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oh my god ive never gotten one let alone 108 (yes i counted)


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1) Do you like your name or you would change it if you could?

I don’t like my name so i go by my nickname so i guess yes

2) Favorite animal?


3) If you could wish for anything in the world what would you wish for?

to live in the shire

4) If someone offers you inmortallity would you take it?

nah man

5) Religion?

episcopal, but i go to church only about half the time 

6) Something you regret?

screwing up an audition for my school’s a capella group

7) Which city do you want to visit before you die?


8) First celebrity crush?

first ever?? oh god this is embarrassing *8 year old voice* nick jonas

9) Favorite food?


10)Favorite animated film?


11) Nationality?

*chants* USA USA USA USA

My Questions:

1) If you had to trade places with someone for a day, who would it be?

2) What is the most pointless thing you have ever bought?

3) What colour are your walls in your bedroom?

4) What is something you wish you could do but can’t?

5) Any posters on your walls? If so, what? If no, what do you want on your walls?

6) Play any musical instruments? Yes, what? No, what would you want to learn?

7) What deodorant do you use?

8) Do you sleep on a twin, queen, or king sized bed?

9) Favourite candy?

10) What are you procrastinating right now?

11) How do you take your tea?