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Hourly reminder that:

  • Dean knows that Cas loves him.
  • Dean Winchester knows that Castiel loves him.
  • Dean Winchester of Lawrence, Kansas knows that Castiel, angel of the Lord, LOVES. HIM.
Pregnancy - Carl Gallagher

Request: Can you do a Carl imagine where the reader Is pregnant and when the reader tells him and he runs away and the reader goes to Fiona crying and Fiona yells at Carl and fluffy ending please😀😀😀

Warnings: fluffy lil Carl, angry Carl, Carl being a dick

Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader

Word Count: 1231


“Carl, I have something to tell you, but you have to promise me that you won’t freak out” I say to Carl as I put my hands on his shoulders to try and get him to sit down on the couch. He nods at me when we are both sitting down so I put his hands in mine and begin to speak. “Carl, I went to the free clinic today” He nods at me listening to my every word.

“I’m pregnant, Carl” I whisper out, hoping he can hear me.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” He stands up and is now yelling at me “How could you let this happen? This is so fucking irresponsible of you” 

“Are you fucking serious?” I don’t know what the hell he thought was going to happen when he started yelling at me. 

“Are you seriously blaming this on me?” I am so mad at him I can’t help but stand and begin to walk away, I turn around to say one last thing “Maybe if you ever went to school you would know that it’s the sperm, which in fact comes from the penis that will get someone pregnant” and with that, I walk out the back door to go to the backyard.

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A Little Bit of Sexual Healing

Brock closed his textbook and sat back in his desk chair with a sigh. He was glad that he made it through the assigned reading without falling asleep. For once he didn’t have to ask Evan to pass him the notes!

Brock composed a text to send to Evan, his roommate and the guy that he had a small crush on, to bring some celebratory chocolate for his achievement. He didn’t get to send it because said roommate burst into the room and collapsed onto the bed with a groan.

“You okay buddy? You look kinda tired.” Brock smiled as the Asian man looked at him with a deadpan expression.

“Wow, really? I didn’t fucking notice, Captain Obvious.” Evan stretched out his limbs and his shirt rode up to reveal tan, smooth, and toned skin.

Brock glued his eyes to that small area of skin that he wished to be able to kiss. He only looked back at Evan’s face when he heard him say something.

“What was that?” he asked sheepishly, afraid of getting caught perving on his roomate.

“I said, that with all the stupid classes I’m taking and work added onto that, I never have time to just work out or go on a run to get some stress relief. My shoulders and back are killing me and I can’t go to the gym unless I skip out on doing homework.” Evan once again tried to stretch, only to give up and lay on his stomach.

Brock bit his lip. Evan had looked pretty tense this past week and it was true that he hadn’t been able to work out much due to his busy schedule. Maybe he could help him out, give him a quick massage and hope to God he didn’t think he was coming onto him.

Evan shifted on the bed and propped himself up on his elbows. “So what are you doing man? Do you want my notes on the reading? It’s in my bag if you need it. I think I’m gonna take a quick nap, wake me up in 15 minutes yeah?”

Brock shook his head, “Actually, I just finished the reading,” he cleared his throat. “Hey, Evan. I-uh- I could, you know, give you a massage to help you relax. I mean, it’s better than being all tense and stuff and-”

“Really? You don’t mind giving me a massage?” Evan smiled at Brock, his eyes grateful. Brock shook his head assuredly.

“Then hell yeah, I would love a massage dude. Thank you, get over here!”

Brock was left stunned as Evan swiftly removed his shirt. Leaving him shirtless and only in sweatpants that defined a magnificent, round ass. Brock coughed and approached Evan slowly.

Evan was already laying face down, his arms at his sides and the muscles on his back flexing as he adjusted his position so Brock could sit comfortably on the edge of the bed. Once he was situated he closed his eyes and waited.

Brock promised himself he wouldn’t do or say anything stupid or humiliating before he firmly placed his hands on his roommate’s shoulders. He started to knead the muscles and he felt more than heard Evan sigh in content. Brock let an amused chuckle and relaxed more, Evan was his friend and he wasn’t going to make anything awkward.

Evan felt Brock’s hands almost glide across his skin and felt himself melt like butter, his muscles relaxing and feeling his stress disappear. He couldn’t help but hum and whine as Brock massaged his back.

Brock couldn’t stop smiling, it was amusing listening to Evan unwind and relax under his fingertips. He felt a muscle that was pretty knotted and focused on that, only to hear the most obscene, wanton groan that he had ever heard.

“Oh God, right there Brock..”

Oh dear God. Please not right now, stop it. He clenched his hand and instantly regretting doing so when Evan arched his back in pain.

“Sorry, sorry! I wasn’t expecting you to- nevermind. Just relax, yeah?” Brock felt his cheeks burn, he continued his massage, however, he couldn’t help but wonder what other noises he could drag out of his beautiful roommate.

Evan mewled. Brock bit his lip. He pressed down harder on Evan’s skin and let his fingers trail down the Asian’s spine. Evan squirmed beneath his hands.

“Brock…” Evan let out breathlessly. Brock’s heart clenched at the sound. He finished up Evan’s massage and noticed that Evan seemed to be sleepy so he just slowly tried to climb off the bed.

“No, stay. You’re comfy.” a sleepy-voiced Evan begged, pulling Brock down onto him as he turned over to make space for the larger man

Brock begged to whoever would listen that Evan didn’t lay on top of him. He felt like crying when Evan did exactly that.

Evan mumbled into Brock’s neck, too sleepy to care, “Is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me half-naked?” Evan laughed and hugged Brock closer when the brunette tried to escape.

“No, stay. I’m sorry, full disclosure: I did it on purpose.”

Brock froze. “What?” He glanced down at his roommate and in response, Evan smiled coyly.

“What? You’re hot and I noticed you’ve been hot for me. I was gonna make a move sooner or later, you just happened to offer a massage and was actually good. I thought maybe I could entice you. Now go to sleep, we can talk in the morning.” Evan kissed his cheek and snuggled into Brock’s chest.

Chuckling at his apparent stupid luck, Brock kissed his new smooch buddy on his forehead, set the alarm for 20 minutes because Evan still had to study, and fell asleep.

Omg, waayy out of character I feel, but whatever, I’m not sorry! 💖 Btw, I only wrote this because I want a massage and I live vicariously through real people in fictional situations. :D

Preference #8: Morning In Your Apartment

Yesterday you and Harry had moved the final box in to your new apartment. It was exhausting work and you’d both collapsed into your new bed, sprawled in fresh sheets just out the packet.

This morning you were still stretched out like you’d slept so deeply you hadn’t even moved. Your new sheets felt warm now, and without opening your eyes you rolled over to find Harry. Stretching out an arm you felt around but couldn’t feel him. Opening one eye lazily, he was nowhere to be seen. Opening the other eye and propping yourself up on your elbow you listened carefully. Clattering noises were coming from the kitchen. Curiosity got the better of your tiredness and you swung yourself out of bed and pulled on the shirt Harry had left crumpled on the floor.

You peered around the corner into your new kitchen, the floor still covered in unpacked but opened boxes. In the middle of the chaos was Harry. He was wearing his plaid pyjama trousers that you teased him about, that they were what a grandad would wear. Now, however, shirtless and low on his hips they were changing your mind! His back was to you and you watched him run a hand through his lose curls to move them out of his eyes. Around the room were pans, bowls, plates, cutlery all unpacked and lying about. He was singing gently under his breath, a song you didn’t know yet, only stopping to sip at his coffee.

You could watch him all day, but were slightly concerned for your kitchen. Coughing gently, you caught his attention. He spin around with a guilty look on his face, as well as some flour and a splash of syrup.
“Morning Chef,” you teased.
“Good morning Mrs Styles, and what are you doing up so early? You’ve ruined my surprise!” His voice was still a little sleepy. As he spoke, he’d abandoned his cooking and moved closer to you, wrapping his arms around your waist. “However beautiful you look with your bed hair and in my shirt, I’m going to have to insist that you leave the kitchen and go back to bed. Chef’s orders!” He kissed your forehead, turned you away from the kitchen and playfully patted your bum. “Go on! Have some patience please!”

You looked over your shoulder at him and conceded, “Fine, but this better be worth it mister.” You blew him a kiss and walked back towards your bedroom, wondering how he managed to make you love him more every day.

“Y/n, wake up.” Liam’s voice broke in to your dreams. You snuggled further in to your pillow and felt his arms wrap around you. “Y/n, please beautiful, wake up.” You slowly opened your eyes blearily and met Liam’s. Your bedroom was dark, but the blush of dawn was starting to creep around the curtains.
“What time is it?” You asked, your voice just a whisper.
“That doesn’t matter. I have something to show you.” As he spoke, he managed to slide his strong arms under your body and lifted you so your sleepy body fell against his. Picking you up off the bed you instinctively put your arms around his neck.
“Where we going?”
“Not far, somewhere special, I promise.” He dropped a kiss to your cheek as you opened your sleepy eyes. You looked up at him and as always he took your breath away a little.

Carrying you gently, Liam pushed open the doors of your bedroom that led to your balcony. You loved that your house had a balcony; it was was so secluded and peaceful. Placing your feet on the ground, Liam put his hands over your eyes as he turned you around.
“Ok, are you ready for your surprise?”
“Yes!” You whispered eagerly.
With that, he removed his hand and you took a sharp intake of breath. What you saw was magical.
“Did you do this?” You turned to Liam, knowing he had. Only he would do something so romantic.
“Of course, a special breakfast for my special princess. I love you.”

Before you, was a delicious looking breakfast set up with candles and steaming tea.
“I thought we could watch the sunrise,” he added, making you melt in to his arms.
“When did I get so lucky?” You questioned as you pressed your lips to his, sharing a kiss full of so much love.

You always knew Zayn wasn’t a morning person. Everyone warned you how grumpy he could be. The boys had told you stories of his lateness, even for afternoon meetings! His mum and sisters had delighted in recounting embarrassing stories from his childhood, when he would hide under his duvet and never let go. You happened to think it was adorable, especially on a Sunday.

This particular Sunday was like any other that you both had off work. Rarer than they used to be, days like these were your favourite. You ignored the clock and stayed snuggled up in bed well in to the afternoon. You would both doze in and out of sleep. His arms would stay wrapped around your body, legs intertwined. Occasionally he’d shift so his hand could work through your hair, running it through his fingers gently. When he began to dream again you would kiss his chest, shoulders, neck, stirring him from his gentle sleep.

Even when you were both awake you would lie, cozy and warm, away from the world, face to face. You stared into his eyes. The pair of you talked for hours, laughed and kissed. Sometimes you would put on a film, which you’d both forget about after a few minutes and give in to more morning kisses. You knew he’d happily stay like this forever. This is why you never complained about his lazy streak.
“Shall we get a shower? Then lunch?” His voice was drawn out and still laced with sleep.
“Sounds perfect,” you replied, knowing you had to leave this room at some point. Both of you broke into laugher when you simultaneously snuggled further into the bed, making no attempt to actually get up. Perhaps you would be here all day!

“Okay princess, I hope you are awake and hungry!” came Niall’s voice from outside the bedroom door. You watched as he pushed the door open with his back, carrying a heavy tray. You put your book to one side and looked at your boyfriend with a smile playing on your lips.
“What have I done to deserve this?” you asked as he manoeuvred into the room, wobbling slightly as he walked over to your side of the bed. He placed the tray by your side and smiled at himself.
“You are my wonderful girlfriend and I wanted to do something nice for you. And it’s Saturday. And we’re both off work all weekend. Good enough reason?” He’d sat on the bed next to your legs and when he finished speaking he kissed you tenderly.
“Definitely good enough.” You smiled and returned his kiss with one of your own. “So what have you got for me?”
“Well, you have tea, some toast, jam, fruit and some croissants. Did you want anything else?” He looked concerned.
“No it’s perfect! And now I feel hungry. Thank you. I love you.”

You spent the next half an hour eating and laughing. He’d even brought you up your favourite mug that he hated. It had a picture of his face on it. You insisted it stopped you missing him when he was away. He said it creeped him out.
“That was the best breakfast in bed I’ve ever had,” you said contentedly. You cuddled into Niall’s side and rested your head on his chest. His arm wrapped around you and he began making small circles on your skin with his thumb.
“I aim to please! I love you y/n,” he said sleepily.
“I love you too Ni… Do I get this every Saturday?” you teased, looking up at him.
“Don’t push your luck misses,” he said playfully, covering your face in tiny kisses. You both gave in to giggles and knew you wouldn’t be getting out of bed any time soon…

Your alarm was shrill and woke you with a start. Your arm shot out of bed to stop the noise. Taking a minute to open your bleary eyes, you turned over to check you hadn’t woken Louis. He had a rare day off and he’d been exhausted. He wasn’t there. His side of the bed was cold and his sheets were thrown back. You sat up, confused. Suddenly you remembered what today was. Your big promotion interview at work was at 10:00 am today. Nerves made your stomach turn. Where was Louis? You didn’t need this this morning. “Lou?” You called into the dark, but there was no reply.

You had to get up and get going. You’d worry about this later. As you swung your legs out of bed you rubbed your eyes sleepily and forced yourself to take a calming deep breath. Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of your front door closing. “Lou?” You tried again. Where has he been at 7am? You stood up to face the bedroom door that opened slowly. Ready to be angry, you saw his familiar hands reach around the door and push it open. Your heart instantly melted at the sight in front of you.

Louis stood in the doorway, coat on and dripping wet. In his hand he had a coffee cup. He wore a smile on his sleepy face.
“Where have you been?” you whispered more with concern than anger now. “And why are you soaking wet?” You crossed the room to stand closer to him. He pushed the coffee cup towards you and you took it in your hands.
“I went to get you your favourite coffee from the place you love down the road. I wanted to be back before your alarm, but there was a queue. And then it started raining. But look at the cup.” He pointed at the writing scribbled on the paper cup you gripped. It was his unmistakable handwriting, a little smudged from the rain. It said ‘you’ll be amazing today, I love you.’ You broke into a huge smile and flung your arms around him, not caring that the rain drops were soaking through your thin pyjamas.
“You’re so cute! When did you get so romantic Tommo?”
He planted a quick kiss and replied. “Since I got engaged to a beautiful lady who is very fussy about her coffee! Now drink it quickly or I’ll have got frost bite for no reason.” You smiled to yourself and knew today would be a good one, whatever happened next.

But guys have you forgotten??? Elves sleep with their eyes open. It’s canon! And Bard most likely doesn’t know that.

Could you imagine the hilarity? The first night, the morning after, Bard wakes up to see Thranduil staring blankly at Bard, not saying anything. And Bard is so surprised and sleepy that he shouts and flails and falls off the bed, tangled in blankets. Thranduil wakes up like !!!!! Intruder??? And leans over with eyes darting around the room and whispers, “Bard? Everything alright?” And Bard gasps out, “You were staring like you were possessed or something!” And Thranduil just sighs, rolls his eyes, turns around, and goes back to sleep.

Thranduil explains in the morning but Bard still finds it unsettling and a little bit creepy. He can’t gaze lovingly at Thranduil while he’s sleeping because Thranduil’s staring off into space and it’s weird. And then every once in awhile he’ll be super tired, wake up, see Thranduil’s eyes, flails and fall off the bed. Thranduil laughs at him each time and goes back to sleep. 

And then. Sometimes Thranduil gets concerned because Bard’s way of sleeping is different. This only happens when Thranduil is really tired, which isn’t that often. But he’ll sleepily try to pry Bard’s eyes open, muttering, “go back to sleep, Bard,” which will wake Bard up.

But yeah. I need cute sleeping shenanigans featuring a half irritated, half amused Bard with a 100% amused Thranduil.

and here’s the eye opened quotes if anyone was curious~

“Legolas already lay motionless, his fair hands folded upon his breast, his eyes un-closed, blending living night and deep dream, as is the way with Elves.” (The Two Towers)

“…and he could sleep, if sleep it could be called by Men, resting his mind in the strange paths of elvish dreams, even as he walked open-eyed in the light of this world.” (The Two Towers)

Sneak Peek of #267: 'Miles From Where You Are'

Okay, my loves. I’m feeling a little sleepy, so I think I’m going to head off to bed and finish this one up, when I get up. This one will be up later today. I’m sorry about that, my sweethearts. I’d stay up a little longer, but I’m falling asleep a little. I’m having a lot of fun writing this one, so it has a little bit more that I need to add. I’m going to finish it up once I get up, I promise. I think you’re going to love this one. I’LL ALSO ANSWER A BUNCH OF ASKS ONCE I POST. I PROMISE. 

I hope you enjoy this little taste! 

You settled back on the couch, with the warmth of the baby’s cheek pressed into your chest, splayed across your upper body on her stomach. Your arm tucked around her back and legs, to keep her close. Her warm breath swirling across her your skin, as she slept. She made a few squeaky noises in her sleep, almost as if she were dreaming. She lifted her head slightly and made a few snuffled sounds, and nuzzled her cheek back into your skin, her little fingers moving up towards the swoop of your neck, and grasping around lightly. She smelled of milk and powder, and that new baby smell was still mildly clinging to her, if you rested your nose to her dusting of hair long enough. You pulled Harry’s raggedy blanket up over your knees further, tucking it around the baby girl on your chest, so she was enveloped by warmth, and her daddy’s smell. At just three month old, she fit perfectly up on your chest, and made the sweetest little sounds.

You got yourself settled further, playing with the sleeve of Darcy’s ballet-pink jumpsuit, that she snuggled down into.

You got settled further, burrowing down into one of Harry’s hoodies that you’d made yourself cozy in, and flicking on the TV to show medical show reruns for background noise, while you took up online shopping on your iPad, scrolling through pages of baby things, while simultaneously searching for a house warming gift for Gemma, who had just gotten a new place of her own, here in London.

“What do you think your auntie would want, little one?” You were scrolling through pages of large, ornate mirrors, and coffee tables, when your phone buzzed and lit up, where it was resting beside your thigh. ‘Mister’ and a photo of a full teeth, smiling Harry***, flashed up on the screen.

You smiled with relief, and took up the phone in your hand. “Hey you,” you greeted him, cradling the phone in your hand. “How’s my world traveller, huh?”

You heard a breathy laugh on the other end of the line. “Hey, beautiful. How was your day? What are you up to?”

You sunk back into the couch cushions further, with a gentle grin. “It was good, just doing a little shopping and having a snuggle with the bubby, now.” Your voice was muffled by your cheek pressed into the top of Darcy’s head, and you gave her a few quick kisses as you spoke. “What kind of wine does Gem like, again?”

“Something white?” he offered, and you nodded, wordlessly. His tone was low and comfortable, if not a little sleepy, and, as it always did, it soothed you instantly.

“Something white,” you repeated under your breath, flicking your finger up the page. “So mister, how’s Peru? Tell me all about it. Are you and the boys, and Winston having fun?”

The band was back in South America for a handful of shows over a period. It was nothing like what had been a few years ago for the Where We Are tour. A grouping of shows in smaller, outdoor venues. They hadn’t been back since that tour, and figured now was as good a time as any. With a second documentary film as a sort of sequel to This Is Us, being well underway as these shows went on, more adventures were needed to be had, along the way. Harry had been gone for three weeks and would gone for at least three more. And this time had been the hardest on him.

Goodbyes were always hard, but he had someone else waiting at home for him, now. For the first time in his life, he felt a pull. A need to stay in one place. He’d always been someone that liked to explore. He was a mover. Didn’t stay in one place for long. But, when he was handed a little seven-pound bundle, with eyes like his, and the tiniest hands his had ever held, something inside him, changed. He would have been content to never move again. It was like his whole world had shifted on its axis. He never would have thought that someone so tiny would do such things to his heart.

“Mm hmm,” he hummed into the phone. You noted the drop in his tone, how far away he sounded, even if he was. You’d been with him long enough to know what that meant.

“Harry,” you voiced, warily. “Harry, what’s wrong? You sound a little morose, honey.”

There was a pause. “Nothing’s wrong, love. Just tired is all.” He quickly tried to move far from the subject at hand. “How’s the little sweet pea? Not growing up too much, I hope.” He half-joked it, but it couldn’t have been more true. He was terrified of missing all of the little things that he knew she was growing to do right as he spoke. Babies at her age, were like little flowers, they just kept growing and blossoming, quicker than you could keep up. He was afraid that he would blink, and she’d be talking.

You looked down at the still peacefully sleeping baby on your chest. “She’s just having a snooze. She likes your blanket. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you! You’ll never guess what she started doing today! You know how she was doing those smiles, where it looked she was trying to smile, but couldn’t quite get it?”

“Yeah,” he answered quietly, spurring you on.

“Well, today, she finally did her first proper smile. Like, dimples and crinkly eyes, and all. And now, she’s chalk full of them. I can’t stop demanding more. She’s even trying to do a little giggle. Not quite there yet on that, but so close! Can you believe it?”

Harry’s heart sank. It was one of the things he had desperately wished that he wouldn’t miss. Her first smiles. He could feel the burn radiating through his chest that stung achingly, and he cleared his throat. He’d promised himself that he wouldn’t miss it. Anything, but missing that. It was something you couldn’t get back once it had been done. He’s been trying for weeks, before he had left to coax one out of her. Trying all the silly faces and voices he could think of. When he’d felt discouraged, you’d promised that she was just too little. That he had to see the way she lit up whenever he held her. When her eyes met his, her lips twitched like she wanted to give him the biggest, cheek-bursting smile that she could. She just couldn’t quite get her lips and face to cooperate yet. She’d managed tiny ones. Little curves of her lips, and happy eyes, whenever she’d hear his voice, or his face was in the line of her curious grasp. But nothing like what he was sure you were describing now.

He sniffed, breathing out, heavily, and suddenly realizing how alone he felt in his hotel room.     

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A scenario where D.O. tries to quietly make his way to bed after getting home late from a long tour but you still wake up. So fluffy and sweet I want to get cavities please

   Late ~D.O~

Well then I guess I hope you get cavities after reading this ;D ~Admin S (this gif is literally my favorite gif of Kyungsoo by the way I just sdkjflnsdbvh)

Kyungsoo tried to close the door as slowly and softly as humanly possible, not wanting to take the chance of waking you up at this late hour at night. Today the EXO tour had officially ended, and more than anything, he just wanted to go home and lay down by your side after all those months of not seeing you.

    Once Kyungsoo had showered and ate, he tiptoed to the bedroom and noticed how the door was opened just a crack. You always left the door opened just a bit because you didn’t want to completely be enveloped in darkness.

    Kyungsoo smiled at your little habit. He found it adorable.

    Quietly, he opened the door and stepped inside, not being able to see your face since it was so dark inside. He shut the door behind him, careful to leave just a crack open, and then proceeded to the bed.

    He stopped in place when he heard your sleepy voice. “________?” He reached over and turned on the lamp, noticing you rubbing your eyes in bed. “Did I wake you up?” he asked.

    “Yes,” you answered. “But it’s so worth it. Kyungsoo!” You sat up immediately, despite your sleepy state and threw your arms around him, missing the feeling of being in his arms for months. “I missed you so much,” you whispered.

    Kyungsoo wrapped his arms around you as well and rested his head against yours. “I missed you too, jagi,” he replied. “I’m sorry I was gone for so long.”   

    “Don’t apologize. You were out there living your dream. Who am I to stop you from doing that?” You smiled a little to reassure him.

    “That doesn’t change the fact that I missed you!” Kyungsoo threw his lips on yours and gave you a long, sweet kiss that seemed to make up for all those absent months. Carefully, he laid you down on the bed and hovered over you, not breaking the kiss. He still held you close to him, as if he didn’t want a single person touching or hurting you at all.

    Soon after, he pulled away and stared down at you with a smile. “You’ve gotten even cuter over these last few months,” he observed. “Oh, you make me feel luckier and luckier every single day, jagiyah.”

    “Have you gotten even cheesier over those few months?” You poked his cheek and chuckled. “I’d ask you to tell me all about the tour, but I’m feeling a little tired right now. I can’t even imagine how tired you must be too.”

    “Exhausted, actually.” Kyungsoo plopped down beside you and then threw his arms around your waist, pulling your body close to his. “But I wouldn’t mind spending a little time talking with my girlfriend. That sounds really nice.” He pecked your lips and rested his forehead against yours. “How’ve you been?” he murmured.
    “Good, but lonely,” you admitted. “Feels good to have you here again.”

    “See, I knew you missed me.”   

    “Well, I didn’t deny it.”

    “Well, it just feels good to hear it.”

    “Then, I missed you, Kyungsoo.”

    “I missed you five times as much as you missed me.” Kyungsoo sat up and looked around the room. His eyes fell on the clock for a few seconds and then he looked back at you. “Wanna go on a little adventure?” he asked.

    “To where?”

    “Downstairs. To the kitchen.”


    Kyungsoo shrugged and hopped off the bed. “I’m suddenly not tired anymore.”

    You had to admit that you didn’t feel as sleepy as before either, so you got off the bed and allowed Kyungsoo to drag you downstairs. He led you to the kitchen and flicked on the light switch. “Did you miss my cooking too?” Kyungsoo asked cheekily and sauntered over to the fridge. “You did, didn’t you?”

    You sat down on one of the stools next to the kitchen table and watched as Kyungsoo took out some ingredients here and there, throwing them on the table. “Where are you going with this?” you questioned.

    When he appeared to be finished, he grinned and picked up the can of whip cream, squirting out a bit on his finger. “I’m hungry,” he said and licked the cream. “How about you?”

    You rubbed your stomach and pouted. “Yeah, I’m feeling a little hungry too.”

    “Here.” Kyungsoo held the can out towards you and squirted some whip cream at your face, laughing.

    You were lucky that the cream completely missed your face; it just landed on the table. But still, you couldn’t help but chuckle a little.

    “I have literally been thinking about doing this since my plane landed,” Kyungsoo said.

    “You thought about getting whip cream on my face?”   

    “No.” Kyungsoo strolled over to your side of the table and wrapped his arm around you. “I thought about making you smile in some way. And I succeeded.”
    “Oh, Kyungsoo.” You kissed him once more and smiled. “I think it’d be best to head to bed now though; we’ll probably regret this in the morning.”

    “You have a point.” Kyungsoo spun around and bent down, instructing you to jump on his back. After you did so, he quickly ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs, making his way to the bedroom.

    When he got there, he placed you on the bed, laughing loudly as he crawled in beside you. “Good night, jagi,” he said and kissed your forehead. “I promise tomorrow morning I will take you out somewhere real nice to make up for all that lost time.”

    “I’ll look forward to it.” You snuggled against him as he threw the blanket over the two of you. This feeling of being with him, laughing with him, snuggling with him was truly like no other. This was a feeling you never wanted to go away.

    And neither did he.


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luke / you try to leave during a fight


okay im here im em okay this is maybe my last one for today depends if i can be bothered to post from mobile

okay so im thinking Luke would be really angry about something (maybe a suspecting cheating rumour) and he’d having to be really quiet bc the boys are there as well and he’s not really one to draw too much attention to himself and so you’d be whisper fighting and you’d realise how tired you are like just in general and you knew you couldn’t just stop fighting and go to bed and you knew you were getting angrier than you usually would bc sleepy so you just mutter that you’ll sort it out in the morning and try to leave but he thinks you said something else and is breaking up with him and he’s immediately like oH SHIT and so he goes to grab your arm but then he’s like waiT i dont want her to feel threatened ohshit what do i do and you’re already out the bedroom door so he kind of spins out and catches you on the stairs like please dont leave me im so dumb please and then you have to giggle bc all you were really going to do was sleep over at a friends house for the night and he’s like yOURE GIGGLING AT MY SADNESS and you have to explain that you weren’t actually going to leave and he’s really relived and you’d be like oh poor babbu luke thought i was going to leave and he’s kind of angry but then you explain that you’re just really sleepy so he’s like bed and you are like curled up drifting off to sleep and then he’s like super sleepily i know you didn’t cheat im sorry and you’re like apology accepted now shut the fuck up hemmings im trying to sleep ok yeah

tell me what you think bc i love you - Em xox