but I don't understand why Clara was right in telling him off at the end of this episode. The Doctor left her to make a decision about her own planet- why was she so angry with him? Why was the drastic "go away and don't come back" justified if she's been with him for a while now and knows the risks? I feel like I dislike her more after this episode. Did I miss something?

Okay, okay. Let’s try to put yourself in Clara’s shoes.

This is the actually the usual stuff, you’ve done this is a hundred times before - inifnitely dangerous situation, impossible choices… and it always works out, because you can trust in yourself and you can trust in the Doctor.

Except the Doctor leaves you. He tells you the training wheels are off and he leaves you.

I don’t think you quite understand how momentous this is, but think about all the things Clara has done for him. Did she leave him when he was dying at Trenzalore, when he was standing between the timelords and an army of Daleks? Did she leave him when he was about to kill his own people? Did she leave him to die when everything he ever had been was being destroyed by the Great Intelligence?

Did she ever leave him when there was a difficult decision to be made?

But she does push the button, she does what she always does, she can’t be the villain in her own story… and the moment she does that, the Doctor is back, all grand speeches, and the siutation magically resolves itself, like it always does when Clara Oswald does the right thing.

And it tastes so bitter. He doesn’t actually treat her like a person who has to make her own choices. He treats her like an automaton, just push her in the right set of circumstances and let her push a button. He was expecting her to - but is that blind trust in someone you love or is that the ultimate act of being patronising? This impossible choice and he had decided that he’d figured her out so well that he’d just have to let her dance and she’s hit the right steps, like a perfectly predictable pet. While it’s perfectly possible that he knew exactly that she wouldn’t be dooming Earth the moment she decided not to kill.

Except she almost did it. For a moment, she’s about to listen to reason. For a moment, she’s about to listen to the rest of humanity. This isn’t even truly her decision, isn’t it? For a moment she’s about to blow up an innocent creature, for a moment she’s might just be about to kill herself and Courtney with her. (Don’t ever forgot the latter, the Doctor doesn’t even give her the option of killing only one child, there’s a chance that it would be two if the Doctor doesn’t come back.)

She saved him from committing genocide against his own people and he didn’t even try to support her when she was faced with something similarly atrocious.

So yes, she’s got the right to be angry. She’s got the right to be furious. She’s got the right to tell the Doctor she’ll never travel with him again. This has nothing do with knowing the risks. She knows the risks. This is being abandoned and betrayed by the one person you placed your faith in, in the one moment she needs them most

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where the FUCK is that button my computer keeps trying to assimilate me help me, fellow secret old lady!

It’s been bugging me for months, trying to get me to upgrade, when today’s pop up was like “Based on your computer use, we are scheduling your upgrade for [whenever it was].” And then underneath there was like a reschedule, and an upgrade now, and then hiding in the corner was like a ‘cancel my scheduled upgrade’. I’m sure it will continue to bug me though, but at least I kept it from doing it against my will. If we can hold off until it stops being Free, then I guess we’re home free.