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Jim buys McCoy a shirt that says "save a horse, ride a cowboy" as a joke. Spock takes it very seriously

Spock didn’t understand Bones’ shirt, nor the slightly embarrassed grin he wears whenever someone points it out. He decided to ask Jim about it. 

“In essence, Spock, to ride someone has a double meaning. The first to literally ride around on their back, the other is to have sex. Ride their dick, basically.” Jim didn’t seem to know if he was enjoying the explanation or embarrassed by it. 

“I see,” Spock said slowly, responding to Jim’s expectant gaze. “Why does McCoy wear it?”

Jim grinned proudly “He’s about as close to a cowboy as you can get these days.”

(gets kinda nsfw under the cut, nothing explicit)

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Careful Kitten

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Theo x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Get on your hands and knees and crawl to me.” 

You were trying to study but Theo wasn’t helping. He was circling you while making disapproving tuts. Your bed was covered in books and papers, the floor was in a similar state while you were cocooned in a duvet with only your arm poking out.

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Heyheyheyhey! Can we get a fic where Noct has to set a good example for his kids and eat his veggies? And he has to force himself not to look like he's dying on the inside or about to vomit. His s/o finds it hilarious and calls Iggy to describe everything that happened.

Okay, but one thing! My mind is forcing me to imagine that Ignis was the one who cooked the meal and was there for the whole thing. So, I apologize it’s not completely what you asked for. >_>

It was dinnertime and the king’s son and daughter whined impatiently about their hunger at the dining table. As he and his wife repeatedly assured the young children (five and eight, respectively) that dinner was on its way, Noctis couldn’t help but wonder if he had been so impatient at their age as well.

Just when the couple thought they had quelled their kids’ concerns about dinner, Solis slapped the edge of table with her small hands, shifting in the decorated seat so that she was on her knees. “Daddy, is it macaroni? I want macaroni and cheese!” She shouted, leaning over the glossy surface. Noctis couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Solis, please sit in your seat like a big girl, okay?” The queen chimed before giving her husband an expecting look.

“You can’t have macaroni and cheese every day. You have to eat something… healthy… healthier, sometimes.” Noctis nearly grimaced as he lectured his daughter so ironically. No matter how much time had already passed being a father, it never really seemed to get easier for him to relay an example he still had trouble following himself.

As Solis erupted in an “awww,” the grumpy elder child scoffed. “Healthy food tastes like crap, dad.”

The king’s eyes widened as he took in the image of his son twirling a butter knife while resting his head in his hand. He felt it in his heart; if ever in doubt, these were his biological children.

“Watch your mouth, Felix. Wouldn’t want to have to sit at the table while your sister has ice cream without you.”

The boy became quiet at the suggestion.

“…Oh, that’s right. Ignis is cooking tonight, isn’t he?” Noctis smiled at his wife before turning to his children. Solis was looking excited, but Felix was still unamused. “Everything is good when Ignis cooks it, right?”

The younger child beamed, throwing her hands up in the air. “Yes! Uncle Iggy makes the best macaroni and cheese!”

The king threw his head back and laughed this time. She was just too cute. Too pure. Though Noctis shortly came to realize that he didn’t know what was being cooked up in the kitchen behind him. By the time he was asking his wife what they were having, the tall advisor was carefully wheeling in a cart with covered dishes and… the queen was smiling suspiciously. While the children were rejoicing, Noctis narrowed his eyes and gave his beloved a flat-lipped look that said, “I trusted you.” However, when he turned to greet Ignis and the man lifted up the lid on the large silver platter, he was relieved to find roast chickatrice with gravy. The dish next to it was a rice bowl.

“Oh.” He said out loud, unintentionally. The advisor might not have been able to see the look on his king’s face, but he had heard him and was now smiling suspiciously as well.

Ignis spoke cheekily. “I take it this is a suitable meal for his majesty and the family?”

“Of course, Ignis, thanks–Oh no…” Noctis barely had a chance to express his displeasure as the third dish was unveiled, revealing a heaping pile of roasted veggies. When the smell of broccoli hit his nose, his breath caught in his windpipe and choked him. The king struggled not to turn his head and cough towards his family on either side of him, so he just cleared his throat into his fist as nonchalantly as possible. From the left side of the table, a chorus of groans sounded before being silenced. Less enthusiastically, Noctis repeated, “Thanks, Ignis…”

“Her majesty expressed concerns about the family’s nutrition, so I surmised that a little helping of mixed vegetables was in order. I should like to know that they are to your liking.”

Noctis glared at his trusted advisor through his dark spectacles, knowing he detected the scowl without even having to see it. He turned his head slowly to face his queen.

“Everything is good when Ignis cooks it.” She echoed, patting his hand for good luck.

Her heart was in the right place, at least. Noctis nodded slowly, then Ignis handed him a pair of tongs to serve himself. While he frowned and deposited a small amount of the veggies onto his plate, he steeled himself for what was to come..

“Grosssss.” Felix commented. Didn’t help the atmosphere much.

“It’s for the kids, It’s for the kids…” The father repeated in his head. He forced a grin in their direction, as Regis once did for him as a small child. Only now he had to wonder if the aversion to vegetables was really genetic. Noctis readied his fork. “The future of Lucis sits next to you… Oh, screw it–”

Noctis took a stab at the vegetables on his plate, getting a little bit of everything in one big bite. The confident expression he wore going into it was quickly wiped off as he felt the peas in his mouth squish combined with the texture and overwhelmingly earthy taste of broccoli taking over. The carrot bits definitely weren’t his favorite, but he found himself trying to focus on the flavor of them in order to distract himself from the greens. Noctis gripped his utensil hard in his hand and fixated his eyes on the chandelier that hung high in the dining room. Why, oh why, had he taken such a big bite? Everyone was watching him chew. That taste just kept coming back. How many little lights were in that whole fixture?

“Mmk!” Those gag reflexes had to give sooner or later and finally, they did. But Noctis regained composure. His kids were watching, and he couldn’t throw up at the table. He powered through, squeezing his eyes shut and tilting his head back before swallowing it all down. Noctis took a deep breath afterwards, laying his fork down with a clang.

“So, what do you think?” Ignis inquired. As if he didn’t already know.

“You've… outdone yourself, as usual.”

When the queen was suddenly unable to contain her giggles, Noctis lightly kicked her heel beneath the table.

The brunette smiled softly. “That’s good to know. Now, dear Felix and Solis… How much veggies would you like?”

“Ha! I told you he’d gag at least! You owe me five gil from your piggy bank!”

Noctis frowned.

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Hey! I had an idea, could you write something where Jughead isn't sleeping well (looks more tired than normal) and Betty notices so she takes him somewhere quiet like to her house or to the blue and gold office and he falls asleep in her lap while she's playing with his hair? Or something cute and fluffy like that - I love your fics so much they always brighten my day :)

That’s cute! I’ll give it a go, I mean we’ve all noticed how much more prominent Jugheads bags have been getting

She propped her chin up in her hand, leaning her elbow on the cool metal of the cafeteria table, she didn’t mean to stare, her mother had always told her it was rude but this was her kinda/ sorta boyfriend, she figured she had a pass. Jughead looked so tired, the dark purple bags under his eyes, the way he was almost always yawning, and now the way his eyes were drooping slowly, Betty couldn’t look away.
She knew what he was going through, she knew the way it kept him up at night, worrying about his father, worrying about his mother, his sister, sometimes even about herself, it made her heart hurt to see how all of this emotional baggage was eating away at the boy who had snuck his way into her heart.

Suddenly cloudy blue connected with her own piercing green and his eyes were looking directly into her prying ones, raising an eyebrow and smiling lazily. Jugheads lack of sleep was a fairly popular conversation between the pair, Betty was worried and she brought that up more than not.

“You need to sleep Jughead, just rest.” She would beg, as they lay together on his blowup mattress situated on Archie’s floor. He simply shook his head, the bed wasn’t comfortable and he claimed he felt on edge in Archie’s room, almost like he was invading on someone’s privacy, not to say he wasn’t grateful, of course he was, this just wasn’t… it wasn’t a great space for him.

Back to her current scenario, Betty raised a teasing eyebrow at his sleepy face and stuck her tongue out, making the beanie wearing boy chuckle and relax his shoulders, she loved that she could make him feel at ease, make him comfortable, that’s why the plan she had been cooking up all month was probably one of her best. She would bring it up to him after the final bell.

Lunch went by quickly and they all headed off to their final two classes, Jughead dropping a secret kiss to her forehead before strolling off. When the final bell rang, signaling the end of the day, Betty skipped up to Jughead in the hallway and took his hand in hers, looking up at him with excited eyes as he smiled down at her, gently resting a palm to her cheek

“What’s got you so excited Bets?” He asked with a snort as she tugged him down the hallway.

Betty stopped in front of the gym and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Pack a bag for two days and meet me in front of my house today, I should be done with cheerleading around 5? Meet me then?” She asked without really leaving much of an option as she practically sprinted into the gym, leaving him nodding and confused as he headed to Archie’s.

5 o clock came fast and jughead found himself, duffel bag swung over his shoulder, standing on Betty’s front porch while she walked up her sidewalk and leaped beside him, placing a finger up as he went to ask a question. Dramatically opening the door, she walked in before him, ushering him inside as he stared at her questioningly

“Welcome to your new home for the weekend, come on I’ll show you where you’ll be sleeping!” She giggled at his confused expression as she pulled him up the stairs and into her bedroom
“I tell ya best beds in all of Riverdale” she tugged him down to her plush, soft mattress filled with warm blankets and pillows, he practically melted into it. He had always loved Betty’s bed, but with Alice around he was never not on edge.

“Bets…” he explained slowly “this is your bed, in your home.” He smiled at her with a roll of his eyes.

Betty shook her head “no this weekend, it’s our bed, and our home.” She explained back, leaning against her bed frame “mom went away for the weekend with Polly she won’t be back until late Monday night, therefore we have the whole place to ourselves! You need a good nights rest Jughead, you need an actual bed with an actual pillow, those living arrangements are killing you.” She said softly, grabbing his hand as he looked deep into her eyes “let me help you. Just this once, let me take care of you. Please” she whispered.

Jughead loved Betty Cooper, she was the best thing to ever happen to him and if he didn’t know it then, he most definitely knew it now. The way she cared for him, the way she saw things no one else did, it never failed to amaze him. Nodding slowly, not trusting his voice too overcome with emotion, he just let her wrap him up in her arms and fall into the soft mattress.
They stayed like that for a few minutes before he felt her remove his hat and run her fingers through his hair, he was out before he even had the chance to say her name.

On Monday morning, as the pair walked into school together, the whole school was in talks about how good Jughead jones looked. A great nights rest and a girlfriend who loved to cook for her boyfriend could do wonders for an emotionally damaged teen. And so when Archie saw Jughead climbing Fred Andrews ladder into Betty Coopers room atleast twice a week, he never said a word, grateful for the change in his best friend. It was the Betty Cooper effect, and you couldn’t buy that for all the money in the world.

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did you ever write the fic rec ? 😮


prairie town by applecrumbledore  

The auto shop mechanic knocked the kickstand of his motorcycle down with the heel of his sneaker. He had pale blond eyelashes and a full mouth, wrinkled white t-shirt tight around his arms, jeans over big thighs. No edges. Loud in both volume and presence. Sasuke fidgeted with his hands inside his pockets.

this is an sns fic that i swiped from anges blog the author is like kinda cursed tho but it’s really good and has naruto and sasuke riding a motorcycle together. small town vibes and a really cool interpretation of how naruto and sasukes trauma would translate to a modern au

Monogatari by superpol 

One day he quits the Kazekage position, looks to the horizon, and disappears.

by far the best narugaa fic ive read! gaara is a farmer and i defs rec this to anyone even if ur not super into narugaa. an amazing character analysis on gaara and a really great fix it fic that handles his trauma and healing well! i think this is the only fic on this list rated M btw! 

houses swallowed by the earth by cambion 

In which Sasuke leaves Konoha still, but this time not alone.

i dont like this author that much but they also have objectively the second best naruto blog out here @yondaiime. (jk i love ange) a really cute and quick fic with really fun interactions between sasuke and taka and nart and sakura! 

Baby Animals, Weddings, and Other Things Not Normally Associated With Sasuke Uchiha by prettypriestess 

In which Konoha needs to upgrade their plumbing to be more resistant. (Or, the one where Sasuke and Naruto get genin and maybe someone buys a house.)

this was a really fun and cute fic! its written in like 2k12 so like it still has some tropes and shit im not a fan of and ~sexy jutsu~ use that im p critical of. but! naruto and sasuke adopt kids basically and i love that

Baker’s Dozen by mylilchickadee 

In the aftermath of war, Sasuke struggles to deal with his new life while Naruto struggles to deal with him. Love, friendship, and baking. Mangaverse COMPLETE

i really really enjoyed this fic and think its one of the better ones for portraying sasuke being depressed and suicidal in a way that doesnt make my skin crawl. i thought they handled some p interesting themes and topics in a really good and thorough way and it made me really emotional. trigger warnings for: suicidal and violence tho! 

The Spaces Between Us by stripeypirate 

The year is 1985. Sakura Haruno waitresses at a local diner and wonders if dropping out of nursing school means she’ll be stuck in sleepy, small-town Bedford Falls for the rest of her life, forever in her best friend’s shadow. Sasuke Uchiha’s a man on the run, thrust into a world deeper and darker than he ever anticipated.

The chilly Northwestern wind brings change as lives collide, and hearts are bared (as well as broken). The Double R Diner sits at the center of it all- but its foundation will need to be strong enough to weather the storm

(Falling in love with your best friend can be just as bad as falling in love with your worst enemy).

objectively the best naruto fanfic ive read. this is an inosaku and sns one! its a small town diner fic and is really well written and updates p regularly!! 

What About You by cambion 

“No one knows they’re gay when they’re twelve, Sasuke.”
“I did.”

Or, the fic in which Naruto’s best friends are both gay and he has a lot to figure out about himself. Vaguely post-699 ish.

theres an ongoing joke that ange is the only good fic writer in this fandom and honestly still holds true. another sns fic! this one has sasuke and naruto ~finding themselves~ in the woods and im really pumped for it to update! 

Before My Eyes (Bucky x Reader)

Request: None!

Words: 1,929

Warnings: None

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“I’m so excited I think I might pee.”

“You think you’re going to pee because you drank all that sweet tea in less than ten minutes.”

“But I’m so sweet because of all the sweetness in my sweet tea, don’t you see my sweetheart?” You threw your body back against the passenger seat of Bucky’s car. You had your legs pulled up to your chest as you turned to look over at Bucky with a silly smile covering your face.

“Are you sweet though, are you really?” Bucky teased, taking his eyes away from the highway for only a second to look at you with a smirk.

“I am too sweet! I’m the sweetest gal in this whole wide universe.” You crossed your arms around your legs and shivered. You didn’t know why Bucky always kept the car so cold, you were wearing track shorts and a band tee.

“The universe is a very large place, doll.” Bucky rested one hand on the steering wheel and moved his spare arm to rest of the armrest lazily.

“I know.” The grin could be heard through your tone of voice. You waited only a couple of seconds before chipping up again. “Thank you for the concert tickets, by the way. I don’t know how I’ll beat your birthday present now.”  

“You’ve wanted to see Ed Sheeran for a while now, at least now you’ll finally shut up about it.” You punched his arm lightly, knowing it wouldn’t hurt him either way. “I’m kidding, god you’re touchy.”

It was true, for the past few years all you’ve talked about is wanting to go see Ed Sheeran in concert. You had been to plenty of concerts before, but you had never seen him despite him being one of your top favorite artists. On your birthday Bucky surprised you with two tickets to his Divide Tour, and after the long wait you were finally going to his concert tonight.

“I love this song!” You got distracted from your previous conversation when Nancy Mulligan came on, you were playing your Spotify playlist dedicated to Ed on the way to the city the concert was being held at.

Bucky had barely opened the door to the hotel room before you were flying underneath his arm and skipping in the room at a fast speed. You dropped your suitcase by the bathroom door and instantly kicked off your shoes, leaving you in just your emoji socks.

By the time Bucky got fully into the room, with the door shut behind him, you were already standing on top of the queen sized bed like you owned the place. You had your hands on your hips as a silly grin plastered over your makeup free face. Bucky only grinned in return as he dropped his duffel next to yours, and mocked your stance.

“I’m so excited!” You jumped up and down on the bed several times. “I’m gonna breath the same air as him, can you believe it?! Ed’s my favorite person in the whole wide world, besides you of course, and honestly Ed Sheeran understands women more than women understand women.”

You kept rambling on and on, jumping on the bed like a young child with a grin covering your pretty features. Bucky watched in awe at how adorable you looked. Your hair was messy and your face was clear of makeup, although Bucky thought you looked like the most gorgeous girl with or without it. Your smile made his heart stop beating and your carefree actions made him fall even more in love with you.

Even though you weren’t his girl.

Bucky was your best friend, and he had been for a few years now. You were your complete and utter self around him. He had seen you at your worst and he had seen you at your best, yet loved you all the same. It’s like you didn’t even notice how much he loved you, nor did you notice every action you did made his breath get caught in his throat.

He had watched you fall in love, and he watched your heart break in half. He listened to your rants and never once complained. He went to family events that you honestly didn’t want to attend just to keep you company, he even pretended to be your boyfriend on several different occasions to get the judgmental sides of your family to shut up.

He once washed your hair when you were sick while you wore one of his shirts, he shaved your legs when you were too lazy and painted your nails when you were down. He knew to play with your hair at the end of a long day because it made you feel at ease, he knew you didn’t like milk in your cereal and hated food that looked remotely burnt.

He knew you were afraid of heights and the dark, so he reached for things up high and bought you a nightlight. He ran his fingers up and down your arm when you felt overwhelmed by anxiety to calm you down.

Everyone else saw that the best thing for you was standing right before your eyes, but you didn’t notice. You were too lost in your own little world to realize who you had with you all along.

Bucky snapped out of his daze when you hopped down from the bed and went straight for your suitcase, flipping it open and digging out everything you needed to get ready for the concert that was only in four hours.

“I’m going to get dolled up.” You called out over your shoulder before skipping excitedly towards the bathroom. He nodded in response, clearing his head to be back into reality.

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I chose temporu’s sleepy dance as my second entry to this year’s Miku collab~ I’ve never been a part of something like this before, so it means a lot to me to be included!

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Ahhhh omg yes of course my darling! <3 <3 <3

Okay so just imagine right now at 3:57am in Norway, Isak suddenly jolts awake in the middle of the night, wrapped tightly in Even’s arms. Who is still sleeping peacefully, his little tiny whimper of a snore, consuming the whole room. Isak doesn’t know what woke him up abruptly. There is just this strange feeling in his gut. Something making him restless and jumpy. But not in a bad way, no. He feels happy and loved and excited. he feels it in every part of his bones. he can feel it in the way his toes tingle. It is almost as if he can sense that in another parallel universe there are millions of people all over the world so in love with his and Even’s love, that they voted them as the best couple of 2017. 

I mean of course he doesn’t consciously know this. But he is still awake right at this moment because he can feel the happiness, the excitement, the joy. He can sense it in every fibre of his being and now all he wants to do is share it with Even.

So that’s what he does. 

Isak turns around to face Even, and slowly presses his lips against his. When that doesn’t do the trick, he moves to his eyelids, and then his nose, his forehead, that spot behind his ear Isak is obsessed with. He kisses every inch of his face until Even’s hand grabs the back of Isak’s neck and pulls his lips closer. They kiss under the moonlight seeping in from the window, which is enveloped by the yellow curtains Even bought Isak for Valentines day. Eventually they pull apart, a soft sleepy smile stuck on Even’s face. 

“What was that for?” Even asked, his voice saturated with a dreamy glow. 

Isak shrugged and grinned brightly at his angel. “Nothing. I just love you.” 

Even’s heart grew 3 times bigger and he softly rubbed Isak’s cheek. “you felt compelled to tell me that at 4am?” 

Isak nodded. “Yeah strangely I did. I just- I love us Even.” 

Even gazed at his golden angel before kissing his nose “Me too.” 

then he wrapped Isak back into his arms and smiled at the ceiling, thanking the world for bringing these two broken souls together to form the one perfect couple. 

<3 <3 <3 Happy Evak is the best TV couple for 2017 day! <3 <3 <3 

Thought for the night:

The picture everyone uses for Solas when he says the line, “I suspect you have questions” has become the new Boromir meme for when he says, “One does not simple walk into Morder.”

People use the one for Boromir when his hand is making the circular shape and it is not even that line. It’s “The Great Eye is ever watchful.”

Likewise, Solas is not facing away from you when he says his line. He only says “I suspect you have questions” when he is kneeling in front of the Inquisitor, with his sympathetic face.

Just an observation for the evening. Continue on. XD

stuck at LAX
stuck at LAX

there was this crazy delay at the airport yesterday! made a song to the chagrin of nearby sleepy passengers, sorry sleepy passengers.

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Hi I remember reading this phic where Dan lived in a village where they had arranged marriages and stuff and I think it was Phil who moved into the village I think he was a writer or a reporter or something and well he and Dan fell in love and stuff but it was strictly forbidden by the village especially Dan's parents and in the end Dan and Phil get married and move out of the village I think? I'm pretty sire they ran away but Idk. Thanks in advance!!

Are you by any chance talking about this fic?

The Outsiders Dan Howell lives in a sleepy old village that’s stuck in it’s awful traditional ways. Dan’s father runs the village, and so Dan has to keep up a reputation and be the perfect son that he’s expected to be. But Dan is bored, and miserable. His life is all set out for him - he’ll spend his life working in his father’s bakery, and he’ll be married at the age of twenty to a girl who his family think are suitable for him. Dan wants to travel the world, he wants to be and actor and leave his dull old life behind, but he’s condemned to the life chosen for him. When a new young script writer arrives in Dan’s town to work with Dan’s theatre group, everything in Dan’s life changes, and suddenly becomes a lot more complicated.

- Elizajane