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🍱 for Kuro :') honestly he would-

//he definitely would!//

Mahiru was sitting in his room, reading. He hadn’t been paying attention to Kuro, expecting that the cat was lying around somewhere in the house. But Mahiru didn’t notice that it had gotten suspiciously quiet.

That is, until he heard the window opening. Mahiru put his book down and glanced over, nearly jumping up when he saw someone there. He relaxed when he realized that it was Kuro.

“Did you just come in through the window…? Is that Chinese take out? How did you sneak out without me noticing!?”

  • Mahiru: Kuro, is that a ... ?
  • Kuro: Yes, it's my pillow fort.
  • Mahiru: Can I come in?
  • Kuro: What's the secret password?
  • Mahiru: I love you.
  • Kuro:
  • Kuro: Well played. Come in.

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What if lil' Tsubaki says his first word and it's Mahi-Mahi??

I am so sorry this is a late reply @nyanberri​ forgive me.

But that’s adorable I think. ^^ But you know what else? What if baby Tsubaki had trouble saying “Mahi” or “Mahiru”? So he just says “Ma” or even “mama??” :D


“He’ll get bored of saying it eventually….”

I couldn’t get this idea out of my head, once I think of it, I can’t be stopped lol. I hope you enjoyed this!!! :D Also baby Tsu Tsu has said “bye! bye!” in other comics haha~


also bonus haah I made a gif because I can:

Now I can feel slightly less guilty about the lack of update on this au, I have another comic in progress so it should be done soon?? ^^; Thanks for the ask!

Edit: How can I be so forgetful!!!?? wonderfulchaos69 made a fan fic awhile ago about the kids calling Mahiru “mom” You guys should read it if you enjoyed this, the fic is wayyyyy cuter than the crack I made above. Haha~ Please and thank you! :D 


I’ve been having an art block so I solve it by drawing some nonsense that came to me in the form of a “good idea.” and I wanted to color something again…. :p  I am just an impulsive little thing…. 

I was originally only drawing Mahiru and it turned into a silly crack comic …. I love the fact that Mahi wears Kuro’s jacket even in canon. ;w;
also I am sorry I’m KuroMahi and SakuMahi trash.

Oh yeah bonus, another doodle but with Licht:

I was gonna draw Mahiru wearing Misono’s outfit, but Misono is tiny(er)…. lol


Anon`s request for an embarrassed Mahiru! (Read LEFT to RIGHT)

I`m sorry I couldn`t help but throw in some casual contact between them. This happened to me today but I ended up just getting mad at the person instead of acting embarrassed and I thought `Hey, if Kuro did that, would Mahiru be…?` xDDD Nyaheeem. Anyways, bad camera quality is still bad… I need a scanner soon //cries

Short comic requests still open!!  If you’re interested, hit me an [ ask ] !


Life is hard when you have people who assume things about you. ^^; and when you’re a kinda hot single guy with a cute little brother that gets you unwanted attention. :p 

Also, if any of you don’t remember or know why baby Tsubaki doesn’t like his baby sling, it’s just cause he can’t reach his big brothers face and he gets bored in it. 

I had the “random classmate” of Wrath’s call her “Okami” because it means “Wolf” and I was thinking “man,Wrath sure is a strange name to give your child, especially in a human au……” so I was thinking maybe I should give her a name???? Maybe it can just be a school nickname, if anyone doesn’t like the idea. 

Okay, I thought of this comic when I had the “ adoption headcanon” conversation, and how it would explain how no one in the Servamp family looks alike and then I thought of these 3 scenarios. (I had to make up more random ladies for this comic, none of them will show up again cause I don’t plan on having any OCs.) 

1.) Someone mistaking little Tsubaki for Kuro’s son. 

2.) Someone thinking him and his sister were a couple. Gross. This one has happened to me once irl. 

3.) and then someone thinking Mahiru and Kuro were a couple and Tsubaki was their baby. HHAHAAHAHAHaha

anyways I’m gonna try to answer some more of unanswered asks for age au. ^^;

  • Mahiru: Dammit, my uncle's calling. Act natural.
  • Licht: He's stripping.
  • Kuro: Ya.
  • Hyde: He's naked now!
  • Mahiru, walking away: Uncle... Uncle, please calm down.