sleepy suns

sleepy signs

check sun/moon

aries: will probably fall asleep as soon as possible. once they’re tired they don’t even care. either cute and cuddly or snappy and irritable (which is still kinda cute).

taurus: the type of person to fall asleep in the car. once they reach a certain level of being tired there’s no bringing them back, they’ll fall asleep mid-sentence if they’re talking to you. either affectionate when tired or just wants their space so they can pass out comfortably.

gemini: tends to get deliriously tired and act weird (it’s hilarious). there’s a good chance their sleepiness will bring out their more affectionate side. becomes more in tune with their emotions when they’re fatigued because they’re not rapidly thinking about other things quite as much.

cancer: depending on how tired they are, cancers will either lay on top of you and cuddle you to death or tell you to get away from them and curl up in a ball. their emotions tend to get even more intense when they’re overtired. you can definitely tell when a cancer is tired.

leo: can become pretty cuddly if they’re in the mood to be affectionate. leo’s will take their time getting to bed to make sure they can sleep comfortably without any stressors. they like a nice sleeping arrangement and someone by their side if possible.

virgo: virgos tend to tap into their ambitious side when tired, so if they’re up late working on something or being creative don’t be surprised. they have lots of interesting thoughts and like to have nice conversations before bed. they may be cuddly as they wind down, but they usually like their space once they actually fall asleep.

libra: probably wants to cuddle and listen to music before bed. they tend to fall asleep quickly but it may take them a while to become tired because they usually have quite a bit of energy. super cute when sleepy!!

scorpio: when a scorpio is tired, it’s best to give them what they want. if they want affection it’s in your best interest them and if they want to be left alone don’t even bother speaking to them. either wakes up energized or sluggish. even if they’re so tired that they’re irritable, they’re something endearing and adorable about about a sleepy scorpio.

sagittarius: usually sags have a lot of energy and they probably don’t have a sleeping schedule, so expect random naps and late nights. they’re pretty calm when tired and enjoy relaxing when they have the chance.

capricorn: probably kinda irritable when they’re trying to fall asleep and when they first wake up. they’re likely to overextend their energy so once they’re tired, they’re really tired. it’s best for capricorns to go to bed in a good mood so they’ll wake up feeling the same.

aquarius: they have a lot of deep thoughts when tired and if possible, they like sharing them. super cute when sleepy. probably yawning while they tell you their thoughts about conspiracy theories.

pisces: really out of it and dreamy, but it’s very endearing. wants to be cuddled and sung to sleep and likes to get a good rest whenever they can. likely to have a weird sleeping schedule.


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Sometimes you just gotta look up at the skies and see that beautiful sunshine smile at you, ne?   ( ⌒ ⁄ ⁄ ⁄ ω ⁄ ⁄ ⁄ ⌒ )

Happy birthday to our pure sunshine boy! Ahhhh! He’s grown so much with each passing chapter and there’s definitely lots more to look forward to as well! And it’s not only himself that he’s improving– let’s not forget how selfless he is as well— The impacts he had with a lot, if not all, characters in the series- from Kuro to Tsubaki to Misono to Shuuhei to basically EVERYONE. He had moments with them; He had things to say to them and things he did for them– and that just proves how much he’s taken in through this whole ordeal and still stayed steadfast to his beliefs!  

Putting it simply, Mahiru is strong- is getting stronger- and will stay strong all throughout! 

Let’s give him the love and appreciation he deserves- not just today or on his birthdays, but everyday of the Servamp-filled years we’re gonna have! e(≧ ∀ ≦)9

Silent love, quiet love early in the morning love

Hear your stomach make weird noises love 

1000 little kisses hella fast everywhere that you laugh at and pretend you dont like love

Making love love

Sleepy love

I feel this love so strongly with you

Us together in the sun love

More sleepy love

Pick you flowers and fruits love

Even more sleepy love