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Kuro Introducing Everyone
  • Kuro: This is my brother, Lawless and his boyfrie- I mean eve, Licht.
  • Lawless: Hey.
  • Licht: That's right, you better correct yourself.
  • Kuro: This is my other brother Hugh, his eve Hot Spring's Guy and my other other brother Lily and his eve Bastard-chan
  • Lily and Hugh: Hello.
  • Tetsu and Misono: We have names!
  • Kuro: And this is my housewife, Mahiru.
  • Mahiru: Hi- WAIT WHAT?!

nyanberri  asked:

What if lil' Tsubaki says his first word and it's Mahi-Mahi??

I am so sorry this is a late reply @nyanberri​ forgive me.

But that’s adorable I think. ^^ But you know what else? What if baby Tsubaki had trouble saying “Mahi” or “Mahiru”? So he just says “Ma” or even “mama??” :D


“He’ll get bored of saying it eventually….”

I couldn’t get this idea out of my head, once I think of it, I can’t be stopped lol. I hope you enjoyed this!!! :D Also baby Tsu Tsu has said “bye! bye!” in other comics haha~


also bonus haah I made a gif because I can:

Now I can feel slightly less guilty about the lack of update on this au, I have another comic in progress so it should be done soon?? ^^; Thanks for the ask!

Edit: How can I be so forgetful!!!?? wonderfulchaos69 made a fan fic awhile ago about the kids calling Mahiru “mom” You guys should read it if you enjoyed this, the fic is wayyyyy cuter than the crack I made above. Haha~ Please and thank you! :D 

For you goofs in the discord chat with me last night lol, you guys asked for “SAKUMAHIKURO” so I shall give it to you my friends~

I would tag but you all know who you are. Also this is as “risque” as I’m gonna get so leave me aloneeeee ahhhh (runs away with low key embarrassment from the memories and suggestions of the chat.)

bonus, cause nothing is ever serious with me lmao:

I’m going back to bed. x__X


DONE~! (for now) More art based off of @wonderfulchaos69​‘s fanfic/our collab au Sakuya on Ice!~  I drew some of my favorite “off ice” scenes! (aka the SakuMahi scenes lololol) If you wanna know what happens next in these moments then read the fanfic please!! 😃 Kitty Kuro does NOT like his owners new boyfriend. student. lol 

I will be posting the ACTUAL ON ICE art later. Meaning we will see some rival Misono art and other miscellaneous drawn moments from it! 

Please read the fanfic~ if you enjoy the art for it!!! took me WEEKS but I finished these. But there will be more~

yes the last image I have posted before. Because of that moment from the OVA~ and I posted it early~!!

“Something you need” A MahiKuro song comic

There are reasons why we cross paths with different people.
I hope you`re just as glad to have met me as I am to you.

As you read the comic, I highly recommend playing the song “Something you need” by Against the Current for full feels effect!! Read line by line if you have to~ 

I hope you like it!  (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) Just in time for Valentine`s~ hmmm hmmm!

Also, 50 Shades of Blue xD //kicked

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  • Mahiru: Kuro, is that a ... ?
  • Kuro: Yes, it's my pillow fort.
  • Mahiru: Can I come in?
  • Kuro: What's the secret password?
  • Mahiru: I love you.
  • Kuro:
  • Kuro: Well played. Come in.

wonderfulchaos69  asked:

I see those cute SakuMahi headcanons and I raise the stakes: cute KuroSakuMahi headcanons. As they struggle to learn together, Mahiru has to scold the other two to do chores. For instance, laundry. Kuro is cool with putting them in the wash and stuff, but always forgets to hang them up. So Sakuya has to do that, complaining the entire time until Mahiru praises him for 'doing such a good job'. Then Kuro butting in-between, like: where's /my/ pat on the head?

I AM ALL FOR SOME KUROMAHISAKU HEADCANONS MY FRIEND. YOU KNOW I AM. That’s why I have plans for an ot3 au soon~ Cause I need these kinda things for them!!!

Kuro: MUCH OFFEND. and this is also where Sakuya becomes a huge suck up lol

He deserves some credit too Mahiru hahaha. 

Not exactly in between them but I remember this one post about pets smashing their faces into their owners hands so they will pet them, so I did that. HA. Thank you for this Chaos!!!~ <3 I NEED MORE OF THESE THREEEEE. 

~ ( // VALENTINE’S DAY \(*3*)/ !!!! \ ) ~

same day as Misono’s birthdaaay >w>)/ !
but yeah… couldn’t draw anything for him until now ._. truly sorry…

at least have Kuro for valentine’s day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!
where are you, KuroFangirls, I wanna hear you screaaammm ( 9òwó)9!!
ok jokes, but still.. Servamps ‘n Co look so handsome in those costumes >w>)~ <3

enjoy your day with people you adore >w>) <3 !!
I’m gonna watch fifty shades of Jumin Han with my friends later… :’D ! what a day ~