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Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich with Chocolate Hazelnut Spread from Sleepy Hollow located in Magic Kingdom.

Hi! I was tagged an eternity ago by @melmanpur for this question challenge, but life got in the way and some things hit me hard. So here we go.

Rules: Answer these questions and tag 9 people you want to get to know better

Relationship status - Cat-less
Lipstick or chapstick - tinted chapstick/lipbalm
Top 3 shows - Hannibal, Sherlock and… because I’m a cheating cheater who cheats, I can’t decide for the third one, so… it’s a tie between Merlin/Supernatural/Criminal Minds/Spartacus/Doctor Who/The Walking Dead
Top 3 characters - Legolas, Sherlock Holmes, Will Graham (yes I love emotionally stunted sarcastic badasses)
Last song I listened to - Under Pressure - Queen

I’m tagging @nottooldforthisship, @rosegoldeyelids, @justapayneaway, @achoolou, @greybeanielou, @lhrry, @twopoppies, @zenlikejen, @rated-l-for-larry


And there’s an old man sitting on the throne that’s saying that I probably shouldn’t be so mean

These have been some of my favorite Sleepy Hollow blogs. Most are multi-fandom blogs that post a lot of Sleepy Hollow, and make gifs/graphics. Follow any one of these people if not all and you won’t be disappointed.

UPDATE: I have deleted the blogs that are dead and added some great new blogs!! :)

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P.S. If I missed a blog feel free to send me a message and maybe I’ll add it :D

Please and Thank You, Anon

I am going to turn that rubbish off right now. You all seem rather stirred up at the moment. I suspect you are an Ichatrina but that is irrelevant. Racial epithets do not work on me. I jest not when I tell you, I genuinely do not give a shit about your pathology, that is unless you affect anything I care about - and you don’t. Be grateful for this. You would not survive. I am not even vaguely nice, except to people I care about and even then, there is just so much patience I show. It is the weekend. Lord Justin is in the midst of changing yet another nappy, currently hubby’s turn to sort his shit, literally. Next time it is me and I am at the push the clothing of the collective in the dryer stage and check the roast. Imagine where you fall in the relevant? As you are not clever…NOT AT ALL.

You are having some racial issue. Speak to your parents, the source of your issues. Me? Not so much. Again, you really are irrelevant and your twelve messages make me sad. I can afford to find you sad. Rest assured you and your pathetic little entourage have been deleted. Sorry, I’ll try to be hurt when you are relevant to my existence.

More so, I give the advice that you need to see a good Medical Man…oopsie, that was sexist…MEDICAL PERSON, engaged with your limited grey matter.

Truthful moment, in all seriousness. I’d spend some time to figure out why so invested in a tel-a-play? Why so invested? What are you imagining that you are losing? Try to remember your outburst are reflective of where you are in life, emotionally, spiritually. That isn’t even sarcasm. I am concerned for you. Are you so sad? Are you so lonely? Do you need that much attention? If so, I am sorry.

No shade. I am sorry that your entire sense of self revolves about a show. I am going to say something I have always said. I have no horse in the race, other than to be entertained. I am an Ichabbie because I think they work and though you may well never ever, understand this, that is what is important to me. Not the HUE of the skin. I genuinely do not give a fuck. My OTP is Claire and Jamie when not Arthur and Guinevere, the rest is fun fodder.

You need to go away and figure out why you are taking this so badly. Why do you feel so unloved? Rest assured. I have long hit delete. Sadly, I am bad at doing PM responses in a timely manner, but you weren’t worth it. I am guessing that is your life, hence the passionate and sad misdirection of it. Find peace. Everyone has hiccups in life. Your views are flawed. Good luck. Take care.

Need more blogs to follow

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-doctor who

-the 100

-once upon a time




-harry potter

- anything marvel/dc related

-anything fandom related I’m not picky

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