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I luv your bag, am I allowed to steal it? x) Good luck at school tomorrow btw ^_^

Take it anonny, my backpack is so old and reminds me of middle school since I got it when I was in eighth grade lol! But thank you for the sweet words, although my first day of classes didn’t go very well… I sort of tripped while going up the stairs which led to me getting a nose bleed. I was also feeling really sick all day and I kind of threw up in the school bathroom not because I was nervous just because I felt so sick, yuck so yeah today wasn’t the best first day of school and it’s also why I’m not posting a headcanon today I’m so sorry Hey but at least now if anyone thinks that they had a bad first day of classes it’s over now and we can all get some sleep which is always good!!

But at least my Mystic Messenger emoji pillows came in today! Although, they only gave me one pin even though I ordered two pillows so yeah today wasn’t that great. But you’re a sweetheart for being so kind, your message really brighten my day!! ^^

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A very upset Yosuke, where is his bro to hug him?

I’m way tired to draw anything super proper tonight

i’m thankful for fanfiction!

so i’m going to point yall to my malec fic rec list and also give a quick shoutout to some fics that i’ve read (or re-read) recently!! these are all great fics written by awesome people and i suggest you check them out!! :)

👍🏻 diamond heart by @sugarplummeliorn
rated E | 5,292 words [complete]

Sometimes after a really, really bad day, Magnus just wants someone else to take care of him.

👍🏻 this type of mine by @thisissirius
rated T | 27,816 words [complete]

alec and magnus have a bond. it’s probably going to be telepathic.

or the one where the lightwoods are put on trial in more ways than one and alec slowly falls in love with magnus one day at a time.

👍🏻 It’s Time to Lose Your Virginity, Brother Dearest by @magnus-woods
rated E | 44,095 words [WIP]

Magnus Bane is a famous stripper, used to pretty boys falling in love with him after one dance. The feeling is hardly ever mutual. But when he meets the freshly turned twenty-one year old Alec Lightwood, he can’t take his eyes off him, and they find themselves in love quicker than they expected.

👍🏻 Bright Lights, Small Town by @lecrit
rated E | 3,146 words [WIP]

When Magnus gets to Nashville, Indiana to handle his late mother’s will, he doesn’t expect to be forced to stay there for six months. Six months away from New York and lost in the wildness of the countryside.

It quickly appears that he is going to go through six months of living hell.

The fact that he hates the local veterinarian on sight isn’t helping.

👍🏻 So Take Your Time With Me by @lemonoclefox
rated G | 1,764 words [complete]

Alec feels things

👍🏻 Beans by @punkbeen
rated G | 2,813 words [complete]

“Just an Americano. Black,” said Tall-and-Handsome.

Interesting. Magnus wouldn’t have pegged him as a plain black coffee man. “To go?” he asked.

Tall-and-Handsome nodded.

“What’s your name?” Magnus asked. They didn’t usually do the name thing when it was this quiet, but Magnus was curious.

“Alexander,” he said. Then he frowned and shook his head slightly. “Alec. Just Alec. Nobody ever calls me Alexander. I don’t know why I said that.”

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So I totally stole this idea from you in chat, so feel free to beat me up later for it. :D But since I kept getting people asking if I was the smut fairy, I thought I'd sort of oblige. Albeit not on anon because I have no shame. ANYWAY, enjoy! (I'll be sending you 5-6 parts, so wait for it...dun dun dun)

Abbie dreams of his hands: caressing her face, gliding down her arms, gripping her ass. Beautiful hands with neatly filed nails, callouses dotting the palms, invoking the memory of his time in the war. His hands cup her breasts, pluck at her nipples–she moans, bites her lip, tries to stymie the noise. (1)

She knows he’s smiling as he move downward, as his hands part her thighs, and she falls backward, her head hitting the pillow, her toes curling into the sheets as she arches underneath his gorgeous, ridiculous, cruel hands. She doesn’t plan to tell Crane. Why should she? But when they hear a report of an incubus raging across the town, draining women and men of their very life force, she realizes with disturbing clarity that that was no dream, but a visitation from the monster himself. (2)

A monster cloaked as her desire, a desire she’d thought she’d hidden, from both herself and from Crane. She knows, now, that the dream is merely a prelude for an incubus, and that she is its next victim. Crane’s eyes merely widen when she tells him, a slight flush brushed across his high cheekbones. A beat of silence hangs between them. Abbie swears his eyes darken. She feels her pulse beating throughout her entire body, heavy, pounding, relentless, as they gaze at each other. (3)

But he then he breaks the moment, nods, takes up his gun, and follows her out to destroy the incubus without a word. It’s late when they return to the cabin, covered in the incubus’s dark, viscous blood. Abbie showers first, then Crane, and it’s 1:00 AM when she’s standing in the kitchen, making tea. Something to distract her, to avoid the conversation they need to have. She wonders if Crane will avoid her now, if he’s embarrassed, and her heart plummets. Had she imagined his interest? (4) 

Yes, she’s avoided talking about her feelings, but merely because she feared ruining their friendship, not because she believed he didn’t reciprocate. She stands, gazing out the window into the dark, and then she feels Crane stand behind her, his beautiful, ridiculous, cruel hands resting on her hips, and his breath just stirs her hair as he whispers in her ear, “Lieutenant, you lovely, impossible creature.” (5)

His voice is low, almost guttural, and Abbie can only shudder as he adds, “If you wanted me to fuck you, you should have told me.” And he kisses her throat as her heart pounds and her body heats and everything becomes distilled within that single devastating moment. (6 - end)

I can’t even be mad that I just had to scrap the fic I was halfway done with because this is just….. have I mentioned how much I love you Cranky!?!?!? Have I? No? Well…


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OutKast - So Fresh, So Clean
'Bones' and 'Sleepy Hollow' crossover coming next season
Can you imagine Ichabod Crane and Seeley Booth solving a mystery together? What about Dr. Temperance Brennan working with Abbie Mills? ...

Can you imagine Ichabod Crane and Seeley Booth solving a mystery together? What about Dr. Temperance Brennan working with Abbie Mills?

Well, get ready to see exactly that. Because EW has learned that Fox is planning to make mind-bending crossover episodes between Sleepy Hollow and Bones!

That’s right, history-mining fantasy thriller Sleepy Hollow is being creatively meshed with the long-running crime-solving dramedy Bones to crossover characters. The crossover will be across two episodes, one on each show.

Initially, the idea was for planned to happen early this fall. Yet due to the complicated logistics involved, the crossover is now being planned for later in the 2015-16 season.

Story details, including which characters would appear in each episode, have not yet been disclosed—but the mind reels at the possibilities. Usually crossovers are done between very similar programs, often existing in the same storytelling universe — like among the NCIS or CSI franchises. Taking two very creatively different series and shuffling them together will likely be a must-watch experiment for fans of both.

The shows are airing back-to-back on Thursday nights this fall, making them partners on the schedule too. Bones and Sleepy Hollow return Thursday, Oct 1.