sleepy hollow refreshments

mercuri-oh  asked:

Hey Carrie! next year, on my 15th birthday I'm going for the first time to Walt Disney World!What are your favourite roller coasters? And snacks? And restaurants? ( in epcot, magic kingdom and hollywood studios) The trip is only in November of 2016,but I'm really looking forward to it hahaha! Ily xX. Ps: yes, i'm planning my 15th birthday while I still am 13! (That's how excited I am!)

Hello! AHHH amazing! Okay!

Magic Kingdom: Favourite ride is the Haunted Mansion but the queue to Peter Pan is phenomenal now and that always gets a big line fast so I recommend heading there first! Sleepy Hollow refreshments does really great funnel cake (it’s just to the right of the castle and across the bridge) and all the quick service restaurants are pretty much your standard burgers, chicken, hotdogs and salads but Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe has a performance by Sonny Eclipse (he’s just a cute robot alien who sings but he’s really awesome)! Also, see the parade!!! it’s on at 3PM every day! 

Epcot: Soarin’ is amazing but get a fast pass! Sunshine Seasons is in “The Land” and does wonderful quick service food but it’s really different and from all over the world! Plus the desserts there are really something else! There are snacks pretty much the whole way around the world showcase so take your pick! 

Hollywood Studios: Midway Mania is BRILLIANT but again you’ll need a fast pass! I recommend that you see the Indiana Jones show too! The Prime Time diner is a more expensive restaurant but is really brilliant. Gives you the experience of being in a 1950′s american kitchen and the waitress will act like she’s your mum. She may even make you set the table! There’s also Pizza Planet from Toy Story to eat in and Mama Melrose’s is really good italian food! 

Hope this helps!