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You're super fucking cute and I honestly do see us together going to University, two kitty cats. Sleepy mornings with tea. Your hair a mess, my hair a mess.

You haven’t seen me in the morning with my freaking Elvis Presley hair, I am definitely not cute then

tell me on anon what you’d never tell me off anon

here are all of the different variations of the cat emoji i’ve seen/used 

  • :3 (the original) 
  • X3 (like XD, but kitty) 
  • :3c (paw) 
  • >:3 (evil kitty) 
  • >:3c (evil kitty with paw) 
  • :3cccc (kitty with all four paws) 
  • >:3cccc (evil kitty with all four paws) 
  • :3p (kitty with gun) 
  • >:3p (evil kitty with gun) 
  • :3€ (kitty with claws out) 
  • >:3€ (evil kitty with claws out) 
  • :3< (praying kitty) 
  • ;3 (winking kitty) 
  • .3 (one eyed kitty) 
  • ,3 (sleepy one eyed kitty) 
  • 83 (dilated pupil kitty) 
  • >:3x (edgy kitty)