[SCENARIO REQUEST] Boyfriend!Jun...

Requested by: @honeydreaming

Ello friend! If you can’t already tell, I’m 8000% attracted to JunHui HAHAHA and this is actually my first post/scenario for this blog hehe so hopefully you’ll like it. & if you want more of Jun, there’s another BF scenario + drabble coming up soon so stay tuned!
I hope you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it weeeee ~ do leave comments if you have any!

Have a good day ahead!

junnie :>

If Jun was your boyfriend…

  • He’ll make you fetch him after his martial arts training even if he knows how to get home blindfolded
  • Makes you buy food for him after trainings
  • “I’m hungry, jagi please get me fooooooooood”
  • Puts his hands around your shoulder at the most random timings
  • Ends up head-locking you and messing your hair
  • Many many tickle fights
  • It’s always a competition between the 2 of you
  • A lot of teasing from him
  • But he always lets you win in the end
  • Begs you to accompany him to his gym sessions so that he can show off his muscles to you
  • Prefers to see you in his oversized clothes just because he likes to see you in them
  • Tries to act manly in front of you or the other members but honestly he’s just very adorable and caring
  • Texts you in the middle of dance practice even though he’s not supposed to
  • Sometimes Hoshi might get irritated at him
  • “Jun, stop playing with your phone. It’s not break time!!!”
  • “Wait, let me tell y/n what I’m doing”
  • A tol ball of fluff that loves to cuddle especially when he’s sleepy
  • Build pillow forts and makes you sit inside just because he’s bored
  • Loves showering you with many random little kisses
  • Prefers to back hug you
  • Very protective over you
  • Stares down at every guy who looks at you for more than 5 seconds
  • “Jun, stop looking at him like that, you’ll scare him”
  • “He better be scared. You’re mine.”
  • Stares at you whenever you’re not paying attention because he finds you so beautiful
  • When you catch him looking at you, he’ll quickly look away and pretends as if nothing happened
  • “What were you staring at?”
  • “Nothing, there was a bug in your hair. It’s gone now though.”
  • Never fails to make your heart skip a beat just by staring at you lovingly with his big round eyes
  • Video calls with you at night so that he can see you before he sleeps
  • “I love you jagi. Dream of me! :-* ” and immediately ends the video call, not letting you reply

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