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Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich with Chocolate Hazelnut Spread from Sleepy Hollow located in Magic Kingdom.


And there’s an old man sitting on the throne that’s saying that I probably shouldn’t be so mean

Hi guys! Long time, huh??

I’m currently watching Sleepy Hollow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it, well I have when I was in High School but I can’t remember so it doesn’t count. 

It’s currently hot as hell here in Portland and I’m over it. I want cooler weather now! so I’m going to light a Fall candle, turn on my Halloween lights, and watch scary movies all night. What rituals do you guys do to evoke the Autumn season in a little faster?! 

I also did a some Halloween shopping today! I’m thinking of doing a little Halloween Haul soon, let me know if you guys would be interested in seeing that?! 

Hope everyone is having a spooky night!!

🎃 Halloween Magick 🎃

1.05, John Doe

‘Do you really believe anything is possible?’

'My own circumstances make me open to the prospect.’

These have been some of my favorite Sleepy Hollow blogs. Most are multi-fandom blogs that post a lot of Sleepy Hollow, and make gifs/graphics. Follow any one of these people if not all and you won’t be disappointed.

UPDATE: I have deleted the blogs that are dead and added some great new blogs!! :)

abc: abbichamane, abbiemyqueen, abbiehollowdays, acceber74, accras, aggressively-sarcastic, art-and-other-rhythms, allerasphinx​, beharie-nyongo, birdlovesafish, briony-in-the-nettles, colorwebmag cptnwatsn, celticlanna97, crankybitchcrane, creepingmuse

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ghi: gotstephhashtaghandporn, headsofsleepyhollowers, hold-fast-abigail-mills, ichabbie-is-endgameichabbienerd2018, ichabodcranesblog, ichabod-tom, ichabbiewallsex imaginemiharie

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wxyz: yoursichabod


P.S. If I missed a blog feel free to send me a message and maybe I’ll add it :D

Looking for blogs

So, for my secondary blog tilitbeatforyou , I’m looking for more blogs to follow. So, if you post a lot of one or more of the following:

- The Musketeers
- Game of Thrones
- Sherlock
- Rookie Blue
- Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
- Sleepy Hollow
- Marvel movies
- How I Met Your Mother
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- The Big Bang Theory
- Disney

Like/reblog this post and then I’m going to check your blog out and perhaps follow you with this account.

Dear SleepyHeads

I can’t believe what once was such a great show has come to this. I can still remember the excited feeling I got when I saw Nicole Beharie in the trailer for Sleepy Hollow. Season one this show as everything I as a black fangirl could have asked. I thought this was our one. I thought we were finally getting a funny, scary, diverse, well written fantasy show. I thought I was going to get caught up in this show.  Just one episode and I had already fallen in love. Season one I was so hopeful for what was to come. Our own dialogue. Our own Sleepyverse. Our own ship. Our own place. It was clear though that towards the end of Season one that the writers didn’t want any of this, at least they didn’t want any of this with Abbie Mills.

I have to say that it hurt to see the way they treated Nicole. She was so excited for this show. I remember all the interviews she gave about how she never thought she’d be cast in a show like Sleepy Hollow, and how grateful she was to be able to play Abbie Mills. Nicole put everything she had into this show,  She put everything she had into bringing Abbie Mills to life for us. She made us care. She made us believe. She made us proud. She remained a queen even when this show was spitting in her face. Her character will go down as an icon and inspiration to millions.

Nothing the writers do now can take away from what we were given in season 1. They can’t undo Ichabbie. No matter what they try to tell us they were in love. They are canon. No matter how many mean spirited tweets they make,  we at least got Abbie Mills out of all of this mess, and it showed the world Nicole’s acting prowess. Let TPTB and the writer’s arrogance be their downfall. At least now we can all move on. Thank you Nicole Beharie for Abbie Mills. Thank you for being our hero. Thank you to each and everyone of you who followed this blog.

Searching for new blogs...

So, earlier I deleted some blogs I followed who weren’t that active anymore or posted things I didn’t like.. and now, my dash is emptyyyy! So, like/reblog this post if you post a lot of the following:

- Captain Swan/Outlaw Queen/Rumbelle
- Other text/discussions theories about OUAT Spoilers
- OUAT prompts
- Lord of the Rings; the Hobbit
- Sherlock
- Sleepy Hollow the serie
- Game of Thrones
- McSwarek/other Rookie Blue stuff
- How I Met Your Mother
- Anything from Marvel.. Iron Man is my favorite, though..
- The Hunger Games
- Pirates of the Caribbean/Jack Sparrow stuff
- Disneyyyy!
- Flashpoint
- Bones
- The Musketeers

and I’ll check your blog out and big chance I’ll follow you!

These have been some of my favorite Sleepy Hollow blogs. Most are multi-fandom blogs that post a lot of Sleepy Hollow, and make gifs/graphics. Follow any one of these people if not all and you won’t be disappointed.

abc: abbiemyqueen acceber74 

def: darlablovesichabbie, deputymills, deweydell25, foxsleepyhollow, fuckyeahichabbie, fuckyeahichabodcrane, fuckyeahmiharie, fuckyeahmisonbeharie 

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