sleepy hollow ep2

Sleepy Hollow Thoughts - S3 Ep2

Now that I have calmed down from some MAJOR ICHABBIE feels, here are a few quick thoughts.

1. Crane is so in love with Abbie it hurts. After this episode if anyone denies that truth, they’re clearly not paying attention. Cleaning her house, trying to cook for her, his brain completely shorting out when he saw her lingerie, his moment of jealousy when he meets her ex, his territorial behavior, his attempt to draw her out emotionally…need I go on? I don’t know how much clearer he needed to be about wanting to find a life in the modern era with her.

2. Abbie clearly adores Crane, but I love how she’s trying to follow her hopes and dreams that she set aside when he came into her life. Though she is attempting to build a life, it also seemed clear that she knows at some point she’ll have to make a choice. Crane did abandon her like so many in her past, so I have a feeling this will come up in the future. But, again, so happy to see her front and center and not sidelined. Also, her adorable looks at Crane just made me giggle like crazy. He amuses her and she cares for him, but I suspect she’s holding back still.

3. Thank God Jenny is back to her old role and carving out her own storyline. She’s not being tagged onto her sister’s, but having her OWN STORYLINE! And with Joe Corbin! I love this! I absolutely love this!

4. We finally have a witch that is an actual WITCH. She can do magic! She’s scary! She has a plan! She does…STUFF! Suck it, Katrina!

5. So Abbie’s ex and new boss, Daniel…*fans self* Okay, he’s lovely, but we all know he’s just here to move Ichabbie along. Hell, his mere presence flustered Crane so bad he could barely function.

6. Betsy Ross needs to stay in the past. She needs to stay in small vignettes that give us insight into Crane. She really needs to learn how to act, too. Gawd…I’m not sure if its the lines they’re giving her, the lack of an accent, or what, but nothing about the character feels authentic yet. Every time she had a line I was cringing. 

Honestly, I’m super stoked and just ecstatic that the show I loved so much is back with a vengeance. Tonight’s show was exactly what I needed to see to be assured 100% that the writers and showrunner listened to the viewers. The fun is back in Sleepy Hollow and I’m overjoyed.

Also..Crane does windows!