So I’ve been on here way too long to not do one of these.  Get ready…I will not be able to harness this mighty river (the intro may be lengthy).  I should have done one as artsyafrodite, nevertheless here I am.  I keep seeing these floating around Tumblr, so I figured, why not?  ’Tis the season after all…

I must say, my experience on Tumblr (specifically the Shameless Fandom) has not been half bad - then again, I’m a fairly drama free individual.  My life has been a hard one, so I never feel the need to perpetuate any type of struggle when coming on here - this is a space to let go and have fun (for the most part).  I’m lucky that the people I follow have made my time on here a great one.  There will be names down here that followed me when I was artsyafrodite, and probably have yet to realize I changed my blog, so some are not following me as penprowess yet, but I love their blogs and will always follow them.  There are some that have never followed me, but I enjoy their blogs nonetheless, so yeah, they’re in there too.  There are also multiple blogs that I miss dearly, and have been inactive for some time, but I am keeping hope alive that they will re-surface!

I’m not one to play favorites or be clickish, but I would be remiss if I didn’t first start out with the people on here I’ve grown close to, and who have literally been angels (thanks Noel) for me.  So here’s a special mention and thank you, to my loves who have made me smile or laugh out loud on more than one occasion, have let me vent to them via messages, have read over my work via e-mail or vice versa, or have encouraged my writing when I have almost given up a few times.  I would say a few words about each of them, but who am I kidding?  I’m long-winded and could never keep it short, but I love each of these folks equally! <3

My loves:

lostyourwar (creator of the above artwork I tweaked!), likeacowsopinion (Billie’s a writing genius everyone), idealuk, clever-grl, golden-gardenias, skinnycat77, loveonawirex3 (WHERE ARE YOU CASSIE MY LOVE?!), avalonia320, stagmania, lonelygallavich-addict (yet another MIA), withmywordsispeaktruth, hunny94cheeks, thatgallavichgirl, mumblevich, xthatsclaudia, jinkohamilton, magneticdice

And here are some other blogs in no particular order that I adore (and probably have been a silent stalker/admirer):

courseweare, poisonousdamemickey-lays-naked-on-the-bed, mhunter10, pranceworthyteamgallavich, teamwinchesterbros, thatmilitantblackgirl, im-not-his-keeper, iangallagherisadeadman, iangallagherisontop, asaan, french-survivor, aillat, second-rate-handjobs, andsomeyougiveaway, crowleysayskeepthemuffins, shameless-us-addictthewalterbeforethisone, dannitable, zebrawallpaper, micklanamilkovich, mickeysupset, mickeyandmumbles, fuckyouiswhatyouwereinvitedto, mickeybottomhoemilkovich, likingwhatilikedontmakemeahohoho, myholldoll, themintsauce, piecesofres, goodkwuestion, smokemycancer, shamelessnews, heittskomm, beautiful-ruiner, shamelessfeelsandshit, casey2j, blackfangirl, veronicaafisher, itsalphabetpony, shamelessly-sarah, blearghthespiders, calikeee, clumsy, socalbetty, grumblesandmumbles, deadsetreality, deadjamiemarks, mollyfaraday, delgay, gallavichthings, gallavich-shipper, ghostcat3000, hippiesandhookah, iansthugmuffin, iantomickey, ironxcity, kingoftheashes, knockedsoloose, lechevich, lesbiaku, ladychi22, lionandmoonlight, mandykaren, megan—writes, merrabeth, memitims, noelfuckinfisher, nurseollie, ohjafeeljadefinitelyfeel, oitcc, rad-alpha, reira03uzu, ravenclawwit, sleepyaxolotls, smuchshypush, soulisthirsty, steorie, daemonnster, theyarnelle, trenchcoatandimpala, unefroidsurlajoue, wombman, zudilio, yinyang-existing, slothmonsterthing, obscenity-born, armour-of-hope, enneprompts, fromlove2war, grumpyvich, hey-lip-hows-your-lip, adammccormic, anxiouslysarah, chiikavaleriia, shamelesslygallavich

Who am I forgetting???  I know I probably left out more than a few people, but that means nothing, I love your blog no less.  I may update a few times if I run across some blogs I was too absent-minded to include. 

You are all amazing and make each day on Tumblr so different and much better than the last, whether through fan art, edits, fics, meta, or just being A DAMN GOOD HUMAN BEING.  Happy Holidays. :)))

~Imani <3